NBC WS MVP Ray Henningsen to be inducted NBC HoF

The Drive
Friday, July 27th
The 1966 NBC World Series MVP, Ray Henningsen, joins The Drive after it was announced he’s being inducted into the NBC Hall of Fame. Ray was the All-Tournament Shortstop 3 years in a row, the only player to be named to the All-Tournament team three times in a row.

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Bo loses. Some liked him before. So he's. Well. I we are back we are all location Lawrence Dumont stadium the NBC World Series opening its 84. Season and has to Wonder Woman. Casey must reds. It's Casey must graves week next week and for the following five week five week it's my week top 100 songs. Break headaches and joins us an alternative selection. Here at PNBC World Series three times. Three straight years for three different teams bread that's never been done congratulations. On your pending induction. Into the NBC World Series call bank. We'll think about that did it. Quite an honor when you consider. The quality of the players that are actually and I don't think many of which I played with them again. Yeah three years here tell us a little bit about that background that led you to come here. Not only in 1964. With Bellingham Washington. 65 with Fairbanks and then. 66 with boulder finally. Winning that national title and your season with the boulder allegiance. How to how bad all work out how do you end up on three different teams in three years and then all coming to Wichita. Well in the first year it was after my AF freshman year in college and I went Bellingham. And then we we had a very good team actually how we look back to Wichita. And I I believe we came in third place. Well when we we went up to Alaska we played eight games up there we played against them. And I am pretty good series so. The Alaska ask me that they cheered comeuppance for them. We've which I did send that was a that was quite a ballclub that it there was ever a ballclub that could have that could've should've won. So they're easier it would have been that we had. We have five big league pitchers on that team we had Tom Seaver he had any ministers Mitt he had this great man bill leading. He had that stand the smell in my at all. And then we wow had been and then we had Greg nettles. And kind of an interesting story about Craig I I had been playing. Shortstop all year. And her bangs. It and then now they when they brought in another player it is the only it was a different mind shortstop Arizona. They asked me like a good thing if it would be okay for me placed second actually sure if we double play combination so I moved into second. And they moved Greg nettles who would feel the earth. And how Greg nettles could hardly catch the ball purification he turned out of course be one of the great third baseman fateful August. So they actually had to move him back out to left field. And who Spielberg have played third base I hadn't played third base all year so I got back Wichita so that that's who essentially outlined an alternative route based her. So we we repeat. That's healthier we were beat you need semi finals behind which he thought it was really good also. Can the next here lately boulder. They. I got a lot of friends that would Beckett play. And done. A belly that was probably one of the best. Player played in Italy lost first and Canaccord is a double elimination tournament and I think we won like twelve games can grow. I got pretty hot tin you know who had died and what it and it turns out that Sarah Palin it was going to be pianist turned me yeah or 58 ran out. He hits a 58. Yes yeah that's pretty good yeah find out how to determine and in being up there were a lot of the players Barack. I'm Bobby boy is more in a lot of guys we played against him a lot of really good quality players that played the experience. From my heart I always thought that come which ought to play look ballpark I love and there. Can't oh he's kind of got up to determine consumers look through it all is not a great late comedian myself and I was in college. Ray Lowe's era baseball background like before and after the NBC where did you play to legally. And did you continue to play obviously following that what was it what did you do. Thought I went to us here hurt his heckler which at that time was a baseball school. I hit and it was all American their three times I that the nation actually almost twice. On battery was never very videos will about a 150 pounds. I would I thought I was drafted by Boston and I think the three years I was going grad school at the time. Then the other thing that you think it will a lot of money and it is the time. And I played them last year AAA. He and I use that you know they need to know some money at a little bit of a dispute about that so. I used to when I was coming back in they'd they'd offer me big league contract and everything but there. I went on in the business in just one of those things Clinton and now I thought they put up a lot of guys that played in big league eating it up. I'm going to hurt but again kinda I would like to think not but I couldn't handle a long period of time that you can't look back on things like that. Actually I came from a baseball family both my father and my uncle had to eighth place finish baseball. And we are actually Omaha Nebraska. So I'm. More in the celluloid like he has been through him like what they're gonna kick butt up to a film on Danica we went and we. Talking to re hitting certain idea about it for 22. In his three appearances here. In the NBC World Series in 196465. And 66. And I'm always fascinated when I look up people on baseball reference dot com. You're actually drafted three times before you signed by the cardinals in the fourteenth drag on the cubs in the fourth round. The Washington