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Wednesday, August 15th
Shane and Bruce discuss the NFL....The Jags' Jalen Ramsey torched nearly every NFL quarterback in a GQ article. How many games will the Browns win? When will Baker Mayfield take over?

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He was interviewed and in GQ. And did not mince words about the quarterbacks in the NFL. He really went in with both feet on Josh Allen the bills draft pictured it. Called him trash. He's trash. And it's gonna show too that's a stupid draft pick to me we played them this year and I'm excited as hell I hope he's they're starting quarterback. He played Wyoming. Every time they played a big school like they played Iowa State which is not a big school in my opinion because I went to Florida State. He threw five interceptions and they lost by a couple of touchdowns or something like that he never be a big school. If you look at his games against big schools. It was always hell interceptions. Helen turnovers it's like Yelp this good why can you do better. He fits that mold these big tall quarterback big arms supposedly. I don't see a person and I mean OK. Fine. Now this is what we want out of our athletes right yes to some degree. I'm not sure that the folks in Jacksonville are probably move to move overjoyed to be hearing this. If he weighed in on a budget guy he talked about all of them every every single one but he's trash is pretty good foot Joseph Flacco he sucks sucks now. Aaron Rodgers doesn't suck so Aaron Rodgers at least gets. Some form or a vote of confidence. Let's see drop below he says it's more about the system and schemes but I guess you could say he's good. He has done he's OK he does like the Shawn Watson Carson where its future MVPs recess. Drew Brees really good thanks appreciate the S and allowed not yet know. And Ben Roethlisberger decent at best it's mostly AB Matt Matt Ryan over rated rated very go. Phil rivers pretty good sure ya David Carr good. You make a rap oh well I guess he's okay. And I guess he's you know five games between banks. Went to sit. You know I it's okay. You like outspoken guys. And any good it's funny yeah it is funny more than any thing. I would imagine it's distracting probably to some degree but my guess is the Jacksonville Jaguars are pretty used to this guy whom you know so I mean and you know. As far as corners go. Pretty good. I think he's young he only gave it to 100 yard games last year and a 66 quarterback rating when they threw his wife so if you got anybody that can walk the walk. And talked talk I suppose you. I'm just letting go I think you can make an argument that's probably the best defensive secondary in pro football. Cubic yard of the I'm just say and mean and it's not like there would be others and at that. I'm just sitting there wondering I mean how much exposures he really had to Josh now and right. Mean really. Mean he's making a pretty strong assessment on and a I'm an although he's got his information. Kind of right if you go back and look at Josh Allen's. Competitive history tour and look at that. Games against the power five conferences. Learn ya he's backed down a little bit. But I don't know I think the bills do get their due diligence and he was one of five or five quarterbacks who was talked about pretty IOC. We'll see but I think it's pretty entertaining. He happens to be according to the Detroit Free Press who I'm gonna trust them on this one he's dating the sister of Golden Tate. The lions receiver. No word on what he thought about Matthew Stafford. The lions quarterback. But. Hey any. Says the Ben Roethlisberger rain all that. Night guy gives us what a lot yes well wanna athletes to do right it's speak. Freely and now he has zero filter so maybe like a friend of scale back a little bit if you're jags fan but to heck maybe not. For all the guys that don't say anything. Jalen ramseys. On I want it to I like his comment on his own quarterback play portals playoff Blake is good break knew what he got to do. It's kind of attempt made it playoff Blake is good is is that. This kind of accepted Baghdad. Remark but that's okay. You can look everyone's got an opinion. Some voice that others don't did you see the idea that Bud Light came up with for the Cleveland Browns. Yeah I kennel I kind of like it although it isn't enough to make near Cleveland Browns fan or assure a drinker of Bud Light well I'm I guess you're not already had my that was college days. But like it was my go what was your what was your go to in college. Cheaper Nat did you go IC but Blackstone like good actor you know another I think about it. No but like by the time that I was of the move the right time I was just about now time he had to my dad yet you spring for natural look like him beer ya down so knows keystone line it was it's. Rather natural light caddies they're out. You could yes I'll lot of beer for not very much money invited 24 pack for like. Fourteen dollars not that I ever did write but but any light bulb light has. Placed. Victory fringes containing 200 to 300 bottles of beer he's as big pine bottles. In stores and bars around Cleveland. That will remain blocked. Until the browns winning game. When and if the browns win. They wireless signal unlocked coolers. And any people today to be able to grab a cold beer. And toast to their team's long awaited win we know I did not win at all last great idea. To talker. The great idea. And I think they'll probably do it. Five or six times or fortify whatever something like that well. It's just the first one right you can't just. Have free cocktails every time they went right I think it's just you gotta wait until they win one is no and I just got to one game I think so. Two great it's a good promotion he really does pay you know function. They open at home against the Steelers win or loss boss. At the saints. The last jets come to town the twentieth that could be win week three there you go Wii three I like your chances what's the date there are September 20. Can September 20 him. On my shot we three let's say they don't act the raiders. Problematic. I don't like gal pals hit and hit home against the ravens October 7. May be maybe I don't know if Joseph Flacco sucks as much as you Ramsey says well the end absolutely. Question chargers at home chargers are good and I probably not good I like to tarnished chargers. Rounds at the box October 21. Below James will be back by then if you're into that into winnable game. Chiefs go there November 4 new movie the chiefs. Don't think. Can you find four games on there that they can win for I don't know I don't know. I wouldn't be terribly scared the Buccaneers my game I'm not in on the 21 even though it's there ravens one of those. A stock missing body the other