The Orioles are the worst team in the MLB

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Wednesday, June 20th
The Royals are close behind and are dead last in the AL Central, 17.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians. RJ Anderson from CBS Sports joins Sports Daily to talk about Major League Baseball and the hot topics of the day.

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Of the woods golf links that's far. Continuing their series tonight with the Sioux Falls canaries. Head out to which you call Wednesday the wing nuts came back 705 Lawrence Dumont stadium every Wednesday fans to get an awesome. Wichita related giveaway. As it pertains to the big boys we go to. The cavs locker room hotline RJ Anderson talking MLB's writer for CBS sports dot com welcome back to show large area. I'm doing well are you doing we're doing fine want to talk about train Iraqi stuff first before we get to the good part. We are here and what you're talking FH a home of the royals we fed to. Total last month his pillow trying issue as you know eight. Losses in a row and some like fourteen or fifteen but they're not even the worst team in the American League the Orioles far how is that possible power they that bad. Editorials about basically every gave everything go wrong for them they could have been wrong comment you know. It is not only one thing you point your having Chris Davis is having possibly the work either and that orchestrate. Or one of the worst in baseball history which is not up and you want they about a guy who has multiple years and you know. Like balcony million dollars rang out can't. They're given away free alcohol at Baltimore bars when he gets hits. Yet but never get no I don't think so. You know the good thing is I don't there is going to be making it out of cocaine crack that. Though he's going to be you know brought my column and you know but yet or reboot but I don't either actually going to. Content you include a lot of money but you know there's just a bad team and basically every way and they're gonna start trading got off like you can morial you could not you know right now ordered it weeks spent. At that point the probably going to get worse but Alan you know I would at the back end I believe it marks about the 2003 Detroit Tigers and everybody knows all the fighters. We're just horrendous that Beason and yet. The Orioles are are still OK to be worked and that tiger theme if you look at their current record then you know I don't think it will likely that they invest that orally but they have a chance than not not something you want occurred yes that about your team and manipulate. Your. RJ Anderson joining us CBS sports dot com talking Major League Baseball. Kill mean Herrera moves to the Washington Nationals. Who have had kind of a an unlucky streak obviously throughout the post season. Historically. Is this the peace that they needed even well I mean I've obviously Bryce Harper's gonna start swinging the bat a little bit and there's. Couple of other things going on but is this the big piece they needed at the back end and where are you bullish or know what the internationals at this point. But at the national purpose and a nationally in the World Series back and bring him. What was that pick because it don't believe they're about being all they had. Now they've had a lot of injuries a lot of underperformance and at some point you have to expect that everything will shake out and you'll be fine when that position. About thirty adding a valid Pereira certainly help our case I don't know if that really you know the big east so to speak but he give them get a number of veteran. Late inning reliever to go live you know Sean do little right not neither Brennan and Bernstein L network are those guys and I you know they all got experience great innings. They opt out got inducted Moehler. He's at 31 year old journeyman and I think you stuck Alec when he do the first 43 batters he picked but you know about it during a law at all one home run. Though on paper at least open to be a strength and a lot earlier. They have other bullpen this time last year the credit moment. You know you look at the roster and they can't get healthy and big gate I think anymore BM Bryce Harper hitting again. Then they have the argument he's about internationally. And not really all about we're not in right now given all they can do that even. Doctor mainly Major League Baseball RJ Anderson CBS sports dot com member when agent Carlos stand couldn't hit a ball. Yeah and a you know there are a lot of overreacting to everything he's done that beat them because you know that was always going to happen when you have the New York in you go out there basically. Deal a rating nationally and he'd be the guy who you know. We were talking about potentially getting fifty to XP home run that speed and our ballpark every one overreacted did you know of the first our game Mariette norm rather than you are well venues including Yankee Stadium and that first game at Yankee Stadium go. It doesn't provide me that we're kind of going through the highs and lows of the speed in them may be overreacting one way or the other but. Sure the guided forget about it I mean he's talented he's young. All the sudden be yourself at how well he's going to be fine is probably going to rest they're pretty good numbers crank the last bought that done and you know it kind of a shame that if he's going to be remembered more so the bat I think and the good but. That flight not your spotlight of the game yet opposed. RJ. About middle of June you start to get a sense for what you have are what you don't have I think we've we understand. These teams are in a general. Way of speaking. 