NCAA Tournament Update

Golic & Wingo
Friday, March 16th

Trey Wingo and Chris Canty talk NBA with Stephen Jackson and then get into the start of the NCAA Tournament with help from Seth Greenberg, Porter Moser and more.


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There was a story in the Monday Morning Quarterback that got a lot of attention amateur it was an interesting it was interesting nugget. And it was from a MM QB. About baker mayfield. And the line went something like this later on Tuesday mayfield received an alert from a trusted source that he had a tale in Norman. A private investigator he was told was tracking his movements. On behalf of the team. The MM QB was unable to verify the identity of that team and it should come as no surprise that any NFL franchise considering a minimum all for your commitment and twenty something million dollars to a 22 year old Mike to like to know how he spends his nights near his old stomping grounds. First and foremost. That's a terrible private investigator doctor hodac recruited on already got caught are ready. That's a terrible private investigator via the whole idea of a PI a tale is do not know that your being tailed yes that's the whole thing yes okay. Secondly that's pilloried and coo. I can't believe that. That is absolutely what this team should be doing if their interest and make me feel. But that's what teams do this time a year that's exactly when I was coming on 2000 pretty much on my crazy told me. Listen this is what NFL teams do to try to find out as much information as they possibly can't do the background checks to all mine so. You can understand. That they're doing this would baker may feel especially when he's back in Norman Cousins culpable sending walk right it's his environment you wanna see how he acts how is gonna conduct himself. Because when you bring into an NFL city. You gotta trust that when your quarterback leave the building he's got to do the things. Outside of the facility that align with the goals that are trying to accomplish while there in the building doing their work so you don't want out a quarterback to beat. Could be out in the in the community and put. Put up a headline that could embarrass the team so it's important that you know what you're getting in his situation so this is par for the course this is exactly what all NFL teams do. With all these draft prospects. Yeah look. This couple things we can make clear about this number one this is not. Unusual just as happens now that doesn't mean it wasn't Adrian news weather won't be clear about that it was a great nugget. That they put in the MM QB and as interesting and got a lot of people's attention the fact that it got back to be committed fielder's is just norm really interesting part so number one this is standard operating procedure. Number two this is absolutely. What team should be doing. If they have questions. About a guy who was as high profile as baker mayfield in the most important position in team sports in this country. And let's be clear. Makers at some things in his past that a major say. All right what are. And we with a scheme not to meet some of a minding your stupid. Like the planning the Oklahoma flag Ohio State gimme a break that that's a big deal give me a break it if that upsets you. Go watch another sport you're okay is that is. Competitive juices things blowing all that kind of stuff and that's just him. Being exit I have zero problem with now what you do out in Kansas with the crowd and in those type yes gestures can do good not so great but to be everybody to be fair to baker there. It was the Kansas players who decided they're going to be tough guys and not shake his hand starting the game don't you butcher killed had a quarterback re you know and you are a 100% right there. But let's be honest about what accelerated that portion of the program of course you gotta be fair I'm sure they and then the Kansas players were taken some liberties with the whistle. It's and it's on baker may feel like it that's ulcer or not that's what that's gonna happen at the next hour or so so how is Greta respond in that situation now what's a quarterback to stay cool comic collectors correct the other issue obviously him running away from the police and I'm getting case and having got a oh shoot. That is the biggest red flag of all you have happen in the offseason and that's somebody you're gonna have to deal with. So. Absolutely team should be doing this if you have questions. You have unlimited resources right now you have unlimited funds to make sure you get this right in the draft is the most inexact science careers I say this every year. That is why we spend so much time going to every single detail and every single nuance and gathers much information as you can. Because history tells us even the best pick supposedly the first round but a 5050 shot at best joke about a 5050 shot. That's why I think it's so much more important that teams get it right we're baker may feel with the stuff that's away from football and the character stuff what's in his chest what's in his head because. He's not gonna be a kitten every single NFL locker room you know it's gonna take a very. Specific type of culture for baker to be able to realize his potential. An NFL teams have got an okay we have the environment to be able to absorber kid to have this kind of concerns. Whereas if you're going to someplace else someplace that doesn't have the leadership. The oil from experienced players I don't know that you wanna bring baker an economy in my army but you don't find that information out until you talk to the kid you sit down with them and you see how he behaved. Especially in an environment that is comparable. Yeah the goat boy what have we saw those videos of Johnny men's cell where and when he was there's his ex im wearing jerseys walked in the parties elect a look you just wanna do your due diligence so three things eight this happens all the time. Beat it's exactly what teams should be doing at the orange and baker mayfield and see most importantly. Get a better PI yeah. Right you could talk about choosing their money back and hit it into good detail if you knew if baker knew about detail. That's the headline right there that's the best part of that the bus as the best nugget. In that entire story is that somehow some way. The private investigator was not private enough I don't understand how that you rely following baker Mahuad one job I knew that one job one job do not get noticed and get some help that guy was noticed. Always good. Can we go on the podcast and great way to go unlike gold senior. You lose Stephen. NBA champion have your own story about you have a material when you did you know though it wasn't it's to get dirt on me though who it was it's only keep the dirt off me. And I mean the six feet dirt you know. Dollars and and there's my rookie year allows Stephon Marbury comes to amend his wing. And him enough bad Joseph of real close friends. You know stuff play with the terrorists Warren royal colleges and all that and while I was out as my first time in New York you know arc from sex is my pants when it was so starts at Pakistan about it says that's how aware are close so. The day I got here the first faced them let them be anything that the new appointed in my pants like ten minutes. As I brought I take you to get some teams some baggage he's surprisingly shopping and I meant dead zone there. And as you know I was a rescue team. Moral source are everywhere I wince is that bases meat spreads are yet to gas follow me everywhere I went in New Jersey New York the whole moral rookie season while at the clue. He needs a composite closed saying man you are right and my guess. Ahmanson these guys everywhere we had these two guys probably all my whole would you season makes our straight. Michelle are beginning in so worlds and we scholes so in other words from the first time you met fat Joseph. Your rookie year. Suddenly he had two guys just following your enemy Germany was okay yeah in Hague is still from. From Santa stuff embraced him as though brother rent so he felt like it was his duty