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Monday, June 25th
Keeping things rolling along with Bruce and Shane as the guys touch base on the NBA, Spurs say keep Kawhi Leonard or trade him to the east, where else would be a good fit for him? Carmelo Anthony opts to stay in OKC. Who's more of a diva, Carmelo or Russell Westbrook? NBA Finals list revealed.

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I'll order out and got to Obama and root. Barry Parker and this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. Rolling in now our number two finishing up on Genesis query at the end of the first hour. TPC is the tournament players club and those are. Golf courses that are operated. The owned and operated by the PGA tour there's a handful of them around the country and they tend to be. You know I'm kind of there's one at Myrtle Beach there's one. Down in Florida where sawgrass is a TPC. Scottsdale over the plate of Phoenix Open that's a TPC. And of course Cromwell yesterday in Connecticut. Not RO TPC. Concourses so tonight anyway. Hey two real quick and while we're still there this surprise you and again these two where polls and questions are not scientific whatsoever. But I am surprised at 35%. Think that if wasn't for driving they'd be a better golfer. This is I yeah hardware that many people to get off the tee. I mean the if you golf at all if you golf. 45681012. Times a year which isn't very much but has some. I would think that. The most stroke she leave out there's because you can't putt. Oh sure you know of course I mean for being honest with ourselves but 35 users check driving. Driving is not the most important. I mean. And I'm not I don't wanna argue that will wouldn't I I don't want to diminish any and I and I and I don't want to diminish anyone's can you should be able to stand up there. And hit the hell out of the ball. Now it may hit though it may it may go a 10050. Yards writer hundred. And maybe that's relent talking about don't have these people driving can't keep it in the fairway which I understand that. I guess at this intelligent it's a fine line with all three of those parts of the game. That are holding you back from a better score but beyond the beyond from price which is all the other option up there the money the end of price absolutely I mean. Eighty yards in as ray Floyd always says you know. And 70% of the games played eighty yards and who. 70% of your scoring or what do whenever the whenever we get to crappy shots but if you can approach pretty close and then knock again. You know you. I'm just the scorecard that lie and it. You don't draw pictures on the scorecard like how did you do that compares I did that if you ended up with a five you end up with a five. Because you were able though to bail yourself out because one of those other. Part to your game lay you down but. Well the steal of the gain is the hardest part to get out your handle on brighten the view the feel of the shots that are in between if you get an. The 983 yard. Shot. And do you know you and you eat you might be in between a sand iron in I guess for some just way way better oral just a normal wedge from when he's pitching. When did you by name but you get my plug in you'll have a gap wedge it would be I mean yeah for the money comes in Hermida wasn't sure you afford and don't dance so I mean. But then those shots are off field shots anyway. The driver you're generally standing up there it's like okay. Where's the stick part of the fairway and that's where I'm an aim for and I'm just gonna go ahead and grip it and rip that hope for the best. And hope for the best after that that's when the game. The game really starts after you drive the ball so. At least it did for me I mean you know well. And like I said it's in looking at the statistics of those pros from the Web.Com. That's how they feel about it too. I'm just gonna overpower the golf course and it doesn't end up in the fairway then that's fine because I'll be over the I'll be able to rescue myself from a man I mean it's not quite as simple as that again they. They try to hit the fairway but it's you'd be surprised how many people. Just I mean on a 335. Yard par four or even 383 if it was downwind. And they're not gonna hit my irons that they're trying to knock it close. And needed a little bit of trouble those guys have enough imagination and skill. To pull off and get up and down for vision for Purdy I mean that's where they shouldn't do that's there it's the big difference between them and us because they can hear a lot further than we can and Mike guy and it's just overpower the golf course specially when that are. The wind down but. You know all right so let's get to what's on tap pierce second hour donkey by side pockets where the Monday lunch specials blt sandwich or quarter pound cheeseburger both served with Fries from the 595. Day. A real real quick look at the World Cup because. These two matches going on right now don't matter. To either one of bodies because we have our teams I have group pay Russia and Europe wide. They have already both qualified to move on and their playing each other. So the winner of this it doesn't matter your way actually lead to halftime. Two nothing to nil. School and the other was kind of a friendly it's kind of a break in essence it's a friend and now they're just working on some stuff the other problem at their spare parts play. Knowing not the two other teams in group say they've already been eliminated also playing one another so this really doesn't matter either Saudi Arabia Arabia and Egypt. Our halftime it's 11. Now for you Bruce this is important starting at 1 o'clock central time. I Iran is playing Portugal. Morocco is the only one in that group this eliminates the need Portugal win that thing. And so up. A spot in the bracket around. Likewise Spain plays my. Cost saver and although can you say but Renaldo. That's all I need