Out Of The Bullpen With Shockers Pitching Coach Mike Steele

The Drive
Monday, February 12th

Shockers pitching coach Mike Steele drops in to talk Shocker baseball & the upcoming inaugural season in the American Athletic Conference.


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Bob loose. Some liked him before. So he's. We. Welcome back and more pro Saddam. He used to be mine back home and you'll be hearing Brooks and on all week here on the show Mike Steele joins us Wichita State pitching coach. I have you as a Brooks and Dunn kind of guy and are wrong. You know it's good trick there and that truly is a kind of pegged down I feel good about that all right to soccer's. Here we are February 12 soccer's beginning the season this weekend down and economic needs state. How prepared is the team I think that's always a question for every team play is in cold climate how how they get prepared. The start the season in in February. Right now all we've donated marches we possibly can do I'm. You know we we were took the first two weekends when we could start practice on the 2627. Column and go only weaken we had a hiccup on the this past warrant and we ended up at the plate Thursday and Friday. At Saturday got inflated indoor scrimmage yesterday and then we had not stated de able were going to be able to hit. Probably eight innings in tomorrow with our our relievers Natalie today all four weeks. I'd start up on Friday com and you know the the great thing about this that the guys. If you guys that aren't an unbelievable job both put in the work on their own so what the limit in the restriction that we have the orange. You know you're LB I can get their go to girl all the older you be able to it I mean you got to being their for an hour before. You know they go it and then also that aren't you start so. Weren't ready at the end of the circumstances. And it really hasn't been that bad yeah I look at Michigan and we're the central Michigan and usually are portrait first time we're outside O. Could be worse. So you've got up all but I believe by nineteen darts as far as the pitching staff goes. Returning to the staff this year by a fourteen of those large whereby. Your age your horse sack Lewis so you have a guy delete at least in my and they believed an anchor that weekend rotation. I I think. I think Cody or your arm. Is. Probably be going to do our best pitchers can't turn on. Your back in ninety to 95. Also on all spring. Are on had a tremendous all army was or guys that stayed back in putting for COLT summer prom. He. We had to give a breaking ball all of which was our biggest sport right now used. And he's he's been ninety Cuban and you try it with the breaking ball in the changeup and these are really the shirt. Are another hit that spot. It out at Colorado freshman when you're ready com. We don't you mean there are probably BR Saturday ordered thirteen year arm and you don't learn their own. You know me your own life. You never know. What can happen you have trust the process you know yet trust somebody give it up off a couple resident stuff. I didn't expect that out respect Lou once you're at all. Arm. But guys have bought into. I. You're not. There's great pitching staff more than this one is the hardest working worn out ever coached. And they're do you guys have really bought in who would this be a picture little watched mostly shocker there are no one. I did in there that I. Choke down all the guys that are around here hey guys they are you in Europe are about and you need to dog rep was sent this sport in this city. Every time low ball. Mike still of those pitching coach who would stuff state. Obviously this is a big year for Wichita State and for Todd but learn from the coaching staff and for the players I think it's it's incumbent upon on this team to the show a priest. Pretty vast improvement. Do you agree with that and how how's this team and how are used coaches embracing that pressure. I you don't. I don't think. Yeah there's. But the pressures just to get better every day usually compete. I'm debit cards and nonpolitical job assembling an arm can. You know going on that thing you had to go through and you know the foresight years com. You know. It's not and then least I don't peers talking about it I don't mean nobody is talking about pressure here it's suddenly. These guys that pressure from Google competitors we want about their Morton and our dog as well we didn't think the big. Oh no I don't think hey I have an elderly more per dollar deal. Any parent nor all of your car together then I need to wake up every day in it each chip better than I thought. How much of a barometer for your pitching staff has been facing Grayson Janice now I bumped her out that the fog winner. The barometer. They're trying lawyers. Guys bull broke pitches and they will. Not swing at it for a belt swing at it indicated somewhere that they weren't so close you can. Can't there's times where I don't know or understand or like they meant. I want to ruin your pitch and didn't do we you're hacking out of state Baghdad it primal place not a warm light back. And the fact. Would you roll our lineup over. Then you're in trouble I mean it just that you know you don't back back there are not on and then with the guys that are around them. I mean it made us I think that we are you I mean it is not on the pitcher Darren. Mike Steele of those Wichita State they start the season Friday. Down on the need state. What have you been able to deduce their determine about the strength of the American athletic conference in baseball obviously it's. It's gonna be a step up from the Missouri Valley Conference how many steps up in your opinion. I mean our yeah I guess what ten or 12% white Barrett and Tom. York and form a pretty tough conference well you know the big question that pretty. You know it's a pretty good count and I'm you know it's usually offering Amanda. 