to those who look out for me to when they are all new I never been New Yorkers are hours talking. I held on. Oh yeah. I know the truth they tell you don't ark which if you say fits into. You're not it's. In a zoo is heavily had a dead giveaway today you're out for me I'm washing Syria now wash the Washington there is an argument so so what was their concern. That they made sure he can see where you just going places on your own New York did you never yeah I mean they've based. I don't know a lot of plays by myself you know air is that you know obviously get a tax the guys who dropped out of New York. And you know I was in Queens are being armada nozzle Harlem right senators like you know you gotta you gotta know UH you know city got a sick in and I didn't know. How to take in so they may shoot at people around in our time. While annoy you about that's all you. Well I was given to an Oakland I get to where I realized I. I thought if I'm wrong I'm not there's no rough on he's the best that it intended to keep your dad's influence do you clearly know right. You know under cry I can't tell who's got it oh ruin your whole code. Does Stephen Jackson era doesn't studio let's talk a little bit about something that. Happened last night in Oklahoma strain young allowed people think he's going to be a top ten pick in the NBA draft. Oklahoma goes down the first round. Now he traded at a very interesting start to his career at at Oklahoma's. Put a lot of shots a lot of assist doing great things but as the season went on tree sort of wore down. And he's not the thickest framed guy out there he's east peace Fannie slight enjoys a guy who's been through the NBA wars literally and figuratively. For a lot of years and knows what it takes to succeed in that league. What do you think you trailed prospects at the next level well he's deadly will be a pro and of course about that but. He to meet personally that he's not physically fit and MBA yeah. The reason why everybody's high on him because nobody plays defense more this is scorned and everybody shoot threes. Everybody can score he does that whale eating get his Saudi can get to the basket but he's not finished and was simple it is and he's not finished and over at the days of Marcus Cousin of that so. That's going to be a tariff on I and when I was say stand at the end comets you know as I believe he's kiddies come on hostile dividend amount of money yet so go make you money. But I think Eagles are and I don't think I think he's gone you know stepping dig this dog killers this six year right in the NBA so it is not take a sometime because I'm pleased by Israeli. Until you talk about traditional seven footers betray Leon let's talk about somebody that finished over seven foot last night the bronze a donkey I don't merchants. Was so ugly. Mansour was us on apples and on my social media MI. My and cavs who was Ole ball OK okay WPA there's no visitors how do you react. You had to personally he's done it's a gun it don't do so bad over that the death brought it was one of the best the rob as does his career in year fifteen up. Now as you so he's still doing it at eye level. He's gonna how low you know it just just the way he approached the game now I don't think nobody. No works harder to announce nobody wants to be as great in the game like LeBron wants to be wants to go and how would join. We cobras and he's playing like not having made all those trades righted the deadline and of course Kevin Love out of a lot of Pete talked about that a little bit last night and in their recent struggles you word about this team in the policies yet because. We normally see Cleveland teams. The least in this part of the year win against his post to win they lose to a lot of sorry team lattes something's not even in the playoffs. And you you you are we always say when LeBron is Ron and and he is elegance and a it's at a finals I don't see it happen is you are obviously within those who are thing he has the experience. I did the guys they traded away we're guys that had experience yes cry hour from Boston has been in the playoffs you have a lot of government team has been. In knows war as the guys he has now they're kind of young and I think they causes Thomas Basra there are just give LeBron a bar watching them do all the work. What did you make. Obviously you love the don't mean what did you make. Of LeBron saying. That don't will go down in history well this is my thing and I and I say it is all the time we owe me be clear the love LeBron we always unbelievable. But what he's the only player. That pats himself the only superstar. That I've ever seen in the NBA that pats himself on the back every time we do some he has only superstar then asked to be told he's great. So we're not only want to know I don't know wars and yeah even your Hummer the season went numb there was drug rep for Israeli roses that lounge is doing my part bright you know I didn't at 30000 congratulate themselves no other superstar has done it so he has to be toe. He's great for some reason you don't want is done. Yeah I mean. If they had a comment earlier I'm aging like fine wine in May be is. But what it would be so much more well received. If somebody else were saying you want to complement our already right now under complicated government more now utility I mean it's it's just it just seems weird. For all the things that he's accomplished in his career that he feels the need to sort of you know. You'll pat them on the back everything they found a broad like you'll be just I mean you you brought a championship to Cleveland if you try not to my daughter at her right as a budget Bridget to Cleveland. You want a couple in Miami you've got to their three straight years in Cleveland you've been to seven straight potentially even though you don't think so. An eighth straight MB of it just seems a little bizarre. What you know yes the defender's legs and trade because everybody's always compared him to Michael jordans in Jordan never lost in the finals and it does feel like LeBron is a little bit insecure about his legacy because he wants to be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players would not be greatest. Ever much like what it was I really aren't going down as one of the greatest player in the history people hold him in Jordan in a different guard and hold them in a different regard is not I do too I think he's though I'm not the cuts are about the he's the best all around player ever the NBA's ever seen. I think John is the best player. The NBA's they're receiving Kobe is the best score. Then they have three different categories in the let's break that that's really Anderson when you say Jordan is the best player. But LeBron is the best all around player what's the difference what's the delineation between those two caddick well when they player. 66 ratings right. Undefeated in finals got you I'll give everyone an MVP of every one out of the dead that does just the dominance of the gang you know arm. Nobody's ever done for the game on and off the court like games ahead you know he's a trends. You know. I'm I don't think anybody that would talk about anybody being the logo of the NBA with size Zorn right you know this is this is what he's done for the game. Now you talk about LeBron in those talks but it. It it would and it'd never exceed Michael Jordan because what he's done for the game how dominant he was in the gang you know you can never say Jordan wasn't didn't have killer instinct. You can send them join them play defense. You can't say Zorn was there was give and take less than you can ever Cesar was gonna think masri toast. Any things that by Zoran he's run into the ball right we've seen times when the brawn. Defer to carry we've seen time LeBron and had a killer instinct he can never say that about Kobe and Jordan. Right at no time OK so what makes men in your mind LeBron the best all around player in the guy's numbers right look at is that he does everything I mean. This did that. This guy's 68. And Arabs it's double doubles. You know out of it is magic did it but Mets didn't do it in that fashion no no it Dornan a dominant fashion