New Orleans Baby Cakes relocating to Wichita

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Thursday, September 6th
Bruce and Shane talk baseball as they share the latest, thoughts and observations as Wichita becomes the new home for the New Orleans Baby Cakes, what does 80 million dollars get you? 

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home current partner for this is we should talk sports and Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. And good morning everybody good to have you witness on eight Thursday that will usher in the debut of the National Football League amongst other things. Plenty of things to keep us busy with today here's Shane Dennis with what's on tap courtesy of the side vodka yes sir we've got. The latest on the baseball news are really poorly kept secret about they'd potential AAA franchise coming to Wichita. Couple of reports out of for a New Orleans that. The New Orleans baby cakes will indeed. Relocate to Wichita mayor Jeff Long Will give us the affirmation or whatever else. At 1045 apparently here in town so. Well baseball tock. And it looks like Philly ball may be headed back which dog would get a report from the Nora and advocate. Among others but that's gonna happen to die but that here in just second. Also Oklahoma hosts UCLA coming up this weekend. Be tough for them to top that. And have an on court better than what they did against Florida Atlantic 63 of fourteen Tyler McComb us. Host of the rush sports talk fourteen pattern Oklahoma will join us to talk who you football C. How to Murray's the real deal their defense is really gonna hold up. Vs last year's who dug a little OU football nine point five. 940 in the Twitter question. One at the likes of which I've never been called out on the carpet as badly. Well but happens and you write and I deserved and you start quit there and I didn't think you will you weren't deterred or not dot senator. Simply because of the you know that the protest of backlash I could've I could've. I could read packaged it and send it back out but I didn't as so what will dive into that about thirty minutes or so. Topic second hour I guess we can reveal state farm picks. We can now lets you know lease sterling to fix that he's going to revealed tomorrow at this time or close to what about 930 tomorrow. Major League Baseball the very latest. I have in my hands the 2019. Baseball writers' association. Hall of fame ballot. If time allows we can get to that we'll see who we think's gonna make him who won't. And Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are Ryder Cup teammates. Lay beyond bell you've probably heard during the break still in no show with the Steelers. And I happen to agree with them. Normally don't come out on that side on hold out but he's a different cat born and he's. He's well at least he's horse himself yeah. Yeah I mean at least he's consistent and I will lie now indeed dynamic it's interesting there. Is the reaction of his teammate which you know hardly ever here. Right and somebody talked about somebody else's contract and a variety. Usually it's day that's business that's his business. So that's what makes this story a little bit different. It's kind of lay beyond being laid beyond because small wind has that he had some sort of hold louder disagreement he too last three years he didn't do him brainy pre season and now know. So menuing we'll see. So bull love you and all that lets see oh side pockets brings us what's on tap what's the day Thursday Thursday. Lunch special out there is crispy chicken strips that disturbed Frye threw just 595. What's on tap later on tonight on KFH the falcons and Eagles on there at 630 kick at 720. Bruce mentioned the NFL is back. And you can hear that game right here on can't pitch course nick folds in the quarterback. For the foreseeable future. As Carson Wentz is still not been cleared for contact quarterback for the Eagles. Will be out tonight. So OK let's get into the baseball thing I just got to. Word. About the mayor's briefing to be held at Lawrence Dumont stadium. The media is invited to a ten and we certainly cannot that's at 1030 today apparently on the field LB. The mayor's. Canoe. Make an announcement and multiple announcements have already come out of New Orleans. And the advocate. Among them. Lured by the prospect of a new stadium complex the New Orleans baby cakes owners are close to agreeing to depart for Wichita Kansas multiple sources. Familiar with teams thinking said Wednesday this would be if it happens. Either. We would not take place until after the twentieth nineteen or twenty when he sees in this according to the bed and city officials in Wichita as we all know have been working to. Lure a baseball Major League Baseball affiliated franchise quite awhile now until Longwell has been very outspoken on it not recently. We've been pretty mum recently but. Today. He will make an announcement of some sort. Which we believe will be. AAA baseball coming to Wichita. Which would according to the advocate. Likely including entertainment district was retail and dining as well as other features. According to one of the sources downtown which. I can only assume Bruce that they would. Be built kind of where LB is right now. And that would be my guess. Right so we'll make it and why would you screw the locations the best part of that ballpark. Boom it's not the ballpark but I mean that's. That as a date with a bulldozer. Why in my strangely. I'm just not nostalgic about stuff like that. And I should be lower. I mean two houses that I've lived in for instance now. And it did did they it doesn't resonate with me like that it's kind of like okay that's that's where I did this. Find it it now I'm moving on IBI and I don't know. Well in this case you you're you're not to I don't think. You know out on an island mean 84 years. Is 84 years. That's a long freaking time that it is he had a baby cakes have been in. Their ballpark airline. The shrine on airlines was called. Is 1997 and that's what we'll oldest stadiums besides Lawrence Dumont stadium to house of Phillies baseball 1997. You