NBC Hall of Famer J.D. Schneider shares his NBC experiences

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Friday, July 27th
The former General Manager of the El Dorado Broncos and NBC Hall of Famer, J.D. Schneider, shares his stories of past NBC World Series.

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All right it's done. You. Oh. My welcome back we are live applause Dumont stadium. It's hard to be anything other live bullets Dumont stadium that we are at lord's Dumont stadium opening night of the NBC's World Series. Liberal these days against 316. Lead. That's coming up at 7 o'clock Jeff and I have been. Haranguing the industry throwing out the first pitch tonight we're not really do that along with the Mara we understand. Now the merits competitive about these kinds of things so I'm glad to make sure I can get the ball to the capture. I'm on the mound Obama to be on the robot you guys know then you guys still around me how that may be have a throw it 6660. Feet six that's not likely. How much would you like to vet. Five bucks look at. JD Snyder is with us of the long time NBC guy who deal to read a Broncos. Had JD how are you. Oh I don't think there might sound so we may have to delay this until we can matter as they have because. None of us are Smart enough to do that sell enough okay we can ask Jack Oliver Jack do you not get his volume up by any chance. Jack Oliver's been in radio for 74. Years so if he can't do that nobody no one can push JD Snyder the general manager president of the old Laredo Broncos they are not in the tournament this year. So we're sorry about that. We are working feverishly we did it doesn't look this is what you get when you are they worried about and have live radio I'm kind of like Jason Brown at some article is. An army now if we can hear you about JD OK you got me by event. Not bad for a moment and yeah well we I saw it happens all that didn't Modesto still out here you're still Qichen. What's going on you how what's your involvement now at the Bronx. It's absolutely just about nothing really in knots or not even really. Attacks well it's you can save. May be by a through the the ones you want you he's become affiliated. And it taps to one of those teams like that he had never really lose your you know these. No you don't. You know when things and you know. My health got bad bare fact that we can go out could've walked into the stadium. They were just as far as I'm concerned kind of she won't mind a murder cool with me. To give my election word I got blood flow again you know but diabetes now about twenty years. Well we're in we're glad to see out here I don't know that this place that operate with that today the room nowadays staple of this tournament since what year. Well my first year was really. Seventy. She shoots 77. Tennis guys like you that in my opinion. Laid the foundation not to paternal wasn't really good before that it obviously was this turn have a long and rich history. Going back in the 1930s. But today in the seventies. When you guys hit the ground the had a really good team. And a lot of good players and they all the way to Broncos would give in this tournament a lot of highlights over the years well you know aren't our. Got to get tickle it thank your few years ago. You used to say I was the New York Yankees in. That's like a couple years ago he cut it compared it to the kids city royals who knows what a partner Roy got the world's there is winning this little period. No wasn't a this year's royals this pre and post World Series. Is there you go. What do you remember about the other 96 Broncos is that the team with super end Nate Robertson and you that's you wanna here. Yes. And they broke windows 96. Course he come back with her fortune 98. These then the only person that won the championship game with the same team. Here mirror effect that they he might be the only pitcher that ever won the championship. First team. JD Snyder is here with us if you've been out to the NBC World Series over the past forty years you've seen him. Fears that he has a few distinguishable features purses but without an identity your your your hard to mess what was that like running. A franchise like the Broncos for as long as she did it's got to be a lot of hard work. A lot of grinding. But the reward pass to be pretty special citizen who you know I used to say. I would have a team recruited November. And then Kim January. And grapes come out how started to hurt again in January. And then by the time may rolled around over the prudent my third team. Because we had players drafted and other players it was in summer school and then different things so. That it was a year round job that it especially raising the money that we should really be extremely hard port. 