right you know every night fifteen years they know is is this. Is this everything he brings to the game everybody's play whip every team he's been on. He just didn't make to a three guys better he made a whole organization better and wanting about a run a people don't talk about. The other person is off the court you never see an athlete. Stand up our stuff that's gone on to speak up as much LeBron has spoken being met you other face of the NBA he's the first ever do that. Yes he certainly is it's it's always an interesting discussion with you because there are. There are ways to Parse that I think the way you just put it down most perfect in the well when you look at those three players and their greatness across the board is NBA champion Stephen Jackson futures also a secret servicemen and now he's got he's got the dark suit on he was walking around with the shades onto it like 645 I'm like dude you are your straight a protective I I don't I don't see whereas is more that's all good partner it is all good but is it still all good with Golden State. They've gotten a little banged up now down the stretch you got Klay Thompson with a fracture on his right thumb that's his shooting some you've got the ankle that has continued to be. The lack of better term nagging with Seth Curry if anything's gonna trip these guys up will be these kind of things. Brackets. Leave that anybody is even think about when it's Emerson you ought to be thanking the basketball gauze right now because if you want to go to they want to playoffs. In any type of form you want to beat a run that's the best chance you have because I had not having a one seat that's not. That's not big enough Brent they'd been in this championship they want essentially without KD. They want want 111 with with him so when they have them the first you don't quite a resin that these guys know what it takes to win and the way to approach to decision it's not taking care less about you know once he gets. They ran and everybody concurred that the players they're let go earlier and our heels and a lot of that patina pop strategy you know I was arrest my guys will will will take have been as in the past are now worried are these guys this season. They got a season go to stabbed Abby are right and they got arguably the best in the world AB. Yeah and by the way Katie are questionable tonight with sore ribs. Questionable there and on your good I think the other the other issues nobody knew that once I think he'll take care of itself right but you know we've seen this issue. With. With the ankle awesome really from December on I mean he missed some time in December we thought he'd be back for Christmas Day was back for Christmas Day. When these things tend to linger is does that make give you any concerns that there may be cracked just from a physical standpoint in the foundation of what should be the team that wins at all. Yeah I mean you got to learn about stuff I go as it happens so often but for me. From the Pasko be years when it's time to go he ready to go. When against count you know sand they they they make sure they shoot a low whatever they gotta do. The mesa is ready to play so I'm not I'm not I can't sound worried you know maybe first round they lose the first game with so much debt a second gang but now I'm just has been banged up. I think the arrests arrests that have been as much less if they did the Katie Wright they risk the KB. As steps to go to Boca indices indicate came back and and when it's camps of so this arrest might help in a while we talk about injuries would scorn always a former team the spurs. A lot of it you know I talked to local wire a couple of times man before talks on I was thinking like OK may I know pop unplanned there. And I know he cares more about. While a person before it acquired a player. And that's less what people love pop he makes it known that okay yeah I have a job to do that the coach you guys have to win against app to keep the organization. Fifty plus wins every year playoffs every year. But you are my guys are you know. I treat you like human beings first and since I was looking at this story like OK well maybe popped cares more about why. Long term the new plan now Macon playoffs right now and that's what it is you know pop doesn't walk a lot of what they give her. NB Sinatra when he gains next year. Pop he wanted everybody know pop wants to win wants to have fifty games wanna make the playoffs but he cares more about his players. More than winning games and that's why we are respect him as well we all love him. Because he he makes it known that he cares more about is not about basketball so it with what we've all that being out there. Wasn't a surprise to the way the sort of played out with cool wise people on the spurs them. Well no because as as you look at every every player it's a second opinion yes beyoncé and and and that's everybody. And sometimes they'd they'd they go at odds within the day when you with the spurs probably gonna let this is our tackle while field as players we know how we feel. You know whether we are OK I know I'm able to go play. All I know. You know this is my body only I know. But it then build up I'm a blessed is sort of going down like that with the spurs organization and Pavlovic is why gonna stay with the spurs beyond next season you know I'll sell because our I don't think this is that a point. Where. He's frustrated don't wanna be there but you tunnel Markel while limit. He can go somewhere else and and be great you know and an Ambien a bigger market make more money. But mean no on prop me uncle while they they're listen visits that I just think that. Winner right now is nonpolitical while bin another long term ends the Steven Jackson was one last question for what's more likely to happen then this offseason because the NBA offseason is almost as entertaining that as a regular at your earliest. What's more likely happened call why leaving San Antonio LeBron leaving Cleveland. I've yet. Malloy and jump idea duh I got LeBron leave in down and go on to Texas whether San Antonio Houston. Really wow LA UCLA and fill all that though the recruiting that LA lob brawn and and the signs that Philadelphia's to finish the process you don't you think they're out of a big hit here or go to Philly for go to LA and Leslie LA is to bring in another big name but right the broadest say some Jordan wants those championships. And is not going to be Cleveland though he hasn't relocate so you you think Houston San Antonio that's the best ways to me. Wound while in the talk about why yeah. The beard Chris Paul and LeBron yes. Why Leonard and LeBron yes spooked me that that means you don't know that value go to federal this is why we like Steven on the shelf. This is Bobby likes to you know who else yearlong tale from vet Joseph the rapper ice run in Texas one winter. Stephen has always refrigerators and Anthony could be on the show. Only you can window the podcast what are DA would show what kind of odds I want a great sports guys last. No doubt about it yeah. Don't finally got rebuilt what are the Clark street crater the mother of all potholes sold yet. Year after or renting a year gets to the people of this town they try to fill it. But it always returns becoming good. But you know they got to do you know. And yeah trashed a bottle yes yes I am going to land is here to help planes go right state farm. And to an eighteen today. When cities to college hoops experts one. Rover sport ESPN's week's Davis NG built in boy of the ultimate. Turn in the road trip. Doesn't this time you're gay you don't like nor the time kids everything is wonderful about storytelling. And drama and sports and competition. We've been few something that's never been done before I'm gonna make my mark with this is a long way from Kristen Blake there I had one day exactly five years ago. Reports today and Paul Pierce don't wanna pull off but it's not gonna put in the work more now got to be mentally and physically ready. Setting the stage in San Antonio boy never been done before challenge to destinations. Portis breaks for big moment I think you can or no problem