The NCAA’s new basketball rules with agents is getting some backlash

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Thursday, August 9th
The NCAA wants USA Basketball to vet “elite” players and they had no idea this was even in the works. USAB went on record yesterday saying they don’t have the resources to evaluate these “elite” players and the NBA is not being tapped to help with this new agent/player rule.

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And gambling running the court today Mariah loves us on the phones on the I guided it. Pats locker room hotline 8691248. So one of Diaz views you have to show. And it's already been burning up this morning we invite your comments at any time. Now when you are so inclined in the cycle little. Call it troops could never go wrong with a little college hoops even in the month of August because say yesterday it was a fairly interesting day in the world of college basketball I thought. Well they've they made I've. Panel or commission. For the NCA did more camera. While ago led by Condoleezza Rice. But I was an April against that on Wednesday yesterday. NCAA announced. Some sweeping changes as they say. At the top of the list. Has to do with undrafted players. Being able to return to school. Another is. Having certified agents. Identifying. Elite level. High school athletes when the one and done rule. Is. Repealed which they think it will be by what 28 when he wants something like that right. Timmy and if you heard. There are only two guys. That. Went undrafted after participating in the NBA com by two. So the undrafted players can return to school thing. Seems like her wow how cool how that how awesome the NCAA is for allowing this to happen. Doesn't happen very often it's the 1%. Of the 1%. Individually. And schools decide Kentucky and duke. Aren't you know aren't gonna. All due respect everybody else are really gonna have to necessarily worry about that known to me. And then you know having scholarships for returning players. Two good idea of what Kentucky gonna do. Right. You know. Suits. I don't know and and he. Of course he has been called Calipari. Who rule like this. Going to be put in they wanna hear from the king of the one and done. I'm. He first solid and think it's gonna happen for awhile also have to worry about it. But. Promising or not promising but allowing or having a returning player have a scholarship for him. Number one that's all well and good after they leave school but where's the budget for that gonna come from. You know especially smaller schools. That. The NCAA's gonna require division one schools to provide tuition fees books for former players and wanna return to school. In OK that's it that's cool yeah that's tonight's idea admirable it's. And what he's got to pay a little pay it's gonna come from somewhere you know. You know people think that these scholarships just kind of but couldn't materialize. And our our interest to bear for the that you guys that are not ended no no they're not the date the you don't plug come off the trees like Apple's. It's it it it comes from the funding and at someone's got to pay for. Athletic department's. Whatever the case may be those scholarships have got to be paid more to its. So yeah I think it I thought it was interesting. Com especially. On the returning players to school I am not sure how much of that there's going to be mean realistically how much. I guess probably somber. But done. I don't know in the case of in the case of returning players. Potentially. Can kind of Jack with your little but it can't threaten. I think because. The winner wrote when a player leaves the program. You basically check off on that player right now I mean you you you count on him being gone and so your numbers. For the next year. And you're recruiting goes accordingly. Trying to fill those numbers. And remember these programs are all recruiting what a couple of years out in advance anyway or. So yes it is so candy you've got a finite number of scholarships which of course you do. From. That mean it's another layer of it's a juggling potentially. Like I said I don't know how many instances. It would probably occur in. But I'll that you what 345. Year you know may be needing more than that. Non especially if it gives players the it's all backer of and it may be either a little bit more willing. To put themselves out there with a fallback of knowing that they can go back to school in can be totally funded going back to school well these guys. Have a really really good idea where their goal and are not going went way. When they petitioned to. Go in it to start with that there's plenty of time for you put your name out of the hat after you get adequate. You know input from people that know. I think and it sounds like like I'm not hearing. A lot of clambering up for our players really getting burned you know that they. Declared for the draft and didn't go the thought they were going to 99% of time they got you know we are you guys are gonna now now. Now you have high school players who idea of who are identified as quote he leaked prospects unquote. By USA basketball we'll have the power to hire agents. See one of the big reasons why this committee was formed by mark emirates. Was to keep some of the slime. Out of the game around the sport. You know shoe companies and agents and bags the passions and I'm generalize and obviously but. You know that that's part of the reason why. This committee was put together so they can clean up the game because why I was at even. Put together to begin with because that's FBI investigation into bribery corruption that's why it was it was. It was created well. Now you've got. He lead prospects in quotes. You know and apparently USA basketball is gonna determine who's that who that is. What kind of agents are we go all out easily prospect staff who's gonna vet these guys they USA basketball too I mean. We just all of the players are the agents. You know and no idea under some potential slimy stuff. When I mentally prospects of this one and done rule. Or the agent who limit is lowered to eighteen. That's. Some NBA officials told ESP NSA and happened to 121. So my apt not to worry about for awhile but all the while. I find it. Highly entertaining. Yet the NCAA's new proposed rules. Have reportedly blind sided executives from the NBA and USA basketball. How does that happen I know they're not partners in this necessarily but one hand doesn't know what the other ones do and now. Seems weird to me a little but a little weird but. Yet and I like the whole. The and did the building of a gray area. In the U what makes a player you lead to. I do we have