NCAA: What now?

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Friday, February 23rd

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis finish up thoughts on the FBI investigation in college hoops, why didn't the NCAA hold and investigation within the league? why get the FBI involved? should the punishment fit the crime?


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I'll order out and got to Obama. All right what do I this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. Rolling into our number two I think access to our fans Steve Dennis. Poured his insights into things going on inside the Dallas Mavericks. Mess right now in front office we appreciate. That obviously we've talked. A lot this morning about the FBI probe into college basketball. For those of you that so are a little late to this story. I invite you go to Yahoo!. Sports or go to their sports. Not they'd been on the leading edge of covering this yet spread mandalit name. Is contained within the report as someone that Reid's seat. Not impermissible benefits. What would be deemed is impermissible benefits. What we say chain as somewhere in the summer 2000 daunting. One little 3000 dollars Shia via yet it's so back in that traced to his family members I think Taylor elders reported that a step then maybe. Was involved or two so the grand total of about 3000 dollars I guess absolutely so. Anyway. Also reports that contain within the reports. Josh Jackson that the University of Kansas is his mother. Not receiving benefits as well so this story is a continuing to evolves. And to come out in segments. But obviously two days of pretty solid bombshell. Now if you wanna call the show feel free to do keep your keep ourselves open. To this an 8691240. On the identity attach a lot from hotline but I think would debt invite you to read. What Yahoo! Sports is reporting. Now before you roll into any kind of conversations were comments on it built. Charts a sock as we roll into our number two on the I get an attempt blocked from hotline good morning bill. Hillary whether it's. Don't perhaps even older it will mean. Apparently move ahead. They waited through the break so hopefully called act bill Lou we'll do our best and sorry about that excellent record and aren't don't give up. OK so. That FBI probe certainly the the lead story and to a lesser degree Dallas Mavericks with their front office mess in addition to that. Mark Cuban admitting to tanking so. Really bad news in the sport of basketball period yes but let's. It could and we knew this was coming chain I mean. We knew this was. This was something or other that was promised to us one way or the other a wild with the initial report coming out in September so. You know here we go like cassettes you know mean strap. Strap themselves and it's going to be a bumpy ride and now and who knows where this thing is gonna and I don't for goodness sakes so we'll see them and again. In case you missed it the FBI. And Yahoo! Sports two of a greater degree. Has no. No regard for timing they don't really care about it when I got away necessarily till April 3. You know or whenever the day after the national gadget that is the names have been named in schools have been implicated. Let's go back to the phone to stress again Dennis is up Dennis are you there. Yes I'm here Oscar me yes yes iTunes eight which Wichita State has been named. Thousand dollar purse to La. Brandon. To hurry to his step father. NCA ACs that come immediately wooed shot OB I don't plan golden medal a gold count and I'll. It there's the NCAA have enough guts to actually do any thing that's that's that I'd be required to. Eight duke and North Carolina and any content you middle school they may not do any thing to go Wichita State. Boy that they their eyes light up when I see which sucks eight. Well if so that be totally ridiculous considering the amount of money that changed hands on. But what at least five or six players they get five kilometer gosh now and president Lee himself barely got two grand. If that's the case then then and I've lost all faith in the NCAA not that I had much to start with. You are right and all of that aside it. I'd hate to break you when you're on a roll since they didn't you notice the way man this quit Houston last night. Yes haven't even talked about it this morning Dennis Suze save it was a a huge and an outcome that otherwise would have been huge. Other than the fact that it would ended up being dwarfed by the use of this morning but you're absolutely right Houston. Falls a game by the wayside as Memphis. Beats down and all of a sudden now the path he's been cleared. Not for a showdown between Wichita State in Cincinnati. For this thing to be decided outright or share. To use saying I won't leave tomorrow but Sunday out a year they're double later. Sounds good nobody will see anybody out of that stadium today. No game and we'll play Saturday it to a daughter Sunday at mental C then does appreciate you. Kevin is up next. Canon. Image but the line. There. Aren't aren't just. So more other person parent. Isn't there an. But you're purchaser. Instrument that