Opening Round Of NCAA

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Friday, March 16th

College Hoops on top as Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis give us a game recap of KU taking down PENN 76-60 in the 1st round of the tournament, Devonte' Graham with 19 points in the first half, PENN didn't cover like they were supposed to, is today going to be the upsetting day for KU?  


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Oil and got to Obama. Home current partner for this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shaved down. What's real here yeah 81240. AM 975 FM. And good morning everybody good to have you with us on the weekend edition of the sports' Jay lane. The attack of the man bun. Loyal with the haggard late in case you taking care of business all wrapped around may be one of the most disappointing. Hard to understand performances. In the opening round of the NCAA tournament. That may be we've ever seen all part of what's on tap today is we get going here's my body Sheen Dennis. Yeah you got a two hour and two minutes showed today apparently because this time 9 o'clock and we're going on what's on tap for us sponsored by side pockets. Let's note the Friday lunch special is out there and a little bit. Course KU reaction mom I did not go to the game but I was down there a course for the show and then went back. To just deal part of it be around it and who lost them all long have you thought throughout that. Dovonte Graham had 191 half points they eventually pulled away K you didn't beat Penn 76 to six fueled talk that. Oh you early exit. And trade young actually did not go all tray young but still wasn't enough. Wichita State will play. A little bit after we are off the air over learned over on key why and we'll talk about that. We've got to exclusive interview from our very own Bob lutes who has to end the drive has given way to college basketball. And prime time here on care page but he had an opportunity to interview mark emirate. From the NCAA rule so we'll hear that about 940 that a short little interview with Bob and mark emirates sold here. About that little later on. I've. But of hour from now we'll recap what's on tap and unfortunately some sad news from the world of sports a couple of deaths to talk about how one college baseball's greatest. And when the NFL's greatest. Both passed away with them at some point four hours or so. Tiger is all the sudden the favorite to win the masters. Unreal should that be a surprise we'll talk about him he is he shot four under 68 the Arnold Palmer. And I he'll go off that shortly afternoon. Central time so. We'll get to put tiger in what everybody else don't sneak in a 71 footer and about that. Now my goodness he is and there's a couple of shots at his. And I know everybody's got a couple of shots in them but he had a good 34 yard shot over the bunker and about. Now god from the length the one in my arms the other arm from the you know the rough. To the pin. And easy bucket you know it was just a short little pitch but he stuck it in the boldest. I am just stayed right they're four feet and I mean the hardest of Finnish shot yet absolute most difficult of panache shots right yeah and it was from the fairway C couldn't. Couldn't just totally flopped like he can now erupt you know I it was just that. A clean the pitch and just stuck great coming just. Perfect you know he could easily can there was a bunker to get to negotiate an end you know clump of rough. Anyway if bill think tiger's back he's watched the highlights of both his opening round 68 nice not first place because Hendrick sense from Charlotte 64. So he's 88 under and tiger Phil worked doable we'll talk about him in the second hour. That's what's on tap sponsored by side pockets for the Friday on special. Here's your choice of quarter pound hamburger or cheeseburger with Fries for 595 or a specialty burger with Fries for 650s today its side pockets. At corner of Kellogg and Tyler and I got a tea. That and I've been telling everybody. For weeks now. About our five hour energy brackets where you can change checks. Well. For those of views that are in a bracket where you can't change him. And had heirs are going to the final four all my guy our cute little melancholy today because that that was a pathetic performance by the wildcats. Shane my money bracket fourteen in two which sounds pretty good wrong we're wrong and too wrong too lost. Wrong well the wrong one loss to. I had I had Arizona in my national final. And shame on me what a dumb ass and here's why latest sex act now it's a pac twelve team pac twelve team. I hate to be talked about this yesterday. It's giving them way too much credit. To win. Coming from a league that can't win anything right now the book the pac twelve is on lo that and everything is cyclical and college sports. He had their bad in football one and eight in bowl games you had their bad in basketball Olin three yen. NCAA tournament games done done done three teams one game out. And Arizona's performance. Shane I don't know. I'm trying to think. Well it's the second biggest. Blowing out of the team seeded that high a team that was favored by what double digits or whatever and not since Arizona was beaten back in 88 ironically in palm something about Arizona but. But I thought it was the most. Hit a full. On interested. Performances that I've ever seen. And I'm and that's all I'm going to say because from here on out I'm gonna give credit to buffalo because they were some nasty. On race and they got after ripped the former today got on the floor if you didn't like watching buffalo last night. You don't like college basketball because they represented to me everything that's great about college basketball loved watching the bulls last night. Africa command to what's on tap our state farm picks which you should be more of course quite proud of by the way. He while I'm proud you know Thursday fix and unify if if I had just. And we talked about in years all them straight to Arizona we all Dreyer and yet we altered that. And then and the point flip on the Rhode Island Oklahoma and night and and you know what I had done my dad yesterday and that's another gutless suffered you don't catch what you what she'll lay a car. Once you lay a card you play and I around him and that's and that's how it should be an end but I but I had this sneaky suspicion that an and it ended up an