NFL great Jim Brown, known for activism, says he would never kneel

Sports Daily
Thursday, August 9th
NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown said Tuesday night he would never kneel during the national anthem, siding with President Trump on an issue that has stoked controversy among players, owners and the president's supporters.

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Saint Louis. The sports daily continues here on Thursday chambers for a fifth Justin Thomas three under through seven he and Stewart Cink. Hanging in there at three under. Then there front nine. Drop out Cabrera bay hill is minus two Billy or shall Rickie Fowler Hideki Monty I'm all minus two Ian Poulter Pat Perez. Minus two so he hopes to of players as they faked. At minus two is from other notables Jim Furyk is even so these dropped a few Shaq couple little then it has I don't know what's early. This the course hasn't. Yielded. Aren't ridiculously good Al Gore's like they kind of predicted that it would that still may but. We'll see. Who else. Phil Mickelson plus two through nine. Davis love the third now is three over so is Tiger Woods he gave a shot back he was three over after two he's now three over after seven. After a birdie and a bogey since then. My guy Tony Fina almost eagle somewhere he's plus three so he stood a lot of work to do these three over through twelve. And I am watched any of it but just by the look of the leaderboard looks like a major to me. So yeah it does a great path not astonishing goes out and you know she to 31 on the back and post 64. And now be a little bit different story or multiple people do that there will be just like the Shell Houston Open but. So far looks like it's hot muggy and scores are. How normal so he's not overly easy so far not overly hard either. Right. I don't know trainer I don't wanna turn this into an anthem. Issue. But more so way Jim Brown topic he says he said Tuesday night. That he would never Neil during the National Anthem. Citing where if you know kind of by default president trump. On an issue that has its. Has much comfort not controversy among players owners and even the president's supporters is anything else he did yeah. He did support the trump. I 2016 election. But this is an add an event that he was talking. At that the premiere of HBO's hard knocks. He believes players have the right to express themselves but doesn't agree with doing it. During the star spangled banner quote. I would I'll never Neil and I will always respect the flag unquote. Hope all the people Bruce. That you. Would think yeah. Tom with these guys. With their fists in the air and on one knee Jim Brown probably wouldn't be at the top of the list. Dad didn't talk about fists in the air but kneeling. He's been an activist on and is and and that it and known before. Early activism he was a voice stopped kind of at the same time that Mohammed Ali even might have pre dated. Mohammed Ali. A little bit Jim Brown was it was. The end of the first great star. I don't know I mean I know that there's some that are gonna say wait a minute what about you know Otto Graham in new and you know block and then and now known Tim Brown on an accident and guys like that but he's one of the great. Stuff first stars. Of not quite the modern era of the NFL but getting close to it. Nam was clearly the most dominant player in the National Football League and was. Kind has been. Out in front of a lot of social issues and issues of social change. That have been. Approach tested for over the years and has never been shy of that so it seems a little misplaced. The based on here is. Based on his track record. But we're talking about. Com his own personal preference and respect that he has. For the flag I respect his opinion. I mean I tell you I respect his opinion and know that it's the opinion of many other people. Hmmm I tend to fall into that category myself I'm not and I would not. Gonna do something that I would in the duke would. And I could be construed as denigrating the flag I'm thankful for the opportunities of putting in this country in being an American I also thankful for the opportunities. To protest. In ways that that I might seem fit. More than others are seen fit me it's my gosh it's part of the fabric of who we are injured and how we got to be who we are so yeah the more power to Jim Brown but it does seem a little lie I would agree now. And now there's. There's no right or wrong. Necessarily on this side in this. This topic when it comes to. What they have to do with -- it disrespecting the flag no it's not disrespecting the flag is having do with flag to play a little worm holes to go down but. Trust me there have been times over the years and I'm. You know obviously didn't get c.'s Jim Brown play but I but I got to hear out Jim Brown was him talking. You know and there have been times I've uploaded jerk. You know what hey yeah he's he's polarizing. And now I don't know won't be. Crystal clear here he's not he hasn't had a squeaky clean past. He's even all the way back in 1965 he was arrested. For assault and battery against a female later acquitted. Paternity allegations. Charged with assault. Two in another female in 1968. This goes way back. So he's he's had some checkers finish past. ED god. You certainly can't. Deny that he'd like you said as far as activism. And the black community when he speaks they listen. Or not so much anymore is he getting up there in age and obviously you know but. He was so not just stay. As you know to borrow the phrase for LeBron he wasn't just to shut up and durable guy or just to show up and carry the ball guy that never was. And nine time Pro Bowl 08 time rushing leader at one time of course said that the rushing record. But I've found it. I don't know I guess is gonna give away my position on this this stance but I was proud of him I was I was glad to read it. He would never denigrate the flag by kneeling and its power out on that and. Yeah absolutely no I'm with you on that I really out mom. Hey I in fact Jim Brown. Switching over to. Just what he meant for the game of football. I think it Jim Brown is still in the conversation is the greatest running back