senators in the third round finally the Red Sox that shows you in the second round of the secondary phase of the draft in 1967. What kept you from signing earlier Iraq. We'll have the money. And well yeah obviously as the innocent they're giving very big yup so he thought I mean I think he. I think I was not for 25000 by the cardinals. It they had kind of overlook that he. That it during the season and then they actually came back and gather in Wichita. And what I got all they called me and then met with me and they figure they want or need a plane Tripoli connection here. Offered me big league contract and 25000 dollars which. I mean you can't hit eight dollars a night in a couple 100000 dollars that's simply not really make any money at all compared to what would people are. The people are making today. But really the bottom line what I wanted to complete my education and make it isn't going to grad school which it did. I hand. You know I go into I would never want that that was fully dependent upon this quite a lot to adequately look at. And they're all about it until I could do it kinda pretty much doing you know. So. That's what happened. He played you idiots in summer with believe played a little bit professionally with him. I don't know they could how extensive Euro relationship. Has banner was with him but yet you have any good that's basement stores. He was on. Probably the most what are the most unique players who didn't put it nicely actually that I ever played. Bill has. He can draw heart at all. But and even even has a right handed hitter he would drive you crazy. He you'd you'd never see it pitched it in hand he he he actually thought he was a great hitter he always wanted to hit. You can't you you can just pity he would take batting practice every day with everybody is very interesting guy I saw where he actually pinch. Against the Alaska gold panic about five years ago he would've been like sixty tigers all. Danny went like seven in which to me he was an anti gave up to a sigma strip club. He never threw very hard. But he had very good stuff he had great control. A right handed hitter he would throw this group also for Armenia. You know these are trying to little breaking pitch to hit a pitches to try to catch the outside corner change speech really well. I'm giving it to a prototypical big league pitchers. We need Lauren we understand. I'm sorry I interrupted you must my fault. Noticed that it couldn't we understand your own successful business man out in Fresno in that area and have been for a lot of lot of long time what what business so you have something to do with farming and vegetables Amare. I. And outlook. You know it actually got the Catholic figures like I was. More or less than a disaster it is the best I don't running. Marketing company is this one bit and we're just. This is an asset because my ball. So that's not where you make their money on farming. Now I make my money in those days make my money I make trade markets all over the world. I did it turns a lot of things I was flawed thinking Switzerland won't bend in the Far East. So I I'm still I'm still quite active and and I enjoy my life I've always enjoyed it was well Georgia. Investing news. Unit I conclude that the the competitor date the competitive nature. That you learn that you gain from athletic spills over to this list. And it becomes. Majesty practitioner output and a. Not only calculated and I absolutely love markets sank three of three years but you're really saying who pork bellies and whatever untreated prematurely than. Time right well it's been it's been cool to talk to all these years later I wanted to ask you about one particular player because I I've. I was coming to determine as a child in those years and certainly was kind of a fan of Fairbanks and bolder in Bellingham the do you remember a player by the name of Leonard Kelly. You know I don't know I'm sorry who did equally or. He played through a service auto glass in those years. One there which itself I don't doubt him I kind of. Thank you remember the name Bob and I don't really remember specifically. But what position do you play fuel. Also a shortstop sold. And what you know do you guys were kind of contemporaries and two excellent players and it was it was a pleasure tooth to watch you then and to talk to you now we appreciate your time. Thank Bob and I just a quick story about a lot of that they feed us when I was just telling him. Into semi finals and training. Hunting at this very good ballclub and there was it was very disappointing to lose to them but I mean they were good. And another Wichita team of that arrow was the rapid transit dreamliner so I'm sure you remember them as well and I didn't I didn't yeah yeah I think partly right in school. They spotted a pleasure bucket is that selectively thanks and congratulations on going into the NBC hall effect. Great thanks so much and thank you thank you all right that a re heading certain. Three time all journalists shortstop for three straight years for three different teams never been done that would happen history of this tournament. And get this that I said during the interview about it for 22 in those return on its combined. Just simply one of the best players to ever play here. In the NBC probably over dividends for him to be honored like this we are here at Lawrence Dumont stadium for another hour opening night. But the NBC World Series the 84 NBC World Series. Some good games on tap the feature game tonight. The liberal Vijay is five time champions of this tournament. Six. 316. Elite yet fit. Popular column that okay good that number. It's 363160. Ever say call me at 316. But here's my number nine when they saw 316. 1219. Before. Try that one out of this thing back in a moment the driver and cafes.