overtime game a critic on. Either way. But. You know more power to Rhode Island demanding and Hurley gets the win and and the family early at least has one of two continuing on in and I should be over when they play duke but Wales right now and all right. Down to the old the wire like the counter down. In the can Zagat Greensboro game it was sixty to sixty and I had to make a decision whether I want to stay with Inzaghi or change overall aura. And I would you do I change Greensboro I went. But I don't know what unit judo and and but I had them. It's I think at Loyola and and kept it that way or something you know because that was right down the wire two and in what a great game yeah this is a little Italy into her I really good first day 86912 according to Scott has some thoughts on Arizona Scott floors George buddy how are you. Scott you read me. Carrying on our animals were god and I hand hiding little practically. Now Scott call back I don't know what happened there but yeah 8968. That was the second time the last three seasons. That Arizona lost the round of 64. The other time. Wichita State 2016 the posh Jon Miller sweat and through the split. This again. Yeah well we may not seem sweating through seeming too many more suits troll I wonder. I'll wonder I'm wondering if like in our area. It well but that's a great question now what is exactly right what happens at Arizona and even. I'm not sure you have to call last night in that game up in Boise. But even they were wondering as he was walking up the floor of we've seen Sean Miller for the last time. At there zona. I think we got certainly done with. But he got Scott Reynolds and yeah they already been declared right after the game and they're gone yeah right I forgot got back a strike against gutless. I guess not I guess we're not gonna take any calls so that it's gotten we love you man thanks for listening you have thoughts on Arizona I'm sure they're quality. Wolf figures it will forgot how to run a radio show here before long so keep listen it's got the hang in their body thank you answering yes absolutely. Blown out your our blogs that. And absolutely but no fun first day. You know there was a fair amount of shock yesterday which they're illegal they're deep you gotta be careful about where you pick your upsets I mean what were the upsets yesterday. I mean acted there was like what 45%. Confidence on Loyola in their game against Miami out there and he. Most likely eleven or worse seed to win and they did I think they actual spread was Miami by two you know so now just tell you how. The narrow. That the two teams actually worried you you ignore the seeds and you kind of look at the you look at what Vegas intelligence and that that lets you know what how good of the team. You're weird deal. Because 116 you know you just look at me up paying attention loyal little scary off to be like that's right the just take Miami but. Yeah you view do you find out what. Well Vegas thanks and you go from there. Yeah absolutely of Ohio State can Zagat shock and and the coach from Ohio State after words wine you know something. Don't whine about what you perceive is some kind of slight. From he is gets on the podium I won a thing called a fine insightful members of the media word journalists that picked against us it really. That's what your going with right off the bat there it is your goal and with that kind of it don't do that it's such a bad luck from it it just you know you look like such an incredibly. Defensive Weiner just just don't be that way. On their people are gonna pick twelve over fives doesn't matter whether you've got Ohio State across your chest or not you're five. It's kind of how it works Houston Michigan shock in that one in now which it's not Rhode Island due to. Seton Hall connect Kansas which by the way sets up I think. A really interesting Saturday 610 or 615 tip bop we'll get to that. In just a moment Florida takes care of saint Bonaventure and Texas Tech survived Stephen F Austin you know that was the one machine. That was the one. I I but Stephen F Austin. But what Stephen F Austin was the better team for what about 32. Minutes of that game. And I mean I thought they were clearly. The better team and there were times watching that game I was thinking about Texas Tech thinking. Well my guide is this is is this the start of the big twelve collapse Oklahoma. I have lots Kansas that kind of muddled through their game with Penn but let me just point out. For those of you that liked hand and I don't want people calling and saying I told you so Penn didn't cover. Kansas was up there with merit Kansas was up twenty Lleyton that game I you know could please. They don't bring me that OK because here's my calendar Kansas didn't even play that well and still won their first round game by seventeen. So okay. Alabama I guess over Virginia Tech I mean I I like that one but that's an 89 game it's errors there aren't enough Europe so I mean there's there's nothing really there. Which leads me to the question. Is today going to be the upsetting day if you have a day in the first four days where upsets. Not rain maybe today's the day that. That the chalked it used up in there and didn't and upsets I mean you know look. It was a pretty good day for the for the players are for people playing the brackets yesterday wasn't a great day for Vegas. Vegas general mean. Will reel it back in at some point we'll see what ends up happening had belonged to who long tournament so. Can't tell you it is a long tournament you get it. They'll they'll end up winning at the end of the day let's just not right hang out of that let me say this because I was down there and because those amongst them and there are people everywhere and lost some. Help me with the logic of the schedule. And the order of the games were played. Hey you played first. At 1 o'clock. And that gave the opera and and tell me if he think the NCAA doesn't give a crap because I'll just stop marred human if if you're jumping in and that's your reply sure. Why wouldn't you placate you at sixth morning. In order to keep all those fans not only may be in the building to watch the eight. Fifty game which should have been Houston San Diego State. And bright and play Seton Hall in key state to keep teams further step away from us. First. And then Michigan. Montana. And then KUN prime time all those we can't have good zillions of people that were wearing crimson