let's go to get that done this kid that it lets get that win according 538 dot com their 50% chance to win. So domain has a percent Spain has a 67%. Chance to be not politic arrives there there we iiroc not already been eliminated so hopefully for use bill just laid down a lot Spain win. And then wrap up. Good that particular side of group B there are four matches against formats is again tomorrow will. Will explore those when the time Jane did you see that and a mom. Basically gave up the ghost and lost to England yesterday 61 next door and I saw the scores yes 61 which is akin to what 42 to three in a football game. Moment something like that or maybe more than that you want in a baseball game yeah I just get out of line battle right now then just just ridiculous. From Panama. Is essentially the team that bump the United States. From the World Cup yes. Now they didn't do it because they beat him head head it it's the beauty points that you get in soccer that. Irritates me as well because it's like. You know if if if they're tied in you gotta go to new cold differential and that kinda so just put him on the same field and let him figure it out. You know I don't care now hadn't you know Newton let him let him compete in and played out that way. But Panama. Went. United States didn't. Panama pounded six to one. By the Brett sore tomorrow. Eric in. Scoring comparison nor. A lot of Americans like what the hell. Yeah absolutely there and we're not what they'll. Cut six. Some American it LA I don't know there's a lot of American variation of that afraid to get an idea that maybe a little more. Moral role OK okay talk here beyond kind of interesting what's gonna happen thing and one. We could've seen this coming a mile away topic first one. Spurs general manager RC Buford is said. With C said Thursday night that San Antonio's franchise. Desire is to keep. Coli Leonard. The disgruntled all star forward. But that the club will quote they explore all of our options unquote. The prevailing. Wisdom is that. If they can't. Keep him they're gonna do everything they can and to trade him to an Eastern Conference team which makes sense because that the spurs are in the west. I would contend that. At this point if your best deal the best haul the best package you can get four coli Leonard if you're gonna trade him. Happens to be in the west so be it. In do you think RC Buford in the spurs are so caught up in not trading him to the enemy. That they may be. Hamstring themselves as far as what they can get if they do trade coli Lennar. No and here's why first of all RC Buford proud. Graduate of Wichita collegiate. Friends university and then was on Larry Brown's. Staff in 88. As a graduate assistant at the University of Kansas so he was part of that. And I national championship team and has gone on. But to bigger and better things really good shooting good at what they do. I think that the spurs are competent in the way that they do business. That they are going through a natural and in the timing is unfortunate that coli Leonard. But apparently no longer wants to be a part of the San Antonio Spurs for whatever reason. Because it's coming in as. Time you're about transition out of an era gone by. Did you know please in the parkers and Duncan's are already gone and so the spurs are changing. But do we really doubts. The San Antonio Spurs still don't we think that the you know that they do and it. And that they'll figure it out. But I I'm all for not sending a guy I don't give a damn if coli Leonard wants to be a Los Angeles Laker why in the world. If I'm sitting there in San Antonio. And I know that LeBron James has until Friday. To make a determination on his opting in or out. In Cleveland. With the high likelihood that appeal ops out. He's probably gonna end up in Los Angeles more than likely with Paul George. And your Guinness and Hawaii Leonard. LA to dean and and then paying your brains against that there you know and then you've also got the warriors in the rockets. To deal with no thank you. Well no thank you get you there but I think there's a certain population of the NBA fans that believe and I want. Put you in this categories but you can weigh in after I'm done. That in San Antonio we trust like just because they've been a model franchise for twenty years. It's no coincidence that during that twenty year or whatever period Gregg Popovich was there Tim Duncan was there to a lesser degree you have Robinson was there money would you know who was there and Tony Parker was there. Those are guys that all have. Check not only checked their egos at the door to check their personal stats. And opportunities for May be more money but certainly more prestige and more feign. In an effort for the greater good how would you ask people when teams and franchises can you say that about. Really I do not need any ME one. And yeah goat to once these guys have finally gotten too old. Which Parker and Ginobili are. All retired which Tim Duncan and David Robinson have. That it's not just automatic. And by the way how much longer Gregg Popovich gonna keep doing well that's the question. That's the question he if you give he's not. Long time so. That's part of my reason why I wouldn't be reluctant necessarily if I was arch RC Buford. If I could get two more from Western Conference team. Not that you would do is sell the spurs up the river just because you're getting ready to retire. But you gotta do what's best for your organization. At the time because as we know not only do these things don't last forever but windows open and closed pretty quickly in the NBA. And well it doesn't appear that without coli Leonard or maybe even with them that the spurs are really gonna be doing much of anything in the west for the ports well they. And yet they didn't have them for what except for you know handful of games this last season nine yes right gap and and they were. Then they were