78 plus games into the season are the Seattle Mariners real or a mirage. Go. I would say they're a little bit of both. You know you look at that roster remains a pop out U. And you look at their record one run games you look at some of the reform bill that got on our pitching staff over the last month and you're. Probably is they know what they're not going to Spain. However I think because of the bid the American only eight. The mayor of happened between the play that well in order to earn a spot a lot our game and with the angels not only having a lot absolutely deluding. I think it was like four guys it is beyond just this week and alone you have to start to believe it yet America are going to have enough it into the post season even that they don't eat that up though. It is a great team on paper ideas it is the record is they are probably not. At the same time are they. Likely to read the post even I would say yes. Because of the you don't want their hot streak and pursue the rest of the American League is kind of a map when you're not talking about the red box being eased. And the Astros I guess inability Indians and are you know obviously they've got open as you look around. Seattle goes 500 from here on out their 91 and seven you want heart is that might be to believe and to me that's amazing. Stand in the west RJ. A guy that. I was they've. Carroll was biding his time but basically show AO Connie had the spotlight. With the angels now he's been hurt at all Mike Trout has done. Has just caught fire at least hitting almost 700. In his last 33 37 plate appearances which is otherworldly. What do we appreciate what Mike Trout has done so far not only this season but in his career and what kind of career arc DC him. Going on he's going to be a war one of the best of all time is not. I think you're making it is about where Obama already modest it I want it but up there and you know I don't think we appreciate them enough because I think when you hear a statement like that but you bought it you that our all time there's normally. You know the reaction. They know it not you know I've been XY and be better on that saw a writer thank you not to email this week and pay Mickey Mantle of the great player but not you know pretend otherwise but. What Scott has done basically have thought that I mean he's been arguably. The best player in baseball or one of the top two or three players in baseball than dispersed or even in the majors and at no point over that time what he's been rendered as he dropped when I mean it really was hurt for an extended stretches number. Better better and everyone else that. And you know he would do at all if your guy he is proud are you walk is the power to build bases. He's improved is that there will be sent it doesn't have a strong arm but. You know what I just what topics he'll be in dude you really hear how well he rose the most are. Though he is a fantastic how I feel all paying her less something ridiculous happens off the field. I think you know he's suffered a career ending injury tomorrow. I think you build it and I think you would do about them not yeah he's just a phenomenal talent not all that we increase stamina up that I don't think we appreciate. Any transcendent talent not in their time period in I think we always need. The benefit of hindsight the benefit of you know looking back toward properly appreciate I'd like trial. Getting closer to the trade deadline and there's some pretty obvious buyers and sellers. Developing right now. I give us a few. Potential surprise buyers or potential for a surprise sellers in your estimation realizing that. We've got another month and change to get to this point routines to watch do you think outside of the obvious ones. Yeah I think the obvious one probably you know everyone outgoing and paying a mob of farther surprise maybe I don't know if you include the ability that great tonight category that obvious he looks bill. Are right there in the race but. I get on the despite solid spot I would stated maybe deal or athletic. If they decide you know that a lot try to cheat the Maris tale with a point because perhaps try to move the dollar Chris Davis. I don't have to moderate trust and peace they're cute Trevor hey you know what he's been healthy dispute and has been very effective in the rotation and you know days in justify keeping those guys. And trying to put were by her car record if themselves to winning you know dole. I got up on display at let out of mind and other lives I don't know that anyone necessarily dumping in my mind I don't think anyone announced late last rent them. They're going to fight the well then maybe the Padres we all kind of expect it though. I get but other boring answer but just based on and on the right isn't that struck out. Does not having despite being that are you know underperforming or over performing a public Seattle Atlanta. I got to again you really want duchy include the little Vietnam plans but yeah I guess but the boring answer about going out and land mine is bit touching it. He brought up the case Chris Davis the good when the guys spelled with a K Odyssey. Fit to clear it up which we dug about both Chris davis'. RJ Anderson from CBS sports dot com MLB writer joining us. In this day and age of for the Saber metrics and advanced numbers. Can new. You will for old guys like me and Bruce and that thinking that runs hits RBIs winds. On base percentage all that stuff is important which one of those stats is kind of gone by the wayside. As far as. Judging a player's worth and how good he is pitcher or position player. I guess I'll give you want pretty sure I'll win the law that the pitchers because I think brought the point now where everyone kind of understands that a team game and you know you an example right now to pick up to rob has been just phenomenal at last understood I'm