Nationals trade Matt Adams to Cardinals

The Drive
Tuesday, August 21st
Multiple sources are reporting a fire sale is in progress with the early reports saying Daniel Murphy (who is in the final year of a 3-year/$37.5M deal with the Nationals) has been dealt to the Cubs, and Matt Adams is likely going to be traded to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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This is the dry bones. Well welcome to late Tuesday edition of the drive on the campaign trail bottoms up flute to a few until 6 o'clock. As I try to remembers something. While. Minutes ago and ordered them to commodity you say that as a 35 year old at the 63 year old. When you've just written something down and don't forget stuff I just did you everyone that. And I can't I can't for the life of me remember what the larger race it. I don't know if something happened on Twitter I'm trying to put up a pole and though and what I had planned disappeared on me and you'll get it. And not know and I know well. I've looked out of for a half a second. Memory loss is a bad sign of some of my day. And it's happening more and more. And I and I am honestly don't a slightly concerned about. Why other dampened the peanut butter in the or further right. Now is that where it goes now that's not a sign of problems. Although everybody put the peanut butter in the refrigerator. No input or looked in the cabinet peanut butter and referred to yeah. You want to be hard it's cold it's not hard it's just coal. Anyway. What happens on that day when I put my kids in the refrigerator. Or my billfold and the watcher. I guess I've done that. But everybody's then what are the sign. I don't dog I want you are worried about you forgot one thing you tied. Three minutes a bit bugging me that they needed to win two in two and Alan. There in the air then then knows that other ones you've looked down I looked out again for half a second it didn't resonate with me in the slightest. Oh guy analyst. I am losing it then I did not know. I had on the tip of my tongue. It would then when they're that thing lied. I'll think of it and when I do this. I'm a lot. Named every one. Grammar mistake there is. By the way Indians beat the Red Sox last night I'm down I don't care about that I'm trying to think of this thing. What are my trying to think of a sixth. Latest on the hill this bill with Ernie who cares. This very bothersome. What is that thing we do one leak out and lead. I when we weren't I don't know I don't know well. And can I got method. I'm issued scene you know that I ask you wrote this at. Specifically come overlook. For a minute. Add to what I was doing I got there there there. Who's that who's your your then and then not know if something else. You Wear it out I'm tired of thinking about it all global real thing about any thing else. Another thing is becoming problematic because I get older. Is my obsessive compulsive nature. But didn't used to be a thing with me right I don't know what you're around me. Did you ever look at me go man this guy is. He's got to calm down. Almost all the time was that was without because confession and compose them. Now it is it's the wild mood swings that we discussed I don't want my wild lose winning. Evident he addressed then you'd be much happier what do I go to address. Your mental health. And mental health those perfect then okay. My mental health in that area is fine my mental health in trying to remember what I was do bug. Not good at all is that the that a baby boomer thing to do is ignore. I don't ignore any thing I am as healthy. As as you can possibly yet. Everybody knows me I am a straight line of emotional that is that Donald Trump saying if there everybody had people are saying everyone knows me and everybody knows me I'm the most mentally healthy person on earth and everybody who knows me. Is is just blown away by my stability. And I and I don't understand why you're not as there is non you know I you don't have Manning. 01. Almost out of again. Lone man this is I got a new radio show but I'm obsessive compulsive. The wall like a big about it this thing what else we have I don't know. You have is that the Indians won last and I beat the Red Sox five to Florida and a rallying effort I couldn't make it I got to the seventh inning. I'm gonna blurred out tonight maybe take a short nap when I get home you're tired missed a great cardinals then it. Now fortunately I did tape the game didn't hear about well ninth inning pop a nine time 33 Caylee Anthony coming back. I'll I'll sleep listening and Agassi Federer go. Home. Matt carpenter home. Big win on the road at Dodger Stadium. Start to believe in this table that they get mad Adams today. Not the problem that they need a left handed hitter although the cubs got Daniel surprised he didn't get Daniel Murphy. Well I got to play them at second base belongs to and Daniel Murphy's Daniel Barbara is a better hitter bit cold long is a wizard defensively. And I my wife well and join me things weaken a plea Daniel Murphy at first you don't pull wants settings is to learn to live birds now 330. Can. You know how good he is defensively he's cute the best in baseball thought about it. Only worry gonna play a Mac I get chairman Daniel Murphy made it through every team. A body has claimed by the counts and you can have blocked him right now the cubs at the last chance. Now you had a chance before you have the worst record in the camera got a blocking him. Why. Let me get to claiming they don't want him well and emerged yet Matt these better here we got our first. Wong at second beyond that short jerk third. Were taken an arrow Munoz up that