and blue yesterday afternoon. Had the opportunity and we're afforded the opportunity to drive back to Lawrence and go to GAAP and go to work today and go to school today. Why on earth and like I said maybe AT&T data that Democrat about this. But you know what up financial boon even more so that would be to Wichita. Being only two hours away keep them here make them stay here make them stay at hotels make Demi at the restaurant. Almost Katie and I know a bunch of probably didn't but yet if you're K you then you could almost have commuted. To that NCAA game. What I'll wait until a lot pinch run around and drive back home why would why would why I'm happy I'm with you are watching the crowds last night it usually with the Houston San Diego State game which is a funny game you are way it was really a fun really fun game good game to watch. And and then the late game obviously with Montana and Michigan. Which was intriguing at the start and didn't end up being kind of I think went up and ended up and pretty dull yet but I ended up being but I think about the way that most people probably thought it would be but no you're right. From there is it that night session should have been packed and all you had to do was put Kansas in the non. Put Kansas in your prime time game I don't know why. I'm not sure why it changes from venue to venue and like Alabama for instance. Com. Played. Fairly played in the evening session and there like I think they're first out of the gates. Tomorrow. Against Villanova. I don't role if it's just a question of I think the NCAA is more concerned about. It in the four names that are going on making sure that they have. One game in each of their. Fourteen windows that are going on each day on the first two days of the tournament. What they know they're gonna get good follow and they're gonna get good television Kansas is gonna provide it to I you know I I'm all week I don't. Know that for a fact. Aren't answers I've heard at the British answers yet yet I got that crown last night and a couple of friends were like yeah well. If not that they don't care about this stuff but if they had a brain in their heads state budget that pod. And see who's coming from lawyer let's maximize that the crowds you know OK he's gonna fill the place they knew that they knew he. So they took advantage of putting them. At a at a matinee basically on a Thursday. Knowing that they would fill the arena for that 1 o'clock game Newton but. In them in the big picture in the long term. Make those fans stayed in net yeah I NCAA city and how many how many thousands of extra people would've stayed down there. Not only life Millen around him maybe watching the late game in but but but for sure chicken and hotels and and you know it's the stand because look. Let's be honest they're playing at tailgate contents were people get loomed up and have a good time sir and their like you know us where I've gone back to launch we're standing here. Let's just stay here and make a weakened it. But why not because it was in the afternoon. Now they were afforded the opportunity leave town and I guarantee a thousand of them did and again maybe maybe this isn't negotiate thing maybe don't care about that stuff. Well obviously it's look it's it it's not a high priority because that's not a very difficult thing to think about. I mean you know when you're sitting there and you are and one of the last things they do is accept the game times. The field results it matchups are set one of the last things the these people do. Is set the times for the games in that stunning concert with television. Which leads me to my theory about. Television decides where they want particular matchups to maximize. Potential lies. On the product and I mean that's the only thing that I can come up with the guys. You're right from a standpoint of what's good for the community. Yeah you would have wanted KU fans. Who easily outdistanced everyone else collectively and their seven other teams. In this tournament you want them to be around 09 and it's too bad it's just about corners of their game because the game last night. Was worthy of a full arena and I mean that's and that's San Diego State Houston game that was a damn good game Houston looked like they were gonna kind of you know get you will we're we're gonna slap them in and get out there and and and get after it seemed Diego state hung in there. And and then you got rob gray making plays at the end of the game I don't care what you say about rob gray rob great player man footballer. Dude is a smaller and he. He didn't give a damn what you think of him he's like give me the ball and I'm gonna go make a play and that's exactly what he did. When San Diego State knew that he was going to be making a play and they still couldn't stop him. Getting to the basket I mean dude is and then my hat too long. And then San Diego State throws it 75 foot passing guy to really clean look with from three with a second left and I had turnaround fire quick. So they didn't probably get you know. It focused in on it. Quite as much as you would hope that men have some great looks try to win the game was after gray has a reverse with one point one left ago. I wanna remind you that it's never too late to sign up for the five hour energy brackets. Five Eric five hour energy brackets dot com where he can change your picks live during each tournament game. Again I did at some time that worked sometimes it didn't but. Even though I had Arizona going all the way to the finals and they're not there anymore. Change Bert I I get to change so I'll just used as a Mulligan also. The Greensboro and Inzaghi game went down the wire the Loyola game went down the wire which will talk about. He had the opportunity all the way up completely under four timeout changed all those games if you wanted to. Or if you stay pat of course a pre tournament pixel once again get two points. Took the stand pat and end up looking good and threw it fourteen to like ruse to get much out pile up a bunch of points. But again it's interactive and so if the the action is intense your pick is losing got to make the call stick horse which five hour energy brackets dot com. By the way if you're low on energy and still have more college hoops to watch five are and he is a slam not get back to 100% back in the game. First I'll talk a loyal little hope you. Three young as he played his last college game we'll discuss that.