Oklahoma Sooners/Ohio State & The Ohio State Fight Song

The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

A review of the Oklahoma/Ohio State game and why Ohio State's fight song is played at evey juncture of a home game.


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This is good for. Welcome back time for jive talk on the drive with Bob and Jeff second hour but Tuesday edition. We have Terry who's held through the break military. Blow up. Are you. Under greater use. Gray. Our debt is got a question about I've been a blues and it is bird years. Our corner what. Optimist would be to get some very large Obama masa. Become torched. Your thoughts below I don't know of him purse say I've heard the name. We can get Jack Oliver on the out of fifty if he ever comes to play in Wichita I mean has Joseph played in Wichita before Terry. Not that I know are maravent post but I know of these Bennett as they have been Kansas City but a lot of smaller venues. But he's been on stage lit. I'd been on space group of a lot of blues people her years at thirteen years old he was on stage where it's. Major blues guitarists. Not older you'll pass out along them and if he ever gets closer to Wichita we'll do our best to get him how's that Terry. Darker side to we appreciate it Joseph bottom Moscow. A sounds great name. Sounds good how are you guessed she spell bottom muscle. He had no idea. Also normally give via my spelling out there and look see that JO Li. Berry got you got it spot BOT. Key. Day. Now its bottom mosques but I'm also be out VO NAM. AA SA MA SSA. I was close. Just up next Jeff welcome to the spelling B. Hit a trauma chest or your product must have played dip the theater century two up. About a year and Africa Zelaya. Is absolutely outstanding how many people want to see that snow. At that place without the fear respect. That's awesome gotta love that and please don't last long 'cause they also be. UTT. Or if you if you like Clapton and and those kind of guys you allowed Joseph Barton masa look enemy's not standing. I usually know these people that I know on Hamas. Opened for BB king when he was twelve years old. Oh my goodness Jack are you lists linked. We gotta get this down next week Kenny winds forty and been doing it forever I wish we'd gotten Kenny Wayne shepherd now maybe thinks that he's supposed to call at 541 feet doesn't don't have jacked. And Malcolm Cameron is supposed to talk about it you'll tell Malcolm banks won't get to tomorrow okay. Okay does though like disappointing people. I don't wanna make Malcolm Cameron would Malcolm Cameron go home tonight is that. You know I think it had a good day except at 540 they told that could be I don't well I start thinking I'd be happy and be elated he would. I don't wanna make people feel like they're less then someone else yes we would obviously take Kenny Wayne shepherd terror on a little say. OK to Malcolm Cameron. Love him. You ain't no Kenny Lyon. That he might take but you might be hurt by that you're okay. Let's not I love have a knock him Cameron on the show. But there is there's. There's a priority and I did pecking order I get it up if K anyway Shepard was under the assumption that he disposed to call. At 540. And I don't have time zones the end we have Malcolm Cameron schedule. We have to say politely to Malcolm. We can get you tomorrow Marcum. What if they said the that they we we were supposed to have beyond bad we scheduled Jobe Hamas at the same time and he called and was our fault. Obama also removed view. Well of course go to Joseph bomb off you'd be okay with that. The F Hewitt hold that against whoever told you that you did they say Gailey due to Marty saint heck now thought you don't know me again. I would I know that you hold things against people. I saw you out at a bowling it. A bow and turn a one time the PBA. What's his name they guy with three names his. Never again in my talking about Pete Weber. What they're talking to re enact that OK okay. You Mimi. I beat Pete Weber. He and Pete Weber is a very good Ole miss steps off the lane he damped you know but be accurate. It wasn't just stepping up alliance are believing hat it was some time there have been some time elapsed. I've done this long enough to know you don't go to somebody right after. Now. Go hey Pete bobbled from legally a lot Thea. Exactly but it's not like I needed him I give it. Move it well but I did a total lies that C elated army that Andy was dumbfounded and have made me feel bad. For him or me it makes me feel bad when people forget when people are upset I feel bad. I know I've done it then I'd like I am not going. Baghdad interview Pete Weber for godly thing bowling hall of Famer they've made a third where they're rolling all things they've made a thirty for thirty short about him about Pete Weber yeah. What was it like comment is that he was he Webber that's really what you see only on it. There's a lot of that. Bryce you're on the drive 8691240. Is our number one you have brides. I thought they just hours talk a little Oklahoma keel as you and I didn't watch the actual game. Oh. Oklahoma spied on kind of makes me. How could they stop plan that. Quite as much. Yeah and it. Later they even if they get stopped on like or downplay it though they'll still play it counted. This is a great topic brides. Because it might be the most irritating thing in sports. This is that it really is. I was wondering what would their key to victory was a coaching quarterback play I know they have a really strong up and. Blows and then they finally figured things out in the second half. Baker mayfield got a goal on passed for Tommy yards and what was the 33 game to Oklahoma just turned it on. Okay and do you think any other team in the big twelve I mean I know only one game but you'd think another king could overtake. I'd watch Oklahoma State I'd watch TCU and I'd watch Kansas State. Not necessarily in that order. About not Jeff thorough and thumping their hope on. That he would get. Some plaudits for me is kind of being a guy that knows something I