NBC World Series update with Kevin Jenks

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Wednesday, August 8th
The NBC World Series wraps up on Saturday, August 11th and the competition is heating up with the final day of pool play today.

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I'll order out and got to Obama and root. All right what do I this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. One hour in the books what's on tap here for our number two brought to you by his side pockets. Where it is why not Wednesday when I grab me Wednesday right hander flag grab the DC court found cheeseburgers surprised point 595 today. What's on tap dance in BC World Series gets beat Colorado black bears continue waves here a couple of hours. Key feature game. At 7 o'clock. Includes the crown jewel of the sun simple our collegiate league the Cheney diamond dogs taken on the Colorado cyclones. Joining us on the dad's locker room hotline right now with Kevin jinx from the NBC World Series check back in hello Kevin how are real. We're doing well how would you assess the state of affairs the NBC World Series the 84 edition has we. Start winding down. Not inside that tornado like they are doing well I can and it is doing really well yeah that would match the night. A lot of time in DC you. Ignite independent would have to the main draw. The next night and skin so I think what we've done it didn't we've seen a lot of work that he's. And cal announced that it. You heard about it among did so good. It immediately or at the did he come out on a nightly based it and and that's a good. Debate all that really great great game could do it straight and winning games that would let out that. Connected bait ball and go and in the World Series that can happen a year to figure out that. Overall world we're really proud of mr. Two part question number one of the San Antonio angels brand new to the NBC. They made their first period last year on they've been or and or stationed there around ten to sixteen dollars and thirty year. Would truly interesting about them that popped. Their manager is on can't you can't just. And our plumber has done a tremendous job with that he couldn't stand last year and it and they come out and they actually. And they would leaked CPU and hoped that would championship week a year ago that those guys brought in fourteen players didn't. And let's joked yeah and they asked. Leave it went oh and read and and I decided that a lot of trouble Howard or the ball that it brought back these blogs players this year. Don't kid that are on that he had been playing the get a pro or kind. And that they are being held preteen and basically and we've got a good stolen nuclear that you guys although that could. The team together especially when we can look at the practical anchor they've been introduced to put that called. Some good things can happen until integrate with the power and the Eagles did so well. I don't go six known attorney at this point there and it would seem that continued to talk. I was on the drive with Bob and Jason due to last night right here on on KFH so good for them I think he's from Leon Kansas infant. I'm not mistaken. And two that ended when you talk about teams like the angels. Kevin how long's it take. Tenure experience for kind of an upstart. To make a name for itself in the NBC World Series and for the local fans here to kind of latch on to on the follow logic. Yeah I'd do it not the kind of have to do it they would keep McCain can now go back that it is awkward that. North let north what hawkish in Seattle. You know got start looking may contain had a at a map got a good newspaper on the field they're night here at this tiger but certainly he. There's got to be some type of connection that the same and they have with the team. Or just the fact that you know they appreciate what it wouldn't even do I think a lot of people or I would hope it didn't it didn't. Find out if all our. Are cheering on Colorado cycled and ten interview Angel because the older both teams. That aren't from here in the market fairly neutral brand to be NBC and they boat to that blood tests this year. But both came through the first week is coal fired knocked out to look at peace and of themselves. Until that either do well in all seriousness here. A lot of people get behind it. I understand resulted in the local local paper of course there was we want people that you can then the one of the great aspects about the NBC World Series for years and years and years. It is and Latino cute. This team from outside the area and supported NAFTA and and that's what I think that that would seem to be canceled and cyclones. And in the past stand now UCL with the Seattle studs in Santa Barbara forresters. Teams that. That matched up on the featured game last night when most of attract. Oh yeah you go back and at our support certain during the eight doesn't. You know what looked like like you start competing again be fuel during they'd probably tell you like. We didn't do you. It that it could be used to have stated that you experienced that kind of jerked. You got to take a different approach with that. And it knows god of course have been able to do that anybody can sit in their percent and and not our Ballmer you know and now in the paper or anti diamond dogs and attack on and I. Through the years and he's he's played in these people are indeed it worked on Brown's truly deeply. Probably could have blown stimulant and now he's in position once again where you can advance to the eighties the elite eight can't play on Thursday it'll be. Yeah I does tonight and think out of newspaper. What to clone and technical explanation if it. A pat on the NBC lifer and and you see those if those kinda guys were talking about Kevin jinx me MBC World Series just. The action continues at 1 o'clock with Colorado and the senior aways. I think maybe even more so than the teams now I think about that you latch on to their managers of their there's skippers throughout the course CNBC World Series. Those guys kind of have a persona of their very own you know when you go back to holly minus from the from prairie gravel. But the he would pray gravel. No that was. It lo fi and right guys and yet the guys that are lifers with these particular teams like bill Penn tarred has been. Sometimes those guys or is identifiable to teams they coach. All