there's no place to play Denmark but there's no real place the blame Matt Adams neither snow left handed bat off the bench with the cardinals desperately need. They had left handed bat. That was a hole in their team when Greg Garcia is your only left handed hitter. A Mac carpenter and unplug and all that. Man pay attention. I mean you're supposed to know baseball. If I can't talk to you about it. You said guys talked about the left and it matters they had not off the bench. He's trying to get mad ounce or one about a nice about it. And will probably be against the left and it's now what they aren't committed faced a left handed but I was and a lefty will come in the face him. Ever. They need a left handed bat off the bench to get them starts against right handed pitching. He crashes right handed pitching on those days you put covered or third adams' first. Then you've got jerk off the bad. Well they go these arrows thing added some depth you do your race your bench significantly better. If you have Munoz of the events as well. You'll have Tyler O'Neil off the bench and I'm Garcia so you have balance off the bent. That's always helpful let's get it. Ride Friday it wasn't good pick up. Though baseball and getting right out like some of the these August deals there. Maybe in a little more exciting then sometimes the July deal. They can't be because you don't expect them to come out of nowhere there's no there's a deadline but they can happen at any time. During August that need you never really know who's on waivers who went through waivers you back claimed. And labor are I don't know I'm not sure I even understand I can explain it now he can't yes I can now another public editor Robin Wright guy someone gets put on waivers right. Why did Bryce Harper make it their way. And he didn't make it through every hue has claimed that they didn't work out trade with the team claimed him that's the same thing. Now you may you're never gonna work out of you make it through waivers if no one claims you and then I can't return and work out to anybody. You never know. And thought you claimed him I don't. Thank you this thing around going to be of racked for the whole show. By the way we got a good show today big twelve previous continued Tyler Palma to air Palma to air. From the Norman transcript at 425 he's sooners fans. Get the word out. We're gonna talk Oklahoma football with Tyler Palma here at four point five. At 445 today Jack Oliver joins us from classic hits KEY and we'll talk to Adam marquee at the new. Club downtown and outdoor venue that also can be an indoor venue. Called waived. And we'll get an idea of some of the shows he's bringing to town. Very cool place. I'm I'm excited about it and a 525. We'll do our regular Tuesday. Game of the week and regular tab and a lot of innovative so it's gonna be a regular thing now I look at all of the Tuesday game of the week like. Ally can I love it in fact. That's what's going to be. 5 o'clock of course jive talk as as we move through a Tuesday. Here on the show and of course I'd be remiss not telling you. We're getting down of the nitty gritty of my top 100 songs. Numbers 33 through 36 today. You'll ball. Yeah one of them will surprise you. In the going to be other Radiohead song. You couldn't have imagined dragons and there. You know I couldn't name of the mavs and dragons. Won as long I don't know the names of he you've heard of around you'd you'd recognize them. They have data show here in town that was big gaga people loaded. Why did my ego can't answer that. Why don't I go to more than I thought you. You always bring that up and then a year it's not do have tickets to the even bills and Judy column where is that. That amber some time. At the orpheum theater. I will definitely go to that. My lovely bride will accompany me. And we'll enjoy watching that duo perform. I'm wonderful thing southern crop he had his signature song of course the thing it. And by the way that has not appeared yet on my list they might appear for both of us in the closest Angel island there is am still I don't know anticipates I don't. As we know seven every time that I have. Brought up and I just don't care about the anticipation. I could not care less that anyone is looking forward to it I'm looking forward to it. And that's good enough evidence helpful in the public has and hasn't. A fascination. Nowadays. I think. Certainly wouldn't think you'd think so. Tomorrow will will get a preview of Oklahoma State football on Thursday TCU. On Friday. Iowa State and then we'll continue next week with Texas Baylor. What's Virginia case stating Kagan. The season is upon us we will begin making picks. A week from Thursday. Right here Joanna Chadwick. From five. Will join us this Thursday and NB a regular guests. Throughout the football we hope the basketball season. On Friday are you ready are we ready for football. It's common. Are you looking forward to the the episode three of art not without last night. And it's very it is a lawyer I can I watched him on Wednesday's. That'll be it. Little thumb weird universe let that you have to wait for what Hulu it and get it there. So it's HBO go. And it notes ought to look at I don't know I haven't looked but I assume nine I don't wanna get on there and it's not there side its way into the next day. Let's say a lot better pulse all which has been great to start four season. But I'll hang with it. As far as a little slow moving. It is our Ivan bad habits mode moments of slow movement you have and I didn't I didn't experience actors I've been eased breaking bad and I never felt like he was slow moving. So maybe it's the same for better car coleslaw if you watch