67 or eight range ER PRI com the only currency income from the eat you know they they know the level that they need to play out but you know when the teams are known coaches that the teams are at a mean. It's been a big conference that day is good really good eight. All conference and did any. Any team in her car buyers know the proper want they take on an even the country in the pregame there are also. There's just not. Many more normally you're gonna have to on the white each week there and in. Wrote here they're what in the real make or break you know who heard the conference soon. I think he just did quite a long and you you pinpoint your best they always been very interview for a conference tournament makes noises in the post. Give us give us your weekend rotation starting the year you named a couple of those guys. And then Telus. While the bullpen near expect them to give thanks from. I uncle or are brighter. And then we amended freshmen on Saturday. Are right now we're gonna kinda hit you BA I'm gonna you know first you. Bomb first hurricanes go but it is either going to be on her long good. You know cure Kilgore press namely one that mixed depending on if we have to use those guys. I'm and the first two games. In. All really good surprise and instead and pressed in my term don't walk on is the only we he came he walked on. I am we drop this lot out just made a kind of all on. He last year. No carnival low rate don't want me by the arm sinker slider guy that stopped armored. He has just based on political oldest brewery though you're gonna turn that he is still. Aaron kind of a bridge Gary. And then being able O'Brien. Being burned. The spin it in there are all those guys you know Larry you've been married or would breaking balls. Are you you'll put a tremendous spring. We'll let the option for us. And then brought all of the guys there and shut it down who is this and a different monsters but on the bar I'll do good in the and then. Mary Bernard wondering what he's got to watch changeup you've really. And got this anger. We don't let out like oh I'm going aren't picnic but oh. Doesn't mean there's nothing better for a baseball player and messed up cycle look. Does he have the the look to physical parents to go with that. Opinion that the big old Candace you know rock trucker you know only in the galleries. Big kid worked it sport ought then yeah I'd you'd burn really really impressive this spring so order. Like I'm some sailor picture him right now I he does kinda have that maniacal look but I think the beard needs to grow a little bit. Data I think George Butler kind of a guy the beard they're cool bullet but I don't get it under control your little bit. Boy. Gary give a little bit we're gonna run what bet that you are getting so. We want them look their personality and we look kind of role it. Mike I appreciate your time and I want I wanted to mention too that. Even rolled your kids this year and leak 42 of them were really appreciative of that and what. What you and they are gonna bring to our league so we'll see as soon. Yeah are the other Pruitt started those great are you guys were. I'm look forward to seeing you here are 'cause I might steal Wichita State. Pitching coach is a soccer's. Our inaction. You know you get so overwhelmed by the journalist the bomb talk but you kind of forget about these other folks and it was interesting to hear him talk about the pitching staff because that's going to be such a key element of what they're gonna try to get accomplished just look at the numbers they were so close last year they had a bill slightly like point. Point 01 better ERA than their opponents. And higher batting average in their opponents say they doubt did their opponents overall on the season and a lot of he numbers but this couldn't quite put it together. Well and and of course what I meant by the pressure is this is top butler's fifth year and people wanna see some movement in there who wins and losses on not. I don't think that's unfair to anybody and that's a reality and it's especially if those wins and losses are those winds especially come in the American and you know admitted that it's for real pride and it's going to be fascinating to talk. Again Wichita State with a three game set this weekend that my niece and return home a week from Friday with three games against Omar. Panic stadium. That's about it Tommy that's it. I have not got a drum lesson. I'm proud about why it what are you gonna do I hope the Olympics for Iran during the grumbling that's a good point wanted to beat the drums. While you're watching some. It's sliding down hills game not just minutes. Back to be that I'd like that. We'll see how it goes. Good luck with the drama thing. Rumors Booth. Back in a moment you're listening to the drive on cafe.