list I have to comfort. Their big moment weeks watching Slash wind rover sport Land Rover of book and beyond. Seth Greenberg joins us in studio to give us the straight talk. And here's some straight talk brought you by straight talk talk let's just suppose best know awards don't hold back tray gonna judge you know look I I gotta be gotta gotta be square. You worn alone because number four Arizona is out of the tournament they were picked to win the tournament in almost 5% of all brackets. I submitted on More than number one Xavier more than number twos Purdue in Cincinnati and number threes Michigan Tennessee and Texas tech's whole lot of people. You were alone a lot of people were all in on the item I sold you did your did chatter laughter. Listen I don't like I can I because I know separatist podcasts. Bill courts I would Greenberg docket is one of the best in college basketball like. I know my guys set knows everything there is no about this camp I would Jim fossil on your vice all in tips of the middle of the table. I know participants my worlds like hell for this matter what happened. What happened. It and try. I'm a plain and simple to me it was embarrassing. I mean right from the beginning I mean look their weaknesses always been the ability to guard the ball the point of attack I have been a Parker Jackson called it fair. Just he's not physically strong little guards have got to disrupt. Offensively defense they've got to get only make other guys veteran defense of that got to turn yet pester yet turned over. And distort. He has to do those things having said that. There are other dude studio and analog searcher who shot selection was a joke they didn't compete defensively to speed on the glass dating get a 5050 ball. Everything that you would look at and say you know what is this important to me. They didn't do. There was no competitive spirit. Char Miller could not get them to respond to them. Our action DNJ probably played harder than they were also their team no but across the board it was embarrassing performance it was a performance from a team that said. I Matty here wanna get this over with that whole team is blown up. You're talking about five seniors you're talking while forcing his role Dawkins who knows what's gonna happen Sean Miller. Next year Arizona in my mind will be in the bottom. Three of the pack while being total rebuild mode and in disarray. So so the whipping about this and we'll get to what this meant for both look at they'd they Playgirl are got Rivera and their guards are good big big chill Arizona's guards out of the term that's exactly what happened but this is such a contrast south to what we saw. From Arizona in the run through the tackle Jim did you just a couple of days ago. What happened they pump fake me I left my feet I can tell that I am I mean we were all crossed over that's that's the question what happened it was at the stage was at the pressure and I think what was even more I mean. When you know fifteen seconds after the game in richer and eight and are announcing. The department draft which everyone knows or can do right but out of respect for your teammates and a respect for your program and respect for your coaches. All right train young was terrific yesterday should you always do get with the families in the circle up he's gonna I would situation and you know make a decision. That's too respectful way to do things. Fifteen seconds later after the game I Matty here if you know that's says. YQU. Is doing into the beginning Warrick intuit to start the game and I although I think gate and tried harder. I thought watcher was selfish I thought that. To me. They're too when you gotta be connected like I watched Kentucky yesterday and Davidson runs great conference great movement great spacing. But when the game is on the line. Those dudes play to their strengths made late to win and they got stops OK I was really fun game are as follows a well played game. If you watched Inzaghi and you watch you know what killing Tilly didn't play well in that later. But they they competed they fought they found the way to grind it out you know they dealt with the adversity like adversity reveals character. If adversity reveals character you've got to question the character of those Arizona kids in terms of how they play that's just the way it is so. I'll disappointing on church on his sick through some stomach can now. Now it's it's really time for Arizona and their border regions and in athletic administration to look at things Sarah. Where we go from here. That is the question with with start with the Arizona and the buffalo side of it is really matters go to buffalo some really amazing what do you think about what they did yesterday in their chances going operatives. Kentucky. I was sent hardest by toughest team finds a way to win and I'm siesta in buffalo was the hardest point tufts team. I do think that Kentucky this is a wake up call for Kentucky in terms of seeing how hard those display. You know you can't help but be impressed win in their toughness and their maturity their shop making. I think countries when it came actually think it's amazing image I'm cal Pryor once again he figured his team out and the like felt the last hour before right. You know he put on the slipper you know it's the craziest thing a world that we had a money he's like look this team was frustrating all yearlong that we. We found a way to get it done. In the SEC turner but he said. He he was he was terrified about Davidson he really our lives. I talk to join every day he was terrified about the dangers to our team to prepare for because. They invert they cut so hardy reads screens they play with space they attack you in transition but have a toughness about him. That's a hard open and especially. Because they cut so hard in this screening is so good the hardest thing for freshman to do. Is to communicate that to get into talks will now and so do we switch to a sale weeks tendon strain. You know. Defense transition we get matched up you have five freshman trying to figure that out you know that was impressive. Mean they give us some buckets but for them to win that game and execute and gaffe it's a man down the stretch and we start the season similar you know Kentucky they don't have a great point guard do you think John Wall you figure it. You know this guy you think Iraq I think they are sharks they got a great point guard whose name is name issue a gun just Alexander. And he is a really good he's going to be a lottery pick he's gonna make a lot of money. He really well so the other and I feel like the Arizona sort of I salute put to decide how loyal Chicago was able to do to me that was the at the quintessential NCAA tournament game because. If you can't make shots and you can make free throws down the stretch and that was Miami's an undoing you end up losing games like that in the tournament. Yeah I mean Miami could put him away again several times got turnovers. Silly turnovers which has been you know a little bit of problem for them but Lil one doing blow insults I think about that last place. No time I needed given a class team every seniors juniors. Pushed the ball you know what cows didn't have a good shot what do you do they strive play gives it up in her knocks on the jumper. They had a toughness about him well I played with good spacing now mine is better. But I'm not sure that mentally physically emotionally loyal and tougher. They were great demo of Porter moser on global later to talk about all right do that I only feel had a direct connection to god through sister genome and that they have got up about bracket where so. A you have a coach there's extra little bit their over the round match at UN refugee are you a little bit concerned about the way their play I'm not not at all and the I do get three answered by attorney Andrew has game. Everyone has a game like at a mile and I was Virginia. We went to the final four would be I own at the Bonser actually got to stop at the buzzer. Com you have to get through one of them and they won't without killing Philly play well and really harsh from our planet while I'm in those