know if I know you have all our show we know we have to be prepared because. You want answers to your sports questions who do you feel like rise gives you the best answers. Are you're not gonna like this spot but I'm usually it just. Usually with jet almost I think they'd probably in. He could do different. He ever wants to college football game. So that able vomit Lawrence Dumont stadium it was behind me I watched a little bit of it it was tough to watch much because I got to pay attention but I did watch a little. I you're done now rise what do you want Arnold do what people over on these people. Thank you for the call here if you're a good guy brightest misguided. I'm sure he'll get lonely Armenians in here soon enough. I mean a guy like Bryce what goes deep possibly see. Or hear. That could lead him to say. Army 80% would probably rationality would be a calm approach to no I don't want to be home. I am emotions allowed us first and yeah why you don't need to be loud if you if you're allowed usually have nothing to say does that make sense. But does that Gary are you saying that I have nothing to say I'm saying it feared that loud can you be right here's what I have. I have an opinion on everything. I will debate you about any thing. I miss it though I loved. I loved the banter. You got the meat you're on the same page. I mean to me have I don't have an opinion about everything. I do but a lot of things I have one day. What do you want my opinion about. Here's your minions are are cowards are required cardinal has sparked the debate did do he said lists eight tour. I mean it when you're your apple or our governor Bob Marley and our board and in your boy today you know. You know and you don't have to give it away but it your heart of hearts. You know you don't Dave how much fun is that to say what you just said. But and get that kind of of ridiculous reaction from Michael though it's fine you don't have a little oil gonna. It's unbelievable. I wonder at what tiger talk about the most are idiotic very world works against torched. Took me any if you're if it's it's in football and my favorite sport but where in its first turn and hand and a guy that runs or turn your search. And jumps up what you are scored a touchdown for the burger jumps are prepared to complete count opened army and routine flight and spares or can't send an art. I really it's all about bringing individual attention. Arm yourself and that's why in many cases it's hard to teach young people today. Because they see that. And they they become. They become mesmerized by the individuality. Of sports and often forget that it's about team. It's earlier our record not agree more we're there it is 9899. Point. Six air raid while was probably don't recognize important aren't right now that was just over the top where it is by that point 01 come from. Are pretty silly. I'll take it thanks. Are now out of the gift the good response by okay. The edges this year I see how your eyes light up when you see Dave com I enjoy days. Day gives them a list because I can admit I enjoyed Dave day a little bit that I enjoy Bryce Dave will soon admit that he agrees with me probably I admit that I enjoy brides because here's what Brian is gonna do it every time. There's no frivolity look at up. With brides. Amuses I'm gonna hard I had known but all of your words of men thus far except to impress students please he's had to get out. I don't need that I don't need to look up a lot about nick humanize I don't know what that means but trust me. Here's what we known Bryce calls. We're gonna have to know what we're June. We're mapped out our ducks and RO sometimes he's gonna ask us about some of them I'm not gonna have any idea. For personally I was able to watch enough of that Oklahoma game that I can at least give him the sufficient answer. It's a guy if the people call them with pointed direct. Sports questions. Okay have a that are gonna challenge. The thick of I don't watch every single thing like others. That started attacking me for now watching every single thing. And then he get that I'm about a lot more than you do none goat I feel I do really well of course I do what college football. Well I'll watch the way more baseball and probably more NFL I'd make up for it. You don't want to mourn NFL. Here's. Another day of with the music question David is this question directed and either 01 of those individual player you want us to tackle this is a team. Not. Bobby you're choking up and you you have to answer all of my man Dave Phillips. All right so you can only pick one coal fired 49. O line wideout Kenny Wayne shepherd o'clock Nowak Nikki may not. So I just you know Illinois Micky you know I'm gone nick demonized. Tech does that disappoint you. No no I I wanted to hear your opinion record oh that's good stuff name in fact over not to participate. Iowa I was the whole segment would turn and that give us three callers pick additional collars. And who would we tech. But but Dave Phillips. Well I like what are we taking nick demonize this deceit I would take nick humanize and not three. About three and I would even feel bad for kitty and Joseph Obama Sama. Because they'd they'd understand. We they've seen barbershop for whatever was panicking is above bigger star than those other two people. And I've why I want a doctor about American Idol and her year on that show she may have been on for two years. But her her feud with. Mariah Carey. Sure I enjoyed that demonized by like Nicky that I still she's over the top she's emotional. And that's fine. You know that. So what who are your three listeners. Give us a choice. And I can be sports related Khamese boards communique pilots say that we had. But they can get me they can't be like he can't say Robert De Niro Alpa chino and Tommy Kidd don't make him so closely related. Give us is some doubt somebody from entertainment one from sports and one from one ever give us the range. Of a physicist or somebody exactly the Nobel Peace Prize my let me ask you. I. Unless they get Cedric the Entertainer okay. Jason