I would certainly have always these. Craft like quite a picture of character in the period and you'll hear my manager what do. Start public why don't we. And as I would agree I think about it is that and if you get some people like that. I you know. You expect may want to release access outlook is looked at crop that we have right now quote. And maybe. Not gamble and manager that you go oh my gosh. These people local aid and that kind of different approached with a different time. That left. I there are a lot can be out there and it we don't have the strong characters that we once did that think war it was this could put on did managerial aspect of it. In the bottom line he's got what are they wanna win and I think direct quote on winning games yesterday. Talk to Kevin Dixon and BC World Series I gotta tell you Kevin I just now received an email. That's talking about the NBC World Series a guy that lived in Wichita on and off the last ten years or so. And he finally went the NBC tournament a few nights ago when he said he was very understand entertained. And it exceeded his expectations. So. Congratulations for that and that leads me to a question. Howell what kind of balance key try to tell your staff to strike between. Entertaining product on the field that's course up to the teams but keeping the fans entertained without stepping on the toes of the actual participants themselves. You know you you always put customer service didn't want. And and enact. Liked that let the focus is sometimes we don't quickly ordered to be honest. Opt. It starts that goes through a whole lot of power and the Pakistani and him look good dropping it down guilty of that lately. Where. Come across the big guilt and dropped but we were. No one of the things. The court and we got a lot in fact our. An accountant here that it can happen what could be that they didn't get people all parked. And we simply disabled but the stood shackled hand. Let's make these. The the time but Soledad you're at and enjoyable and we put up a lot of focus on that have a happy promotion. Making it. Outlawed in and out here that people really enjoyed it when it come out side and not out. Until for example the email that you district court and there aren't that great this year our debt load. Read something like that cared about that because that truly have strived to. Not just may unite the end did he memorable more enjoyable probably early trying to focus on making adult if it a Little League to have everybody. Kevin finish strong down their fellow hunter are you doing a good job the know we'll cross our fingers with the weather and whatnot and now wrapped this thing up on the eleventh so have a good last couple of days okay. I got that clock out date on the national dollar today and celebrated. We dollar concession. Not everything dollar. Certainly a lot of markets so it will be a dollar slipped one dollar and continued today. We've got a lot more things coming up in the course. A concert on the field our celebration on championship night after fireworks joked what's important so these guys come out Beers on me. Koehlke not not not everybody out ten right right and it won't tell everybody to come up and ask for free beer. Kevin good job addict but I think that here they're here is Kevin jinx me BC World Series. Jack includes on that Saturday August the eleventh of national championship today. Fireworks extravaganza like Kevin mentioned immediately after the game. Followed by an on field party with concert. Those around which to oh no big fat fun they will be there to. Celebrating for years baseball LB. And that party is free with admission to the games that Saturday August the eleventh. Again games get started out 1 o'clock Colorado black bears and see any waves. Feature game is seed Cheney diamond dogs coached by pat on those he around here around town know him to take on the upstart. Colorado cyclones in the ever merchants and the junior college national team at 930. The afternoon the matinee game is San Antonio angels. And the same the San Diego California starts right so get out there to NBC World Series and be listening later on the show for some more tickets. Did you see Bruce. Joe Simpson is out of again. Well he. East seems to be enjoying his bully pulpit I will say that. Even for him this is so. This is a little much now. As long as the game has been in existence and as long as we've had Latin players. Especially when you're inside the locker room and real close to the game you hear whispers about people's. Actual agents. Not as much anymore because actually some are big leaguers were outage not all that long ago few years ago. That. They were not as young as they said they work well. I can. Kinda understand. Why people might think. That one Soto. From the nationals is. Mature and baseball. Excellent beyond his nineteen years. But Joseph but Joe Simpson. Took it too far he ticket he took it to you can't you can't say stuff like quote. He is if he's nineteen he's certainly got his man growth he is big and strong unquote. That's all took right there and you can't say that he eat he can't. That's unfair one Soto that's like kick in the teeth for the nationals organization. And good for Mike Rizzo they're GM who. Didn't let him get away with it. He he PT talked to Joe Simpson face to face. Privately. And according to Rizzo Joe Simpson. Understood his stance. On the comments. If he's nineteen. Is vowed Joe Simpson started that. Otherwise innocuous. Sentence. It you know can't you just an. We pay. We just stay hand. Our question. I mean there are certain ways that you can do it without just coming out and saying it I mean I may be other people are thinking that maybe they're not. I look across my wow all that guy is nineteen. Pretty much sums it up. Yet it you know you don't go you don't have to be be obviously you can not hit strong at this obviously not yes not. But don't you don't say that. And I don't know I mean. He seems to be a very popular figure. Amongst brave stands and and things so you know I I don't know I don't know. It's for the right reasons though Bruce I think you'd be surprised I mean he's. He did it the ultimate get off my lawn guy and between him and chipped Cary. Do you think they're not they'll have their. High and mighty pompous. You know it started with. With the Dodgers stake in BP what didn't start coming that's that's