two guys I think we're four for like. Eighteen in the game right so they win those guys struggling. Jonathan Williams is really good Perkins made some plays obviously a normal an aunt and Aaron America spurt made some plays. They did with a had to do to win mate they were really good defensively. So now that's one of those games you get through. Greensboro played really hard playing had a purpose a little greens per day if you're under gore talked part of the upset you've got to own that tempo and rhythm of the game. So what they did by trapping and scrambling and extending their defense. They actually had to jagr reacting to them mean as opposed to them reacting to get zag and that was really important that kept them in the game but. He can't go like three for like. Life from three point yeah that's not part of the ought to be upset. We know you gotta get run do sports and so it. College wrestling a Seth Greenberg is there with a so even though my you're Arizona thing went up in flames as yours you'll want. Give me the upsets you think they're gonna happen today one of the potentials like we saw yesterday from Loyola Chicago and buffalo. Well I think a couple I think I think Charleston could get Auburn. I trust and three guys an average of seventy points a game upper class team very good guard play Auburn relies on turning you over. Not treat maternal Joseph Chile and Roberson and Brent sir that's one I think New Mexico State Clemson Clemson travel across country they do objection they arrest. New Mexico State has a really good scoring off then. They rebound they defend. The assistant coach Christian as is a former Gregg Marshall assistant they play angry they have a toughness about him they've got athletes. Those two right I think an interest in game to watch. Today is. Florida State misery in part Michael Moore Michael Porter you know dirt burnout is suspended for that game right so mark ports could probably play 3035 minutes. Can he take over the game. Our century in the athletic but they don't remember the offensive end and they get another great job of defending the three Missouri shoots a three. It'll be interesting for Michael Porter and a couple levels can he carry Missouri literally on his back which has been the issue and that back will be under scrutiny for a lot of NBA scouts to see how well it is and and send them a full week of practice and he had three days of practice for a play that. She she turned McCain now is now full week of practice. That didn't compete if they've got other guys I mean area they've got other guys that can make that can play. Cash is Robertson can really really play and and is is kind of a guy that can make shots a fifth year senior with some maturity his brother John Tate. Porter Barry good and potentially great and German Toma from court players should get the bigs and athletes. The good people differences in Farsi that knowledge for me was why you should always listen to the courtside Greenberg dockets podcast despite the doesn't get an error I thought I must like the fact that he had Arizona and whatever I think it was the docket shocked by the weight. Enter doctor trying to quickly. Awesome to place yesterday touting how tapped the ball I castle hill and took the charge. I was texting back and forth through a boy he these square he said life is wonderful yes and I reportedly admitted to Boise early days which goes on or play back. Can we go the high. It was all sort of one big Jaya jello mold the barriers to show anywhere about why. So obviously a big part of that day was the the inevitable signing we knew if Kirk cousins. On a lot of people are saying Teddy well the way this contractors contractors structured is gonna change. The way contracts are done a free agency. You will not. What kind of contracts may be quarterback as contracts and I've always steady rise said this a few years ago that may be quarterbacks on should be slotted in their own separate salary cap actually so. I think if I'm oppositional player defense of in like the defense of tackle linebacker. I think you know this is different quarterbacks may be can sarge demand guaranteed contracts but. Position of players. Quarterbacks are different they're different people. All right they're different to have much more on their plates in the regular position so much more responsibility that this guaranteed contract is something for. Other quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers Latin Mo like Matt Ryan that. Like Tom Brady that they can look at in May before their next Wednesday. I'm looking for good guaranteed money and that's the reason that that's that's going to be the factor that's gonna get me to stay or get me to go so quarterbacks yes. Guys like this is not gonna. Not gonna happen in Britain where it to us that it has been an exodus in New England this offseason just forget I have met Patricia they're going now taking a coaching gigs. You look at what happened over free agency Malcolm Butler he went and decided he was gonna go silent at Tennessee Titans. They sold to some of the new enzymes in most young Lewis lost Danny Amendola. What do you think about what's going on there and is Bill Belichick going to be able to all set to mitigate some of the lost are in its good to Josh came back. Are there going downhill and doesn't talk and I didn't came back here he wanted to go was gonna go we don't tell but I'm. I'm with you Chris because. It is I mean compared to what they did last year remember last year in free agency Stephon Gilmore yup the code just you know coney believes it was that all my gosh this is not what they usually do go this year this is what you usually used to seeing what happens in New England right and two things two words that their allergic to and then organization's highest paid rent high speed they're not gonna they don't want to make guys the highest paid not entitle ever right now. Writes about something they don't wanna do. Bill Belichick won't be intimidated by numbers or won't be intimidated by players that are leaving Dion Lewis great player. Running back that that a lot of special things he gets somebody else in and they can do similar things. They believe they can't I mean I think makes older though Nate sold wreck that left tackle position directly correlates to the hope Tom Brady. Could it could it still affect him. Dante Dante Scarnecchia is there so don't tell ago got the offensive line coach that's gonna help. I tell you what though you can't coach clutch right and that's what Danny Amendola wise and these these receivers. The one hamstring pull away from the supported six weeks that's just how it is it's an explosive positioning you need depth. And Danny called and Danny playoff he did a lot of good things in the playoffs he was clutch. And really truly believe that you can't coach clutch and that's what Danny was. But you've got Julian Edelman coming back but still these guys go in and out of the lineup gronkowski goes in and out of the lineup. Maybe see something in Malcolm Mitchell. Coming back the under on the rookie that got hurt so they have plans you can see sort Brian's formulating throughout two throughout free agency like buffalo you see that plan formula forming in buffalo AJ McCarron they got all the pics they're moving up they keep Kyle Williams Cleveland. There at least ten players arrested and read it right all right Ari Dorsey I can see what you. I always real players and everybody always knows the plan is always in organic and fluid in the wing or you talk about the organization always have a plan and Josh McDaniels did technicals doubled in Saudi was gonna back out. In my opinion you go back out of my head coaching job unless you've had some resources from the organization that's going to be a coach who rather than later. We have an idea of whether there's a succession plan in place between Belichick and Josh McDaniels. Now I mean I've I've heard bill I've heard of so many times talking about not in the next Marv Levy Rwanda he may be. I don't know I don't know you know it's it's just. You know Stevens there Brian's they're his sons are there in Iraq I would