know they they paid. 22 and Louisiana played the paid 21 million dollars to build a ballpark then. As part of a capital projects bill that also included the New Orleans Saints the stating your practice facility. Located next door by the way as well as a smoothie king senator. We're basketball team plays yeah so. In addition to that from then until now I played their by the way. When it was a two year old ballpark. Back in 1990 pretty bare bones right well pretty basic just I mean comparatively speaking out yet and we death penal. I think we kind of do a double take when we had to put up with Lawrence Dumont stadium. And they're talking about. You know it paid an extra five million for amenities to that ballpark including suites a swimming pool into hot tubs 101000 seat stadium. And it's among the oldest in Minor League Baseball. Wrap your head around that 1990 that is when it was built. And according to the reports baseball won't go away. In New Orleans they're likely to pursue a double A franchise in the Southern League which seats they're travel whole lot better. I mean New Orleans in the Pacific Coast League yeah thank about that I mean that that's they're going to. You know Colorado Springs they're going to to call mom going to Vancouver. Arianna that the held a trip you know and then of course two or three legs on that trip would be included in that. So. Again and a couple of reports out of New Orleans. That the AAA franchise the baby cakes which by the way is. Unique to the New Orleans area so I can't imagine the nickname and mascot would. Would come with a little problem really be renamed and it will be up for some vote for fans I porcelain. Well it will it'll maybe that's you're. Maybe that's your your question term the Twitter question on Monday. Did you come up with junior infinite wisdom for very creative names. Well let me get people to vote on with that my god how many franchises is Wichita hat with you I mean from the from soccer to hockey to indoor football I mean all of the weather. Things are pretty much taken care of the mean right well. Here's here's how I see it you can. If it weren't did Twitter question I don't know that necessarily be a nickname but it would be a an area. You know like location because we're kind of in the west where I have to apply on that. Would it have a play on the aircraft industry because that's what we're known or their ego but whether weathered aircraft weather aircraft. Made him you know good because once upon a time Wichita was actually in the west wouldn't have to do with younger feet. And whatever what else. There's who it is there one more thing which the river. Am what else anything possibly. The wind. Yeah you know I mean that kind of stuff that's cyclones tornadoes Darryl is a really good nickname. How that would let them. Win next came in like eight years ago right nine years ago tea supplement that close there there there wasn't there wasn't nicknamed. That was being discussed that I thought was real time and if they're gonna have to go look back on connecting capitalism you're on yet or and I was four I was four it was kind of like I went with wing nuts and I was like OK that's cool fine whatever. But I thought that there was a better one in that group. So I'm not proud I can remember back and find one and ended new book to see what it was. Yeah I can remember being underwhelmed with the wing nuts it was clever bit 'cause like I can't believe that one made the cut but. That's neither here nor there I guess. So. It's no the baby cakes. In New Orleans. Had losing have had losing seasons for ten the past eleven years. And you couple that with a quote unquote old ballpark. And the travel. And Bob and Jeff and Jason dude on the drive had someone on from New Orleans yesterday. One of the local TV stations. Apparently there have been rumors that. With the baby case you're gonna leave. For years and years I mean you know. Constantly. Rumors coming up that they were gonna relocated. And their attendant hadn't been great. Finished 21 out of thirty teams and triple life can turn to 2017 attendance. It's all the the answers that will get today assuming the reports are true. From our arm hair. Would be what. How big ballpark going to be. Right and what's it gonna you are going to be a multi prove what what form is the ball partner going to take it is going to be a multi purpose facility. Is it going to be a baseball specific. Who won't facility if hits a triple play ballpark I can't imagine it's anything but a baseball. Stadium right I don't know Sheen can you give them kudos I don't know I mean I'm not. I'm not an architect now and god knows that's over my pay scale that. I would I would think that Wichita would look for some way to. And utilize the facility beyond just baseball but you'd have to do it in a you know in a way that doesn't take away from its functionality for baseball. Both as a facility in which to play and a facility in which to come and watch people play now. So I don't know I mean. Yeah indicted. That are now we have a mid depth depth and it's starting time I mean we need to know that this is the start of the what the 20/20 season and that's what it sounds like Tinny sounds like mom right that seems like a reasonable time to get a facility together. Non then it's question of bring on the wrecking ball up get that facility raised in and lets get Lynn let's get a goal. So. The website at I think it's absolutely great which hasn't had AAA baseball since the Euro what and early seventies mid seventies. Probably yeah depth look the Eros rights heroes and right. So there while the New Orleans AAA franchise. Came from Denver. Interestingly enough in 1993. They were known as does that first. Count they played one year on the New Orleans campus until they moved into the stadium that we've been talking about on airline drive in Metairie. In 1997. They then the brewers Astros nationals Mets and Marlins affiliate there currently marlins' affiliate. So again two. To recap then to kind of connect all the dots but still have some holes in there. What's the name going to be. Where how