day besides maybe Alex columns. What fantasy guy would be relevant enough feed to draft a ravens skill position player you know my guns and the risk I feel like they're pretty. They're. Yeah they're pretty. The cupboards bare when it comes to real playmaker they do have Crabtree put everything he's got left there whatever but. Between Flacco and now they don't have much couple tight ends city like now but. Now they don't I mean Baltimore's going to be good defensively and so one of those two ravens games. Can they beat the dangles. Once maybe I don't maybe maybe maybe they can beat the Bengals yeah maybe but that jets visit on September 20 might. I might be some inebriated browns fans. Hang around the Bud Light. Why are the cooler that will. Mysteriously get unlocked with a wireless signal they can beat the jets on the twentieth. I guess the other question here is. When's baker mayfield starting game well I think it's going to be early. You're bullish on him starting yeah week or so ago thought he'd start the opener he's still I. I'm not gonna stay there I mean why are they only help why do you have problem. You're you're really gonna go with Tyrod Taylor now that's apparently that's where you jacksons don't want. Tyrod Taylor. You draft. A mature baker mayfield. He used the first pick in the draft before him he's already playing his tail off. You know you're not going to be a playoff team with all due respect. At least I think you know maybe years you should probably know that there's not going to be a playoff team why in the world wouldn't you. Cultivate that. Why if he's not ready weeklong are my guy if he's not okay. Kid poll and all I don't know I don't know I don't know you stop young man. Wait a minute less than they were all in sixteen. Who else not ready for week one. We know who wasn't ready for week one and beyond that. David Carr. January got destroyed as planned for the Texans yes and I mean. He got sacked 72 times in one year OK now the browns architects and now I'm with you but if you're not ready yet. That's an artist I'm not saying he's not ready yet but you do you run this much of a risk of abuse in them. And having him get destroyed do we really think. Based on our knowledge of baker may feel that he fits that description. Now. David Carr was a guy out of Fresno state. With good measurable goals. But plated Fresno state and there's nothing wrong with playing at Fresno state they played a lot of really good people. On. I think we understood victory. Other than Andrew Luck. Who has been Cam Newton may be more ready more ready may stepping into a just just from a standpoint. Maturity swagger. Give me the damn ball I'm ready to go. I mean there aren't many if you want media giving Nancy you'll pay now give me a second can't Cam Newton and cam Newton's you talk about large humans. Like 65 to fifteen is a beast. And Andrew Luck is a prototype right. Andrew Luck not run around all over God's green earth no dog in you that I didn't eat period there are more. Concerns with baker mayfield and the style of football that he plays and even in his debut. He played more like baker mayfield at Oklahoma. Then probably what baker mayfield is ultimately going to look like in Cleveland. You don't want him. You don't want guys getting free shots at quarterbacks in the NFL because eight they'll take them and peavy come with harmful intent on them. So so that is a little bit of a concern. But I do think I think baker mayfield. I'll be stunned. If he isn't starting. Bobby mildly surprised if he's not their opening day quarterback that's and I'll be even more surprisingly doesn't make a start within the first four weeks. To your point. 11. Guys. Are expected to be really really really really good football player camp right away forest close to ride away is you can get a life you would have taken him. Yeah first overall now. So there's something to be said for that number won't blame both sides here are trying to talk myself into this. He walked on twice yes yeah I know so he's got your daddies get to six inches between my god absolutely and I think event and and how big is the chip on his shoulder I mean. It's not a chip it's a boulder home. And I don't know how many people have debt against baker mayfield. And how's that turned out probably a lot he's won every single bet that he's laid down at this particular point. So. I literally it'll be interesting to see I. I mean if I'm the browns. I'm like damn the torpedoes full speed ahead Miro and sixteen a year ago from. Tyrod Taylor. Is not the quarterback of the future now he's not the program these place holder easiest and that's death toll it is so. To get on get on with it. Telluride I'm sitting here looking at the I'm looking at the the Baltimore ravens' depth chart right now. I don't there's a there's Cilic mania superstar or even to lawyers I mean just. The body Lamar Jackson I guess. I mean John Brown the kid I had to get out of Pittsburgh state the Arizona Cardinals cal right now is going to be starting a bit whereas right now is number one of the depth chart on the other side and other than Crabtree. At that kid honor what's his name from South Carolina tight end he's pretty good but he's also a tight end Dan actually under hers hunter Hearst doubters out. Not that I know. Now that's at the risk of getting virtual Ballard our body. Irritated and calling us to call you once you call and look now Justin Tucker is best guy on the team. He's the kicker. Maybe that's the guy who grabbed for his fantasy team here's a lot just so he can so that he can take care of having one of his guys in the fifteenth round he'll take Justin Tuck and the sixteenth round he'll take the rates you'll take Connor Hearst. Letters isn't a bad dad dad that's not a bad guy had to take late. Really doesn't. Solve. But yeah. At least I'd be scared of cause ravens fans. Hello OK so that we all believe that hook. Becker mayfield Milbury who may feel the browns are going to be improved right how many games are they gonna win. They got weapons are safe house say the browns went four times this year. Coach Olson tomorrow at Sox scored twelve sucks. So ultimately or game improvement I know I mean if you if you just used the if you just use the symmetric. So were four games better than we were a year ago would no understanding of how bad you were a year ago I think most teams are probably our most teams would take that. There's good enough to be six in ten some people are all in on the ground OK duke Johnson and Carlos nine. Jarvis Landry Josh Gordon may be dead they got some guys they got me yes yeah how about debt now all of a sudden. Gonna have an interview with them on Thursday so obviously you know maybe ends up fifteen on this game history amongst other things we can choose.