The NBA kicks off tonight with Celtics at Cavs and Rockets at Warriors

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Tuesday, October 17th

The NBA was smart with it’s opening night matchups. These are the 4 teams to beat in the NBA with the Warriors heavily favored to win it all again.


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All right VI NBA tips off tonight with the Cleveland and Boston intriguing on a lot of different levels obviously with. Carrier being going over to Boston. And then Golden State against Houston so. A two really good games to start up what I know a lot of people's attitude about the NBA is I mean wake me up. In January or February or march or whenever it is. Well past the end of the college season and are part of the country I I get that in particular although I think we've got a pretty interesting read. Right down I 35 in Oklahoma City and maybe that sparks people little bit more this year but. I guess she and I'll ask you the question is there anything more to the NBA then just the Golden State Warriors or bust this year. Opening day should do something for everybody I would thank him especially in in your NBA city. Opening day in football baseball bat what ever. You shouldn't be out for those that do all I care about it especially in the NBA is the playoffs he surely flocking in today and tomorrow. I mean I mean they've picked they picked the two best games no no doubt noses are those the only two. And then tomorrow everybody else you know that we're gonna feature this heavy security in the wizards tonight. And you're not gonna have a hornets and pistons on tonight right those guys are all playing tomorrow I mean that's. The best for the rest. This plan tomorrow he magic. But Celtics. Pelican although the Celtics plan tonight to pelicans grizzlies hawks mavericks nuggets gas. He will spurs tomorrow that might be worth that's all right the meter depth so yeah the India based Smart they picked the two marquee they play those tonight. And for those NBA fans. OK let's start start back over casual NBA fans who watch tonight. The people that like basketball or at least. Have a LeBron Jersey or. You're front runner because the warriors score 135 points a lot of time and you are trying to tonight as well you should and then. For the rest of the NBA fans and their particular cities have to wait for tomorrow but. Everybody's all know and you know Oklahoma City for example. He you've got a couple shiny new toy you could play went so. Coming up on on a believed Thursdays when they open up they they actually host the next. On Thursday at 7 o'clock that's right so now one of three games on. On Thursday night and for those of us that in you know in south central cans secure about Fred Enron they both play. That night the raptors are at home against bulls Thursday and nick threat thunders Thursday. At the thunder and then. Clippers lakers later on so. There are ways to. Kind news create some. And excitement or you know it's not contrived may be isn't the right word but. If it's your first game. And it cure or your league's. First game in games in this in this particular case tonight. You drum up as much excitement as you can so if you want he has PM today every other ad is going to be for the games tonight. Now you know so. As well it should be opening night's big deal and so. Yeah and then I think that if Oklahoma City was interesting last year just from the standpoint of seen what Russell Westbrook would do every single night and I and I got to admit I got Italian and I watched a fair amount of NBA. And and I got to the point where it was kind of like OK whenever. He's this triple double team but after awhile it got to be more about him getting to triple double. That it did Oklahoma City winning basketball games nothing at least yet have for me at least now Oklahoma City is. Entertaining or interest being because they've got two new. Shiny pieces as you described. That can actually help them win some basketball game and so can they be relevant to. Now I think that makes them even more interesting. How does that whole dynamic work how does how does. How do those Big Three all work. In the scheme of things not in Oklahoma City that makes it a little bit more fun a little bit more interest and I'm. I Chisholm I'd like to administer some truth serum system NBA coaches and GM's though because he talked about. You can there be any thing more relevant than the Golden State Warriors and somebody trying to knock them off. I wonder if GMs think that way too I mean they have a business model that they have to follow to try to. Great that try to make money fill up their arena create excitement. Blah blah blah. But is that really the end game or should it be the end game for everybody. I'm talking about well Jason the warriors I might answer would be not necessarily do what you gotta do to get butts in seats but you don't necessarily have to. To go for broke to try to compete with the Golden State Warriors to try to get to the final. Well first and foremost isn't about winning a championship or is it about running a successful business. I think it's the latter is the question I think it is especially for about 25 of the NBA teams may be more right. Now Sam prestige is a really interesting example. He's in a place at Oklahoma City where. Danny's Arian seats pretty much regardless. Just because of the nature of the market. And the fact that they have one of the great players in the world in Russell Westbrook. I mean. If you're sitting around