Passion Of The Fan: Examining What Is The State Of Royals Fans

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
A discourse on a team fan base’s passion and questioning what the state of Royals fans must be.

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This is good for. Colin. Hello everyone welcome. Thursday at this in the driver on fifth save radio Bob blue jays and do and Jason who's wondering right now. How does this guy do it every day I hope this guy come in here every day. And pull off a show Isabel what's your count thinking. Yeah. Every guy really is. Well it I it's I mean. Yeah how how doesn't happen. And I'm not sure great preparation off solid. An idea of of a little bit of everything a little knowledge about a lot of different things brilliance and not brilliance all of the little knowledge about a lot of different banks. But you roll a movie have me roll song. You roll. Golf match I got I got you covered. You know I mean I do I really do. I got banter with below slurs. Which I think you're developing your start to get a grasp of our callers and listeners who started understand them all for sure no question when you when you imagine that you know we're coming up. On three years there in a little bit is that in about less than four months. The show a little bit on the air for three years the start to gain an appreciation of the audience. Well and we hope vice Versa. While ER or else they wouldn't they wouldn't be calling. Right now I would think right now I mean that's how I would look at it here's a vote via an incredible thing about media. You're doing your thing. And you're only hoping it's reaching people. You're not sure. We can't tell who's listening right now we don't know now. Maybe people somebody's listening in their car hopefully in the drive across town somebody may be home taking care of their kids listening to the show. Now we may have kids listening. While air but do shoot baskets I don't know it would definitely not playing soccer. Now now I know they don't listen no no of course Phillies just that you just roll it out. And you hope that that you have an audience. And you trust that your audiences loyal. That the OB with yet that they like what you Dylan for the most part and that's how media operates. Right. Yeah that that is your the media guys added that it isn't TV. Yeah why NASA said like you said a minute now much more straight to it I mean yeah you hope what you do people. Can can relate to to the most part. And then initially this year enjoy people call amendment. Given their opinions on this than not and that's the whole idea but the whole idea for the next two hours. As for opinion to be made not just by Alice well by the colors a call and and you have a discussion on how exactly it's really not rocket science well but they after all obviously enjoy I UN (%expletive) And I'm guessing they do because you guys get a lot of callers and a lot of these guys that I love our ultimately a lot of people talking about the show to me. And I appreciate all that. You know I get I I get a myself to the other night I had a guy say it was a yard I didn't non optimal hockey brenly from the radio show because I listened to it every every day. Though you enjoying it that CIA is joy and if there's two people listening that's been assertive enough for me to put out my best effort. Why wouldn't ya right I mean you're here. You might as well putting your best effort for the next couple hours. Yesterday on our quick people which is sponsored by sin deal HRO. You can get it if you go to Twitter at KFH radio. We put it posted that KFH radio we need but it followers that KFH radio. What do you think should happen to Ohio Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer. 389. Votes cast. He should go lead the way it 50%. 27% say they're on the fence not sure. Tony 3% say he should stay. As the football coach at Ohio State I'm pretty firmly in the he should go camp. Feel like I have enough information. Maybe not all the information but enough. To at least to make a judgment. You got me I do and I think you're on the idea I am on the fence I am on the fence because it I you don't. I don't know I don't know exactly what happened because he'd he'd says he reported the one and day and it's all back to the point fifteen thing I but I think that's this is not dead I got a hand on if he would he did report it like we said yesterday. While we have on all us love he did what he needed to do why does Charlie just saying. OK we he reported it appears the documentation. Alcohol. And if you didn't report it we know obviously lemmings that write but are they say and he reported it but something did happen but. And that is did what do what do they find out happened the guys and in my opinion it's the it's over let's he would often lead to eat dossier you don't need to. Talk about Urban Meyer had a I know you call the fully. Got on that topic what's. But he now I wouldn't that you are aren't about facts are there are more in future pentagon. How hard it yet Purdue won all what we don't I don't all of our speaker it would be tried art were. A guy like that that you are what brought that up. Well it's hot it's pretty hard when you hit three of them in April may. Posted its real hard. To do what Mac carpenters done he's gone from batting 14140. On May fifteenth. Canal leading the National League in home runs extra base hits OP yes. In these have enough of an incredible year Austin. Okay dot org is that what you thought of that but we didn't watch boy. Well I'm all. In it into the oil. While I don't let the royals fans intimidate you Austin because I'll try. They'll talk about how they won a world there is more recently though the cardinals. And and that and and don't let. The fourteen or fifteen royals fans that are there this weekend intimidate. Chaos. There are aren't. Actually what are the oil boy got what they are not look like you're out there are more oil. No it didn't look like it was the case Austin. Thank you for the call while I lashing out the royal at all they divvy up late last night they beat the cubs nine is that there you go and now your mad out. Doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever I don't think sometimes. Thank you all else. C meeting the cup they go how easy was that I will say this I I dislike the cubs. Infinitely more than I. I basically just have a plot line approach to the royals don't care about them they don't bother me