The New York Knicks are the most valuable NBA team

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Friday, July 20th
The most valuable team isn’t exactly the most competitive team, it really matters where you are and New York is the top spot. The Lakers are a close second being based in LA.

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And the gambling is running shoes these days. Her in his very cute cool and analyzes them pulled. 8691240. Messianic edited to add a locker room hotline at night. The AM. What's on tap courtesy of our friends from that side pocket side pockets the quarter. Kellogg in time or your one stop clutch shot. For a good time ad side pockets of course we're going to be talking about the Forbes says top list right now of most valuable. Franchises in the country's just out. Here in the last a week or so the New York Knicks. Happened to be the most valuable NBA basketball team I was scanning this last night. And I mean I get it it's New York. And I I think probably. In my short sighted as I tend to think. Teams that are more competitive instead of valuable. In India and they're not necessarily. Connected. But the knicks are just ahead of the lakers both of them are top ten by the way. No but the knicks are just ahead of the lakers is the most valuable. NBA franchise. Care to guess it should be very porous stretch for you. I care to guess who the most valuable franchises in all of professional sports the same one analysis. Now scout Dallas Cowboys and by a far stretch. If you consider four point two billion with a B. Dollars. Compared to three point seven billion dollars which is what the New York Yankees. Are apparently worked so it's cowboys in the Yankees kind of interest in seven of the top ten franchises are American sports. But three of the top five. Our soccer teams end there all the regular. Suspects Manchester United but. Barcelona and Real Madrid. So that kind of interesting but the patriots. Are in there is the sixth most valuable than the knicks at seven New York Giants at eight. In the who lakers and San Francisco 49ers. Tying for ninth so. There you go. Interesting on the niners they didn't gain much but right I wouldn't have guessed and so valuable you know which one it's released. Right it doesn't shock me but it's I think the biggest eye opener is Golden State. Yes all the sudden the warriors now in the top ten they gained almost burst almost 20%. Of value. Since last year and I think about that what when your target about billions 20%. Yeah holy smokes. Yet and it's. Eight is interesting. Because. They just pick up Golden State and and when you pick up when you pick up the warriors. You're obviously you think of what they've done most recently but picked it out before then they had like a little time a little bit of relevance with. Chris small minor. The trails three wellness coach within an hour away you know I was I was choking PGA Carly some home. I think that's when he was in the warriors wasn't anticipating. I think it was. Rick Barry if you go back far enough you know hitting 94% of his free throws shooting underhanded. Nate Thurmond. That kind of stuff but the warriors were never really a squat. I mean they won a championship when they were back in Philadelphia. Back in the day. But it. I don't know man. It's all right it's hard to believe that the warriors have just jumped up the scale. So quickly Mike couldn't. Yes. Well I I think it. I think it shows. There's value a superstar has in the NBA. Probably more than anywhere else site. Did the NBA. Depends on its players as stars more than any sport is about that at the major team sports they think. Which makes a lot of sense to me they're the most visible there's only five guys starting lineup but. You know you penny put together what they've put together and all the sudden yet they're winning titles. But if you're the owner and you're sitting there like. Yeah way that we would mean extra 20% on our billions that's that's incredible. And dare going to keep it going imagine the net that you know imagine Bruce in the middle schoolers now like they're from their. Submit hinting now themselves in what will probably be a long standing. News in BA fan base just like the patriots have done it quote patriots fans all over the country they're becoming a national brand the warriors are hurt doing the same thing. If they can keep Iran there and you've got this thing in your we're targeting who knows when the next time though not win a title is injuries aside. You could see them I don't know that the past New York an Alley because of market's eyes but really my goodness per site the next. In BA team I'm just looking at the list. Yen and and I'm going down and down and you get the Celtics. Weighed down at 27. So the warriors. At ten. Are now worse. Almost a billion more than the celtics'. Half a billion. And then you go below that an MB the NBA for the Brooklyn nets again that's the New York market. He that you gotta go way down the rockets are are in there which is interest in the rockets Bruce 33%. Value. Game you right. Pretty significant isn't it yeah. I would say so the you know maybe the NBA doesn't seem like I mean it's it's clearly strategists and still. Are growing in massive brand so. Sports are doing fine all these franchises are making money we don't want full year everyone talks about all the NFL in the NFL and viewers are down. Well I'm just looking at a list here and every one of them have gained value in the last year just about I mean it's incredible that it did everybody thinks the world this caving in on the NFL. It's just that they're not so much more dominant than the others would get this. This anthem clout that they cannot shake. But other than that things seem to be doing pretty well for the NFL. The NFL is. Yeah I mean I hate to use the term bulletproof but. For not Bullard script yeah. They're not now not and its current standing but that you know they concussion and injuries seeing right there right there are problems yes he's. It's their biggest long term issues the anthem thing is their biggest issue currently. I mean it just is and and they cannot figure it out they insist that they keep making a massive that there's no. There's no right answer there's no there's no said the problem is anything that they do it's about 5050 and one half's going to be mad. And the other end and they've been put in this situation and dairy. Odd manner meaning of all the things you ever thought you'd have to deal with as a professional sports league. You know it's interesting it's just such a fascinating topic. Because of the way it's. Differently perceived by so many different groups of people. It'll in in its not really anything the NFL did to bring it upon itself but it can't get it right in trying to pick set and I laugh at the other you know. As much as I love Steve occur in some of these guys laughed as they sit back in