New Winter Olympic Extreme Sports

Sports Daily
Monday, February 12th

You might not know what makes a good run in slopestyle, but these new extreme sports in the Winter Olympics are turning heads for their difficulty.


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Sports daily can get. Chambers could guess I am alive its camp more alongside break in the stick around for another segment. We are at Cambridge markets when he first and Webb again if you. Guys if you're. Dragging your feet a little bit it's the next couple more days to get on in here and again you can. Reward yourself and she'll never have to know that pads is on one side and liquor stores on the other side. So you hook her up with some flowers and candy isn't treats and can hook yourself up and nobody be the wiser so there's no excuse for you out get in here. No question and I heard you guys saying you know when I was driving in great smell and hear it just feels right it. About time day Wednesday Wednesday currency diplomats here enough you can ask the question grant that I Ottawa which answers does he have a significant other red rifle but that's neither here and there was like if I do I need to get some figured out but anyway as the place to being. All right so I got. A little bit of an Olympics story and it's a bit of a stretch so bear with me. In 1990 bot was my second year of pro ball and gets it to Midwest League which by the way is. Maybe the worst bus. Professional League there is that the valley prepare you for this place. It was brutal that was terrible not only that. At that time and I'm sure every single ball park at this. Juncture now has a newer ballpark and they had them. But it may have been in May has set the record for most old crappy ball parks too but anyway that's that's beside the point so I'm in Clinton Iowa. And not exactly the best place to start of a professional baseball season anyway that far north freezing cold basically the whole month of April. But we backed it up with these. How we fight for the worst start of the first half in the history of Minor League Baseball. We split a doubleheader with Cedar Rapids one day to have the record so we got swept we had the record all to ourselves. I think we started six and 340. One's board. Yeah we really did it right six and the I think in that was your first year Provo that was my first full year yes. Short season and I before my first full year was in Clinton but you were six and two you get most of the way and now know again I had most of the way three of them up. My name. And soul and that we Gil de high luckily escaped I got promoted but to all the rest of forceps had a it's stuck on the whole year. Seventeen of 51 and it was this how they ended up the first that now houses the team that Adam I have no idea. Was there some players on the team Gary Matthews junior was one. Many allow big league career yeah and so anyway our play by play guy. Is a guy named Patrick penis and he now is that triple A Durham so he's kind of knocking on the door. But he is the official voice of the Olympics on Westwood One on the ice yet as the auto you go what is he was our radio guy and unlucky for him he had to say that the whole year lucky for me I got out you know I got promoted in nine by the way three and nine was apparently good enough on that club my joy that is the next level. But I was thinking here we stink this bad. Why would why couldn't we lost one more. Yeah it was a record Alter ourselves. Sure it was or any sentiment like OK okay. Nobody knew it at the time of K we were all need this record. You know there was none of that pick and Jimmer would have been around you've been written for us to lose having a lot of fluid and that. But and also that was the year that spring training if you guys remember. Was the year of the strike. That's right up teams bring her 1995 and men there's few of us that were approached to cross. You know and I know that because Michael Lansing live with me during that time I mean he was with Montreal the united when they were loaded. And get screwed out of a possible shot go to the World Series and he came out and executing he came in he said hey you know were on strike in. You know came anywhere I stay with you for a couple days or whatever it is a sure you know whatever with a turn into the whole off season. And I had guys like Larry Walker called my house tonight as they met some guy named Larry Walker the call that thing. Opinion out for the Larry Walker was Lernout Lugo right Pedro was on that team. Then anyway so yeah I'm very familiar for that reason. Yeah so it's just a shot out to Patrick Keener sense and again guys like him that. Toil in the minor leagues like here's hoping to get that dream. Not call necessarily that's kind of like that. And it's about as hard to it to make it to the big leagues and stick of the broadcasters it would be for a player and he's over in general John trashy away which that's got to be the toughest thing ever in the Winter Olympics. Honestly. I think I'm more Winter Olympics gather enough some reliance I think I am too maybe it's because you're inside in your more in the TV motor whatever but just. New events and especially ethic everybody relates to the figure skating. But it is the Winter Olympics has an amazing feel to it then you throw in the you know will. Korea thing now. And it's got a major political implications which nobody really wants right bats. I'm a huge Winter Olympics fan. Barack all right I'm down with you throw up for part of that but I mean there's too many things that. I don't get like slope styles snowboarding. I wouldn't know what is good battery in different about slow style snowboarding. There's any content and when did they start doing team figure skating. My hope is that it. That's what makes the group let's moments of fun in early care in his just a good if you know if event at up what kind of bears fans as a candidate S gymnastics you know you'll