The NFL’s National Anthem policy is in the spotlight again

Sports Daily
Friday, July 20th
The National Football League and the NFL Players Association have agreed to suspend enforcement of new rules requiring players to stand during the pregame rendition of the national anthem, after a report that the Miami Dolphins would fine and/or suspend players for up to four games for violating the policy.

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8691240. Gave her. So he's still got a hanging through the break. What's going on Davey Davey and show. Say good morning gentlemen how are you today did yeah I mean. OK I've got 11. Small all of tortured or were just talking about and then an additional opportunity to burn. One had ever hurt somebody earning years to your number to ring co worker or what particular watch them. Where there are you know one of the things appear if so could have done. Which just quit broadcasting. The national Wear them back when this first started. We're still we are controversy year quarter be as big as the years. I don't cricket where they. Where purchased my personal opinion. The second thing that they don't see anybody talking about I've heard you guys mentioned it recently but it. This whole thing about change. You actually enough or we go to the White House because of whose career. Now throughout their history a tie and I am sure of older people on how. College and professional teams Olympic teams. Didn't agree with the person sitting in office. Where they went anyway to be honored and magicians really shocked at how both the sitting president and the Eagles for example they're just disordered they're not gonna do it any more. Water it don't work we expect to burn in isn't. It's in. Not being able to do that in order so really to use the standard assortment. Well I think a couple of things that that when he gets harder because the the president did come out and directly attacked those players. Partying and being so so I think that pretty aggressive so I think he had mean he he's been very aggressive and that's probably a big part of that. There were players and sixty and celebrities college players there and air programs live protested the Vietnam War. Yeah and they went to the white else. And they were even criticized by the sitting president for Europe are campaigning against a war what they still went under yet. I I don't know I mean I guess. Guys guys just the end you know they got to make their choices that. I I don't care about much of that stuff like go if you wanna go don't go if you don't wanna go make whatever you're saying. Did as far as that is pars and not telling them tell a casting the anthem don't you think though if they made that decision. That would have been a little. Offensive to some people who thought what would now wait a minute we enjoyed that you're just gonna take that away because you don't wanna stand up Bernard. Essentially the argument would be in we know it would've been why don't you wanna stand up to the flag NFL like. I think I think of people lesser of two evil. It would be it would be less it's certainly would be less than it then it has been because you committees and be less visible but. We're you know I think I think honestly but the right answer is to get together and figure it out with both sides. Who who is let's let's figure this out how to we. Appreciate your rights and what what you were what you were trying to get solved in changed through the kneeling. And how to we also not alienate all the people that have felt alienated. Even if it's wrongly so because of it let's go beyond let's get bigger than. Dan campaign speeches in reality you know. Crowd pops and let's figure this thing now we're better than everybody that's involved where in the middle of this how is a league. Can we get together and be sensitive to both sides because. Both sides have legitimate argument that's what people don't under that that's what's so frustrating about everything in this country. D.'s or are generally two sides to every story in there are two sides to this story will you even ever right anymore. You had their courage and he offended by that protest if people have every right to be offended by that. I have got a dad who fought in Vietnam in in dealt with some of that protest when he came back. So when he sees this it's and it's genuinely offensive any has every right to be. And at the same time a player who is perceived to societal. Grounding in in all of these things has every right to stand up for that and use their platform is a voice to try to make the country better both sides are right. It and energy if you don't reckon this is again my personal opinion. If you go back to the very beginning they're they're separate where we wanted to make a change. With his status at that time. Secretive came out indented in a positive or it wouldn't have offended. You know certainly for sure how many across the nation and it did he knelt. I think the better approach to it was wrong. I don't shoot anything that inserted and hired or that there are issues that need to be taken care of that there's there's to your report. Just like where the whole you know there's during the war or else bush and when you get your egos involved. And nobody wants to sit down and listen to get so I could occur and and if you can do that you can dissect them at a table or Jordan Leo and and talk to each other verify that you have more similarities than you have different seasons but that's that's a societal shift the when it's your front that is. Yeah when else in its that this is just sort of been a spotlight of everything else that's going I mean it's happening. All over the place that did this sad part of it is a lot of these players are doing that in their own communities but that you know that gets swept under the rug like is it Bruce is it him. Or where where those guys have gotten together with local law enforcement and push for Brandon Marshall is one of yen and woman there inside linebacker Brandon Marshall. Who was a was in college teammate of calling cap predict in was on the leading edge. Pro testing. In in the aftermath of cap bricks initial protest. But he's been a bit he has personally comes from a military family secondly. He comes. He's put his money where his mouth since he's worked diligently in the community. Come with his own money. To help in this he's he's forged a relationship. With. With the law enforcement lest we forget. That's where this whole thing started call right cap critic didn't reveal the first game no imminent and he sat. But that's where it's been tidbit that's where it's been tonight right he sat any hit it rather rather silently any Nell because that because of veteran told him it's more respectful to Neil rather than sit. Is that that's where little dealings started. Right yeah Indian people forget about it. What's what's the risk in this whole. Fourteen year old there's that we restore or bring your pepper. You've got sort of like the Serbs near Brandon Marshall it was also what he did it and you go out there are conjecture in chickens are low on kids. And Philadelphia meanwhile gave as the tires salary. In dirty and they're still out there working its fighting ever very. Those are people that we should be talking about not to people that are dealing in Europe they're doing nothing else server from their. Again my opinion you get severed during morning. Did day and think you gave we we appreciate you spurring the conversation. And and it's a worthy conversation. But I do think that people get. I think they've gotten tired of the end and two to Jacob's point. Get it figured out in gear and can we get on with things. Bombed their needs to be reasonable. We wait for players to express themselves in manners which they see fit. But. But hopefully in manners that are not. It's so offensive to such a large. Element of the population. But at the end of the day. Can we play football please. And can we make it about playing football. Palmer. So it's. There and I ended and I don't know mean my guess is that it will be less of an issue that it's a banner but it's still going to be an issue. I thought it was going to be and then this happened which means analysts they can come up with something in the kind of do it quick because you know you ask you this much time between that solution in the first week of the season. As you possibly can't. Because the closer you get to the beginning of the season the more it's going to be a topic in everybody's forefront if you can aren't the solution now and go through it. Then there's more time to worry about. The football. And so and I do think that there is an amicable solution for everybody involved I really do. Eat eat just pat you just gotta have a little bit of dialogue to get there IO JD I don't think you know that's. Laura I think Phyllis I don't believe they're probably not that far on the heart what we're talking about it for Indy for the owners we're talking about a business model and we're talking about the bottom line. For the players were talking about the ability and the latitude. Thumb as an American. To express yourself and to protest. Com which is about as American as it gets by the way they're right on in. Early this did I think that the solution is the NFL one puts their money where their mouth is and throws them money into. Tangible commute which state do they they do invest a lot in the communities that therein but you gotta keep that up in go on a year. He yarder you know burst and say look at what we're doing right now. You get with the players how can we help you. Make it change in your community we want to help you but the bottom line is we cannot continue to do this. While honoring the military of the country. It doesn't matter if that's your intention or not that's not the point the point is that's the way it's perceived so we wanna give you what time. Act to regain the fourth game to do some of this stuff. And we'll help you do we just can't do it at that point. Absolutely all right back in a moment stay with us.