than ever played the game. No doubt and he's not there in terms of yards and stats he left the game fairly early. That was kind of the precursor to Barry Sanders in the way that very. Left the game on Emmy night Jim Brown I think you only played nine years and all I say only. Nine years and I think that's right now. He still let the game. Literally at the height of his power. He was still over very thought yeah he was he was a dominant player in the game still so. When when he and I. Bruce okay rookie year 237 yards against the rams. You know it's that's good for fourteen years there was a rookie record that stood for forty years. After his career he was the league's record holder. In single season yards but oil employed fourteen games in 18163. Yards in 1960 and career rushing yards 121312. All time leader rushing touchdown to 406. Total touchdowns 126. An all purpose yards and fifteen and a half thousand in nine years. And mean I can't. Will never be able to forget his. Flirtation with the raiders at 48. When it looked like Franco Harris might break his rushing record. And I don't know how much that was tongue in cheek or joking. But I wouldn't put it past him to come out of retirement 48. I thought that was. Unbelievably humorous. Yeah very much at the age of 48 he ran a 5740. But at 34. Franco Harris only ran up 51. So there wasn't much put a lot of different than foot speed between those two guys. Yeah the well being winners and art and thwart them in Jim Brown kind of it took some shots at Franco Harris and sugar and they had they had their little kind of its back. The an and I did actually run did they did. Did did they run against each other don't they just don't pair lower because I don't think they ran against each other that. Stunned but there was a lot of trash being talked back and forth between the two and I was not that that was at least entertaining. Let's the John Brown man when you. I don't know I don't think you can have a conversation. Of all time greats in the NFL without Jim Brown. Being in. Yeah I just hope. At least as much if not more. Is talked about his on the field stuff as opposed to his opinions are attitude not to feel stuff because. Obviously one of the all time great five point two yards for carried third all time. A 104 point one yards per game. Over and nine year career. Win it's just incredible depth. Found elsewhere in football that go ahead and servers. Know you're good you're good you you you're a year we've taken care of it is speaking of the browns. Dez Bryant apparently is. By reports anyway not all that interested. In the grounds if if you're they traded court Coleman. They have Josh Gordon's still on the port every wanna call list. And he still doesn't have a team. I find that to be a tough fit. That would that be a really fascinating situation but not a good way I don't think. Especially baker mayfield ever takes over as the starting quarterback there and I have to deal with a guy not only Josh Gordon. And apparently a very recently vocal. Jarvis Landry. He ripped his wide receiver teammates but also Dez Bryant. What about the patriots. They could probably use a receiver and if anybody can handle Dez Bryant could be the combo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Well that's been proven. With Randy marks the yeah look at the look at the stint the that is supposedly misfits that. There have gone through new England and and had been. Part of the answer instead of part of the problem. Nobody cares about Dez Bryant in New England to care about the patriots were in the patriot way. And Bill Belichick and Brady but did you hear about turn those carrots and whatever our guys can help win games yes they do and I mean if you can't answer to those still. Then you can't be a patriot or any market on how simple for one year PSE did. When he was supposedly damaged goods. And you know play when I wanna play and the only the only thing he did now he's mean he's no. There's Bryant's no Randy Moss but they're both dealers. That both headstrong we both want the ball thrown to him every play. And Julian out of one is going to be out for four games. And Danny Amendola doesn't play form anymore. And neither is Wes Welker. And don't you know that. To me that. Either new England. And maybe maybe maybe. New Orleans. Because you've got to. Don't mess with me quarterbacks. In Tom Brady and Drew Brees that basically won't put up with a court. Won't be swayed by more won't be bothered by Dez Bryant if he. Tries to yell at him which honestly you think Dez Bryant would have the stones to yell at Tom Brady if he's not get the ball enough or Drew Brees. No I think it's entirely possible that you've fallen the line if he's given the right situation. And to meet those two places if they. Determining he's got enough left in the tank. I think he'd be productive receiver especially if they can put him in the slot every once while because apparently he's lost a step or two. As far as separations concern. But it does Dez Bryant's. Have we gotten past the point now. But patience. For diva receivers. It has it gotten to the point now where you better be a sure fire difference maker. If we're gonna put up with your crap. Because you know let. There's a lot of guys that can do not know now I'm not saying there's a lot of Dez Bryant's running around. But I'm saying that kind of those they'll vote the the era of the it out of the of the news the diva receiver. And is I think people just got tired of that you better be hired if you haven't really. You had better be you know their hotel room Julio had absolutely. Antonio Brown you better believe I I couldn't agree more I think that's world war are now doesn't go hoping does is only 29 stolen have a job. You're right so it and there's something to be and that's notable growth that is notable New York is desperate for yes or no. He's Dez Bryant in that list now of guys that you just all right no no he's not he's not. So anyway on this day in history. Up to speed in the PGA championship and a couple of other loose ends to take care of his funeral on. Thursday edition of sports Daley machine and bruised right here on your sports station. King's death beach.