don't you know what I mean yeah I just felt I don't have much emotion. Connected to the royal but do you have a team in the American League you've enjoyed until the article here play the roil. What kind of just a different story and everybody listening understands that that I wanted to just beat them like. Note tomorrow but do you have a team in the American League no heck no I got one team okay hey I've just ask you don't get all fired up over there. The simple question only had to say is no I'm cardinals fan. Don't ever bring it up again. I don't know if you could relate my my time around you would say no I don't think you have a team that your passion a bundle. And that's surprises me now I like Colorado. A summary hesitant about hmmm no I I just like them I just said I wasn't I like Colorado. I kinda do you watch and see how the jays are due on discusses the only Canadian team another mat that's a motive yet. And then other little oil oil I have a a passion. That's a team that you just passionately roots nor I disagree I enjoy the NFL right ending college sports you're not. You're not wave the flag of a particular school no. Either you're you support Wichita State obviously how fickle when it comes the basketball would be Wichita State no reason is because. I'm here probably nothing that's that's an interesting life to me I cannot imagine. What my life would have been had I not had this. We love affair with the St. Louis Cardinals I don't know how that little you see a growing up. Hockey was the Edmonton Oilers chemicals esteem to us. So on about and how hard on the road while five. South street sell five hours straight south and his lipstick getting old feeling that cannot. Nine its normal place guy it's got to shrug it off you know it's like when I start talking hockey was somebody else. And you're not paying attention right away that discussion yesterday I was one of the best discussions on the show probably. You just an idea Hitler not when I was having trouble sleep. The they go ahead your Edmonton Oilers I was Edmonton Oilers as a kid. You know what to tuck had was a farm team yeah I knew that and it adds several Wichita wind players. Back in the day go play at Edmonton now. And then nabbed. I had to Montreal Expos. Was my ball team. That's a good choice and didn't miss many of their games if they were on and I was at home. Now like that and then as a kid the Edmonton eskimos in the confused football league. But not not passions. Not like I couldn't miss a guy that never missed that's an Edmonton eskimos in and somebody says something new but did you get hurt when their law yes OK that's good yes OK that's fashion via. And then I got a little older and I just kind of lost. The hurt of your team losing. Is 510 times greater. The night happiness you feel and they went correct or no doubt console quietly like that I don't know. They lose and I just trust as a kid when they were losing game. Literally. Literally upset does that say something about both those people. I'm not sure but I've looked up the case for every fan is a little while I would think so. That's why Tom I know Toms a Detroit Tigers. And Detroit. Red wings fan. He's not listened Tommy had the tendency when his teams are good pick and a you know hold on an arm's length but doesn't Emma MRI about that Tom is that an accurate depiction. So this year with the tigers. Is not bad and soot but when they're good. Oh boy I does that Detroit gear on today he did go to a couple games in Detroit last week so he's obviously a fan. But does it hurt when they lose does that hurt when they lose Tom. Would lose some weight too much is is. So like so if you're at Kansas City fan royals pavlik. You gotta be in pain for six months this year. Or do you just say it is not our year I'll get back to you in 2019. I would hole I would think that it would have to be because at that you couldn't. There's no way the cardinals have never had a year like the royals are having in my lifetime. They've never had that year whether it is. Awful. And it would drive me crazy if they ever did I don't what I just say. To some harsh critic. Cardinals when they're not good and whether or not gone well but this seems. Four games over 500. The royals are more than forty games under 500. Yeah I know people who watch them every night. And I have a special admiration for those people they stick him there. They wanna see young guys like this film Lila. He Phil Meyer I'd never heard of me neither we want and it went eleven shut out innings through he had a Sunday against the cubs. Write a great performance though you as the royals fan. He probably leave that game span. Then there's the blue spark I feel pretty good about this Heath Beaumont ya got done like got to be an account. Are you gonna pay our taxes down by his Bill Maher at that doesn't let the guy does but that's the other thing too that we touched on yesterday's bring a bunch of these kids up let's just CM. I'm why not. Why not put an end at least at least you given your fans the opportunity see what what might be down the road you know. Geez this guy might this guy's got a chance to play. In all instead of watching Nazis Escobar. Hit less than his weight every single season. Listen I'm I'm with you he's Phil Meyer has been in these that's his fifth start I should have heard of him. That shows I don't pay much attention to the royals. He lowered his ERA for the season the three point 13. He had a big issue with walks. I wasn't as big an of an issue last night he's not hard thrower he's a crafty. Pitcher. But he he managed just stymie. One of the best lineups and they in the National League. In the Chicago Cubs last night. And so big gives up maybe a glimpse of hope to royals fans I don't know no I can't speak for them. While you and I can I can't either. I can only speculate on what they think. They're feeling because I really don't have a clue. And I don't think I've had a team when I was passionate as a kid. Ever go through a season like best. Not many teams go through a season like that I mean you do have a bad season but this is those the border on incredibly well beyond bad. It's is just an abysmal. Season. So what I'd like to hear from royals spent about what he'd take. From my age nine nothing win over the cubs. With a young pitcher on the mound. Beating a good Chicago team. And to improve your record to 35 and seventy now and aid that's shock but it's awful. 