not doing anything on a Tuesday night ends. And in the and the thunder playing in Oklahoma City you're probably gonna go check again now. It's not like they're lacking for fans. But he's made a move that I think you could interpret as. Trying to be relevant and competitive. In the Western Conference. And there's only what maybe five teams that you can talk about that way Golden State's a no brainer San Antonio Houston Oklahoma City. And may be the Minnesota Timberwolves. To a lesser degree. Are probably the teams that are competitive this year and are relevant I don't know if if anyone thinks that Oklahoma City can be. Golden State I mean maybe they think that way in Golden State maybe that's what Sam prestige was doing. Nom and he's also trying to he's trying to hedges bets for the future till he knows that George that he knows that Paul George's day. Unrestricted free agent at the end of this at the end of this season. So maybe he's making a preemptive move to try to make the thunder relevant for the next couple of years as well to entice. Paul George maybe to stay in Oklahoma City. And sit in to maybe make that so maybe in a place like that it's happening on two different front. To his credit timeout thing impressed he he had a standalone guy that was hit good putts and seat and he couldn't stay right out on that and sick and said to Russell Westbrook you go do your thing big void because. You're 42 double doubles last year got a whole lot more attention than our government and worse yet. So all right so you gotta you gotta give will slam a pat on the back. War. I don't go on all is is the right word is pretty close you go I mean it and make a move for Paul George and Carmelo Anthony you cannot messing around. So in that particular case I think. Is he the out liar. I don't wanna do prop him up make it sound like he's the best thing since sliced bread but he had a standalone product he was filling up. That arena and OKC. And they're winning their share. They weren't ever gonna compete for a championship. Not with him and Stephen Adams. And you know some of the other bit parts that they had sure but now. They're being taken a lot more seriously and it's not like or more fans are gonna come out and watch Paul George and Carmelo at that they can't. Think that they that they don't have any NYC no place at all anyway and I NAFTA and all this money I may have to mortgage our future. For this one particular year because by the way Carmelo Anthony probably won't be stick around be beyond this year either. So. We wet floor we will all win. When we already were solid bunch of nachos cokes and Beers and sixteen. Where however many thousand people were going to the Chesapeake Energy Arena every single night. And yet. I doubled down Bogut two all stars to play with my one all star than Arnie have. And now with the back of my feet up on the desk and then take some bows and pat myself on the back because. I didn't have to do this. But you know Sheen fans appreciate that they and challenger just. The I mean they did I I don't you gotta appreciate that if you're thunder fan. I'm I think no question I mean it I I I think that he wins in the court of public opinion just simply because it's like. OK I get it he's not standing pat I mean he's got a team that probably could win it. 4748. Teams in the you know the middle of the road in the Western Conference. You know lose a playoff series three games to one earth than your four games to watch her four games to two whatever the case may be. And go quietly into the night and then turn around and play the next you're well. I mean in their dirt trying to do something rather to maybe get to western final and take your chances against. I mean let's not forget Oklahoma City was in the it was in the western final two years ago. And then you're there. So. And not only were they there are they were up three games to one on Golden State. Was that the semifinals. Now there are finals. Here just to tick away. From being from being in the finals Golden State ends up the coming back and winning that thinks up. Not I have a lot of I think it's I think it's absolutely great and it makes it more interesting for sure so damned is so I mean and while everyone will probably. I know everyone is at it's changed I guess to some degree. Then everybody's picking Golden State in Cleveland maybe Boston. Gets a little bit run down. Maybe Boston gets a little bit. More run. But I don't know I don't think that I don't think anyone else's. It is is overly compelling it is particularly well then I going to be great having great Popovich is is comments. Or more compelling may be in the team he's even coaching right now who aren't they always I mean yeah pretty much anyway. So if it's not I'm not sure where the reporter so bashing our president so boy so yeah he's. He's a he's given me an old guy in the procedure is he is it different dude in IE east. You never get bored with them not so sure if he's out guy poured them. Yep absolutely not gonna take a break and then when we come back we've got an anniversary to celebrate right do we celebrate this or remember I had. Well maybe I will figured out millennial I didn't know about this because there's I funny don't want him there were only 56 or seven years old when this happens so we'll revisit that. Absolutely stay with us and will unfold that here for the last segment of the show straight ahead. Chain and hurdle right here on this Tuesday edition sports daily you've got it on your sports station K if they should.