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Friday, January 12th

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis chat with Vinnie as he share his thoughts on the NFL Playoffs, a rundown on the Falcons, predictions on Titians vs Patriots, what he thinks the Titans need to do to win


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Welcome back and forth it did change the heard it through here on. A football Friday Ford's day Elaine we'll make our state farm picks cared about an hour or Twitter questions come up about twenty minutes. And headlines. In about 35 minutes but right now I go to the I got a tad locker room hotline talked to NFL. But our resident that NFL insider Vinny higher from sporting First fall welcome back to show many happy Friday TI feel like this is so probably. The best except for opening weekend in the NFL maybe the best weekend day in NFL football now we've sifted through wild card games. Yet thanks a lot for having me and you go to typically the most exciting carpet Kurt you have the foremost important games of the year brilliantly. Any of these teams I think we wouldn't be surprised if you have. If any of them to have won the Super Bowl that's just the way it is when you get this Bardner it there should be. Some exciting learning games this week and having a little bit more but we have lost we can. Anybody outside it was we start with the falcons needles and any Saturday 3:35 central time. Is anybody outside of Philadelphia have a whole lot of trust to nick foals in them and their cats and Atlanta kind of the wrong time. Well I think so about it ain't going to rip remember that there's one a lot of hands. Eagles did because of defense and the running game that works the cup you it's for a lot of these women especially against the run. And they can run the ball certain route over interpret regard soak grip to lean on their other strengthen our our. There's good. Being a bit even more Carson went was impaired that's a pretty Ricky and he went strip loop or complete their explosive and get all of outfield but. They got it flipped the script from a slumber got to beat. Defense running game more disputed. A lot of areas where there's in doubt. Started is that the biggest game against the falcons of any running back in the last two years and that. Performance with adults and there we 530 yards but it CD Camelot trying to control the clock. And the wind about where this week. Having said that Vinny is an Atlanta one of the few teams in the playoffs that are trending up words and mean everyone's been pretty solid. We know what we've got obviously Tennessee. Got a pretty good boost last week in Kansas City. But amongst all of these eighteens are the falcons the team that's trending the most upwards at this point. Yeah I think people are just waiting because it either count of and other goods aren't they're insert you and Matt Ryan. That's too bad luck a little bit would interceptions. And hasn't been loaded up the way to get blaster not close but. The world knows that what about preeminent Evan Coleman. Pluto my comment to this to you have a lot of weapons we can get going in a hurry to get in a point we know they're reliable field goal kick there I brought up. I think we'll look at that there weren't kind of expected the falcons to be what they were last year but they're really become is very strong bid spent thirteen. America each and every level of debt get out structures students are. Played very fast linebackers and our government troops aren't helping with stated a quarterback lectures well so. Welcome to getting it done a defense we see if it's pretty equally credible that kind of change her identity and that could maybe that are sitting there prolong around this here. Talk and real football with a really good fantasy football writer sporting news Vinny ire had talked an NFL playoffs. All right so we move on to the Al aforementioned Tennessee Titans going into this. New England Patriots take a heavy heavy underdog at 7:15 central time. On Saturday. Markets merry Oda and really to. Much higher degree Derrick Henry was his was the story in Kansas City among. The chiefs collapse that we talked about a lot here on the air but moving on. What in the world does the titans have to do to not only make this close when the game. Well I think they have to were controlled your blog and score their finished it appears that he will. Who carried you know they're pretty good grip on team when they get their markets where director in my street where are competent to what they. Not having DeMarco Murray and they're actually make the road and get better to bring you the ball under ever hear. You can also make some big play to the receiver so. I I think they're and it's gonna have some success to being the key brutality and the somebody else I think B trigger the picture to focus on Glenn walker they need. Other receivers step over Cory David Erik Dekker who short route used somebody else passed making big plays in the passing game finished dryers. Complicated when the games whatever shot they just need to guard to help wherever they're at school Bernard saint. You saw some players that last week when they needed it down or 200. Vinny did the patriots have some form of weird life line. That they are able to use every year to get some sort of currency and make it us against the world I've never