kind of got him in the news fairly recently. Simpson did clarify what he said this is a double header that they played that build the nationals and the Braves. In the second game after Soto hit a home run on 02 count in the first inning. He Claire Simpson clarified what he said on the Braves analyst quote. If you're with us in game one you might have heard me make comment off the top of my head about if he's nineteen. Well he is he's modified nineteenth and he's a full grown man he's strong he's one heck of a player. You might well just write his name in on the rookie of the year award right now uncooked. So. He at least. Kind of cry area and didn't couldn't and didn't double down yeah. He also later apologized to Chase Utley and Dave Roberts. After his. Well he went on a rat knew it was over a minute I thought yet. About how the Dodgers looked unprofessional taken batting practice. Yet debt that one he went. He kind of continued on it and understand it and and wouldn't let it go. At least this sort of thing was over pretty quickly. And as Spanish and I know anything when you good game on TV. And you have video. To support your. Little tangent there you go on. This is that this isn't necessarily a spur of the moment thing we talked about it time like Joe Simpson want to talk about this he told the guys in the truck that he wanted to. So bring up some footage of the Dodgers taken BP you know. Oh yeah that would was so orchestra yeah that would absolutely was not organic. You know that doesn't that doesn't just happen out of it in there you've got to get organized on that day. It is away I'm going to help me out here. Truck pull out you figure out we got that you know the other top video or you know wolf while you're not well. Yeah absolutely. I don't know I mean. I. It tighten Joe Simpson needs to not be in the news for awhile and imagines enjoying this a great deal. A ferret out for crying out loud do you know what you know which you can save it without making an inflammatory statement and bringing attention to yourself. This call is called game. And more importantly. I know you've got to talk about the other team the more about your own guys you know. Don't concern yourself let the Dodgers looked like during BP and don't concern yourself with how our nineteen year old like that one Soto looks. I mean. Somebody get the guy filter. Let. Yeah. Yeah absolutely and and that's brought on simply did it it's not like. Curious Simpson's been taken trivia birth certificate he's just playing connect the dots. You know Latin ballplayers. Lying about their age and just and just happy and making an assumption that kind of run. There. Putting it out there are backed unfair thought I'd be glad that it at least. I'm glad that Rizzo dot com yeah I'm glad that it made it did it obviously registered on him or not they eat at least. Backed down a little bit on. You know it still may still make a point that you we brought change I mean you know c'mon how many. There's always that guy if it doesn't appeal Latin American there's always that guy or develop much at a much faster rate than everyone else. Told did Greg Oden look on draft night. 34 honestly Greg Oden look like an absolute grown man beyond his high totally the way he looked at my god yeah. So yeah a year earlier if it's not just Latin players and it's not just that one so goes like holy calico big guy isn't the only nineteen. It happens and yeah I'm with you I'm I'm glad Mike Rizzo said something. Yeah I think you're right and and I think that that that's the right thing to do work. But I mean my god knows what can you just can you chill out a little bit. The actual little chip cut his Mike Utley batted the ball club you got you got a ball up the in the nick can you cannot not just the ice. Lot of great stories on that brave team I'm sure if you just or Bigelow tea listen consider when you talk about an analyst. First of all I ask you about Jerry Remy and unfortunately. He's been delta did that news he's been diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. He's just you know he's a polarizing analyst himself. Yes you can pick polarizing pretty beloved inbox and obviously you know another former player or red spot. Tilt what are. Has had a really kind of really. It. Typical path with his son. And and then is continuing doubts. I'm with cancer. He's got to be made a couple of times and it workers and an eerie is now going hooters. Not to distort. Not due respect for the fourth time was that of a bad time to remember all the details on its I believe. I believe that. On that he would that he got in the middle. Those murder investigation I think you're right yeah you know involved in and and there and so I mean if you're. Is bad 88 equity cricket cup. Obviously you know with a lot of different things stand relies. And then obviously with the donor help. This problem this obviously is you know then there's the scourge of cancer you don't. Don't wish this upon anyone obviously had experience dealing with that again pretty gotten somewhat polarizing. He's somewhat polarizing. No court in inspecting over the years that a parent. Questionable. At that at best and there are armed all making it worse. But but it is a guy that has. Survive and it is generally. I think he's generally well liked. Throughout the firm Red Sox Nation. So it's son Jared who you're talking about five years ago was arrested in the fatal stabbing of his then girlfriend. And he pled guilty he pled guilty and needs imprisoned. I'm not so yeah Jeremy has been. Dealt a pretty tough hand between that and he's initially diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. Suffered a relapse and thirteen. Then again last year before spring training. And he was treated in time to begin the 2017. Season that was his thirtieth. In the broadcast Booth on opening day longtime smoker unfortunately. Remy is could very outspoken about the need people to get regular check ups. Got one more pair of tickets didn't give way to the NBC World Series so calming out wanna go to the NBC World Series time's running out to be that 8691240. We got some more. Baseball. And former players in the news for all the wrong reasons as to bundle Weisel. May be going away for awhile and Luke Heimlich cannot get a job be tried to sign a contract overseas. But that was watched we'll tell you why when we come back and Fort Smith.