Phone Obsession

The Drive
Friday, August 18th
Bob accuses Jeff of being overly involved with his phone and the debate ensues.

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Pre K okay and why am I. You drive whoa and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Over the game one thing in the weeds. It's a hard and without that hits given. Yeah my favorite song. I love hard to see that coming up on all around that's. Pilots get the job shoes though waited patiently during the break K Josh. Hey Bob. And you or your failure. On corporate raiders are onboard that. No but until the day I Dodd's us. All right. Earlier the mark on my going to be under fracture in her view doesn't distract me and I said till the day I die. There's a chance I die. In a fly at Arrowhead Stadium. Would say and stuff like that no one believes that. This loads justices in the Kansas become founder John. And I. I. Hope maybe you nice to die together. Well. Where we did very well in the raiders play and I'll meet in section nine wrote twelve. And it's on. Thanks Josh we appreciate the car here's another job another Josh. They got out this one and go ahead and mentioned the only can actually beat Tom Brady last year might Seattle Seahawks. They lowered. We were talking and AFC today Josh. All right my committee now in week we'll get to the NFC next week but Seattle's always a threat in my mind men I think Seattle looked threat. Well. Dark caught a week or I guess that's okay we we forgive you sometimes those things happened. I'm really looking forward five questions today with Travis Clayton and why you tax well as the and we do show got a text from Jason Dudack. He meant to send it to somebody else. But he said just FYI they're having Travis clay not a 540 on the drive wonderful asset it will thanks. Gray and then won a lot of what a fantastic people like those inside looks at what we do down especially when it involves due to the thing in sending a text of the wrong person. It's funny. Not. Now I've gotten and people you know what phones are ruining America. Maybe you agree. Because they're ruining new. You are is tied in to your phone as any human being I've ever you were tweeting today. While you would drive I will try to show I was not all that quick trip well baloney I have more that it is a bunch of bull look what you get. As power it then I just threw it in the trash can. I bet you tweet and drive no I'd bet you do while an idea that. Because I know you you know you really cannot. Sustain yourself without the phone. Sure I can't know every time here at our house. Well Valdez because and the company will don't come over. Our diet W will be glad to hear no summer slam Sunday night so we'd all have my friends over Andy did you hear me. Here's here's what I'll do from now on no phone and nine so don't text me no I mean just found out a map good. I it I applaud that plug in upstairs and I'll go downstairs can you really do that yes I don't believe you know starting tonight. He corporate. Is that views Goldman but Harding and that's you know ranked Tommy are you on your phone a lot when you're home. IA I am middling. Sometimes I'll look at Twitter. And all of his get lost in it and it bugs me it bugs me that that happened now you're not really typing to Virgil. CI you do well yeah yeah I know. Euro. I Gannon. You can't let go let what go Twitter social mile area about me connectivity. Don't worry nobody wants to know what we thank. Outside of this race and why are they between Batman ride into this microphone. Let's take a break we got Travis played ride around the corner former thunder grade. We think. Jason dude if he's available. Make call ends well what this show the drama quad and was that might include. The two greatest thunder players in the history. That's next to say whether it's.