mock them Walid want to worry about it in the NBA because ED don't. They there's no opportunity to have to deal with it did did you go out to the anthem and you're done it you can't write. Do the same types of things so. That's a little unfair to the NFL to like they're a bad situation here and they can't get it right and now they're in a massive hit again with these well they are tried to put some that in and and Miami jumped the gun in the union was like whoa you cannot do that without us now there's just spending it in their gonna. I about it in the NFL probably was a little premature. In. It had in unilaterally kind of did trying to decree. Something with Al import from the players' union I'm not even so sure that the players union would disagree. With. What and they'll come up with something and you know put their heads together now and they'll do this the way that they probably should've. In the first place and that's get together with the union right well that yeah I mean you know I mean did it it's going to be a collective thing it's got to be something to both sides of the dial. I can agree on I yeah it's it's it's stunning to me that we're still having this conversation but. Yeah I think. I don't think the players want to be told. Without any kind of input how things are going to roll. Up by the NFL owners the person. It's not one with jagr so they're trying to figure it out in the end and I'm not saying one way or. The other on any of it because that's that's not. That's not. Constructive so much at this point these people are pretty dug in on what they think about that but as we talk about the policy which is constructive and how you handle it. Yeah I T getting with the unions probably the right way where where you'll appear if you're both sides you've got to get together and say hey look this is hurting. All of us how can we do this. As that. As the NFL we wanna provide the players an opportunity to speak their mind how can we do this and not alienate the people that have felt alienated. Whether it's. Intentional or not by what's going on here because I don't think anybody wants that I don't I don't think the protesting players. Want to alienate. Military famous or anything like that it was never their intention in the first place but that's clearly what's happened so how can we make this. Better purple pins where were where were respectful to one group and allow players speak their minds. I guess the right way to do it I honestly think they can come up with that if they go about it that way I think what you as we talked a note we talk about these leaks Major League Baseball doesn't. Half an official they don't they don't have anything governing them during the anthems they don't they don't have anything. The NBA probably has the most strict. Yeah NBA's guidelines say players coaches and trainers artist standard lineup and dignified posture along the sidelines with a foul line. During the playing of the national and them. Yep like yes Steve Kerr it's easy to sit there and throw grenades at the NFL about this stuff you guys don't have to deal with it. No it did your rule book that you have to sit there and stand in the anthem so don't even like I don't like that perspective from people because I don't think it's fair. And I. I don't know why is this is just been such a fascinating paper I do think for the majority of us. It's just like. Jim we just get to football here. And this is been a major on the healthy distraction that is caused a lot of anger and divisiveness. That we see enough of that. In the political realm like nobody wants to see that at a football game. So I don't know why I hope they can get this thing figured out word no what are we entering our third season in dealing with desk and honestly I thought we were more or less done with it until. The dolphins screwed it up. You win out of line there and now you've got to deal with it again. You know like Jacob politicking even a step further I thought they were done with it until the president decided to make it an issue. Well listen that's a different candidate one or this entity. Pending did he did it was virtually a non issue. At that point. A non issue you might have had wondered you guys league wide. Eight it suggests. And it in a foot and of course it it blew it blew open and and then overnight and became a have been have been. It's just it was. Pattern. That's. And manhood and now it it it continues to be an issue and but we'll see what they come up west because I do think that both sides. Are sensitive. To the same issue they may come at it from a different hand side in a different day in a different direction. But I think that they'll try to figure out a way that they can meet in the middle. How else should have been done along time ago get total what figure it out yet and let's stop let's stop barking at each other in making this is there's no right answer when they. When you win. When you've just got like reaction trying to come from ownership it's never gonna work so get everybody sit down and say what can we do here. Like here's the problem is it's a problem for all of us we have a chance to maybe. Solve a problem. We understand the issues let's get together in and best attack come together because I think as a league you're gonna see a much. If you can get a unified message of some sort. Everyone's probably pleased and I hope they can do it because goodness gracious I. I like I think so many people are so tired of this. Topics in this sport it just is not in it's it there's no it's not healthy for anybody. And to your point about football and where the NFL is and it's got challenges we've just got done talking about one of them of course. Concussions continues to. Excuse to ponder rear its head. That these are all very real issues that the NFL and that football. Continues to deal with. But the each NFL team received. Just shy of 256. Million dollars. In national revenue last year. They again. This includes national TV deals road team revenue. Television revenue. Each team receiving. About 256. Million. Dollars. So when you hear about. All the NFL ratings down no one watching by the way. 47. Of the top fifty live television shows last year where NFL football games are there so. Yes TV maybe down across the board of TV watching. But that's everything sit coms reality TV. National news local news sporting events in general. But the NFL still dominates the platform and dominated to the point where each team is re still receiving. 256. Million. Dollars. Four of their national revenue. That's a pretty healthy business model and that's why the Dallas Cowboys are worth. Pulled more than four billion with a PE dollars. From back here in just a minute stay with the state 6912. Boarding on the I got it in attach them locker room hotlines. We'll take calls as we continue in a moment gave you'll be up first it was a sports city in these sports station Tuesday.