Predicting Who May Be The 1st NFL Coach Fired This Season

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 12th

Jeff & Jamin make their prognostication on who may be the 1st NFL coach to be fired this season and when it will happen.


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Since. Sort of back this thing and step legitimate. Questions. In the news lately is you don't know why am I gonna tell you to look. They don't have all the sound sound so hot yes and they didn't gamble. I have a that was the first time that I could then they don't sound even our guy didn't stand on what date. Is the first NFL coach of this season fired. My name. That you're gonna happen also on a Monday so let me get out my calendar day after day after a lost their thing defeat we're gonna go probably a home defeat we're gonna October the ninth. October air. The ninth that would be probably six weeks into the season will I'm doing my math correctly. So I was so let's give our week six NFL schedule I would say a it would be just Bradley. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars rarely. They put at this Steelers barely saw. On October 8 they are October 8 they're gonna get beat by the Steelers 38 to three. And like turtles is gonna throw four picks and get benched in the third quarter. Dropping them to one in five they were at my Jack Bradley is out right. Isn't that the exact scenario probably isn't that very Nostradamus of me I think that's exactly what's gonna happen. Yes eight to 3038. To theory yet. Are we. I don't think any other coach is gonna get fired that early I don't know schedule go to Jacksonville got to be yes OK let's check Jacksonville schedule C if my one and five is accurate. And you've got an idea sixth game but. Regardless. We're gonna run down the schedule early on season. All right hit it. I'm getting there just give me a minute I will. Susan just wait I won't give you I won't give you right there that Houston that's a loss hold against the titans but also lost oil sands again massive us harm against the ravens. Also Rother elementary. At the jets they believed they may squeak in there and then at the steeler hall oh yeah. If they lose to the jets do as they get to the theory is out there was the jets ago confirming elementary and every failure that are winning and suggest now and then they will not play. Off a victory like a nineteen to seventeen stinker at the jets and then the steeler Obama mitigate crushed. And then they finish yes if if just a big if but if they can somehow be Houston. And or the titans. Early on and get to the jets and get that minute to win two and then there's no no chance yeah I know even a blowout losses still hurt and then again he got the rams and he just gave you might be 33 you might have some help now if if they go into the Steelers game one in three. No matter when their willingness. And they get blown out. It's over our let's let him get to give me your best case scenario for the jags to sever is that we talk about eight. Know where I've the whole season OK but through let's see 12345678910. Games. That Houston home against the titans home against the ravens. At the jets at the Steelers home against the rams at the colts who pulled against the Bengals home against the chargers. And at Cleveland and then they can go fix inform you that maybe absolute best yes. Yes correct worst case one and now they can let out the jets. They could be totally against the ravens are the type they could be bad goes on against the rams that the colts Bengals charger. Brown thank you beat the Houston on the road start here. Yeah so six of those in play one in nine is in play one night is always in play with the Jack so you're talking a big range there. So. Bradley seems does he seem the most likely. On wall in the entire league. To go down yes. Or there could be at a surprise pick like a long tenured guy that they finally get tired of what about the singles what about Marvin Lewis what would they not fire him in season now. Well what if they're less what is there enjoy it and survive what if they're. Gonna miss the playoffs he's been there so long it seems like he that he he survived a bunch of ten win seasons where they made the playoffs and now so. He didn't do that last year. So you gotta figure two straight years of that may be is enough. This nursing finally get a new voice into Cincinnati right I think he's he's a possibility. I'm not how about that for a for a abandoned choice are on what day it is high rearing no longer a Cleveland cavalier who blew. And that's tough. Is this is is this his final year contracts are no I think he's got he's got more. And so on and you think mine my calendars you saved me here. Oh please this is half I can't thank how he does yard during the show a little bit why doesn't that I can't do that what. Indian players. Pan the draft I'm just trying to kind of wrap my brain exaggerated this offseason. When hasn't been yet you don't think you will I don't think they're call I don't think they're going to I think they're gonna say you work this out he's gonna use figures as almost inevitable. For who Bledsoe and he's really Warren who knows why would Phoenix do. They've they've broken everything down. So that they can build up from the start. And why would you sacrifice that for a guy who. Is not old obviously but has some mileage and some baggage. I