seen a team. That is that is a more on time with supposedly you know use the term somewhat guardedly controversy. If we buy all of this and you know this year SPN article. The that was set produced earlier this week. And there's all sorts of disagreement and infighting and all of this crap that generally just makes the patriots that much of a harder out and that much of a tougher team to beat. Yes it's funny because that article came out that it was going to be worse near spurt with a pitcher or loved patriots play right there always try to find something and the grant but it seemed that were looking to be one of the great car all books regards bill. When Robert craft the bill though there have already been wanna be better than anyone else to ever done what they've got the belts so that's always gonna be a big motivating factor. Matter what the in broad. The fact that people are disrespecting your blog that they're considered a good thing you've done but sport is recorded without call you are. That we spoke the speaker stand here and Tom Brady were done. That one's been burned by that so I think they like during that they love doing it with good guys wonder shorthanded. That there's always some child for the patriots and that's what makes him great that there's always something that isn't working and the use that to their record. Talk of the ball if any our friend of the show NFL playoffs this weekend we'll move on to the big game on Sunday. Just afternoon near central time Jacksonville Pittsburgh. Jacksonville's defense obviously known as Jacksonville and they laid it on Ben Roethlisberger in the regular season. But that was in the regular season any possibility that that defense can even come close to replicating this the kind of role will they force on Pittsburg. During the regular year. Well I think it's going to be tough for me it's here here and expect to slide open do they do that would have put Antonio Brown I think. We look at him you bet you only wide receiver that's not anything of note just. The hours are so many years that's what's so important returning from the capped a hundred this week took. I think one it was a risk factor the first simply restored Roche Lugar YouTube and structures in her I think she can really hope. That encrypted jaguars defense because. They can move route create those matchups we want to get to Erik Cole about children you're you're too so. I think you're gonna find the right matchup where to look Bolivia so much mr. market is Ryan or brown that they're gonna finally it worked against those. Top corners and avoid the cops rushed at the ball quickly and beat us. Many it's so many people are or are quick. In pro football to say well they're all pros they can they can handle these things but. How important is it to have playoff currency like the Steelers. Have like the patriots have these teams that. Show up each and every year not just because they're good enough to get into the playoffs but once they get there. They gain all the experience. Of having played in post season with post season pressure because there is a big difference from the regular season. To the post season how much of an advantage is that give a team. Like the Steelers in the game against a team like the jaguars were pretty new to lawlessness. I think it is not insignificant I don't think you're all rested coming up but. Couple of its familiarity they're feeling a book winning and losing in the playoffs and knowing what that's like you know and go. Having your emotions of that cooker winning big the winning small having blown a lead. If you've gone through more and more things disappointment actually make you better in the well well the report we know that feeling him you don't want that feeling again so. Big bet that we played a factor all of them I don't look it up converting that plays into them well they lost so. But devastatingly luster of that they've turned edited great motivation to some but oh well mr. Saints and vikings wrapping up the final weekend before we get to the championship series are games 3:40 central time on Sunday. Saints vikings if you can't pick one of the four running backs Camaro I hang around Murray or make Canon. Who do you think's the most important player in the saints vikings game. I think the most important player they then Stephon pick I think you have to make some players are bigger might see tomorrow. Marcus Lattimore and at a steel industries. The bigger players he ripped a sport but it's going to be Monday Caribbean Leo senator look at it in as well the computer is bigger road course Michael comma so. It's the second receiver of deeper. Very similar type receivers in terms of their production. They could Colombo also one of those guys making any long touchdown to make big difference those game Brewster so everything. Open up the other side as well as the the running game with its search. Is this the game that you like the most just from a standpoint of put it on paper look at the matchups and and has the best chance to play out the most competitively on the field do you think of any. Yeah you've got to look at that all around I mean. Well everything really even the game between the one finger at the script ready or not as good. Terms you are prepared the vikings have been bike and like our network so. Everything else spoke or mentioned the receivers are similar the way the