NFL week 1 highs and lows

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Monday, September 10th
Cleveland almost ended its winless streak, a handful of contenders struggled, the Sunday night game saw an epic comeback and a number of teams got their first looks at new players at prime positions.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Dennis Phillips points where you see page 12:40 AM 975 FM. Side road right down the track Sheen and Bruce with you this morning our number two sports daily straight ahead let's check what's on tap courtesy of our friends. Pat side pockets great place to swing on by and start your Monday off right with a little lunch special at side pockets. What's on tap. For the second part of the show talk a little Jorge Lopez and his pursuit of perfection. In an otherwise it's meaningless Major League Baseball game Serena Williams. Had a major meltdown over the umpire the US open and she was fine 171000 dollars for three separate violations talk about that. We talked about K you in the opened we then why not they've. Beat central Michigan 31 to seven hawk talk with David Beatty will be tomorrow. At 6 o'clock right here so you can hear what David they had to say about the central Michigan game. Two football games on our air tonight alliance and the jets and then the rams and the raiders. Over on KN OSS he got the royals plus. Volleyball coach Chris slam. Over on thirteen thirtieth what's on tap. Here in the near future wanna ask Bruce whether he thought that the Packers won that game last night or the bears lost it. The browns didn't lose they tied the Steelers 21 all sloppy game in the rain and Cleveland. Josh Allen got his NFL debut and maybe the bills' third and worse than we've been suspect all my lord baucus Nathan Peter men was absolutely. Ferocious. We also have what's on tap in our I'm sorry on this day a little later on brought you by its peer rent. At 21 and rich so. Fear of places we can go 8691240. If you wanna jaw line in the also via. Rain delayed. BMW championship is going on right now. Tiger Woods has won back his four under through deny any is one off the lead Justin Rose and Billy or shall. Are currently seventeen under for the tournament. Tigers minus sixteen he and two other players including Rory is sixteen under at the moment. I think what tigers say on and on Saturday did you have to shoot 61 or 62 to win this thing. Might not have to do that much more global now Muni days in a position to win. So. I don't know I I think that's one of the stories of the golf season. Tiger may not win any thing but I think the return of Tiger Woods and the return of Tiger Woods to golfing relevance. And competitive relevance. He's probably. Is it the biggest story that that's probably unfair to some who have taking care of their business and won majors. So I I don't wanna go that far but it probably is in the top three this year not in in all of golf we haven't seen how the Ryder Cup. I will play out but. The I think we'll look baca met Mike gases that we're gonna look back on this year is. Kind of the return of Tiger Woods and if he wins one to day. And then then it changes things they learn. Irrevocably. So I'll say there's a whole host of people have a chance to win this thing to guys seventeen under. Tiger and two others at 161234. Players at fifteen under including Rickie Fowler. And for more fourteen under including Justin Thomas Patrick green connecting my TR Moscow got all kinds of full star power hungry leaderboard and it's yeah its stand and fight through it and he he say that Demi may not have to go out shoot 62. If tiger doesn't backward either in the front the shoot 62. In four under through nine and he fired an opening round 62. Way back on Thursday so. He's. In the top thirty. In the rankings. At the conclusion of this thing will move on two weekends from now. In the PGA's version of the playoffs so. You mean. An end end end end. Look hasn't tiger kind of made the FedEx. Playoffs. And a little bit more fun to watch was sure. I mean I think he has so. It's a reason to pay attention today helped. So he can be no doubt OK let's see here. Last night you had. Aaron Rodgers pulled the Willis Reed and now more recently Paul Pierce. And he got his left knee landed on. Allen make fun of mommy I'm sure know it scared the daylights out of it went into the tents within their forever. Got into it and got into a car paid took into the locker room this is in the first half and the second half he comes back out. And meanwhile. The Packers are getting blistered. By the bears bears look great in the first half. Only a match really looked great in the first half. But then the second half came around Aaron Rodgers did his thing and just trying to determine. How much of that was him. How much of it was the bears' defense. And to a certain degree how much was on Matt Nagy. His play calling its clock management and his insistence on pole on the ball on third one was about three minutes left to go. And there's also a bears' defense to back his name escapes me at the moment to have an interception. In his arms Maddon couldn't get around that we're got to squeeze would likely have effectively ended that game. How much well savage credit all of a lot of blame Jane yeah I think that it. I think it's all of the about when you're twenty points down into the fourth quarter it's got it has to be just for time alone. It kind of has to be a confluence. Of things. To make it perfect storm and that's exactly what I mean you have to have. A guy like Aaron Rodgers that's unflappable and that can make plays. You have to have a defense that come up to that point had been on believe it had been very very good. Make a couple of mistakes. You gotta have the offense. Contribute by not making the clock your friend. So I mean it's a combination of things it ends up being a perfect storm but that's what greatness. Generally tends those type that's how greatness is made. The Tom Brady's in the Aaron Rodgers seemed to be the guys that handle those moments. So much better than others. And that's why they have those moments to look back on. And we can all say well this is why Aaron Rodgers is so damn great and here's why Tom Brady is so damn good. Because they engineer moments like that there in the center of it so. I think it was all of the above but. Pending the touchdown. But the