an episode that at times like whoa gotta have more evidence. Here's Andrew. Not Andrew Hamlin we hope that a different managers and there what's. Any Bob hey what you're in you're better at it. Let him in a line you're suddenly up for some than Andrew. Actually wait projects lets you know you're sitting in anticipation Jeremy you're getting Andrew first. Ashlee Pete under the edit an appetizer list right. Thanks hander out after years your now being cut off okay. They. I cut him up before the word day it was officially Bennett is a guy. Who does that standard value planets out there yeah I can meander repeat. That thing I'm trying to remember I can't wait till the break. Well I can get back to racking my brain. Trying to thank you bought it. 8691240. The I gotta have locker room hotline. Any thing in baseball whether the wild card race than all the races in the massively. Our path. Before subtle it's. Well struggled a bit early that that settled and then and the volume control panel lost two in a row for three months or something ridiculous. Like that who what's the pitching matchup tonight we'll of course. A lot to tell you. Mean you don't know now unbelievable. You used to really I'll neighbor against evolve that you used to really all your I've never known pitching matchup I don't know who's pitching it they were out of rotation. Never pitched five days ago we got fonts they would elegance rise of the tonight. Alan I know that every game that is America over switching it fits in for anybody that I. I know that ever gave my nose now that's funny what used to it now you said Ponce de Leon an asset is the mayor goes -- pitch and not funny. Chief explorer joke. We don't Nate fits and entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing this young man pitch to dodgers' stadium that the nerve wracking place. It's hard to win there thank goodness and cardinals figured out last night Tony hello you're on the show. Well we. Where we you me. Our. Short eerie. It. Will be. And when a game and not be here or there. Mostly them. There's got to the right employees but the point stands there's nothing different the Red Sox the Red Sox that are barely. Awake right now they're so far feel as our Cleveland at this Cleveland. Cleveland still fighting for home field. We don't need home field we're gonna play Oakland and Tony I'll bet you a million dollars. That if if Cleveland and Boston play in the post season Boston win. Are. About ten. There it is ten bucks I only eight. Yeah any thing else Tony used on the side to get amen are. Out there's Tony. Now Earl is now girl. Guy early you gotta back me up till. Know what you guys are talking about making Texan that being the eve of a new pull all season and last week that Cleveland beer cooler lame promotion for those suffering fans but they it overlooks the most tortured fans in the NFL. That's in the cheeks kingdom we haven't had a playoff wins in 93. Yet Joseph Montana. Was our quarterback. The last time we AdAware and Chevy Chase had a late night talk show. The Sony Walkman had just been released. And the costume Power Rangers were doing their kit along who did you. Did you enjoy the pink power ranger as much as I did narrow. I enjoyed the pink ranger yes and the pretty good do you anticipate that changing this year the idol. Well there's no beer cooler for us logo it's a single malt Scotch which has been. You know law. In the in the liquor cabinet for quite some time. So we finally get that win is going to be pretty well pay each and there will be much better than that Fuzzy Budweiser stuff. Why is that girl that raiders fans have gone dormant on me. I can't I can't get any sound at all. Pop pop walkman. Let's be candid. View our man. Doing great things in the community you're helping young people. Who are particulate well spoken. Raiders fans don't relate to you. They are the purpose from that you shall work they don't shower. You know flat out for a word that don't have after you win at. Eight you don't use that word at all because you're illiterate man so you don't connect with the raiders fans for many. I don't know are the CI think I take offense though this is someone. I don't think you do it your your son was right you do like Alex Smith at and that's what was tormenting you the other reading your raiders. Say your raiders fans. It because you do hate chiefs chiefs fans like me you don't like this one bit so you figured the best way for your radio show because torture. Was to be a raiders guys which you felt flat pop it all bully you're too good every human being to be welcomed fan. And honestly you are but Bob what man on the news last night we needed to take better care your health and we need to will round. I'm will be okay Errol thanks for the call we don't need to go apply. And or you're nab on the newscast and Andrew what matters that are. There are good about. Not enough okay. I mean our course where it asked a question arm. I think the rare inherited this year. I think the bears are going to be pretty good Jack thanks mister disk is is the real deal. I think the bears are fourth in that division. Yeah because we carpet and knocked again. The Packers and Rodgers returned in our prisoner are all I'd argue there are UN. Under them on the question that our workers are. Banks and do we appreciate I have hope for the banners behavior on the show. Yeah you're asked. In which one day was wrong about that they want to tax used to. Have slipped his mind apparently or what. What mind girls still have left we love hurled back in a moment. With Oklahoma football preview. All the terror from the Norman transcript. You're listening to the drive right here KFA.