The NL Central is heating up, Cubs only up 2 games

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Wednesday, September 13th

The Brewers and Cardinals are both 2 games behind the Cubs in the NL Central at the back end of the season, fighting for the top spot. While the NL Central is heating up, the Cleveland Indians are making history with their 20 game win streak, now tied for 3rd all time.


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They hear that. Yeah. It's news it's yeah. In the end stage. This certainly is good man with a sudden this. Sports daily hurdle and Dennis with the for the next couple of hours you can be here at 8691240. That is the I candidate that locker room hotline of course you can also read just. That Twitter. And then look at John fund are wonderful and everything's going along with it today. Cock coming up our number two hole Brian needy university of Kansas Jayhawks voice. As we try to make sense of the jayhawks now three weeks into the football season. Maybe he can do and I can't but that's need we'll wait and see how that. Turns up plenty of baseball to get is going to day she Gaynor and don't look now but are the Chicago Cubs hearing footsteps because things have gotten very interesting. In the National League central very quietly but very interesting nonetheless. Well that's pretty much. NORAD build the wild card. You know it seems like all the division races are all the put to bed what was the India unzip the cubs Indians done doing their thing besides the cops yeah that's what designers cut you're out now Saint Louis has gotten that figured out they won four in a row. Felt. There an air within three and a half. Of the wild card talk about in the cardinals. But in the overall standings. The cubs are making an interest in Jake area others hurt he is not likely to pitch this weekend against Saint Louis. They hold just ate two game lead in the division over. Saint Louis so we got to race and actually the brewers are still hanging around all of the week yet this year I'm sure instantly updated feted by now they're kind of like the twins for me. That looks like they're gonna hang in this thing until the very end work. At about the all star break up one thought okay that's that's that but. The cardinals are mega generates. And bear. We it's the 144. Down in eighteen to go to back. Yeah they got there I think they have the cubs this weekend so they got everything right in front of them. Yeah it's it you're right it's really the only you know divisional race now with any kind of intrigue. Look it looks like the Red Sox are gonna close out the Yankees in the American League east. But boy I tell you what that says that's pretty interesting stuff each and every right now. And of course Cleveland's run continues to. Continues to dominate does the rise in line. On baseball even with these wild card is his twenty in the world. That's magnetic it was really good pitching and not too many runs but I. According cleaver. All but it has taken care of the Cy Young award went about what a month ago I think we all but the presario. It's probably gonna win it but it. I think Corey Cooper is really get what the second side of the border. And the Indians just continues to win baseball games out. And they're the subject of our Twitter poll as well send you HR oh for the second time in about a week. They were one of the options last week but now they're the subject a bit. Our senior HR Twitter question boat and re tweet you go to that chain Dennis 34. At sports daily care paycheck give page radio they've all retreated. Already civilian and vote re tweet for all your friends how many are the Indians getting. A no lose today so be warning they play the tigers today 11 o'clock by the way. Dean the royals will get them believed to have 21 through 24. Royals tour there starting tomorrow for a four game series. Or 26 plus why not and so far 50% 57% of the vote it's very very early. Think that they'll win today but the royals were. Get them somewhere between. 2124. The historic of this streak is mind boggling at Merck virtually every turn. I'm Bruce mentioned that clued her through a shut out last night to get them to twenty they are now tied with the money ball days of 2002. With twenty consecutive consecutive victories but. Putting those two teams side by side the seventeen Indians. Our little bit more dominant that actually that 2002 days in their twenty game streak scored more runs per game in the Indian six point seven. However the run differential like Bruce and I talked about yesterday. Is staggeringly. In favor of the Indians in outscored opponents by a 102 runs over the when he game stretch. And here's the difference here here's here's the kicker. The Indians ERA. In this teeth in this twenty game streak is one point 60. My god and they shut out team seven times. There are tip bits among the twenty game streak that just make you dizzy I mean seven shut out in that span. Okay and that's crazy and up the way it is that's more than fourteen teams have all season long. And that that's clue brewers' fifth over his last two seasons. And give the Indians are you know this make in this book so incredibly easy. And in the midst of this twenty game streak Bruce every other American League