don't know why you would do that if you Phoenix. I'm gonna say does it make you better I'm gonna say he makes it most teams and all that try to win and now I'm gonna say he makes it through this season now. As an unhappy and then LeBron has gone after this season. So refer. Kyra will be gone around Cleveland want to start completely from scratch it would be. June. Some things up 2000 NET. I like the suns. I I I like the suns as well but there are several years away. Bledsoe Booker Jackson Chris Chandler. Team target Bender yeah unemployment Juarez and 25 games but they're gonna get they're gonna be so young and it won't matter. I'm. Yeah June 2018 your answer. Really sometime in June. I think they did take them to repair before they hear okay the pressure will mount. You mean during the season. Note this stuff they are usually less than half the season with Cleveland. I have a hard time maybe it hasn't happened already but they'll get the training camp he'll make waves then and now they have a choice and they have begun again turn to god. Earn on what it is Patrick my homes the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback. Many years left on our own little was around Alex Jimenez how many years are ponson still think it's too old or run with an option I think. I think it's one with a team option. If I'm not mistaken but I could be wrong could be player options I don't know so it's two years. For sure then. No homes will be the starter. In the fall of 2019 nearly as the starter beginning next year not a Smith there is now on the Smith is there he will start. As long as as he's under contract and he's going to be there and all's well. But if you only got one more year with like a team option then you could see them not exercising said. And moms being starter in 2008 team he's day twenty million dollar cap hit and Tony eighteen now accident. But did have a chance to remove that without taking some of the penalty. I don't know how noxious see that's my fist. If it was big salaries fourteen and a half million contract signing bonus three point six roster bonus two million. Workout bonus 500000. Cap a twenty point six million. Dead capped three point six million that's next year yes. These unrestricted free agent in 2019 I think he's still their starting next year. At age 34 lap I do believe that I can't put Patrick Holmes in a game or the fan base will go nuts. We need this guy we want and we want my homes until it fails and ended turner but that's the way the chiefs do things let's not every fan been half. I'm I'm gonna go with 2019. That's might just find Atlanta in week one weeklong mourning right now I think he isn't the undisputed. We want you are aren't about an impatient fan base. If there Wayne and I just said they were not there winning. Alex Smith goes well we'll show you already makes a turnover I know bit if they go out and win ten or eleven and make the playoffs this year. There will not be a we need my arms in 2018 because you don't do that there will be no we need the Holmes in week five. If you believe they're too until I BM majority voice it'll be a loud minority. Tell me this fan base doesn't immediately wanna see my homes to the hill. Yeah bit dead but a certain portion of them are going to be vocal about that a certain portion of them are going to be patient you have. How many years in consecutively here have been made the playoffs is a 22 I think it. And they won the division last year today not so. I'm gonna save their patients until now. If they go late may not many people are giving. Alex Smith the credit for that she's winning the division well. That's probably wrong for them so they need to realize too the chiefs the chiefs fan and I and I don't mean to tell blunt alt chiefs fans together understand that split. By and large. She stands a relationship with their quarterback. Has been. Incredibly fickle and incredibly shortsighted. And they've not had somebody that they could sort of latch onto for a long time even the ones who produce winning seasons for them. They want out Trent Green. Alex Smith there's nothing wrong with it looks like they get out of the deal after this year OK well then they probably. Will wait and see how this year goes. And make that determination they went eleven games in May when the division they get them. In the playoffs then why would you exercise your right out of the deal if they don't hate Smith struggles but it. I mean that's that he met silly decision for you hop and it to me it's pretty cut and dry he makes a decision for. How well out of place and how all the team does is all you need to know based out Tom what they'll do. If they get out the deal almost twenty million dollars off the cap by all means no good weather area. We want good. Tour winner they won't do it to a winning team that's not going to be what Andy Reid want to do your game when we return absolutely as standard we have a receipt of therefore I'm I've got my pocket it's actually from. Gulf Shores, Alabama so I was trying to figure out what I spent four dollars on. In brochures at village along and I have no idea I don't don't know August 1 at 830 PR me this. Our service to our would you would you get shaved ice. At Pixar be shaved ice food truck I are never too little. We'll commence when we return and that means Damon's game stay with us just say and affidavits or greater KF they touch.