NBC World Series update with Howard Palmer

The Drive
Tuesday, August 7th
Howard Palmer, the manager of the San Antonio Angels, joins The Drive to talk about their time in the NBC World Series. The Angels are 2-0 in pool play and take on the San Diego Force tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.

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Drive Bob and Jeff Daly 691240. JF things. Welcome back song number Sotheby's or my personal list of top 100 bomb these songs I've bit my favorite song. You look at me like come in the same time I come together by The Beatles. For a second appearance by The Beatles on my list. With more to come. More probably more I'm not gonna tell you what's so bad that had the most well you would probably know that. If I know I would I would lose and I love him or what. On it's got to be Def Leppard. Get out of here I can do the rest of the so. I mean that that's just all. Here's how hard ball we're from the San Antonio angels. And how I don't know first of all how are you thanks for being on. Oh we're doing great on our schedule this year. Yeah I know that yeah and and I got to say that. When we saw that the San Antonio angels or in the field for this tournament. I don't think anybody knew much about I don't think anybody knew that you'd be this good. Here you are your six and on the turn among looked like you're gonna advance into the act quarterfinal action in the NBC World Series the Tulsa little bit about this franchise this team. How long's it been together. Okay we lease targeted that are legion program in 2000. He. We have eight routines slow he knew that started at about oh. Eight years ago. So embark thirteen year old learned that back and started are now on on this collegiate seem to me about this players. That were on the original thirteen year old angels team. And we have about ten or eleven players that had joined during ice bowl soul a lot of the court did he'd. Have been playing together during ice me from across the city is Antonio. Ministry. Course last year we made championship. Round and it really learned a lot spent a lot of time on the other coaches. Better perennially here I'm of their lessons learned. And quite some of those currencies that the Latin beaten. I didn't and our league didn't and regional tournament. But NBC news called burn at large bid. I'd sort of the players. Make sure we are inadequate Russert because our we sort of fourteen players. Won out over four pitchers and the rest were in the utility. And now obvious that you cannot perform. Very well and you don't have the right tools for the so this year one yep yep lords who we. Started talk in the players. He's worried that word. At them because I've met last year gave them call. I'm not viewed him were not in the in the he tournament. Boot it up about three players that come into town so that lived. And the pieces in the schools is set to be right this year guide them on the planes. They are prepping them on Omnia on the prep days in the facility. Again just put it all together the right time. And obviously you know and with the with what you just said so the all your kids are from the San Antonio area again we've we've talked other coaches and stuff in the they're getting guys from all over the United States everywhere possible but he seemed to have. Kept these kids together for a long period of time and and and now they're here is. Is that safe to say that you really don't go looking to bring other players in besides obviously the three picked up. Correct we we believe that relationships matter and we know these guys. Play we understand how they play they understand how we coach. They understand how each other played. And into those relationships make all the difference. Talking with Howard Palmer with the San Antonio angels the unbeaten. Angels in the NBC World Series. The other team to make it in from last week. And the Colorado cyclones also on the U guys are. The other representing the first week really well here in the internment. Tell us a little bit about your background we understand. That you have Kansas ties close to Wichita. Yes I was born in Newton. My mom and step dad at work construction middle ground so. I've gone to me and I'll start small towns Peabody Doug lute one. Just radio Newton. Out and berms Wellington. Soul we beat Panama although there area I graduated over ago. And join the military. Canada. Just retired don't converse. So you know about this tournament for a long time then. Yeah happy guy I remember these and did it to determine grown up and especially when I was a grandparents' house well. And that soon when a certain our own baseball. Well you guys have been here awhile on the fees you can. Let me know exactly how many days you've been here but when you've been here that long with the kids idea Keaton focused I mean you know be. You're six and all the gavel them off days is that something that you do or the kids just happy to be here and just enjoying their time. No we I think they're doing their time. And as tourists on in we these prep day. Well the left the same. At the same what do you do. I didn't do anything hit some of life and why he always blame me. I saw I saw thumped them lives how can you think they would actually let me touch anything in this studio. I saw something go wrong that's I'm surprised my hands aren't tied when I come in here well they should be exactly. I don't know us on out courtroom I've been so it's my fault well it went and don't blame the Canadian rate. Maybe now I I'd be crazy not to. I mean why wouldn't. You're easy going bloodless sorry I didn't do it but it was probably my fault give back to Howard Howard. Jason do the Michael host apologizes there for cut and it. And I yeah you're exactly right are it's always mine I tell us about a couple players that you have on this team we got a pitcher Ryan Jennings who's just been. Dominance so far. Couple wins in the yard below 11 earned run allowed in fifteen innings and then you have a a guy in Carolina named Jack was news news. Really one of those guys you love to have on your team he kind of he gets his uniform dirty. Absolutely. Brian Iraq that amid these difficult problem. We cure organization last year. Brought in student managers and support them Joey that are injured. You are stacked in east mark on on it counts in these kind of guys are doing. That rising up in Watson and that is where your high school the and a few are as well dug outs. It will be even doing that in them. But when turbines in looking it get him and he's in the summer he goes toward junior college. Among the team and he'd done that the strikes were so that's been a great stable and personal. And then Jack was is he is on the original. Angels back when he was thirteen. And he is so smooth and easily. Like tricky quick and tricky back in and he he's so cerebral about the game. The he has an absolute are an apple on yours ought. Well you you've been a great story in the tournament and we look forward to seeing how the rest of this thing unfolds championship. Coming up Saturday night Lawrence Dumont stadium San Antonio angels right now right in the middle of things our thanks for your time. Eisenhower Palmer from the San Antonio angels. And tomorrow we'll talk to someone from the Colorado club that also unbeaten. Your like I like talk and NBC world affairs. I suggesting you know especially. I'm. I kind of like the fact that they and it kept these guys together from kids and they run multiple. Instead of going in picking up guys from all over the place which is there's nothing wrong with that don't get me wrong. But I think it's Abd I think it's great. But they've kept these kids together since they were like thirteen basically like he said kids have been in their little organization. For eight years and now there they're here and their six and all the NBC rosary. That I think I think our great that is absolutely fantastic. And this was this he kid's been with them all along. But I'm sure undoubtedly they saw something in him and excited them and here is now six years later whatever it's been. Doing great things in the World Series solid team to keep your eye out for the San Antonio angels there and action tomorrow. Against a team from San Diego. All right let's take our break. It's Bob Bluetooth Jason do look these two are the flown by just all good song. They'll leave the ID gap. This is back in the dressing room. Number I am hockey number 400 flow from a mile loop number six it's gonna be number six back in a minute you're listening to the drive.