'cause Laura friend Gary card. Well he ought to be down here. Perfect image problem do school learn. Obama and we forty do you know American war could not deny us we'd appreciate it Gary of course I work with Derek. For many many years that the Wichita eagle he's been another. Guys it's been heavily involved and the Broncos and I would guess that you two guys. Pat your stats over the years but you it was out of wanting this wanting to be good right. I had him so mad at me one time we was going out Colorado Springs stood. The played they have blue team I'm sorry it was pale blue. And anywhere LSU and Ohio where he was blown me off. And he was so mad by the time I caught up with a minute they'll tell you wouldn't get out these car about an hour the first half of the thought the special friendship that she what candidate you don't mind I have my wife used to tease me that him and I talk more on the phone that I talked to her where you're wrong. What is the status of of the Broncos where they had this franchise you mention. You're not heavily involved with them anymore but I'm sure you keep tabs. What what's gonna what's it gonna take to get them back here. Well you know it I'm I'm glad I'm out of it from the standpoint of working with the these kids. A lot of we'll tell you that they're gonna do one thing. And then at the last minute you don't hear from a and they don't show up here have no idea what's going on. I'm gonna probably old Tom what you're dead. Have put up with that for about two minutes bit. Dad sits it's head scratching how that can happen and I'm sure you're not alone without that if you don't see a lot of teams. Of course you're remember run their release you don't lose children got poked him the other day on the phone when we thought we might headed kids come in here. Find out they are coming into the second week and he was telling me fly his really really good players. Walked up things and I'm going home I'm not going down would go. He did it now these to these kids have no commitment. Just stay with you the other night we played ball game we had game lifted early schedule. We have five or six kids believe and only one of them come up and told Doug that he was leaving. I'm notified just love coach talking with Jay Dee Snider a long time with the Eldorado Broncos how much discounting have to do that you know this used to be a tournament. That was heavily scouted back in the day that were scouts. 3040 here night. Now scouts see these kids everywhere. There's very few steps that need to see a kid here at CNBC World Series it's not gonna help a player to be seen here for the most part you think that have an effect. Hold. You definitely know what has an effect big you know they got all these elite tournament going on and showcases going on in veterans scouts do. I'm not sure how heavily made the tape might even be. Scattered anymore. Outside as effective through their you know work a lot of Major League ball tips on shirts EZ form to slip in there a bit. I think in the last three years. If we've had. Probably four scouts come to one of our games. I have to be over there one time this year and ran into an old friend of mine and I'll talk to you know if you. But do most of the people you know that you and I really knew when we wish really coming down here either didn't gonna retire. Got used to you know the Scott Houston just sit there and have a radar guns at the time they have soft ones. You know that's what they use and they wrote in their books and that's how they scouted players you know the year Jacobs. Her protestors. You know there there were. Just not coming down anymore. What was the heyday of the NBC World Series for you as someone who's been. Involved and for a long time and I'm sure you what we've seen it even before you were involved what are the best years of this tournament that. Larry Davis obviously had heavy influence I'm sure he was around for the. Well I can remember back back in the day when boulder puncture through Louisiana. Madison Wisconsin. Bob how many other teams used to. Come did come in here all the time instead of play you have from all over the at all yeah I mean. Santa Maria. Deal that close to him they have Mittal. But I was gonna say you know probably the highlight. Of my time with the NBC. Naturally would be involved so that in Grand Rapids Sullivan's. In the 89. To come back in nineteen beat Howard A Schmidt low in team. And then probably the biggest disappointment I had my wife and Bob probably covered this game. It was it was about 4 o'clock in the morning and we will win penile last good to get to the 91 championship game. We went into the bottom of the twelfth inning with an eleven to eight lead got the first few doubts that he was you know which the home team in the twelfth. Got the first two rounds they loaded the bases with a couple walks and and there are ethnic group was picked admitted it's three homer instead night. Touches the ball in between the overall. Stand. Advertising board you know was there we lose twelve day. But told did do was staying with vested quiet man who currently about twenty years and usher. Could do about it the finality of four we've talked about Chris analysts here earlier. That was to get it that him so not good memories of Chris journalists here do you remember his home Reynolds who have Alia. Light tower that was called a foul ball I don't know that I remember that. Well I artfully so I remember being there for that game that. Will promise you that was one time that I don't know how anybody. And that he united dug out state nick came up I couldn't believe that. We'll JD your true baseball got through and through we appreciate all you've done for this tournament. Hell you've done for the over the Broncos and but you feel better and hope to see out here a lot during the turn them well but will be out here quite a bit through his term and stuff you know I'm like you. Deuces. They keep Kiki ten back. To see the folks that you hadn't seen from years and hope that you get to see everybody. The hero and just didn't miss the stadium and it's eventually raised. You know yes but it. Not on this day you're gonna miss what the stadium used to ride you know the memories that I've had in it and things but yes. I JB thanks for your time your woke from the outside Jay Dee Snider our special guest we will be back. 45 questions fingers crossed path to this.