backfield instructors that work. And everything is pretty even and little opposition tutor so it's going to be a lot of foreign I think it come about maybe you. Special teams play better in the fourth quarter. These are let's go down the list. From the first in the fourth. We got starting with falcons Eagles. Carter himself compared just like we're playing and I think there aren't will respond here and play pretty well but we're don't match up. I. So let go acre collecting the cutting collection being. Close compared them. On Sunday I like Steelers to win pretty handily and that I like the vikings squeak by they would need let them. Uninteresting. Interesting. What's the one surprise. Out of these four games you think that we should look for up player. A match up something rather that may be we're not thinking about in just with conventional wisdom. I can go to one minute guys that I would look at two all these games to go on talk a good look at Kevin Coleman. And mama to new I think Adam Allison Cooper really tore called Dextre. Backs and receivers I think those guys there and make a big difference in that game so. A big welcome or not. Got it done it Derek only offensively but but at any any point that you're putting together because Dexter doesn't really gonna help. Target of any ire if fancy football writer at sporting news he's also I got a podcast regarding fantasy football. Talking playoff weekend a couple of quick hits four or let you go of any no we really appreciate your time is certainly the info. Quick thoughts on John gruden tiring in Oakland. I really like you and I mean. He's got through our work to do already but you like that all of them are Greg Olsen. There are a little map pretty two bit of building blocks Starwood and we know two years ago they're not too far from being the competitor. Are what are you most will most likely destination for Kirk cousins. There's easy tagged again somehow. By Washington. Or does he end up somewhere else and where's the most likely place. I think for right now is the Redskins but pretty. Leaving the field elsewhere that could cut the crowd goes just occurred. But where they want upgraded how much money there have been right available from what is conquer that. In terms of salary cap to them they can. Lately John Bell has said that if he gets franchised again he ruled not only consider setting up an entire season but maybe retire. I don't know how believable that is all on the face of it to start with but. The timing could have been better right in my county say this later. Yeah that indeed is typically need good at least that was when the risk from Libya though are very crowd earning back and being. Wearing that could still get paid ten million a year would not gonna happen or. They wit. What rent balloting was beautiful to serve he's still very young fact now you're had a full you can help the go. And that was big form this year DL you know that productive enough that. Much a part of their offense still. The final question for let's go if you're. Neither GM of the owner of the New York Giants who do you covet as your head coach. The boot up what I mean I think I would go deep will recoup just. The experience there you have a general manager was just tired been ambivalent. I think I like that coach DM relationship American record execs circles so that's where I think they should go. I think the splash you rated goes up the pressure but we'll see artists and up went out here in the external. Weeks or so. Many Iowa to northwestern he's been on jeopardy and he's a great fantasy football writer and we love having him hunt and that's why we didn't have many have a great weekend we appreciate your. Our report. Meaning irony of the sporting news. With is. Although you can thus pick. Those patriot. Assistance generally don't pan out as older adults they sure don't for whatever reason if he if you go back and historically look at that it seems like such a slam dunk. And it ends up being a lay up that rules out it's amazing and why is on the line because just I don't growth stand next. Tell built military they it may very well be we have teams both teams teams keep doing. They keep Yankee time the understudy to build parts told heartfelt Nobel check and yeah you're right that it's not. Like they planned with a thud but close to a which even probably more. Underscores. What Bill Belichick has been able to do or Bill Belichick act Robert Kraft. Tom Brady has been able to do I mean it if it takes a pillage it's not just one guy. You gotta have the right guy quarterback he got to have the right ownership and guy that is at protecting you and giving you what you eat. But the fact that state he makes personnel decisions. You know that doesn't always work either I mean Mike Holmgren ought to have that kind of my attitude and yeah in Seattle for instance didn't quite work out that way I mean. He Dixie unique guy and maybe the end of the day we just got to recognize still though a check for boom years and what he's done for goodness sake. I got a question for you to ponder. When we come back we'll talk a little quicker. Answer this or do we get back how come no other team. Has ever tried to trade for Bill Belichick. See because Jon Gruden lefty Jon Gruden got traded you remember. Now you're right interest and I level plundered that in just a moment price might feel alive after the minutes.