now. I think the naturally do an eight Notre Dame because they can't run on even though it Velika won here are there upping upstart like that though. You know there's been one. Those are pretty much irrelevant not fair on the hitter but I would. They are BI because we get we understand that sort of within the context of the theme this year I believe auto you don't have anyone sitting on a beautiful like good armed or not and out of me RBIs if you're. You know the best place that are on the Yankees are what happy though both of us you're numbers you know I'm not just someone who. Go find value in batting average I know. You know on both you ignore batting average about a fair about it but I don't think there's value in knowing how it hitter. If develop it stands now I get the Augusta hasn't I don't think. You know that up and it was just throw away even though in the past you know batting ever flew over about your. Police over it today you know as being out there for hitters though I guess but my aunt and no wind often RBIs got overlooked come but. I would go back cover what. In the batting average a way yes. RJA. Team that I cover every day is the Colorado Rockies by the way John Gray it was a up. In the bullpen with Wade Davis on in the ninth. Last night trying to hold on. In winning game which they eventually did against the nets I found that to the interest in Brian John Webb gave us right now. Not fifteen million dollar bull and can't get anybody out and I mean nobody out the beat that is that may I watch a guy every single day. But I just don't think gets his his just deserve so let's give some to him right now. Nolan or not though is an absolutely drop dead gold glove third baseman. He can hit for average he can hit for power he can do it anywhere I don't wanna hear about the horse field the fact. Because it tends to be the immediate default of detractors. Is that really fair. Or do we just just not appreciate this guy for what he's been able Lou to mean to the game of baseball and I think he Manny Machado would be the two best. How hot corner guys in the game aren't paying. Yeah I agree I think there are not so it probably about now that homicide are now about the sort of stopped and you know the courts are there. People like you go off hot home I don't know if it went on an affair because I'm not sure how well we actually helpful. Well we're building these are the top of that band. I don't know that were ever really going to help or 100% though. When you look at even this market does the numbers mean the phenomenal and he got you into the story you really believe in nothing but it seemed like the only time we actually talked about for a impact in how old navy we don't. Really a dot for a long enough that when we wanted to trapped from McGwire and there are based. You know they know our numbers are despite not really playing that he's as good as his conduct a number of look is basically just used debate not one of the top. You know five to ten players in baseball so I think we have you know the bitter and I think he's. Yeah I definitely think you want about players and baseball I'd be mentioned you know it up inning third baseman because of offensively. He's built on the prime of his career going. Possibly get a little bit better and yeah I don't know I've taken how we're starting at it right now I'd say BBs and about the mileage about public debate because he did an outstanding player and you know. We are coming up at the prospect he wasn't really notably good. The event the event the third baseman go to estimate it worked out there and there's a couple of them that he's been able to develop into a guy who again we're both kind of bickering has. How about that and the third baseman in baseball though. Yeah he's got all the bought the Armenian. But unfortunate that horse bill might overshadow what now getting rid of them and it's unfortunate that overshadowed out getting prayers forgot what I don't know Larry Walker's well. True yeah it's not like there aren't great hitters parks you know popping up relatively recently throughout the major leagues I mean. Whatever they call one and Arizona to hitter park Arab you know Camden yards is they're at. I'm more hit early motto is one MVPs guest of because of Cincinnati in America's so called park are there any gimme Starr are there any pitcher's parks left ardent. Alia I mean I'm not going to work. LA an effort to go pack go into the career if they're pictures are when you have. You know Oakland what all that Al brown out there's there's our. You know we're going out there ever players could benefit from there are due we don't really punished like we view that there are not so in the core guys and you know we've seen that leaves court OB a couple letters I mean now holiday. I certainly don't think Troy Tulowitzki. Calm down all because of the ballpark I think it was the blue body in there we keep lifting got off here but yeah out option according to particular guy he'd be left organs. I think he's got a about eating and living organ like the three or four years sense though. Yeah it but the tricky banning and why I understand. You know the argument. About the actor it's part of the matter at all I think sometimes we pick it before. RJ great stuff is always CBS sports dot com where you can find him thanks so much and started out. That RJ Anderson CBS sports dot com Major League Baseball writer again a reminder for camp based blisters. This is exclusively for you. My pillow dot com to pack special click on that. And then there's the promo code here they can get to premium might illustrate one very very low price plus. Free shipping for all you folks who go online for everything that you need you know free shipping is key. 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