anticipate them taking their quarterback with a second or third round pick this year I mean it's it's. They see the room I mean they want to have always competition they also didn't wanna have competition at every position and also. Development potential development so of course at the quarterback position they wanna have that they'll bring some young quarterback in. Bill. That is just just sold just. Robotics for him over and over every single year like what do I do in January. February martz. June I'm gonna go to Nantucket for a few days are those alt a few days yeah it just doesn't notice they'll go take two or three can go out there on that seven rings both that he hasn't gets in Nantucket blues went. That's what that's that he does I don't see him leave and anytime soon. Look he he he is what he is at this point and he is lifeblood is coaching there's no question about it Tedy Bruschi. Are fine ESPN analyst in sad thought Arizona along with us this morning bear them but let's let's talk a little bit about one name that you guys just sort of throughout their New England. That hasn't been discussed at all really since the end of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles we knowing Amendola is leaving Julian when we think will be coming back and remember. Element was great he was better than old for for a lot of years but seminoles stepped up no question so yes feel OK there. They'll always find a running back they do that mean later on had eighteen touchdowns they let him go. They were still fine in the running game they resent Rex Burkhead by to a shout out to Rex Burkhead. You must be really good because you almost severed Tom Brady's throwing thumb and everything to back up out there are so there's still keeping him around. But you mentioned one name in passing there. It's Rob Gronkowski. He was quite. Open about the possibility of him retiring. In fact we you remember the way that question was asked of him. After the Super Bowl loss to Philadelphia he said we heard. That you were talking with people who block when that your thinking about retiring his responses. How did you hear about that it wasn't all I don't know where you heard that no words they're worth that that talk was real. And he opened up to it we haven't heard anything. Teddy from grown since then and where are you on the idea that ground may or may not be coming back. A there there are certain times in the NFL calendar on when players are the most emotional yes. And the players are the most emotional whenever you season ends whenever your season and it's almost like. There's just this week that just comes off of the UN's dropped and all of a sudden you do is you start thinking about things you reflect he start to feel the injuries a little bit more because the adrenaline is gone it doesn't have to be there anymore site. I don't know what I wanna do I just don't know what I wanna do in that and that passes that's one point when that season and the other the other time is in training camp. Get ready and we starred doubt yourself a man do I wanna do this again when you get to that second third week of training camp and get sort it gets. The grind you recognize the grind is starting to starting to happen again. I don't trust what players say during most correct I don't I don't and Rob Gronkowski is still the best tight end in the game in my pains I cause he would be he would be foolish to walk away I think. Football's in his blood he's a football player he's got a WWE wrestler whatever he's talking about doing. He has a lot of fun with that he's done with that done that in the past but. I don't see him not playing for the New England Patriots next year because just because of that time where. If you're opening your honest during those times you'll you'll. Contemplate your career. I'd say. After a year five every single year ray because but just the time that you do it becomes shorter maybe think about if for a few days then becomes a week in beacons two weeks with and it's like it's gone. I'm ready to go let me get the weight room again bright and I think the fact that we haven't heard from him since that bodes well right when there's a normally. Does it mean there have been a couple cryptic tweets are right they're a little bit I mean but him trying to dispute a couple reports but still. Grunt seven fun and easy you know he's he's he's in the offseason mode I think mean the offseason program around April if he's still you know Litton clues out about it then. I guess or to configure conspired to sort of take it seriously but he also I think he believes he needs to be paid a little bit more money yet tonight also agree with him there. Yeah although he'll review the patriots. What three back surgeries going back to Arizona there is that concern and let's be honest for all the other players that that the patriots have. The you know lift the lid lifter and Brandon cooks and Julian Edelman who just as clutch is Danny Yemen don't all those things. Outside of Tom. The one difference maker on that offense when push comes this job of is Rob Gronkowski here is if he were to leave that would by far. Be the most devastating loss you can say that. I mean they wanna Super Bowl without him they did but they have now been bad and all members ten games I get and he made a difference and every every one of those ten but. They'd find a way to find a way so I think it is have that attitude but definitely. Patriots nation myself all those coaches know they are better with him absolutely and in an especially Tom he wants in there who is the biggest threat to the patriots in the AFC this year I was definitely buffalo in my opinion I mean I I recognize that plan is going on and one of the one of the biggest signings in my opinion it was. Resigning your own like Kyle Williams like all right I call these guys like like culture changes and when Sean McDermott came in Chris the only thing the great person one name that came out of his mouth every single time you had a kept its press conference and talked about culture is Kyle Williams how we've Williams is leading the way he's in the locker room says in the example so to bring him back is crucial because that culture will continue to. Organically developed under him. This is what happens and you got one of these guys the relief all of a sudden you got some younger guys sit on the Kyle's gone now. Do I got to step up may be that emotional leader I got to show that I got to show everybody what it's about now and guys that could use in and we do that and get out of here may get. You know caught that's not a darn upbeat crowd you got him just do you gotta do what you gotta do some guys don't see certain guys that way other guys think. Yet that is my way I got to start to do this and develop the show that I can lead so then it's confusing is did you. Is it meek who's gonna do it and it takes a little bit of time to develop the next leader they don't have to do that now Russia stays constant with cowardly and still be in. We had let me go yesterday right about the importance of making sure you factory and leadership we're considering decisions in free agency and the draft so that's at 60 yeah consistently or so to hills in the AFC are the biggest threat to nearly AFC east let's say if you become conservatives or old well there's always talk this whole conference what AFC east meat and for the bills and right in front just try to clarify I think definitely got Lisa got a recognized Jacksonville he's still have to recognize that the Pittsburgh steeler little move little moves at the Jacksonville Jaguars are made Troy get in and Andrew nor won't get in another corner. Are getting in another receiver yards in a note and I do not big moves but that there are important move their little moves that comp. Men who already are correct and that's huge growth as we were a good running team or better and better for that isn't a big myself. Let's go house yeah I don't know things like that and it's comfortable taken as a player we're going to stay the same. But now we're better with better players and so having that confidence going into OTA's and training camps