some of the other guys there are beautiful just germs. Couple. Thousand but. The man whose. Material Tunisia there. Sports. Attorney general sort. Of this organization knows that they know that. I mean they just absolutely not Chara. Right and. I think Dan I think that's pretty apparent Catholic I don't think that I don't think they do care they know damn good well what they're doing is wrong. In this case certainly. Though I mean you know you'd have to be an idiot to know that your. That your not doing something wrong when you're the providing monies to players that still. Are in a program war. That's the things of that nature so yeah I I don't I think that you and your last on that they just don't care I think it's probably pretty accurate. Never worked well audit bureau looping it is. Don't want some sort of despite concern the lawyers. Work I get better. Man I don't know I felt thanks Carol I don't think so that's that's kind of age old question to you should really be paying players. If more money would be involved well pleased at the very ground level of that argument would be okay how much. Do star players get more than the fifteenth player on the bench because he's frankly more important the team. Every sport just some sports. If you pay the men. You gotta pay the women get title nine thing on. It is football players they get more than the swimmers. But again you talk about a slippery slope that has zero end. Paying well and athletes. That there's that's the big reason well I don't know if that's the degrees and I'm I'm no expert but that's a big reason why. Then in CA has never gone to that blank to make that leap to pay a stipend to the players. In an effort to. Keep did. Dirty money from coming in. They they'll do it I'm sure you would agree Bruce a dirty money would come in right over the top of that. Noticing that it would absolutely and and chain it will this time to. Today I mean you do you know women hasn't this. Call now look it's in a different form now right. It's in the form of shoe companies. AE AU coaches represented its agents things of that nature but winning hasn't there been the question. Of pain for players in college sports. I mean please. As long as I analyze it and you know and I'm being you know I'm getting there. I donated the and I don't think that are it'll ever change. I'm not sure as long as I'm sure you could stop and I don't know how you can you guess how do you stop that you can't be everywhere all the time. You can't possibly. I hate you it's just it's such an overwhelming. Thirteen mini Al east to cover you know what I mean and Buffy before. Don't even get your hands on a player we're talking met a school fight you know but before they even come close to stepping foot on your campus you can't it's certainly can't see the future can't stop that. Brick and 8691240. Europe next what say you wrecked. They are probably show. And it's I think the people live hell we need to be held accountable to follow. It hit the eight year coach you're finished owners. Our country into wrote an assistant coach. That's gonna punish me go to court I am not to order kids that are university now. Yeah and what I've already gone after the fact though Rick if there already gone after the fact because these investigations take years and years and by the time you uncover the actual truth. Those guys likely will be gone already so then what you do. You know. Okay in the country to encourage better represented in the universe and they cheated that the bush are. Isn't ivory need to go after these boosters and purchased. You've got to collect them and also took people you've got until our broken into our own Art Carney. Well the FBI is involved in it now here's here's the thing the FBI is involved in it now there's teeth. In indictments that the FBI turns out. But the G shames question and this is the big question. Where all of this goes away. In the FBI is done here and thank you for your time we've done what we can and now we're gonna go back to. Non. Other things that the FBI should be working on. Where does that leave the NCAA. And Howard Dean. Continued to be dealt with the investigative branch of the NCAA has practically nonexistent. Nom I mean it's better than it has been. But the did it to the do you do too good to the extent and what we're talking about here. The receipt up there's the NCAA doesn't have that tying the first of all they don't have the power of subpoena them and secondly they just have the lead that kind of resource does. Two and not learn this that there's a lot of running running and has yet to govern sports. In this fashion. Com so that becomes the question. Down the road yes if there are going to be. There are going to be people answering to indictments. Charges. Etc. here the NCAA will have a a wealth of information. To set some precedence west. But how did it work on it when the FBI packs up its bag and takes in its tents and goes back to Washington DC. Remains to be seen. I hailed Rick in. And they went lord can't you get what the money well in coral colony court I think it brought good. A moral compass for cheating the president