The NBA coaching carousel

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Friday, April 13th

Players getting their coach fired, coaches underperforming and coaches leaving one team for a perceived better team or market are just a few of the reasons that NBA head coaches move around so much. Coaches like Greg Popovich are the exception to the rule, but the NBA could use more coaches like him.


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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home Barry Parker earned this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he update 12:40 AM 975 FM. How welcome back our number two here on Friday chambers with the here. On sports daily time to let you know what's on tap here second hour brought to you by. Side pockets where Friday lunch specials your choice of a quarter pound hamburger cheeseburger Fries for only 595. For specialty burger with Fries for only 650 today. At corner of Kellogg and Tyler. Outside pocket side pockets my thanks to Greg call or be joined us last hour to talk the anniversary of the Boston Marathon he's got a book coming out cold wasn't under. So appreciate him joining us a little. Angels talk as they beat the royals 71. And we talked about them a little bit and first hours and show way photon is kind of overshadowing. Really to better players on that team or at least. As it stands right now but they continue to pile up the winds Angel off to the best start in 38 years. The second game of that four game series coming up tonight right here on KFH. 630 pregame shortly after 7 o'clock. First pitch royals and angels. Let's see three different NBA coaches have been relieved of their duties. Jarvis Landry got a huge contract to get a big payday from Cleveland apparently. The browns are math around anymore. Dez Bryant has a big meeting with Jerry Johnson day may have to take a pay cut map to restructure his contract. We talk about that in this particular segment. About twenty minutes from now on top Ned Yost what what is his legacy what's he going to be remembered for. Or. Maybe and most importantly what it's all said and done will he be remembered fondly. I know they did win a World Series but. He's made before and sense some questionable moves and he's. I have been known to be. Well in the stubborn side I would say. Would be safe to say so what's what's Ned Yost legacy going to be what it's all said and done post us may be some friends thirteenth talkative. At time allows second hour as well so. OK let's see where you start NBA the playoffs are starting this week in and three guys are looking for job at least three guys Frank Vogel is out. Jeff Horner a sec and Kirk Rambus got fired from New York. And the hornets this morning announced that they're moving on from Steve Clifford so. It's I guess that time of the year you know coinciding with the playoffs he has some teams that are trending up. And some they're trending down and have to decide whether they wanna make changes or not. Jeff corners sect for example I think most of us pay at least some attention to the next because Ron baker place for them but. He's only given two years. And and exactly what they didn't exactly cut the mustard so they're moving on from him makes you wonder how that's gonna affect Ron baker standing on the team when he comes back from injury if at all. But the good question I thought that can't Marley situation at Grand Canyon college. Would interstate and former Phoenix sun great no I think Dan Martin was pretty damn good news today. Basically. And turning a cold shoulder on the Phoenix Suns. Saying what an interested in doing it yet too many things going on right now he ought to do cheek route to a better conclusion. Grand Canyon college which is simple black. Not those of you wondering or good looking for reference point New Mexico State which is where Chris Jan. Not top. Assistant with Gregg Marshall is now the head coach. So they're playing in that league exactly New Mexico State in the finals. A black tournament so they're just a stutter step away from the NCAA. But I found it interesting that you wouldn't even Melissa. Giuliani over cures from his old team which is where he was performers this debt and we swept by the way it did and it didn't end very well. Pretty what route 44 years ago. When he was on staff there are but. I found that could be somewhat interesting. I don't know in the NBA change. If this doesn't depend on where you are as Q how important the coach is. I think it's fair to say yeah now. I mean I I don't know how. And I think there are some places where there's you know there's kind of that is being. Bombed. Perpetual motion. That player can create. Bad maybe coaches just kind of manage. And don't try to get in the way up too much. Not but there someplace and probably need would be water on the where Eric coach would be probably pretty important especially a place like that where you got a couple of at least one young guys it is the potential. I get the potential car what where are we got jacked it right now. Mom potentials. Cather probably the operative word there. Yeah I mean he's not there yet certainly. Each day defense NBA player right now is it that it that probably about right. Well he's because of where he is he's been allowed to. Basically do what he wants as far as shot attempts and I mean isn't even log. An exorbitant amount of minutes. He only shot on average twelve times a game. And averaged thirteen game but as far as right out and shoot. Considering Howell. Young years he's barely 21. To go thirteen points a game and shoot 42%. From the floor not too bad not too bad I. Them. Blossoming superstar. How about that just yet but with few of the fourth overall pick then certainly that's the expectation that I'd say he's on a he's on a good upward arc but Italy's own team that that. They never did they never they never challenge for really anything. And they got beat by like forty points twice in the first couple weeks of the season they set. Record for futility they got their coach fired in in about five minutes and I would say that that but with Dan Marley Sam Sam thanks but no thanks says a lot about the organization and and not much of its very good news. Well yet you're talking about a guy who get a front eat that train wreck turtles and you still there in Phoenix. He's been there he's a part of branch site at least cook franchise extended