A Potpourri Of Yellow Matter Custard

The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

The wild banter bounces around in this segment like a super ball in a cement wall enclosure.


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All right let's go home. I'm from yeah. And then down. And I. Hi we are back it is love. 45. Max power the blue the all knowing. Max about it Coco leading ideas. Giving giving good Levin from crazy elephant. 1969. It peaked at number twelve. And was later used and Levi jeans commercial arm of hard evidence that the sixties. And seventies. War incredible. Aren't all good with max's taste in music. It's the theme this week that I. I don't get it. If I went out there and said give me a lost 45. No it wouldn't know here's what he's Selanne. The user lost 45. We don't have forty fives anymore. These are everyday 45 day pop hits. In the era of forty fives right Tommy and I did not ride. So we don't care of those of us in our age range. Don't care what the hell you know I'm not it's not about what I think I'm talking about everywhere not this other this particular music team. Was not directed you don't. I'm not as direct bred at anyone in their twentieth but if I even if I'd asked you on Friday before this team. Came to life give me a lost 45. That you if subtle it's not a tangible thing. What maxis trying to promote here. Our songs. That were hit following the Arab side when you could go buy a 45. Record and I'd say give me a 45 that was a hit and we've just forgotten about it. All is a bit out that you would have come up with a single one. I think it's a great team. OK but there and I don't know what ties these songs together this from a guy who wanted to run Mariah Carey. At the theme. We wish Mariah Carey would get laughs why. So Bonner what she ever did anybody she bothers me. Can you talk trash on. American Idol judge them. And they did not get along that rule on the show that here now sorry I don't blame Mariah care what anybody nick demonize because she is she isn't she is and he's. An adolescent. Nick demonize seems to be. A little bit tempestuous. But Mariah Carey's seems to be very. Above a ball. I'm Mariah Carey tempestuous. Yes I agree I don't know what that means that is not what I know what it means you don't know what I had him but you know what it hit a bare wire. You look and an up and I wanted to see an indefinite sit. That is not them again. The theme of the show today is Bob winning. Jeff losing Siena our teams and now nineteen games and thorough so it doesn't matter and now all these sheep. That you're speaking to will Colin general user caught it. Could it exciting. Eight and perhaps they think maybe they flip the switch and they say you know what Bob. Just because I know the definition is of tempestuous. And Jeff doesn't I know that his does not mean. That your little liner. I do know the the word thank you if you looked at I didn't look at that would give it definition. I are characterized by strong and turbulent or conflicting emotion there you go. I don't know that disguise Nicky your not of course it does. You know what do fifth. Put nick demonized and tempestuous. In a Google search and coming how many hits you get. Let's go I'm trying to find it where he she is actually describe. And game well sees this they see as they tempestuous Alter ego there you go how many pit that's an Alter ego how many hits. Doesn't 392800. OK I pulled. I got something else brewing here what do you have growing annoying plus bobbled that a 194000. Results. I you know what but you got to putt which it topped in there. Because I'm Duluth the former Chrysler chairman is unbelievably. Annoying. Well I don't know anything about over tennis standout Nablus who played doubles with Stan Smith as annoying as he can be. K a knowing plus Bob Bluetooth plus Wichita. Two million results wow. Coach lamb grew slam which it does they volleyball are you sir. Not coach but got mr. I'll be. For our purposes now you have to be so slant. What Maxwell in the where that for I mean give me a little bit more information. I love you Max I just talked up for an hour and a half and you put on the monitor lamb. So I'm vacant. Jeff just talked about sheet. So I'm thinking we got to land calling okay. What do you have lomb lamb what what's your name. At a looter sheet. What worked. And that Max I love you Max what what Eddie thing. Jeff the second loser I've received by. I must be near the first loser so he did call as they land and not a person I guess. That was a confusing call. I didn't get it it's that it's set me back a little bit I don't know what they make coats slam would be calling but if he wants or what what would you have done. All right let's askew here. If you had seen on your screen lamb I did say hey lamb. But I probably should have done yeah they lamb. Instead of things. Does Max always puts coach Lam yeah and what if that was coach slam that this irreverent if you had said they lamb. Like what's up night. What if he were to put this toward martial on this current. Drive a head coach Marshall movement toward I just go out. Well some guy named Marshall marshall's the first cut for Marshall is that a first name is yeah I am now I am lamb Johnson. How about the itself so when you see the word lamb. I don't know what to do I blow coats of a but a that's funny I mean you do you do what you gotta do. Yeah well he tried it and it it could have been so why not cover all the bases. I have time let's take a break we got Kenny wind shepherd up next. The guitar man he'll be given a so called Jack Oliver. Classic hits Haiti why am will be to help us with the interview next up Kenny Wayne shepherd.