The PGA Tour is changing their schedule

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Wednesday, July 11th
The PGA Tour announced its 2019 tournament schedule yesterday, which included the addition of two tournaments, changed the timing and locations of others, and has one less event in the FedExCup Playoffs.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. I'm rolling in our number two I've got a little chief's conversation maybe to finish up here with plenty on staff. As we roll into the second hour courtesy of our friends from side pockets. What's on tap for the rest this show GAAP. PGA tour schedule change for next year it'll compress it and it'll be. Quite a bit different we'll discuss Sima Ky Luke has signed a professional contract with the lakers. Kate you also in the news for. This so so reasons that we can get in that and a couple of UCLA basketball former usually basketball players. I found dead within a couple of days of one another really sad story for. Usually Bruin fans also PGA golfers after sixteen year old fan to be is caddie. Talk about that what's on tap. And up almost an hour from now it will be the new athletic director at Kansas. We as press conference will be right here on KFH Jeff Long. We'll address the media. Scheduled at 11 o'clock and so immediately after sports daily we'll have that for you and then thirty minutes after that. He'll be the royals and twins pregame show first pitch at 1210. Royals going for a series winner how what are. Harry's had two earlier this window laureates all the winning streak it has happened before that quote Lou Brown. But Ellis I get ahead of ourselves we got nine run. The provisional patent happy and oh by the way. According to Jeffrey Flanagan on Twitter. Ian Kennedy backed the disabled list Jason Adam back with the big club. So that. That lasted exactly three innings last night and he will not pitch. Obviously until after the all star break and you would imagine that this time around the really. Make sure that everything's on the up and up with with Ian Kennedy. He OK so odds of make in the playoffs we're talking about. Patrick my homes the expectations for him. But more specifically. For the chiefs. You take a look at this one of the of the oddsmakers. Handicapping the chiefs making the playoffs. That's actually pretty lofty expectations concerning Iran like so is that right 43% actually is committed to play out now. Yeah second in the in the AFC west to the Los Angeles chargers. And I think that that's generally where the chiefs are being picked wouldn't you say change out our factor in the division church to charge that the decision to lose. Our guys I would say sorting this website they got a 56% chance to make the playoffs. Denver only 25 point three why do you think that this. Just too many questions. Too many questions says still lurking included on quarterback. I don't think that they think fit if there are I can think they feel better about that. But he's certainly you know these are bookmakers in making. You know making conversation here in well and putting their money on the line. I. I don't think I've got a lot of there are five and eleven a year ago. And their I guess it's old habits die hard I just expect the Boston did a superior. If you do and and and that's because they are. You don't you don't have to like the Broncos you can hate on. But you got to give them the book Greg Jeanne respect of being a franchise. That generally is a winning one. Now look they were nine in seventy years ago there were five and eleven last year so my math says that. That's what fourteen wins in the last two years. So Daryn the verge of not being in the midst of their. Worst three years street room since the ownership but pat Boland. And that's been awhile that's been close to what thirty years or so. Not so. This is that it did it's an interesting year for the Denver Broncos but the day I you can't pick demanding higher than. Then third in the division in May be fort Pitt depending on where there where the raiders are. Not they should be improved but I don't think so much so that you would consider them to BA playoff team. I will look at Kansas City and say that Kansas City I think still has a pretty good shot at being a playoff team. Well and comparison sake according to this website there has the chiefs put a 43%. Chance to make it. That's better odds in the Carolina Panthers to make the playoffs. And right on par with the Atlanta Falcons to make the playoffs so let me tell you and what kind of expectations are on the shoulders of Patrick my homes in the rest of that. Kansas City Chiefs team that would be led by all accounts my rookie quarterback. Kanye raiders 36%. Chance. 49ers only forty point six even though there almost seems to be kind of pointing out. Alex Smith's new team Washington Redskins 20%. Yet fascinating look I do those. It is just by the way that online dot AG it's. They're very active and they're very aggressive and setting interest in kind of lines. Very bullish curiously on the Houston Texans yeah we did give a 54%. Chance that the to make the playoffs so some other than that it's a lot of the the usual suspects. Two but I thought that the number for Kansas City. Woods was a good point. And especially with the rookie quarterback. So neat it's up there yes I mean it's not most people tend to believe that that that Patrick more homes. He's gonna hit the ground running. And but I don't know if he I mean is he going to be an improvement on Alex Smith. When you look at what Alex Smith did leave a year ago but the you have to. Are you gonna get more help from elsewhere. Yeah where you don't want him to throw for 4000 yards. Well the big