bears were not in a good defensive place. Cobweb it was he's essentially anti. Absolutely yeah. Now there it didn't look like the bears had nine guys on the field and play ya where you're right did you Wear for a witness some bare gonna come and in my TV screen. And yet he would have been down into Nantucket no flight little and a touchdown. Did exactly now though. For those that think were maybe. Go a little overboard and Aaron Rodgers that touched down. Was made possible more so by Aaron Rodgers feet and the bears lackluster defensive effort. But make no mistake about it that touchdown pass in Geronimo I'll send. There aren't many people on the planet can make that throw. And there's that there's a couple of them. In the NFL but. That touchdown to drama house who was pretty special and that. Kind of armed Taliban come around very often and that's why we're talking about Aaron Rodgers like he's the second coming because. Hammond. You know human Tom Brady your one and one day which whichever one you wanna put at top of the people wouldn't have any problem with. But men that's why Aaron Rodgers signed a contract for a big zillion dollars couple weeks ago to make throws like that. There are some guys who would try to make that road just because. They feel like they can make that row and it would turn out very badly Erin Rogers is a guy that makes that throw with full intent. Of it being caught for touchdown whom. Non he has the confidence he has the ability. Any pulls it off. And the guy suggest. Yeah I mean he's like Brady in the or Brady's like him I mean I'm not trying to measure one over the other. But the but the guys that have that kind of that kind of the success. Or always. Are almost to a man calm and unflappable and the mean wind does Tom Brady ever. Win easy ever hurried. Winners Aaron Rodgers ever hurried do you ever see Aaron Rodgers. Uncomfortable in the pocket. Guys get happy feet in the pocket change and then you get guys coming around you with off the edges with harmful intent. Yet they're trying to rip the ball out of your hands or you know or or lay you you know parallels to the ground. Or on the ground. Kind of mean but these. Aaron Rodgers makes a sidestepped slide slide. There we go watch what quarterbacks do. And watch them warm up and watch how they. And how they move around in warm ups and eight it's amazing how much quarterbacks. In the NFL in particular. Our being there are are using their feet constantly keeping their feet going. Always moving moving up moving back moving to decide finding space but never pay anything. Brady Rodgers. Brees. But these guys just never panic. And that allows them to make plays because they slow the game down well and that's how they do it. Well that's it you're right there's no defense is going to be able to do anything that they haven't seen before. Right and I think that's the biggest difference between those guys in arm talent sure. But sure the more reps you get the more thing to EC the last flap global you'll become. The difference between those guys and young quarterbacks that get happy feet and and evacuate the pocket and pull down a run because yeah stuff didn't work out and known about the have a panic attack you know and now I'm looking out rush now now take my eyes. The guys downfield and I'm looking at the rush Mets do between those guys and young guys. But fortunately I didn't watch much of it I was watching red zone so I was forced to watch some of but the bills. May open leaderboard you know we've got back I hate pile on but that's that's atrocious. The Buccaneers averaged the no load this from the Buccaneers averaged 59 point four yards per drive yesterday. The bills averaged six point six. Oh my gosh. Bills average they live anywhere and seventh but I'm. Yes six I've hated it it's the irony is that the rain finally we are no world beaters what's so yes. They were atrocious on offense matched only or exceeded by their defense or lack thereof. Arizona. At home how bad were they yesterday or the bad. Pretty bat I mean there were a couple real stinker sudden stop Adrian students and no. Absolutely not Dallas was a Dallas later today due out in Charlotte and just let it just looked awful. Non so there were some pretty good giants it was granted they were planted jaguar defense is pretty good but. Sick one Barkley have boy his touchdown run with solid blue laws use bottled oh. Like that but you can't get away from and he yup and that's he was at playgrounds stand. But that's a really nice win by Jacksonville destruct if Eli Manning. It will bounce back. The boy he looked like a tired quarterback yesterday who can think he has no direct corporate thank you hear me it looked like you really tired quarterback yesterday and that's not taking anything away from him he's got two rings. And you and you've given his due but boy I tell you at some point. They got to move on from that they guy debt that offense really. When you've got no dealt Becton and you've got sick one Barkley and granted you're playing the jags which means you know played the course and always to be. Add up there yes their work in this bedroom a couple times on some deeper routes and now. They force fed Beckham a little bit but the guy at eleven catches and Jalen Ramsey was on him all day. Now and I'm sure the jags will say Gabby only averaged ten yards a catch me never got loose which is true. But there are some there are some throws that he prime minister. And there are some place they left out on the field and had a muffed punt. What about a minute and a half left leaning get a chance to put on the field and I'm trying to make comeback. But like you say it eventually got to move on from Eli and maybe sooner rather than later. But they've already dumped Davis web and now that's right now if you wanna move on from him it's. Kyle law let up the rookie from Richmond. Or Alex ten. Now thirty year old when he met anybody from Monmouth you know the so yeah. They can't look do you put out draft they got a draft quarterback next year period. Now you're right. I mean let me ask you question Jane when we've seen three quarters of the an absurd the AFC west now liable get a look at Oakland tonight against the rams. Oakland for a half point underdogs at home and again you're here right here on your station for sports kids aged but. What what's our first what's our