middle of the road then you know or so. In the in the in the loop in the west. This doesn't act like mine envisioning of a trade would be. Draft picks that kind of thing I don't know how much more you can get a crucial plea in the west. Then say a someone in the east needy is indeed why Leonard. Fills a lot of needs for basketball teams. And I'm sure that that they would find plenty of suitors that would give handsomely. For Nikolay Leonard I I don't know what the terms. Of his deal are right I should have probably looked at that I'm not sure Flozell warrior one year left on and then and then he's eligible for that super Max. So nom. I mean. But I mean he's a superstar. Mean quite lettered as one of the what. Five best players in the NBA when he's healthy he's a 2 time am well he's been a two time first team all NBA player. Yes he has he does is what you need to know. He's eligible to sign him by geared to earn nineteen million dollar super Max with the spurs this summer you can look at. So there's where you are you know I don't know I think you'll get traded east. Or he'll stay in San Antonio. One of the two I don't know if the if there's too much water under the bridge right now I don't know what the conversation with. The end and Popovich was like her I don't know nor will anybody ever know and ended don't expect to be giving details from that. Why is it too winds ever talks and Pavlovic both say no and you're damn business so gentle and probably ever know when that it is no stand putt. Not surprisingly. This Carmelo Anthony he did not exercise the early termination option. On the final year of his deal so we stand Oklahoma City. He will earn 27 point nine million dollars. To complete the five year 120 million dollar contract he signed with the knicks back in 2014. With him back and the desire to sign a re signed Paul George to an actual contract. The thunder would have won largest payrolls in NBA history. If it happens number one no one on earth should be surprised Carmelo Anthony. Decided to re up or stay with offender because in my view he's always been all about the money. The real important thing here is how does Billy Donovan handle him now that he doesn't have to worry about him. What's the word like. The thunder hold the cards now that Carmelo Anthony has to get some common back. He's been very adamant against coming off the bench very adamant against. Deferring. As far as his role in it is concerned but all he's done is come off a career low in points shooting percentage. At sixteen point two and forty point four respectively. So now does Billy Donovan at least have the freedom to do with Carmelo Anthony whatever he wants two when it comes to his role. And if he diminishes. Bellows role does mellow turn into financial deterred and cause a lot of attention to defender and not a good time. Well what you just said. That would be the biggest concern at this particular point. On who's harder to delist Carmelo war Westbrook. I would think Carmelo and it's not close but that's like me I mean way. You mean you hear me is a close I don't know I mean I want my point is my point is that I think it's a legitimate questions. You don't mean I I I I don't think 81. Russell Westbrook is supremely. Efficient and piles up numbers doesn't mean easy and not necessarily a pain in the neck yet and I'll bet he's got that and and she Newton but yeah you know just on that. When it comes to. Return. Anthony is the answer because he's the last 34 his skills are diminishing and there are some skills he never had much have to begin with which. Has to do with garden people and having to have the ball in his hands all the time or at least have any offense flowed through him. So. It well. I get the fumble that it's created I get to push back from thunder fan. But seem impressed he signed them and he knew what was coming down the tracks. Com. And maybe I mean the hope was so I mean if you're the thunder. That he averages 22 and a half. Shoots about 45 or so percent 4445%. And opts out because he has a chance yes for huge deal that's career but you have to know and he has aged 33 coming in. That there was a chance that exactly what has happened to happen to calm and could happen and it ended up happening. And now they're gonna be on the hook. Form this what 28 million dollar deal. But I don't know Sheen. In in in NBA. In NBA terms I mean that's a good chunk of money. But. That's what the NBA's swimming in these days NBA is swimming in money. Carmelo I mean are not carollo but LeBron only made 36 and a half. Exactly. I mean gold okay. I mean I know there's a difference between 28 and twelve and 36 and a half but. That's different string Carmelo Anthony LeBron James nowadays basically at the same age. That's tough break there and showcase the that is showing us very. Absolutely so. They have I mean you know. And get through written in India I don't know I mean I think. Yeah I think did Billy Donovan is in a. All right Don let them before we get off the NBA and we're up against quick hitter really equipped to him in and out here NBA award finalist reveal their. Going to be settled tonight MVP pardon came through Davis Anthony Davis Clark thank. Let's see rookie of the year Donovan Mitchell. Then seven station Tatum. Jonathan Mitchell I think been Simmons when that duck coach of the year Brad Stevens Quin Snyder doing Casey. That would be Bret Stephens for me I think doing Casey went to healing up fine. Defensive player of the year Anthony Davis threw eagle very Doyle and the Anthony Davis Greek sixth man of the year Eric Gordon Lou Williams Fred Friendly. And goes spread them well for being a finalist yeah I you know I'm voting for him anyway I don't care. Most improved cola deep both capella didn't witty. Wow. Capella. I tend to agree although smooth people. Could probably get some ground there to go places he will play he'll notice at the end inside back in a minute.