team has lost at least eight games. Isn't that something I mean. At night after night it if not just the Indians will get to this when we talk about some other teams it's like history being made every night. Now the Indians were at the forefront. But can we just docked about it all the divisions are all but wrapped up except for the cubs and cardinals. But the result of a game or games every night. Make your eyes pop out your head so it keeps us want to. Yet it it really does there's a lot of things going on like we started to talk about a little bit yesterday there's a lot of things going on that really. At least lock me in every single night right and I am. It's and and it starts with the Indians. I'm much more interested in the National League central race now because I put the brewers in there as well only two and a half games back in. And while I haven't I paid a little more attention to the brewers earlier in the season when they got off to a nice start. I got to admit that they're staying power has been intriguing to me I mean I think that all of us not. Least idea anyway. Did this is a team that once the cubs real than men is gonna fade. Pretty dramatically what what they haven't done I mean did they haven't they haven't faded. They've that they've stayed in an Alley they're not going great guns but they're playing well enough over the last two weeks that there's still in the wildcard hunt. And their back into division I in fact they're closer in the division now movement and they are in the wild card. So that's been uninteresting to me where the royals of the guys were roiled with the war. Oh no question and I absolutely. The travails of the Dodgers has been very interesting. The streak of the Diamondbacks. Which now has suddenly kind of flip flopped and reversed. All of a sudden Colorado is gaining ground in the division. It did yes that they're only still three and a half and four games up in the wildcard but with a seventeen games left. That's a little bit there it's a little bit better breathing room. Then they've had but they're getting close they're getting they're trying to reel in Arizona because lest we forget. That's the difference between host team or traveling room for a wild card game it's the difference between facing Greinke. In Phoenix or facing him in Arizona. And so both are all things there's a bunch of story lines. Better keeping me pretty much locked in every single night. So really in the Indians are just fascinate. Just they are apps I mean where does it end. How does it and. That's an extract that's the trailer that's the Twitter poll what do you think gonna lose today and girls would get them for the get to 26 or more. That was. The program tigers today eleven and then the royals for Ford the royals. It will be staring down the barrel at history the royals well and would that be just. How ironic that the way they're. Is Seattle and maybe it would be like I said yesterday you know I'm sorry I I'm willing to be. Chalk me up for a party history route I mean I'd give me the ringside seat to history in a final part of it then Soviet. But. And I hugged the royals to mean our. But I don't think they're a playoff team chain and you know I just that meat in their their record not the record it indicates that. But they are who the royals are exactly who they were a year ago really when you get right down to it. And maybe not and not and why didn't I mean and big baby. Look at that includes a little better last year that they're puts it yes I was starting here. Well and I was might my next statement was going to be and maybe not quite as good. Maybe not quite as good as a year ago when they what they finished one game over 500 right last year. Yeah the Canadians are these are. I guess you are which record says you are Bill Parcells made that famous I agree with the most of the time but this team. Feels worse because. They can't keep the pitcher healthy or can't keep the pitcher consistent. The back into the bullpen has really been the difference I've never seen a more tenuous. And more. A win feeling like a loss that I watched yesterday. Yeah consider yourself lucky if you miss that when yesterday because they had. Dylan Colby they're kid for the White Sox who walked unloaded. And Brandon Moss hit a granny throws Ford enough and after one. And seem to be Leo Brooke bless his heart he's pitched OK for the royals in the two starts he's that he went five gave up two. And so it was fortitude after five. Meanwhile Orioles hadn't gotten any more hits. And they didn't get another one I don't think until seven. Eric Hosmer doubled to lead off the seventh of sworn to at this point still. They properly aligned into a double play Philly squandered an opportunity that on. LCDs Escobar. Doubled to lead off the next inning he didn't move. Meanwhile White Sox got one back and they got two on and nobody out in the top of the ninth inning and Scott Alexander pulled unbelievable rabbit out of we've had. Having to face Abreu and have a sale Garcia in the game and they somehow did. And I never thought I'd never seen a win looked more like a loss or feel more like a loss in my entire life. And even when they win I mean it's by their fingernails so yes they hung on but. You know when you talk