first reaction. Not in the NFC or the eighth c.'s media AFC west high after yesterday. They're the most exciting in just won't play well they did they had good games they're playing games Kansas City I think. To a degree exceeded expectations although you know I mean while I think that. I think they exceeded expectations the chargers. And we're a monstrous disappointment. Broncos survived despite can actually it was three and three in turnovers but the last one from Pacman Jones. Happened on a throw away applaud that last play of the game so I was actually minus one. So they survived three turnovers. But hell they produced almost 500 yards of offense the 27 points would have been their second highest point total. All of last year. How about the vaunted Welker get passed up by not only Royce Freeman but also Phil do you think. Dovonte Booker should be cut. Deviating Booker a Dave got a guy on the practice squad DN I don't know actually De'Angelo Anderson now as with I think the jets. They got rid of a guy that I think everybody around here but that they should have kept and got rid of Dovonte Booker device to Booker I think had four touches yesterday. And I think for everyone's purposes and as for touches too much. Well Lindsay Freeman look like they got this Google my god would carry a record on medal and both averaged four and a half yards to carry him. In both rushed for seventy yards exactly the same number URL of the attitude you have Philip Lindsay had 29 more in the receiving area and also. Was over a hundred yards in total offense total yards produced so. It was a nice start entertaining in Apple's get. Yet and Von Miller with three sacks so I mean that's kind of fun. That's kind of fun and it was good to see Tyler Lockett. Who I'm a huge fan of and now I've chatted with him briefly. Before the game and an. And he went out and scored a beautiful touchdown that actually gave them the lead at that point so it was great to see. That Tyler Lockett you never get tired of it means just a great dude and and so that was that was kind of fun. And then the Broncos for for my purposes and and one I do now and where I do it turn around and won the game so it made it to needed a little bit more interest in so. You know I don't know we'll have to wait and see what Oakland does tonight I wouldn't anticipate they're going to be the rams. So I'm feeling pretty good climate chief stand right now. Not because I'd say that the chiefs but would have made seriously the biggest impact in week one well did. Now more on the road Mikey said he feels feels a little different feels a little better we'll just wanna know. And with the way they looked. And the way they. For two and a half quarters. Basically. It was like Big Brother. Holding out his hand on little brother forehead and blue Brothers swinging wildly and not connecting with anything that was achieved with the chargers just at. Yeah it was it was it was great news it was absolutely great and and I was really pleased to see it so can get really good and and Patrick Holmes is just. And ending need I guess we should temper. Our our our remarks because you you would think that at some point he's gonna look like them done essentially the rookie videos and I'm not so sure. Caddie didn't seem very. He didn't seem very overwhelmed by the moment yesterday Diddy now and he and he just had some. This capability. In now yes he got a little reckless a couple of times and can run on the ball but. He's got a hose man and if these guys he gets a throwing lane and he gets a little extra time. Those guys and I mean nightmare to stay with and that ball beyond that you know any conflict and and and he can flip that Jim he's one of these guys Russell Wilson does this too. He can flip the ball which takes rob it's like to. It's accurate and I don't even need to be on the ground and he's right now and you sit there thinking. What how the hell do you generate so much. Spin and zip on the ball when you're not grounded out but there are guys that can do it you're right you just identified three. That that can do it my Holmes seems that he he has different arm angles right he can throw over the top of them he can drop down three quarters he can drop down to aside. Beyond. I'm pretty impressed pretty impressed at this point but. Tyreke kill is otherworldly. And you've got touched so many so many great contributors there but I the chief said. That she's gonna be one of those teams that they can track meet you every single time they step on the field up. In and you better figure out a way to deal with. Now with some of their with that with a couple of those guys are mean I don't know you yet I don't even know how you start to defend Tyreke kill. And then did the bracket chargers didn't even have to deal with no Kelsey. Cult or at all. And when he got chargers to end the whole rest of the NFL one thought about moving forward but. You know Eric the enemy the offensive coordinator and Andy Reid head coach. Will continue. To scheme and to draw off looked like they drew up a couple plays in the dirt just to get the ball other playmakers. And when they're that fast. That's all you can ask of your coordinator is to design plays. That your playmakers touch it as much as humanly possible. Denny they score a third scoring thirty points. The immediate they're going out there week in and week out and scoring thirty in this appears to be the type of offense slash. Special teams that can do that they're gonna win to know a lot of games could you can track meet people knew this week he can't. And I did and it and it will hide the defense that to some degree but who wrote some mean there are some nice moments defensively for that football team. Yesterday. So. We'll see that you can ask for a better debut in the chiefs actors just keep him. Just can't and after week one of fat and less Oakland does something tonight at home against the rams that's totally unforced seen. I think the chiefs come out of the west with. 'cause with the with the Chinese report card them don't think there's. Much questions about it. Serena. Loosen it. Losing and losing it all in the same breath but. Does she have a leg to stand on. We'll talk about it as we continue here in just a moment and still. On this day in history. As we roll through Monday Sheehan and Bruce with you right here on your sports stations here today.