can madness hi records. Or Joseph Walsh. Well Joseph Walsh. Really yeah oversight. Correct I know they enter the and particularly take off very Gary just I got this is the game more plot having this party and I think it. So I think it's a no brainer for you Joseph Walsh. Don't make me she isn't it's the name of that but why does another that's the beauty of this game I've never noticed they know do an ego. But you're making me say it totally Joseph Walsh. Yes. All right Jason kept yeah I just thought about it dates and give this is gonna leave the Indians. How are nests with I hear it on it's it's not a good some are mass aren't there microphone did I give this has got to leave the Indians one day. Joseph Walsh is an ego about Cedric the Entertainer note will reschedule. We know we don't get the opportunist who want one little Joseph Austin is the answer I can Joseph lawless out by the look that good in this fine what about mind now well you can't break a thump and as always here people are deceased it seems like. We got to take all gone we got to take. Reese Witherspoon. Critics web I don't know I really I don't call this flying again. People like day of hit the nail on the had given fourteen seconds. I came up with a brain Bender for use by now but I want your people and then start me up with a reason whether it's fun. Yeah I can say Don Rickles but he's dead I guess they Don Knotts but he's dead. I guess they Jerry Lewis buddies that you listen nobody is said not to make amendments from the same realm I don't some type of thing here on the drive I draft. Missiles whore I want to play this game but Jeff can't. Jack got Sri Loria. Let's go Jordan Michael Jordan Larry Bird or a project we were lucky. Michael Jordan Florida hands down for me. Although LeBron obviously would be. I mean that's a tough one that's a good one Jason although there are all basketball players. You made me think a little bit but that's Larry Bird is. One of my top five athletes of all time it would be Larry Bird. Thank you I was got by Jason. He was a better way to play the game he didn't start out with the real want. Sandra Bullock. They may come done. Okay it's whether Sloane yeah. We didn't even followed up our other people may get out on the show Kathy Ireland. Walt Frazier or Keith Hernandez went scholarly take. Which call the forty years ago Kathy exactly the seat she must be still okay. Now what I have to ask your I don't know. So it didn't go off the humans I think Clyde we're take a Walt Frazier. You're next up on the. I am just wondering but you guys which college coach you would like our leader Nick Saban Urban Meyer or Tom Herman. Good one. Nick Saban. Yeah I'd wanna make fun of his height. I'd I think you'd be fascinating to get knicks say why you thought Tom Herman and the Amex. I think he's an interest in coach live. Just a lot of really good players with an Indian altered his coaches now have good players they enter the NFL. I didn't cut Kyle often ego cut a sorry about that Kyle I wasn't me this time deeds day. You're on the drive with Bob and Jeff. Our country for what about Bob Carlson host. Bill Belichick. Or Kevin Costner. Although not that DJ that's good I would go right to Kevin Costner I would I might build Kostis. Very Bill Belichick wouldn't give us any thing now and I've not that interest in bill ballots act to be on a very or just thanks Vijay did one. Pelosi would Jim has Jimmie on the drive. Yeah hey at least and the they had to be a liar. Well we will go I've interviewed dead people will for a little. They did exactly that way above approached. Under Yule log if you want that that. The cut but let alone vote Jack and curt Hebert. The tough one. I think at 1 o'clock to Sylvester I would Wally talked to sly Stallone. What career someone treated Don Henley Michael Jordan nor Jesus and I said why did you put in lay on their twice. Now my guy. That it just feds go in the pastor Mike gets it in the past I might get sent via this ditty Sega no but I I know that yet in my. We have thoughts on that. Collier on the drive. I got a I don't. You know it already at the gate Jack Nichols and Bob Gibson. Or have. Occurred. Man Kyle you know who you know but at my good debate Bob Gibson for me it would be Bob Gibson simply because he's my favorite athlete ever. Jack Nicholson is my favorite actor ever but I care more about athletes and I do actors. Although it's close Virgil here's the good one on Twitter after virginal virtual do you have and no ravens please. Abbott jeered crawler. Good or your life. That the I interview my wife every night so he's good I'd have to go Eastwood. Thanks Virgil let's see what Ryan has okay the Iraq thanks today Phil forgiveness small world and Riley have. They're gonna say about Michael Moore. Taylor Swift or Joseph Maddon. No Joba pays elsewhere as did Josh run how hard is that I didn't are a lot bigger spot in my life. In honor just give him credit. Did we want to pay Joseph Maddon I don't Taylor slipped there. Years ago and we have to agree on this this person says AJ on Twitter. Brett Favre Justin burro land there or Connor Macgregor and we have to agree so I guess it would be Connor McGregor. I'd love to interview just in her life ever I don't agree and you wouldn't agree with far or maybe you could. I own mind for our enjoy the confrontation. I just wanted you not to do whatever John you get the final word on this topic what's up. Donald Trump Hillary Clinton or enjoy and we don't talk politics here jolly if an interview I would say I would interview Donald Trump out of it we got Donald Trump on this show we'd certainly interview him. Right. And that's what we are of course he's the president he's the president of the United States of America. Kim John bloom. Would not be a guy who really want to talk Seattle probably doing is laying Tony quickly. Last theory go a couple of Twitter the eagle musician of your choice Barack Obama or Bob Gibson. I've always wanted to interview Don Henley. Will be miraculously to drive carry Rangers from the Wichita eagle up next.