it's bad and you get all the stuff that goes with the I don't know I don't know I mean it's kinda like I mean all I'm watching. Ice dancing. The other night if for no reason other than it was on and when I was hit in the sack. And I'm like OK I'm gonna watch some of the Olympics and so it's ice dancing. But it's not like ice dancing four. Pairs. You individually. That makes any sense. In in the unique competition heats team. Pairs so they're part of the team I never knew that there was team competition. The end figure skating. Save it from all related in the probably merely making injured trying to figure now. Did you guys yen that did just enjoy it off which which this is in this probably why we went to this whole thing because what's the movie I Tonya. I have not actually really good I did go in you know high enough to meet you were in a lot those yeah Eisner for. And just the drama at the time you're like why. Within like they do the movie in and I think that any thing that's based on a true story that means it's not he'll throw inside a little. Things to dial it up a little bit now how much that it I don't know. But I thought it was welder and I thought it was very interesting I remember just enough says so is the intrigued by the whole thing. But how about that was 94 remember that. Though that's hard to believe at that point it's not far in the distance you well I think that's what blew me away that many years ago and and how it's still the memories are still fresh but I thought it was really good deal you know film. Are you maybe had been the greatest week of all time when it comes to the Olympics and then this would go for the summer or the for the winner. Every event should have won at every guy Joe Schmo dinner and it. You can prove they're all hard what we're watching is to do car meter dash yeah speed skating point ski jumping have won just every man off the street. In that particular event to kind of give a little substance. I got one for them guys and a guy got one for you guys curling. Now look at it we've all been in enough. The places where we're Witten are whistles and we know we're playing a little shuffle board on the table and it's like we watched curling and think well how how how hard can that possibly be. So I'm. There were doing a story. On this the other game. Standard. It is stunning how hard it is you know when they slide out to throw the rock. You know to slide the rocket the beginning of the thing just keeping your balance is on as she device. I know that sounds ridiculous. And especially to. Refuse me anyone that's been an athlete who think well I mean you know it's not that big deal I mean you just slide out new name go try it. Go to our way to see how hard it is to push a rock out there any I don't mind. Death nevermind having a plan to you know to dictate to roll at the right speed in it the right trajectory to hit Iraq to bounce it out of the way. While I shuffle board but just to stay on your feet. When you're actually sliding out there to do it it's remarkably hard. I do know now here's something I don't know how how locked in chain in this was to our pitching meetings backward netbook like coached him god. But I use the Olympics. Many times through 11 serious and want kind of tongue in cheek. That the concentration. And the focus. That there at the skaters. In the gym list in the people the focus that they have to have. To be successful has got to be so incredible and I would see if you could just. Translate that into what you're doing on the man on it you can have that relaxed intensity that focused. And obviously you know use pudding and golf and shooting free throws. It bit but the olympians. To go out and perform man. To deal with the pressure. And to have success. And the ballots being people it's got to be just beat spawned. It's got to be at the very highest levels some of those guys and gals have four years boiled down to like it exactly yes and that takes my access point. That takes my second point in that intensifies the pressure. You've worked so hard for four years okay sure. Fifteen seconds go get it done. Which just makes it even more. Impressive to me but their tongue in cheek but honestly really serious. When you wouldn't say you went and had a bad game and you come in the next day aggravated. You'll be back out there for days if you were they electrocuted think about this for four years and right all five. Maybe eight it's yeah purely counsel others be at least it's not the Olympics. You know items that you guys all the time it right now and death threats yeah I'll sit and watched things like that half pipe. And and and don't understand it at all but I can look at those people and say. My god how cool is this that they're doing things above flipping in the aired I'm like I said I don't know what makes a good half pipe I run. What anybody's sure it's fun to watch it. Anybody it's a big fan of the X games. Got. Got their wish because a lot of sure the modern day winner Olympics is kind of adopted some of those extreme sports and you know I think we're we're learning more and more that. Yeah those are sports that they're more like you said Bruce I don't know what constitutes a good round perhaps fight but I know that probably pretty hard so. Yeah I'll leave it to the experts over at large point you try it yes we need to have what it's every man in every single. That fact that just it kind of proven drive the point home how hard it is where I live it stems for all. I Cambridge markets when he first and web combined see Jack and Cheryl after the sports daily special. Coming up next level on this day in sports history also try to round up maybe Sheryl and and have her come on the air and let us know what kind of cool special you got here for Valentine's Day stems coral it when he first web Gingrich market chambers continuing sports daily activists. Bruce hurdle and change. Everyone makes mistakes including law enforcement if you do.