about that this is a team. And maybe a month ago that we thought okay. Let's focus more on the division. In the wild card. What's laughable now that the Indians have done it and done because a better time we've gotten in the Indians aren't gonna figured out they're just gonna plod along and it's going to be a you know. You have to put your horse to the very finish line and see who. Noses out the other but it didn't turn out that way but that's the difference between the royals and and the Indians this year the royals. Have to scratch and claw just to hang on. And the Indians on the other hand it may be lend an answer to our Twitter poll. We have seventeen games left and while winning all of them certainly would be unlikely. Statistically listener that's the seventeen starting pitchers that Cleveland is likely to face. Has a combined ERA of four point 87. While which if it were one pitcher would rank 56 out of 66 qualified. They're scheduled to faced only one starter with a knee RA below four. In and that is the White Sox Lucas G Alito who's made four career starts. They're scheduled to face five six starters who many are over five and four with one over six. Now a lot of things can change from now until then but. That's what the Indians are looking so. While Terry Francona and the players are playing this cool and saying all right things. If our them and unite written form we blue went on record saying how winds may be sure and look at that. I mean I know you gotta you gotta play him and you know not played on paper but statistically boy that the Indians have some things were really laying out their favor. And help them via about the best. Match up. Looking over the next two weeks. Then another team has against them you could make the argument and it would only be an argument or discussion I don't think there's a clear black and white. Would be the lid lift her. With Kansas City you've got June is known against Obama and is about him constituents who just won the royals got there that's that it that's that's it. If you go look at. The next week in half or so of projected or schedule starts. The Indians have a good. Good it too overwhelming. Advantage on a hill in for it every single game right every single game that. I mean so clearly it's gonna pitch bowers gonna pitch grass goes gonna pitch. Watch Carrasco the other night and I don't. Cot his stuff is Jess. Not who I mean. And like I said did it Dave did they have more on one guy I mean clue Brit gets the headlines but. You can catch them on a night right now and and obviously I mean what they've won. What are they now at 3030. Some odd games over 500 right now I can remember I was looking at it the other day 33 them. 33 games over 500. They're playing 614 ball they actually have a better winning percentage now in the Astros and nationals. And they are. Other kind of within shouting distance of the Dodgers if you wanna get he did the best record in Major League Baseball which. By the way means something now you get home field advantage for the World Series or four games behind the Dodgers. With less than twenty deployed. Don't like I can see the Indians were doing the Dodgers and room. Nam and I don't know I really can't he's. It's buck farmer and my club injured today in Cleveland about ten minutes after we go off the air that we planned Matt name. For win number 21. But I'll. And in you know you listen to and you talked about it yesterday and it bears some repeating. Terry Francona is just the most. It is he's the just the perfect guy. Talent trumps all we we understand that lets not forget this whose team that was. You know a couple of innings away from winning the World Series a year ago so big it's not like. It's not like anyone should be surprised it did this surprise comes from the fact that they started so one evenly. And played like it but what. Through a good half better than half of the season. If the first 55% or so of the season now reportedly started getting real but Francona has just in need. What are my of one of the status days. Of my. Following the Red Sox life was although the reality that it was about it he was no longer going to be the manager. Of the Red Sox and I guess I get the whole beard gates being in. And and the way that the clubhouse have fallen and Anna Anna and I get that but I was that was a noticeable Gault. But we are losing something good thing about this franchise moment and and and and have they reclaimed a little bit and hadn't and now. In the not in my estimation I don't I think they're managed well and got some issues with Dave Dombrowski running the team but that's neither here or there. Terry Francona was. To me what was great about the Red Sox and I think it's to a large degree. And MBA that they'd have to defer defer to our. Afternoon reverend Jeff flew to say that without question the biggest Indians fan that I know. I think that he was that he's absolutely great for this group in when you listen to their which I'm doing now. Listening to them afterwards and listening to Francona and listening to guys taking their cues from Francona. He's just. It's a relaxed baseball team and relaxed baseball teams. Are the only kind teams that can pull this kind of stuff pop up you don't win it's when he in a row being