question with Kansas city's out much better than going to be defensively well. You. I mean you figured that there are gonna score enough points to win games move candidate in in if they do it later rather than sooner. That they're they're still gonna do and I I think they'll be pretty good from the get go I think they'll be even better. As long as they stay healthy. As the season wears on. And I did you get a little mileage on Patrick mall but the big question for them is gonna be you don't you know our tin can they stop people. Can they stop people especially running the football because that's always been their weakness. Or at least it has been recently. There's been their weakness so Vietnam. I'm bullish on the chiefs because I think at the end of the day I'm pretty bullish on Andy Reid any candy reasons damned good you're charter to. He does good stuff man he does really good stuff so. So take it for whatever it's worth. All right take it would've been ordered him so let's go a little some more feel good because we kind of mixed bag today. You heard Stephen Bo ditch. PGA golfer from Australia yes OK yes he hasn't exactly had a stellar seasons so far you know but. Good heading into the John Deere classic. In Illinois technically it's still looks Illinois. Stephen Boldin finished yeah yeah pretty much not pretty much quite a bit. He's playing in that tournament this weekend Stephen voted to his. And earlier this week he would on Twitter to see if any local kids want to be is caddie. And a sixteen year old a sixteen year old Manuel Elias frank responded. He said he's turned seventeen this Friday and would be an awesome birthday present. And then hand bode its tweeted back city got a job. And before you say. What's Stephen bode it's doing having the sixteen year old moneys back well. The alliance apparently and unbeknownst to voted to time knows course pretty well city played in over ten times and he's caddied here for amateur tournament before. Plus today plus. Stephen bowed it hasn't done very well he won two events back in 2014 and fifteen. Played in five events so far this year missed cut four of them. And he's been in Wichita before and not that long ago he's been in the the Wichita open so. According to his help wanted basically Abbott. He said Stephen bode its job PGA tour caddie. Our first 2 PM Tuesday until Friday with 1% chance to work which required on Sunday. Hey I left over golf clubs golf balls. Bet that's his drive job description is that this kid named Elias Franken took him up took him up on so it otherwise I wouldn't have cared about this tournament. Now idea. Yeah now are what you gene you you pull for Stephen boat which. Who I who whose name when I was looking at this yesterday. I remember him because he did have a little run he won a couple of tournaments and it was like OK I gotta pay attention to this guy. A little bit nannies kind of fallen off the edge of the earth. What a great sense of humor this and you talk about a guy that doesn't take himself seriously. It is gonna go and have a little fun and I know that he wants to compete he wants to play. But this will be a nice little aside in a good little side story. Good stuff men really like it. I really like it and the fact that he got a young man. That has enough local knowledge and plays the game obviously and and must play a fairly well. Is even better so that you mean the caddie might be better than the player. And I hope over the Golf Channel early and whoever's got a late CBS NBC I don't know I hope they'd. Follow at least a little bit more or give their kids to run. In addition to what he's got and what how big voted to back this course is a picture this kid he's done little bitty. He's our he's he's almost as good as voted to its yes so. Good. So I would love to do a bag. Floor Abbott yeah or yeah I don't know any thing like oatmeal helped much loved that carries in my bag too but. Like I can't help well yeah it would be yet you know and I would I would probably have to really sit down with someone that's done it and say okay. You give me. Give me the basics year and you know and then go out and do your due diligence and walked the course and charred that in. You know I've I mean I think I ticket do you really fun guy I think you'd. Word be stressful with him it might be it might be a little blow that's like that your guys or this guy starts playing good. Yeah no kidding no attitudes in contention guy. Will would have been it for anything that I would have sent to the guy. That's for darn sure well he'd be in contention in spite of having me on his bag yeah. That's for sure but I think it be a fun thing to do and I've often. I was always covering. The Wichita open Riviera capital classic moves however it was being referred to with that particular point. I'm but I always thought that that be a really fun thing to do and these days to bag for a guy so effective that could qualify as. Our bucket list trying to get kind of a bug could be on the bag for somebody PGA tour event. Yet. Yeah and maybe it wouldn't get one on at PGA tour event but its. But it rejected get one on are at how about just walking inside the ropes with those guys and don't have any responsibility whatsoever. At least be able to hear what they talk about you know and write stuff like that type the only time that I've gotten to do that is during practice rounds that I've done it at at some pretty cool places you know I did it. Not down in at down in the springs for. The does the senior open and then it got it up and hutch. A couple of times for the women's hit its debt that's really fun and just watch how they think about things and and where they're trying to hit it. You