and it I don't know if they can't hear this early in art meet you guys would literally thank you weren't sure. Good thank you very then yeah really appreciate that they the answer is the toughest part like what. Like you said now what once all the dust settles and the FBI. Has moved out in this uncover everything they're gonna cover. Does he NCA come over the top and do something else if so what and what what would be just hey bill Australia's again you there. Hard court reversed the Democrats. Are a bit NCAA stroke or. Bill in the per carry out all but what it would do any investigation that they are report. And I really don't like you are and what happened can you imagine what site. Right or are here now that we meet greet March Madness you might have an Illinois State in the national championship. That coming looking pretty good in the thing Bill Curry village there's the thing that I find most interest being in their here in the now. Is that there are current players that are being named in this report what happens. With these current players. What. A month away now basically from the NC double less than that from the end sees the start of the NCAA tournament. I mean. Back to me is the most overall pressing question. I what does it mean. These guys are have been named in this report. And Shean what are there 1012 guys that are currently playing for teams that the FBI has name. Now you know there's a a process in this country and a presumed innocence until proven guilty. But these guys have been named but what does that mean for these programs are moving forward. I'm. Gory little old only thirteen shipping ship now I understand you can't compare. Strippers trivia but still there if there's a crushed and stat. Where do you draw the line you're exactly right. Parent and you were talking we're talking about basically something three weeks away. The need to do reels of justice grind exceedingly slow. With the NCAA but my goodness Sheen do they start crawling down this rabbit hole and all of a sudden these guys that have been named. Are showing up in March Madness. And. Thanks for the call that's a real interest I that's a pretty interesting proposition if you ask me well and then you get into. All right are we gonna kill a fly with a sledge hammer here no right or their degrees of laws not laws necessarily be in broke about rules being broken mean. Dennis Smith junior. According to Yahoo! Sports. Receive 73500. Dollars in loans from KSM before he played for NC state. Right Isaiah Whitehead who shocker fans might remember from Seton Hall received more than 37000. Dollars around the time he's a freshman there. And mark health faults there's a number one pick in 2017. Received 101000 dollars. Fred Bentley. According to the reports received 1000 dollars. Com there are some. That would say. Stripped the banner down at Charles go green if true because he was part of final fourteen. It is dug a rabbit hole I mean. Slap on the wrist death penalty and everything in between where where where do you come out on 8691240. Steve is up next we thank Steve. Eight I structure checked my all I gotta be like. DNC double. What the caller we course and it's so long it best to get eight. Bat. But but they get what they yeah genetic JD you're. They can't even. Make it station all that we out now he was guilty or not guilty in at any more in America. It's like your. Guilty at dirtier. It or a year ago and got 11. You know it's early in the other. Hand you know I shocker I am. And actually used and I just love all sports bet your catapult me. And what are you guys might not worried that. Marshall might com. Because I played Hillary bill. You know it early. In life. And want right curse and Brad employee. Am. A lot you know to. Answer. You know how. I'm sorry Eric. You know there is. Trip employee. And on baker. Their careers. Awesome and it. You know you got a bit contract so I don't think the complaint. Oh wait they all won eight match. Jack all banged up but let's hear call. Okay well from what I heard when he said it unless he said it another time to somebody else. It was very tongue in cheek that he had very DN John Beilein the coach for Michigan were joking when they were Mallory. Together that at the same internment. That they would jokingly get together and and play. A rematch in the 2013. NCAA final. I don't know that he. Ever made a big stink about it ever from ever. After it was. Upheld that there insisted that their national championship would be stripped Tugnutt Louisville. Charlotte Greg ever gone higher of course Trever got on the top of mountain and scream I told you so. I think what you heard or read if it was transcribed. It was. Quite a bit tongue in cheek because I was sitting five feet away from him when he. This reacted to a question that he was asked when it came to the adult what do you think about the Louisville news so. Eight you embrace entitled to your own opinion but I think you very much. Kind of dismissive of it then let's let's move on with this is old news in the fact they mean just to (%expletive) him off. Probably. Probably just some of the great but now he he's