is being the defense has just been accentuated Jacksonville. Mean there's not going to be a lot asked a blatant portals email does it mean complete me a 37 and a third made maybe two to three times a game when it's crucial can you do that. Well maybe not with his arm but still don't want fort correct he can get it done certain ways may be one out of the three is due by throwing the other two of their play man and I'm taken off like you get a lot of times in the playoff correct it's who I am it's what I'm gonna do is very difficult to defend sometimes. Eddie Bruschi was this in Studio One to move that we felt was somewhat curious is happening in Oakland. They're gonna bring in Jordy Nelson again assigned according to add chapter two year deal 151000013. Million guaranteed. Again or put out there I love the football farmer I think he great can still be very good receiver. But to do this John gruden are former colleague now the head coach of the raiders decided to let go Michael Crabtree. Now the chemistry Teddy between crab and Derek Karr over the last couple of seasons. Palpable I mean it was very you know. Marty Cooper was supposed to be that guy but for the better part of the last three seasons it has really been Crabtree being that guy what do you think of the idea bring an older. Little more injured Jordy and saying goodbye to a guy who's younger and their more productive and grabbed. Is this is this the product OK on this is this is ala hypothetically destroyed is this the product of a new head coach coming in and trying to craft the tone. Of the veteran players in the Los speaking of culture yet speaking of culture is that it mean to I have an older player. I do I have someone that maybe Crabtree yes you're talking about younger maybe a little bit more. I mean that the relationship with the quarterback or. To bring in a guy that I know that I think can also help me change a culture you know can also maybe maybe do I think that Jordan also provide a better example for me. On the field being a professional things like that. I don't have any inside knowledge of how Jon Gruden feels about Michael Crabtree but. Mean reading into this this this this plays into that I mean if you got a receiver like Crabtree that that. Derek Karr has spoken glowingly about about what he's done yeah and you get rid of him. Maybe he knows something that I don't know in terms of I'd rather get this out of here and get somebody in here that I know in terms of being a leader and shown a better example for my younger players. We we've gone through a lot of things here today and again lead the NFL will continue to prove the trick QA does it always does as were in what I call the player procurement season there's no off season Pope know there's the pre season. There's the regular season there's the post season and then there's the player procurement season the column by the pro days the draft. Free agency all that stuff is there one move that you've seen that may do we haven't talked about yet. That you like may be more than anything else that maybe isn't getting the pub that it should be getting. We get to linebackers let's doing give Anthony hicks let's do it going to Kansas City from Dallas because. When all the times that Sean Lee was out or Jim Smith that linebacker health problem they had down there in Dallas and hitch was in there. I mean this guy you met when I think he was. Was it Freeman in Atlanta when he got knocked yes you know that was spelled it out it's really know what the way he plays. And he's going to be 26 years this year this but the season starts a great young linebacker. Andy Reid is fired up about in the sounds like they're gonna play him every single down any talked about him being a great cover backer of in his press conference also went. Mean I recognize him vs the run and what he does there tone setter linebacker hard hitter good tackler. Love that signing by the chiefs in Los DJ they lost their jobs include placing their job and yet I mean. Great leader veteran guy you know got owes you gotta go of course that's the way it always happens when you bring in in this young justice. Firecracker of a linebacker that was fired up to watch last year. In other words for those who watch an NFL live to our radio backer turns his back. Yeah I agree on our radio gold can we go butter crackers and Tedy Bruschi and into you played against each other bridges right out of seven down their ballots were both undefeated didn't work out for us we'll examine you know blocking both of us down growing group whose music is always there we felt that we build that game up and it was you know it was Randy Moss and he's he was wearing 81 TO elsewhere in 81. And you guys went and I I don't want to respond to the back very moratorium almost Lilly's yeah no I don't think he's going to the Super Bowl still could be our fault 'cause we had the giants home game and a divisional round of the playoffs. We view twice in a regular doesn't. They beat us. They went on to win the NFC maybe to goes swipe Gabriel all the negative things when Teddy when guys and how would you sell right now as being those are my obviate the good teammate and now they're confidential data loses Super Bowl with who I got a humor back as they let you go so it's. All a matter if it's okay well I wouldn't say when you heard to be did you know him you got its got three though you've got a three part. Only can lingo. The podcast. Let's not expect too much there's only one person out there than expected wait to watch part of this guy surely we know that is simply. Father. Hey Eric and the glue stick so I have one job I can't staff so sorry for being jealous of Geico could doesn't tell you all are tricky the 24 sevenths access to thousands of licensed agents and Geico has been around for over 75 years and has a 97%. Customer satisfaction rating while I just got mediocre and he's a skills tackle also has an award winning mobile app. How Hudson Preston and knowing. In the boosted as many are. I don't expect great savings and a whole lot more we are delighted now to be joined. On the phone line by head coach Porter moser on the show opens or performance line taking synthetic motor oral performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today but coach congratulations. And your team is on a whole new level for the first time since 1985. After that big win. Yeah I had the team just run down the floor without calling a timeout. On Dante's big shot there what was the thought process by today I trust my guys let's let him go go let's let him go win it. No place they currently on a local example leader with a rare blood loss at the blood lead and I've had ever that great. I don't know if it's. Sucker. Of the debated thing about call a timeout and we have a thing what we call attack on lows are low clock whether it would it would download it as you that the tying basket get it out quick listen up the court. And you can do that when you got a result which god is great political downhill. You know sometimes. You can hear the announcer. Right it would definitely take that shot you got one timeout left the not to take it that thing doesn't go Obama I'm on the the quilt being grilled and you know it or look into depleted backcourt that. There's so many things about if you call timeout got to get the ball in the slows up the tempo. Well I trust our guys Marcus. Sound it's a great example themselves as he goes downhill and any kind of slips at the dark days he's given. Induct him integrates. Well it says as coach Porter of Porter moser of oil would joins us here on golden going to there was little debate with the crew watching the game and after it after it was done. Whether or not that specific play had been practiced a lot by you guys but during the lead during the season leading up to do was that sort of a drill you guys ran all the times say at the end of practice. We we do we call it had to attack so there's that we we spend it we're going downhill. One more integral escalation would practice that a lot. It is it very you know it is not a cookie cutter thing you know you're just trying to go to unfamiliar streets