quickly can that stadium. Be built where's the money gonna come from there's another one right how we can have how we gonna pay for this thing. And how much is it gonna cost this this report out of the advocate in New Orleans. Estimating eighty million dollars. According to sources familiar with. Both. What's what's eighty million dollars get Chia pet sounds like quite a bit how big how big thing in via what kind of amenities. What thing you know like it's that what's the twenty million dollars by an artist. It's hard to always always always interest to interest was what 230. Now gone in Holland and wanna get some some iPad also does something like ten of course you're talking about a Rosen. Now and HVAC and and all of the things that go with that but yeah I would and I I don't know what you get three million dollars and so and then the long term question here which is unanswerable at this point in purely conjecture. I know where Bob loot comes out on this because he's been champion. Championing affiliated baseball. Well at. Virtually yes the wing net heard the wranglers left out. I wonder if this is what even beyond his wildest dreams getting a AAA from Pacific Coast League team at trial is the thing that struck me the most yesterday shameless like wow. AAA. Really. And. And I don't act I kind of dug around a little bit I don't know that there's necessarily. All that many restrictions. You know I mean what. What constitutes a AAA town or stadium or alike. But I would imagine. That. With. The old ballpark deal the ballpark that the baby cakes played in 101000 seats it cannot be at least 101000 I would guess maybe bigger. Seems reasonable Dumont was like 656600. I think when when jam packed so it'll be bigger than that. But the long term viability. Like. Dirt they'll come out because it's a brand new place in two point one they'll come up for a long time. You know before we cycle through. Everybody get a chance to be out there and the newness wearing off and I don't mean to be Debbie downer but. No you don't have to seat availability is the writ huge quite well you bring up a good point. You bring up a good point in all I would say to that is don't cut corners of course and it don't cut corners on it don't. Don't go cheap. Just do it the right way. Because you're right sustainability. Is going to be an issue. And and you want it to be as. Viable and relevant and as much of the destination ten years from now as it is in the first three years. And if it cost anywhere close to eighty million dollars doesn't sound like there's going to be in court cut but. In order to be. Viable and sustain itself that comes down to ownership. Like Koo who owns the team. And how they run out you know yeah Mac right that's key that's the real key there once it's built once she got the European shiny new toy and and they're flocking to come out from near and far. Can we get the Glickman is back. Ms. Goodman's. They own the and they were they only can they were longtime owners in which top baseball. Before the riches I assume. Oh yes settlers family yak is that yeah that's who I knew from. All yep late nineties early 2000 local owner Jim for her yeah and then the riches war they are out of buffalo. Aetna and that's I think at the big key since you bring up. Local owners or I would prefer having a local presence and out. Yeah how much is that. It's easy thing to say that. Why does that make a difference. Just. You're an absentee owner news you just look at that from 30000 feet you know you just kind of helicopter owner. What's the difference. Everybody feels Horton. Malaysia part of the community long. Inning you know. Milton Glickman. It was just. An absolute. Great dude. And he owned. Though Mike guy he he was a long time am the owner of the franchise in Wichita. But I mean I you're invested in the community. You're not a you're not a visitor to the community you're invested in it it's part of it's part of who you are part of who your family is. Com I think there's a natural inclination of wanting to do. Morning did you write. By him no nobody by that association. And I think it's I think it's just a question of roots. Khan. So. Yeah yeah I think I think local ownership would be. Would be desirable I don't know how practical it is. And may be. Near long Lowell will address that move. Can I don't know by 1030 wouldn't be as wild about the city owning it war. You know the count the Euro or whatever I mean when whatever the state of local politics is at this particular point it never seems like they're the two are never. Separated anymore but whenever. Well jump in 10:30 AM today on the field that Lawrence Dumont stadium. For an update regarding. Baseball and Wichita. And now. It's exciting. It's exciting in congratulations. And congratulations. To the mid air time. His staff if indeed this all comes to fruition and it sounds like it's a team to complete. Did it's great great to have affiliated baseball. Come back in which time we just as it was great to have independent baseball. For all those laws which we know what is let me tell you something. That was a that was something that really took care of the kind of scratching yet job I did predict it in my opinion at last report. Those enters school I think Bob who's doing everything he could get mayor along well on the drive. Listen to this evening I don't know exactly when but we listened from four to six. If you missed the announcement. Jeff Long well today the smooth drive later on I think he's gonna have him on you know on their program Laporte. And so Bob definite. Separate. You know obviously what have you surprised if if there's. Strong. Info and I think leadership probably will be we can at least get confirmation. At 10:30 AM last half hour partial move past those. Things along to your time Comas from the Oklahoma sports talk radio. Network coming up next this get to little oh you're in college football is built one with. UCLA that may not look quite as good as it would have this time a week ago. We'll explain why as we continue negotiated truce would you on this Thursday edition sports daily. Came of age.