A Pre-Game Talk With Coach Adelhardt

The Drive
Friday, October 20th

Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School football coach Dan Adelhardt joins Jeff & Jason to discuss tonight’s big game against Bishop Carroll.


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I don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. Yeah. Said. I've been saying birdie on. Welcome back the driver Bob and Jeff I'm Jeff lutes Jason Judah in for Bob today if listener appreciation. I start to say listener appreciation. Month. That's brought you by Bob and Luigi than sugar Shane out in a guest. This is trapped cleaned by a steady walk. You do that trap music Jason I have no idea what that is really I don't know this is like the hottest songs in the world like two Summers ago. The I still got meat I guarantee you I'm not under Iraq I guess I guarantee Didier a hard nose trapped between by thirty why don't you coach. Can't compliment Leila did yeah obviously had a lot of practice all the time like two years ago it if we didn't I don't know want while. Danielle aren't you know I've never heard on report but thank you thank you and I appreciate that. Dead dates are never heard I've never I didn't even announce what it is but no me neither had no idea that I. Up a trap Colonia is not that hard. Dan and art the of the football coach at cape and joins us they got a big game tonight against bishop Carroll. What's that week like free up I method is not too different you're preparing for an opponent but just knowing all the outside stuff how I anticipated that game. Is X externally does that make the week any different for you. You know. Archived and elderly well you know we've been in the last three weeks have been a grind for us you know playing north less than. And height spend what can sit in planes things James and this girl so now we've not looked ahead and now. We take each day by day and I predicted value depth and on. Well don't think that those three games though one helper tonight they'll obviously play and then some good teams. In the last three weeks got to help born and Carol tonight. Yeah I really go to nowhere where little beat up here and there but you know like except that secure you make stronger and and I just sit we'd we have talked about it you know we just talk about tonight. Talk about what these kids but I haven't Livermore and and I get out but you know we like that we've we've seen it of a gamut of different things and good scheme and so I mean in the big battle tested we just so ready go to night. Doc what then Natal are the head football coach at cape and they are four and two heading into our four and three. Heading into tonight's five into my bet heading into tonight's game a bit against bishop Carroll. Did you know after those first four weeks. What exactly you have in your team you you've blew blew out for opponents you overmatched a lot of them he didn't give up many points at all. But you know against teams that probably would've been good matches for you anyway so were you. Refill pretty good at that stage of the year. Right combination you know I mean we've been situation where we want games like that and we beat people when he wandered up and are. Fourteen six or something like that and we were might have been porno bit by the way to god came out and they. They played to the level that we challenge and a plate suited him played. And care about for the opponent was that linger most product you know inch and a you know stop helped shut people out that I don't care who it is. You know and still tough to score a lot of points and and so we thought we had a good angle on that and you know we were in we've been laster football games and fortunate last week privilege you want them. Well you go on and tonight against Carol what's new one thing you got to were able to malls that this team's this is some that specific besides everything nerd or some you really got to focus. Well I I don't think you can dive that they're good about think they really are you that you know they're meant to be really got you got a great double there. You know their offensive explosives they got receiver that quarter topped it. Really really good quarterback throws the court released up to get going in knowing if you if you if you. If you you know take people out of pocket and they're very capable of running football on Monday pattern quarterback pattern up like that figure kind of pick your poison there. Defensively that is saying thank her stance that a good job and took from the football and tackle well and and so. You know it's it's incidental look any different to me you know degrading gold still degree angle they're playing hard. Talking with the then they are that coach. At cape and coach what does it meant do you you've been caper now for thirteen years it seems like in the city league outside of bishop Carroll. And now caper and that there's a lot of turnover or will he add that cape and traditionally there hasn't been a lot. But up for you to be there at thirteen years what does that mean to you specifically. I'm Robert not a stigma I think that you got any coach pat how long have you been there like what you learn any quicker than that. Now caper and a great place it is you know it's more than just about more than just about more than just great. And now we have a great administration we had a great administration when I first got must be what you're back in 991. And and we have some great president to continue to have leaders who understand where we wanna go and what we challenge our kids to spare socially and academically and athletically. Other supportive and so it's easy mistake I mean I'm not saying on this. Here to stay because its there's nothing else it's a good place to be really is you know our kids work or. I can never tell for sure what's gonna happen every Friday night. But I do know there and work hard and that's that's that's not. Why is an it's always good I mean that you know a lot of people in the EC coaches are coaches leave or get fired a lot of times it's internal stopper this person or that