got a guy that was. In his program that's been named in this report so Sherpa for every coach that. Com. You know if she cries foul or not same Greg did because I don't think he did you know but free one that did you might wanna be careful because you don't know a 100%. Iron clad. What happened two or is happening to right now your players you can't be 100%. Sure of that because three or four years from now you just never know what's gonna come out about your program the FBI continues to. Two. Bring out the magnifying glass Eddie is up next at the I got a 10 o'clock room hotline I any. Guys spent a great show as usual. I'm no expert on this in just a dude but I think that is the key to all this in the schools are obviously getting in getting mentioned from. It really I have from what I understand just from. Observe and almost over the years below chart current territorial friend too is that unless the school history coaches administration assistant coaches. I have a direct knowledge. Of these actions or even had some kind of say and a round which was kind of thing that that brought Louisville palace down. Could that assistant coach restrictive vault and all that but more than likely this comes down to community that a possibility of the money is lower now like a particular Carolina got a seventy dollar launch. There's a possibility or prepayment. I am or fine and then you just move on. So right that your your comment about a cultural clothes sledgehammer pretty accurate that. There that this can be handled a lot of ways but as far as banners coming down it went being vacated on the got to beat. Known in the institution itself with the stuff going on I don't mean Marshall assistant coaches. Server so we knew we don't know that yet and a book. We're all war knows soon but it does put put a little bit clout on the currency and I think so but thank you again very traditional. Yeah I think you've LSU lady that's a very that's a very calm and reasonable assessment one more before we get to the next segment Koop. Hey guys we got a good idea. And colonel it was really cool listen to you talked speaking this morning it was like old times back in the days of live I remember La area. And lap earlier this big I called in and I got kind of cut off because I think you guys thought I would happen attribute question which I really wanted to. It tight end of the day here's my point. I don't get a question about who would deprive rebel blog about twelve total time and the answer applicant will what you would. Say I'm Gilbert. Many. Andy Miller at the looked like don't stay in terms of what a guy did for a program. That 111. NCAA title. Didn't you talk about the rabbit hole here part about that got to go back and look at all that stuff that spam Gilbert did. For UCLA. That probably led to a ton of those titled are we gonna pull those banners down UCLA. And I think. Why you hear the question here is yeah okay. There has been done for so long and by its own right. I think you're just. If we want a change if Obama like you're gonna to have to draw a line in the stand up. Congress aren't knew the kind of like PE he's been there in sport bigger but you know a lot. Up until this decade. We end we decided not to do it darn thing about this for a hundred years. But now we now we're gonna step in and go from there very forward. If we catch you done that stuff now is the problem but. We're gonna go back and take down. We wouldn't eleven title we're not gonna change him from the great. Basketball a difficult time to the please give basketball court at all times but if you ever read what I am Gilbert did you feel like I'm period. What what. We'll just gone blue house indoor alone right at school when we just I mean just on him all alone yet. Yeah let's go out. And then the other discouraging paper media is based on what they found out I'm that in here live in the year and watch and first take on me at the end. And they've got a look they've got a graphic up there with all the logos. Of the yeah you've got meant it. And right there on the screen that the Wichita State logo right alongside the Louisville logo that. Just does not make net you know and it locked. Don't lump all the cool intimate space basket. And and we are certain that a basket is full of people who did very little and people who went over the top yeah I. Yes it did get worked up at a bad name just didn't put up there which I think if it doesn't look. Bad optics I'm not gonna put a lot of up from earlier in the wake of that I think he got a thought it was great he does not a trivia question in the middle of all that. Well circling back around now that this came out makes 100% cents for your questions. Now thank you and thanks to thanks to listen cracked. 8691240. I don't wanna hear what you have to say about the probe all I don't know if you wanna go to C Kevin Hart. Kevin our tickets. The irresponsible tours April 12 I got a pair for you right here right now he 691240. God knows what we're gonna talk about next segment because everything we wanted to talk about a got blown out but hey that's okay sports we will continue after this.