anything but. Confident relaxed. Having fun coming to the ballpark just just enjoying playing the game that's what's going on right now in Cleveland and he knows simple but it didn't. He knows how to take the pressure off his guys he had he knows how to deflect. He knows how to take things on hand when it's necessary would you. When he needs his players to lose to relax a little bit. His father played in the major leagues you can tell all he grew up around Major League Baseball. He would be anybody's perfect mantra I'm convinced of that. You talk about Jeff being an indians' fan he's got to be thrilled that now that I'm sorry this is his mantra think he's done so he said as much on the drive. Before but. Any type of team you have. Francona can manage him veteran. Kids. Mix. Way out of it way out. He's the perfect guy to have for a 162. And if I had a team that I've had absolutely invested in her one and one to live and die with a one Terry Francona to be amended that team. Two to three guys in baseball give me two others. That you really really like right now from a managerial standpoint I think don't seem to really get it I think Joseph Maddon gets it. Yeah I think he does he he does things his way. And but also you can tell he he listens. To the players. He's may be I don't know but close enough to the cubs. To really know but I saw him enough and how Lehman said. Double rays team. When they were the double raise and the magic seem like he had a player's manager all the way him Francona. And I've Joseph Girardi to I think he knows that if he knows how to deflect grudgingly and these moral and in that market yup you got a lot of distract yeah they're boys so they're doing anything at all. It's not just because they got some talent it's because they've got a good skipper. I think Paul Moeller does a pretty good job too apparently so tees. I mean I mean I I don't I don't know if I'm totally convinced but I'm a but I am at least enough on his side to say. Can't interest in you know I I don't know if I've ever told you this story sham up covering. What was the years that the Wichita State was in the regional at Minnesota. Global that would have been early 2000 it yet it's so it's a long time ago but it but that was a fun regional I enjoyed that regional good setting. Totally different kind of place to go cover regional I mean I'm trying to think of any times that we've been. At regionals may be out at Fresno back in the day. On but I mean you Minneapolis some mean prove who the hell goes to Minneapolis for a regional right and I and it was a good setting. It was fun the crowds were great and I'm. I'm home watching a game. Down the left field line. During that thing and the place is packed I mean they're it's packed up and standing room only Minnesota's playing obviously. And and I'm on one of the landings. Connecting the lower seating to the upper seeding I'm just standing there on the rail watching the game and and getting ready to do a live shot or something like that and it got bumped me from behind a turnaround as Paul Muller. And and I literally set him I said don't you rate better seeding than this and he chuckled and and it and it it was like. If this is Paul Mulder. Stand here. And you let your thought and no one knew who I beat people walking by it. Not noticed seeing he was able to just kind of hang out we're talking about Pall mall that are forgot six. Can I mean and and and I. In the and that it didn't he I mean he played at Minnesota I'm pretty sure well I think he's the umpire. And I thought I thought he played Minnesota but I could be wrong but he's standing there watching you sitting there watching the game and I thought just. Or what it is natural dude just a guy. Just you know it doesn't have to have the whole treatment doesn't have to be somewhere. Away from the matting crowd and people eventually figured it out and you know he had conversations in south and eventually had to move and stuff like that. But purple like it Oprah I I think the better part of two innings he just hung out watched baseball in the middle of this the wrong. Like let it been like it was just a natural thing for him to be do. Well he yeah and we like to open that what he's doing in in Minneapolis. Is unlike. What a lot of superstar former big leaguers trying her hand to managing a baseball team haven't done and that's win. Right you think about it on the winning former players are normally just. Part time spare parts. Players when they play they just happen to have a a better mine for the game than they had skills but looks like Paul Mahler has both because they beat the Padres again last night and they're firmly entrenched nets' second wild card while the angels Rangers and royals try to reel them. Can't motor went to the university of Minnesota played in net programs Saudi. We'll take a break and be right back plenty to get to you today not the least of which. Is Brian Haney voice of the jayhawks coming up top of our number two mark. Wednesday's. Weekly Wednesday conversation. With the voice of the jayhawks stay with us Jane and I are just getting going you can join afraid to do we got a Twitter pulled that is up. Check it out and have joined the fray on the I candidate that locker room hotline at 8691240.