in your book some guys took what kind of guy you kind of penetrate and kick the thought process is this going to responders. And when your defense. You know sometimes you call a timeout. You know eat it every second got to get the ball about the where they come out assault. In there's a lot of different things. And that one of the things we do it is with our guards. When you run might set a track we have a draft would make it at the screen but we do it. On almost fast pace like that in but I tell you what the matter what you wrote got to have a guy make it got dark we made it phenomenal. Phenomenal shot. Roses loyal Chicago's first trip to the NCAA tournament in 33 years in your guys just did not look intimidated at all against a team like Miami from. The big basketball conference Yasushi. What was one of the things that you did to give your team confidence. There will be able to win this game. Well when we got to talking all year about. The process of what we're doing get better than. You know we wanted to be here in 1980 bigger on this stage we won at Florida. They believe in each other. They believe that Sharon the public believe if we do we got a lot of weapons duct I tickets to the ball. They're guys that can pass the ball. But the other thing is think they've really believe they descend. They can create some offense in traditionally been. They can they had a chance to win and it's a Lincoln with the group of really good on certain guys that the weeks and that's who we have a little. You certainly do are you mad at all at buffalo because you guys would have been the talk if ferret ever zona had just been dusted by buffalo coach they they stole your thunder. I really wanted to pretend they don't look right divide them like they're just don't wanna create so I think he's. 100%. They they but that's great guy and I saw that I think he's ordered in a kind of like a good to be used up and illustrate there's still room. An end to what makes this goes. Upload just cement there is only him Nate is not a. Give me give me a chance give me 244 persons John day luckily our ability. Well that was great reporter most of the head coach of Loyola Chicago witness list and every year we get these great stories from great upsets like this and there's always a story behind the story. And one of those is your great ninety year old chaplain sister Jean Delores Schmidt. She's there on the sidelines she was with you all the way through the season she says she even sends you emails and scouting reports after each and every game. What's the relationship like reviewing sister Jean. You know it is unbelievable and so glad that this story coming out because truly wanted to billion. I mean up until this last accident occurred pictures of in a wheelchair but up until the accident report you'll see your. Totally ourselves also considered walk around campus. On our nation's at all. Getting around so complete games practice and you'll see your every single thing. Yzerman and Wichita Coca like that not only to us what to the students who is now Caucasus. So you'll always see students coming out of their you know just stopping by and you know that when I first got the job. I had my press conference that I do look out. Herbert I had better yet and I went up as the first time and it was good. A Manila folder they're in it was called sister Jean and it literally was that and he valuation of every player that I inherited. Like you need to do so the longer you need to get quicker you know what you saw. You know released it was hilarious and she certainly built for the guys and our and that the great thing about that too is you know this wouldn't win nuclear emails and text. Which is when you lose. So she just wants innkeeper had you know to be back next time the dosages. She's truly a blessing from god for Perot got only two or whoever you privilege to meet these cars. Their coach about a known about sister Jean may be shot at my bracket my little bit different I've got going a little bit further. But you coached under legendary coach Rick reserves at Saint Louis what did you learn from him. You don't quote was an amazing teacher I mean it was a very. You know our communion and just I was taught became puts it in the board room in game plan. You know his body of work in different ways but how we taught the game. The other thing is is no salute part of our political it was died while decline. Don't build it with guys with high character guys who look to play and he is. You know I didn't know our community and in my career but. You know so many things that you did on how we talked became like if someone. You know he that the attention to detail. Truly want to it was markets hurt competitors. Listen I have slugger was we had a chance I had a chance to work with Rick when he was here for awhile he was a treasure trove of information and interesting stories. He was always great to be around. Cole Porter most of the head coach of loyal Chicago joining us the big upset as they took down six seeded Miami you know you guys. Seem to have a lot of confidence going into this you won eleven straight and eighteen of your last nineteen so you didn't need. Any more sort of justification or or validation but what it'd mean when you saw poor president Barack Obama brought them pick you guys. You know it was really cool in permanent government tweet a picture that because I was so last on the coattails. Of the 63 national being esoteric your team. Good game of change in terms Obama had. That's not the White House and I got to write a law so I get to go in the oval office of city. The sixty preteen I think it was the summer before starting at just got there in the summer and Richardson. And yes means yes and so hologram was going to be like that young and hungry and be restarted last but it was cinema to watch the regular. Any said that quote by years ago and put him to tweet that out was so cool. A Chicago guy and an assistant city Chicago the Chicago Larry Garrett. And deceit. The C did so excited about this and is there a student body is so excited about this the alumni it's really cool this in Chicago and local. Look for those people that don't know the 1963. Squad at Loyola Chicago went on to win the national championship but they broke the air quote unwritten rule by starting more than three. African American players. In an NCAA tournament game they started them that started on their way into the Jimmy given and they wonder when the whole thing. Coast tomorrow night you got to go on a very talented Tennessee team what does early preparation for those guys look like. Because you they got a player Chris and Tara grant Williams that has yet to declare that you're in usenet oracle reserves. Co sponsors will love this guy. He is the best doctor in player in college basketball you might be a young Charles Clark dot net. He truly eat a clinic on how to document. Really athletic we obviously coach Martin made telcos or everywhere has but they're they're really athletic. There are they can shoot it they can score on but the thing that really stick to others how strongly I mean they're all parts are put together every dirt really. Really strong team and they get opinions so we got our hands full but I nor guys who regretted there they didn't believe our guys this is as important connection. It well look if there's one guy either written jurors would love to coach a deaf who would have been the bread truck two holes aren't. No question about that but coach that's a bad news in the tournament hey you have like seven seconds to celebrate an amazing win because the term Minnesota people we know you got to get ready. For Tennessee the list of great having you on the show we appreciate that great win. There was so much fun to have you guys have to trust your players and let him run out and they get that final shot best of luck against against Tennessee okay. They've got the break open a socialist was the only out there I'm glad to do with ramble on. He sees from the best of gold would give me. Who subscribe on the ESPN. Podcast to listen every weekday morning at 6 eastern on ESPN radio. ESPN two and the.