family ranch I would data about your accent. I think he's part of the answer not part of problem. You know I think he can be as you move lower I don't know peace in an up and belted a piece that you built around. But he certainly one of the peace there's. That probably fit into the puzzle. If the sun or to get back there but they showed no. Indication to me to be. Anything even close to being a well. At this point. That they've basically. They basically have Jared Dudley Tyson Chandler and how much kids. So meaning they have put a lot of growing to do they. They need to find out there. Identity what you know what they wanna do but you know that starts like this so that starts at the very top and their organization has been and some bit of turmoil. However you want to define it for for quite awhile now so they do you know. But I'd. A franchise like that could certainly use a guy like and I know these guys don't grow on trees but a guy like Greg Popovich who commands respect. Here's how we're gonna do things. Has it. A well thought out and pin. Very well explained plan. Here's what we are here's what I expect you do and other. It's no wonder that the you know that the Gregg Popovich has had them going to the playoffs 21 consecutive years and always had plenty of good players along the way but. There aren't very many times where you would say the top of its team is way more athletic way more talented then team B. And yet all they do and have done it win fifty games a year so. Yeah. But even with great crop of bitch. Think about the players that have come through there any certain kind of player that fit their their yummy Derek yeah. What Tim Duncan superstar. But a totally different kind of superstar understated the team first. Never worried about getting here it didn't have to be the focal point. And Ginobili at his peak. Well. Certainly a player that I don't think coveted. Spotlight by any stretch of the imagination Tony Parker had a little of that goal. And and I'm not yet been understood just. Eva Longoria you know kind of you know eat he was on the fringes of that kind of stardom. You know work kind of crop. Over into another area in up but I mean you could make. You still have eight very. Understated. Superstar in the game and that's not all because if because they're playing in San Antonio. It's part of the spurs' way according to Greg opposite. I mean you know. Mean LaMarcus Aldridge is a damn good player and obviously he's not a superstar. But he's a pretty good next level player. In the NBA but but it. But they play a certain way and there's a certain understanding. About how it got to be here you're gonna be is it you're gonna play Gregg Popovich. But yup and he did he commands that respect and now I'm teams like Phoenix and now the hornets and the knicks. They'll be looking forward. Well the next Gregg Popovich are taken. Find lightning in the bottle. NHL. I think I'll go ahead you're no you're right I mean just look at a weighty teens go to approaches. It is staggering. In the NBA. Orlando. And then you know and Charlie and all these places Phoenix Panamanian and hit ball ball ball ball and it changeup or changer change. How many how many times that their team changed coaches. In this league since Gregg Popovich came upon them and coach goalies edit or even. Hear your good exercise orient. Steve Kerr. Just send Steve Kerr has taken Oprah Golden State. How many coaching changes. Are there better in the NBA I mean it like. There is less patient than the NBA I think that in any other professional sport. Two years. I think. I wanna say I want to say Frank Vogel only got to yours too but I yet you better Aaron there but it turned around or are you won't be around very long although. He'll prod beyond bit somewhere else may not necessarily as they had grown but. They can they retread that those NBA coaches to NHL the playoffs are in full swing now the Columbus Blue Jackets are rallied from a two goal deficit to beat the caps 43 in OT that's 104. Columbus. Other winners last night the Boston Bruins beat the Maple Leafs five to one so Boston lead that series one to nothing. Tampa Bay beat the devils five to two lightning lead that series and the predators beat your avalanche five to two last night. Philip Forsberg two goals this post season career total now seventeen goals Alex. Bins there is second goal is spectacle it was just absolutely sick. Out a particular game going to that third and Colorado really dictated tempo. In that game they scored first. They've led what happened it led to one it was site QQ into the third. The last goal was to know it better. But they get they got to end and that was my point in in paying attention to this note watching. Iraqis in national and you know obviously there's but it on the Red Sox yankees. Yesterday as well and then deputy. Hockey which was a little later. Last night. That's how good. Pat Miller. If they were they were being they weren't being pushed around because there are much more physical team but they were. Colorado wasn't in it at night Colorado would be a grab her. From a standpoint of how we hate that became how it was being played they were dictating. Really into the beginning of the third period and then it was almost like national OK enough. And bone they update it scored twice and even though you could make the argument that they were. I mean what they outplayed to that may not be accurate. But they were played well certainly. No question about it. They still weren't ended up being good enough to win it by two because they just dictated. Terms late in the contest. In a pretty impressive went gaga. Presence of now on us like they. Are now won six straight playoff series win taking a 10 lead. They are the fourth straight presidents trophy team to win a playoff opener. 