do we have a fast. You know and who do we have a tried and true definition of what any lead player is right now. I'm no expert as sort of know just because we just defer and we just defer to. USA basketball. A similar traders pointed it now if the NBA can. Get involved somehow. Mean now maybe so that's the league they're gonna enforce so. Welcome them into this I mean he'd be he'd be silly not to. PGA. USA that's going NBA all ought to be on the same page. Or is close to as they can possibly get. Yeah and now no question that it's not the NCAA's are. The college basketball's. Jobs necessarily to groom these kids to play at the next level or play at the India in the India. Obviously that's. You know that's the aim for these for the players. But citi's. You know there's been notes there's been there's been controversy on and win you. Can go to the NB day you know that we've tried high school kids do it now they can't connect. Some people want. Kids to stay in school two years. Set Juan age limit 2120. With how old is old enough. I just you know. The NCA will give student athletes not to take fifteen official visits. Wow previously five do we need it now being visits do we need fifteen meet some of these rule changes are. And Jane ability to on the had. Kinda just cosmetic. And kind of just because the NCAA hasn't done squat. Yeah also us just doing still another doing stuff that makes them look good or who makes them look like they're changing with the times. Well. Put it fifteen visits is ridiculous. It absolutely absurd. And an end and by the way. From. You think there's a kid Kentucky. Who isn't going to Kentucky word mean getting to the NBA. Think there's a kid it can't I mean not Kansas may not be a great example but 90% of the players that go to Kansas. You don't think that there are not going to Kansas brilliant for any reason other than trying to get to the NBA. I mean c'mon. At the at the easy leaked programs. That's the goal of everyone has an up and why would there be those programs via cash at end and there's a handful of those programs. Stunned. Certainly although there may be more programs where at least the players I think that's where they're going to end up. But you know the dukes the Carolinas the K use. On the Kentucky's. Arizona. I mean there's there's some programs out there where. Did you play very mean if you are you're a player there you're gonna have a pretty good chance to go to the next level and that's the goal. Plain and simple. I mean I know that people love to think hall of course they wanna come to Lawrence Kansas because it's. You know such addict mount Doria Addison and it's so beautiful and it's a such a great play and who you know we all who are you know of course they wanna come to the Bluegrass State. And they wanna be a part of the the video of the legacy in the history of Kentucky basket to write moon okay. They wanna get to the NBA. The wanna get to the NBA and that's what it's all about. So you know I don't know so. And and because of that and needed two biggest ones are the undrafted players can return to school and the elite athletes as the elite prospects can hire agents are high school. This is for just a handful of people really. Kentucky. Duke. Can't gets. You know and who else to pretty shortlist Carolina maybe two give lesser degree. And the idea of market emirate to. Help eliminate the corrosive elements of college basketball. And those of the top two rules that you'd like to change. You don't exactly slam the door. On corrosive elements of college basketball with those two rules you've kind of leave cracked or maybe even open it further. Well I'll just ask you the question based on what you've read or what you've listened to what improved. About the situation in college basketball yesterday. What what's. What what happened that made you say well OK okay that makes good sense. I don't good I'm glad to see them coming around finally. It was there was there a moment like that was there an aha moment. When you read something where you heard something and said. OK to meet the new siblings finally get it. The knee jerk. Answer that question would be the NCA allowing elite prospects to hire agents on a high school. That doesn't that doesn't make it a great idea but I think. If there is one maybe that's it. If we if we lowered the age requirement to eighteen. Then. Hiring an agent. To advise you. On what to do. From either the time you get drafted during the time that you decide gnome are gonna go to college. On the surface or by itself. Seems like. That's. How step in the right direction for the kid yeah however on the other side of the coin. Who know what I mean how we gonna determine who this kid. Can hire as his agent. Izzy how what what kind of certification as we have to have yet who bet these guy who's gonna bet these guys and how we got to keep bags and cash. All these guys doorsteps. So I don't have to answer this is 24 hours old and like I said. The USA basketball and executives from the NBA exclaim their blind sided by these rules. So as I mentioned. This commission may be has created more questions than it did have answers and I think just on the surface. Making some rule changes a couple months in the making as opposed to a couple years because really that. That sheets haven't really cool from the FBI investigation. That happened less than a year ago and by the way they're finding channel 100% come out yet don't kid yourself right that's not over out. And now you know so. We'll see we'll see what happens we'll see how the if they'd. When they come into effect. How it affects. With the one and diners. Or the schools that. Live and die by Arizona is also another place that would this would probably yes and you know that's right offense forgot about Arizona's new and there are others but. Sure they'll man that's. Did I hear you due to at least they get something but I have really mean okay like these they did some things. And being good so what they did was they just moved the dust surrounding still gonna get the rag out clean it up. And it's just landed in different places it's. Different crevices. There to be clean now I don't know I I don't think they need much. Much progress interest in but not much progress we'll get to the Twitter question in just a moment and as we go to break. Will ask Cheney what Austin cook. Craig Huck now all of its. And having comments. They are top five it was PGA championship. As we get it going it's no rebate in Saint Louis. Lest we all head to aids. Roster to find out who these guys are welcome to the PGA championship we're back here what you would have questioned courtesy studio just a moment.