know when you and I are out new you know who and we've got a couple of Beers. Innocent you know we're just hit the ball in and hope in the land someplace and contagious so we can putt it you know did the the plan that these guys have been or gals. Have that is totally different I mean they're they're thinking OK landing area now where can I get up and down from our I mean not up and down necessarily but. Not the worst month the most in dead advantageous place that I can. Putt a ball and the that I am definitely not gonna take more than two putts that I maybe I can make a birdie and I enemy they just think in different ways. Stand it's it's fascinating to watch them. And and then how many balls will hit back at practice. You know they'll they'll throw two or three balls down and hit him to difference. Watson Siewert a how they movement simply it's pretty cool stuff needed it really is but it's so far over my pay grade learn stuff. Mean so far over materialize francs. Twitter account. He has a 165. Followers and he's made for tweets. Then they were all the nice. So he is basically start that I've blank slate I'll be very interested to see especially if motives makes the cut how many followers he ends up tavern by the end of the weekend because. Voted has been tweeting. With. You know he has his Twitter handle unit's then he's just they want in the books and he's so proud of himself. We'll see if life thanks Twitter mentions blow up from here on out. I hope so out of matinee what a great effort man and it's his birthday on Friday or don't know any c'mon. That that's as good as it gets up. So speaking of the PGA tour the schedule. That moving or changing the schedule has been discussed for months. And now. We know some of the things that will change PGA championship. Moves to may. And this paves way for the PGA tour and its season earlier. You do. But also that. Compresses things obviously and four major championships in consecutive months we'll start with a masters in April. And then with the open in July. Very little time for lol at the. Are made it used to that's hard to get used to I had and only because it's it it's never been that way it's always been. You know the masters the US open. The open and then the PGA championship but you don't whatever. So I guess optimal exposure and and in the end the conversation and the attention that goes with major championships. To play them in four consecutive months is probably not a bad idea. Well the players. Is back in March now. And so you're looking at. Pebble Beach in February. Riviera. The WGC Mexico championship Honda classic Arnold Palmer invitational which is a underrated the very important. Tournament to those players the players championship. Foul sparred championship. Debbie DC Dell match play Valero Texas open and in the masters. That's around it starts in February Indians obviously in April with a masters at ten week stretch. Where really two of the tumors. Most iconic tournaments. Pebble and Riviera are right right off the bat. And then Arnold Arnold Palmer's. And then you got to end up with a masters. And at any turnaround in in so you play in April and then in May all of a sudden you've got the PGA championship before you get to the US open up. So I'm not that I want not. It's. It's more were. It's more exciting golf for the view her on a week to week basis. And I guess arguably a more grueling. Scheduled for the players I'm just speculating here that. Not a lot a lot higher. Stress level and potentially more of the big names. Will be going head had more often especially that little to like it ten week and of course there on the golf fan I liken like yeah I liked analog. Yeah and I like I said it it it gives you. Four straight months of looking forward to any event. That is a major championship that's more sustainability. I know I like that I think it's I think it's a good move by the the by the by the PGA. There's one more that I tour as far as I can feel as one. Thing in here that talk about grueling the World Golf Championship will follow the open. At the British Open. Which is six times on the way the next weekend. It's in Memphis in the sponsors FedEx. Seek embed the tour will really ought to have. As many of them heavy hitters. Go back to back as humanly possible. So. Any time you've met with a schedule you're gonna get some. Some good and some not so good but yeah you get some push back for the viewers. You know for the viewers I think that. And benefits us when it without much question. And like it I think I think it's cool and the PGA championship I think he's grown in. Stature. Because of now I'm not sure even wives and I think it was kind of a I don't wanna say that it was the forgotten major wrong. But it certainly didn't seem to carry as much weight for whatever reasons the three that preceded it. And I think some of that might have been just about because of where they played. You know in in in terms of where the calendar once you put this right in the next one right after the other man it's pretty good stuff. Good stuff. I Seoul next Monday journey and Def leopard come into town have a chance to win a pair of tickets the only thing better than concert tickets. Our free concert tickets as usual so if you call me or an 8691240. I'm forty. And Brian called Def Leppard journey common interest anchoring on Monday. Call me right now got a pair for ya how we come back we'll tell them to be. The subpoena. The University of Kansas has tacitly. Acknowledge it. And as there has been a part of pouring the federal government and University of Kansas. Plus a couple of real tragedy in my former UCLA basketball players some basketball talk for Bruce and I come back.