3579. You have 38 games Romania but if my math is correct. Maybe flat let me hold on. 114 they played 114 they got 48 games yeah so to go 46 and two they'll finish 548. Games remaining. So let's say they go to Tony 128. That's that's 55 and a 107. And us if they play better than they've played all year that's much better than they've played all year. I hey I and a two year old finds a stick in there. And as the cardinals booked there this week in and lose 23 gets one at all when you're gonna win and you're gonna hear about it next week. Up pretty don't scare her I better not hear it all bodes well the royals have no business talking at all. What investigate Saint Louis. No and they beat economies it's okay. I'm glad they beat the club I tackle. Casey welcomed the show bottoms and. Period jazz and all the caller yeah today are gone bad that's how I missed men are here we go again. The most. It's key like it or are all right. The scenery in spirit back into little or 708080. Dirty JD that got its report. Are slowly lose your circle it all eager botulism net. Root for the young guy to play and or out Argo. So you're not feeling any pain this year when they lose a game because you've become accustomed to and your expectations frankly aren't aren't. They'll argue expect stabbing there might have been all that they did it all but one also where they're based what it appeared to need. You move on opened a young guy actually joked that this year it may be looked cart next year. I well good luck. That's an upbeat royals fan. Debit that's it that's who we got to look at if your royals fan that's we have to look at it. If it's not like we said coming DB. To be want to shoot yourself every night I just say some do you file. On the cardinals plan. You wanna know last time this team finished under 500. Tellme. 2007. They were 78 and 84. And I was I was check on the cabinets. See what might be that's not that that's up down I was at 78 and 84. The worst record the cardinals have had. In the last. Standby. My goodness they're they're good and it's seventy and 92 in 1990. 25 games out what what was I doing in 99 I don't know what were you doing I must have been a basket case you'd had been a mess. But that's only 22 games under 500. You see when you see a lot on what I know exactly where your goal and they were 24 games under 500. In 1970 days they want 69 games in las 93. But you have to really search for years where the cardinals. We're not good. Or at least respectable. For the royals. Little livelier and whether or not good or respectable now there's no question al-Qaeda wanna world's third and they want to another one very true and and I guess the fan base is good for that won't go with that right. Will that be my gas. And I hacked a five foot and a little bit of the cardinals are a little bit because you your basement against the royals have a monopoly year. So you're making yourself feel really good. When everyone listening most of them are not cardinals fans. You don't even sound a little bit peeved with me. I'm not appeared with yeah yeah yeah I hope put off I'm just basically saying you what you would tell everybody what you're saying. The royals when 89 is 73 in 2014. And play in the World Series. A year later they went 95 and 67. And play in the World Series. But. In 201120102009. 200720062005200420022001. And 1999. But lost ninety or more games. That's crazy. That's kind of warm one get that it's crazy. Idol. I don't know how I don't I don't neither their heirs the royals fan pastor my. Pastor might carry you. I'd argue that even with a noxious cardinal fan but chartered well hell yeah I'm in a Casas. Well noxious smell up to try to master who could actually go out there. Foil ago. No or you're not going to be cardinal we have a much better program much better tradition. However. We enjoyed the enjoy those years of 1415. And and it is a long way to between a they spoke baseball anything this should encourage you. That baseball goes beyond just the record but going out there on the field I was encouraged that night when they're born out not fighters in the poll. So buyer or provoke greater bring it simple and rigor blown out and he talked about it. And I thought that's great that litany of and realize how bad at all it is and I actually. That are ready are watching what's in the last Smart so vocal not. I'll say this. In 201415. Being doing what I do with the youth baseball organization. I applauded the royals because it created extra interest in baseball around here. Pull out right back to Wear off. I could. You boycott the honestly take your boys are loyal and they are actually started out pristine. They're excited at the end of the volcanic and that's the joy of baseball. Honestly passer like they've become so knowledgeable about the game now there. They're asking me why didn't we go to the cardinals game. Come on Bob. And as such mr. as an answer. And as you can go to joy and again nobody likes 300 choke away freezer. Or struggle one night to get the next night. But it are just collateral effect or Serbian people are that are built up armored car. Where we're or it is fifty keyword over the twelve youngsters on the field people complain. That they were joy of players they all just with Jordan and when they look who's at all those very are you remember that or not but I do. With that these spear that. And and we're just hopeful people listen I I'm all for teams that are better people than cardinals experience because. We really enjoy the death of baseball and we don't give all that worked up board. I'm all for teams are the good teams they rarely as a is another word for losing. At that level. Don't see that they obnoxious as the callables rare bird and the true. The true love baseball oil Graham threw just appreciate. That these young men are out there during their thank accord and orient and we have hole. Ever hope for big pass some like to make it to your Sunday sermon pretty. There and won't rule or courage goes through losing heart not to be staying apart particular folder and enjoy regions like this week three cardinal. Malveaux Mike does those lower thank you read let's hold on burning Chris we need a break. This is the drive and care face Cuba later in the show we'll have a special guest from KS than Kenderick Douglas. Well a new sports anchors and reporters. We'll be we'll both of five point five. For a couple of segments looking forward that. Jay's son and yours truly back to promote the drive okay FA.