person. Saying this are doing this would like you said if he is surrounded by good people. And people that are. Good to the program nature makes your job a lot easier. It really does not mean. It's tough you know I can come and NNM not diabetic sub that our son of the coach. And you know everybody's got their own perception of how things go on and you gotta. It got to take all that in mind in and you know. People want what's best for their kids in the long run and they wanted to compete at a high level and that that we try to do we strive to do on a daily basis. And NATO are our guest head football coach at Kate and on the other side EF Carol they've got a first year coach he's not really a first year coach he's been with balance tuchman for a long time chuck and leaves after 22 seasons. This past year I know you're not like following that on a daily basis but. With a guy like dusty trail cumin and very little drop off does that kind of what you expected. This because he'd he'd been there for so long and be able to keep that kind of thing Roland a little bit. I was really shocked last two when it was February or something when I heard it and but I he had no doubt I mean that is a big part of their success they've been having. You know they've got that's instinctive you've been a long time Thursday it has been a long time other system. They they they might teacher sees or someplace else but they go back because. And you get that continuity and and it paid off and so yeah I didn't write it all the airplane as well there are. Not tonight obviously with the with playing Caro I'm I'm guessing that year album for a big game when you're running back nick channel a little bit. Well next independent special job you know he is a UA got for us. And at this level it amazing that you can say that about somebody who is not just a two way guy but he produces almost side ball. We do we need for him and see if he does well and more I mean I'll run the football. You know and works and works speed up the game and were given them last maps. And so yeah I think it's got to be big but you know it it's a combination bite out of your kid grown up front. You know a year ago we were we were so young up front and we're really lean on the guys on the O line. Qaeda and included receivers to block block in space and hold people off it. Not all black and I accuse it Travis stokes is is going to be huge deal unsung hero. We do go out I quite a bit and end keep the channels restaurant. Well there go I just I got one little one more quick question for you before we let you go coached ism I'm sure you're kind of busy today. But. Only a little what do you think what do you think with two way players dared is is that something that you're good with users and kids that much. Or if they can handle it they can because I know. When I was playing when I was 24 I didn't I knew I had trouble walking upstairs sometimes and I was out of breath. It's it did it's I hate to do it you know and the teams that we that we struggle with honestly. Our routines that don't play Lagarde reports I have enough numbers. You know that they can make a turn and they got depth behind and and so and we really try to which we really try to do the same bank but sometimes are such a big. I must say a big drop off that we have to play nick channel. You know who depended you know a likely division one football player is we need him on defense we've got to use and Monday sent. You know and so we take to do it and we try to try to bring kids up and groom him things like that but. And in cases of you know injuries and things like that we've got to have somebody we don't wanna go from you know a senior to a sophomore who's just. You know it's not fair to them they're starting to iron just you know in a bloodbath like that so. Not ideal. And we really look at it we look at you know Howard you can think like that situation stuck so and except Nixon that Simba. I've got one more question to four echoed through talk with the NHL are from cape combat. What is the actual relationship between Caroline K do we we outsiders look at as a rivalry that there's some heat to it a little bit maybe they are all part of a community have a common bond is it is it closer than maybe we think it is. You know I. I think in high school it's not really close. Gently but. But there are a lot of animosity between the schooled at times that really we are just so heated rival you know basketball and baseball and things like that but you know what. I know a lot of several of my former players who have gone on in the air date Ichiro girls or they might spur sides of you know some tape and student who now live on the west side their kids go to aero and so. You know in the big scheme of things. We have so much in common on game night that is that it pretty heated. That's a makes it fun coach. Gave out about what we appreciate it thanks for your time good luck this evening. Right thanks then they'll heart the head coach at cape big game that I think really huge. Carol can wrap up an undefeated season havens can pick up a little. More momentum going into. The playoff connection. For the playoffs the playoffs. Playoffs playoffs playoffs next week I forgot to mention by the way Dan Clinkscale. Music man and flour at a time is running the board Max developed producing. Always forget that I I have still must go you obviously at this stage hit everything it's almost. Impossible. I I don't see how it's impossible they're not panning right in front of you you talk about right in front of you they're big guys good players that primary care. They make you look good and that's not ease that's impossible exactly. If you're making me look good you you deserve a raise. But I think. Take a break we'll come back we'll talk to RJ Allen he first year head basketball coach. Had Newman University taken over from mark potter gonna be interesting to talk dark day we'll get back to achieve in the raiders for the job we'll let all sorts of people live. We'll have a fun time. In about twenty minutes but up next our jail for Newman state finished the drive the bottom yet.