2014. Bruins who have last presidents trophy team to lose. Their post season opener and finally the San Jose Sharks beat ducks three to nothing. And the Las Vegas golden knights will try to take a 20 series lead. And their first year of existence the kings. And the golden knights came to from Vegas. Teams that take a 10 lead. In the best of seven Stanley Cup playoff series. Pulled an all time record. In the series it's nearly 69%. I feel like that that's more pronounced than any other it's best of seven sport. In sports now wonder why that is hockey UN the first game. You're most likely go and who was that the penguins beat the flyers the other day seven and nothing. You know. First of all seven nothing doesn't happen hockey very often but. Whether it's 70 or 1069%. Of the time whoever takes a 10 lead. When's the best of seven Stanley Cup playoff series sent to me that's what I. Give this court didn't let me ask this question chain and maybe just a spotter for the listening audience as well what sport. Enjoy. The most pro announced. Home field advantage on her own right. All my court to me it's good to meet its basketball. I think it is to the action I mean the crowd is right on property action. On. And in hockey you wouldn't think it would be that way you got the board you get. You've got separation and not going to Norway and I get that but. But I don't and I hit it I don't think it should be as pronounced baseball. Me yeah I know I understand home field advantage. And everybody always aspires to it. But you've got a picture. Crude is probably the most important piece of the puzzle every single time McCain was being played. And a and a picture. More than anything except that alone and can negate alt field advantage whatever that is in baseball. Almost immediately. So I have never found it to be. That significant in the game of baseball I get football. Certainly I think it basketball. I agree I think basketball. And I and maybe that's just because. Just BA just go all the what different should we have based bank. Well it really get basketball fans will tell you that. And I've. Kind maybe. Sort of tend to agree. Officiating. Sometimes. Perceived to my swayed. By a really loud raucous home crown. Shouldn't be that way especially in the NBA and though the best officials will give you a fair whistle even when you're on the road. But I think that's their there also and not necessarily at the NBA level but officials are human. You know and do you how often do you think. An opposing team feel like that they didn't get the calls that they should've when Eric Coker arena. And the you know and you can't hear yourself think in there. So I mean I would be that would be my knee jerk answer basketball because of the crowd in some ways can be perceived to have. To sway officiating. So. Take a 10 lead. Is huge in hockey and taken a 20 lead is a death sentence the other team if you get out two to nothing in a best of seven Stanley Cup playoff series. 86 point 4%. As the all time series record so. The golden knights can take care of business tonight in course all those other teams that I mentioned that that one last night. They'll be in the driver's seat now be sitting pretty I. We are curing or your Brooke you're our first pick it sort yeah absolutely yeah I want to go all the way up. Yeah why not yeah I mean it is it what a great story it's already been an unbelievable story. But it it goes it goes past. This point will be able to win in the playoffs. And it can't that you round historic. And you know unreal. 86912 Ford is number the I got to Ted's locker room hot line Ryan is listen hey Ryan how are you. Well. Thanks but I mean I don't mean sidetracked they're great curtain happen. The last nine Kevin Hart knew that there. Cooked meal ticket turns almost say thank you he was early on in particular. Point we're on the eleventh bro and you put on. Got a great show and I just appreciate. You let me go. Well listen I'm listening to sports daily pays off. Was trying to tell you it's your current day. And that hey I'm glad you guys enjoy it and thanks for listening appreciate comment amid weak enter tutors are there is Ryan Hewitt I Kelly hi. All we got everything blew TJ is up next TJ got some hockey talking learn more layoffs. I do we're just gonna stay out of court beyond that same same biggest boat I actually live in Vegas a couple of years around the I'm that they get stranded at the expansion team and this city's been so stoked back and that's really showed the await your watch water. There wasn't any Inkster is very I think I thought just the UN you know break is it that Spain where he can pick it alters or basically. Told to keep their tickets are expecting. The no particular order they're dark interacting though the worst fears are here. Adults im going all the way are you big hockey guy first of all. I they got married okay out of the Western Conference who should be we be watching out for if it's not Vegas. Art art art and the like the dark are. You know I think they get so all the way I think the credit though. I approach the winner at all but I think biggest advocates are being Hispanic final sounds good. Thanks so called tea yet. It. You know that spot on biggest originally early on what is the effect of teams coming debate it which made them so good on all my. I know that sounds overly simplistic but there was that dot. Teams coming into into Las Vegas and let base that Las Vegas. Plenty of trappings. And you know and and they're all record. Indicated. That you know maybe there was something to it but you don't play over the course dividend tires heated the type of hockey that they've played. Winning on the road. And then not with the same frequency as they did at all. But certainly there were pretty convincing franchise. You would expect them to probably. I think the playoffs will be a great test for down. At the next level calm so. I just think it made it as it and I seem them so one. This year and they beat Colorado on Colorado whole life. Back. There's no they have record ash spill or what picket that ended their ten game winning streak. I bet they edit they get it. On their own mind. The Colorado COLT like Kennedy equate to wins so pretty legitimate squad that got out of that team they're at your wagon to. Need to get to the simulator a Twitter question and we need to talk Ned Yost next segment here's our question go to pat KFH radio on Twitter. Hoosier favorite Italian American actor. There's a bunch of info feel free to weigh in but the ones to pick from. Robert De Niro. Alpa chino. Joseph Pesci. Bob de Niro is getting 47% of votes so far. Helpful note don't go well I know I left him off find out they're the damn edit button on this. Twitter question and instead of me delete the whole thing and right and over again so yes I feel free to write in Sylvester Stallone you open you know not the first won't be the last I'm sorry. Bob de Niro Al Pacino and Joseph has fewer choices. Some Ned Yost legacy thought we come back and sports daily shouldn't.