The Nationals complete failure with communication

Sports Daily
Thursday, October 12th

Strasburg is not pitching, Strasburg is pitching, Strasburg is sick, it may be mold in the A/C, but he’s on antibiotics. Tanner Roark is pitching, but actually we’re going back to Strasburg. No matter what you think of the Nationals press conferences, some terrible communication lead to Strasburg starting anyway, despite being sick.


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Played here that. I don't know what is yeah. Sports daily. OK you very much. And good morning everybody good to have you with less. On this Thursday edition sports daily hurtling Dennis Rowland with fuel on a very busy Thursday addition. All sorts of convergence going on with baseball and the start of football in week six. The NFL to college football weekend getting going as well on this Thursday. And j.'s we get going today all of the bad mouthing Stephen Strasburg all of the questions in the wondering in the second guessing. Nevermind. Yeah nevermind. Never mind disregard. You know nevermind we'll get back to it at some other point good for him great for him now I'm happy for unreal that's awesome. But man if I were him I'd gunmen dusty Baker's office after the game we like dude. We don't do that again. I mean we're talking about. Bring in. And we that we discussed yesterday and we told you were right before went off the air that no no no he's he's starting he's he is gonna start. Dusty Baker made it sound like you guys had a cold. And I'd be pretty pissed if I was them yeah he did eight liberty did you brought up an ace he and the mold. And under the weather what does that what does that mean do you. I'm asking you what though I may see I would agree it means we lose weight too casual. Yeah I can't rest but he always and then or sniffles or. And we find out later that he's on antibiotics any was on IV right that it doesn't have anything do with mold. Maybe dug a hole just trying to help but got email at bat and he made it well so much worse his legs it's his legacy could have been ruined yesterday if you didn't come out and pitch like Superman like he did you know I mean I don't think I'm overstating that. No I think that it was a very jaundiced eye that everyone viewed him win at. As that game got going. Bomb. I mean it's bad when you're sitting there looking first the ball. For some kind of confirmation that he's not feeling well run don't mean yeah it's like if that if that's what you're looking for out of the gate instead of what kind of poppies got on his fastball. Where he's locating his pitches dizzy up by eight. On some of his off speed stuff where's he looked at you should be thinking those types of things and I found myself and I watched the game right from the get go. I found myself saying. Well is he little peek at busy busy not you know what I need some sort of confirmation that he's been. Under whatever under the weather is. You know what what exactly it was a distraction for the first three innings of the game tomorrow. And a lust for the national people to. I mean for for the folks. That did that we're doing the game was TBS TNT member was then I was doing to gain yesterday. It was a team for them through pretty much the entire game for goodness six it was a distraction not necessarily so. He brought it up in in the postgame presser where it's. You know what I've found out he was stardom like I can't wait for the presser no matter how he does felony right says that the well he you know. His play did most of the talking point but after word trick and he kind of blame the media tell us Strasburg. So like guy you guys is the ones that create the drama I didn't have anything to compare for. My guy and having my nose clean do you guys and I'm like hey I know I need to take a moment. I need to take a moment on that and I and I know where your coming from. And I hear it. I hear it from guys every now and then shot the hell up. That's just crap. Yeah it doesn't come out of nowhere and it doesn't just magically. Appear. People don't I I know that there are people there that that they don't trust the quote main stream media. Instinctive it's all made up and it's all a bunch of fake news and you know what. It is and folks I hate to tell ya when you're in them that when your in the trench in Europe doing that kind of work. And you're around it all the time there's got to be something there you don't just sit and make it up. They're there aren't there are consequences. For doing things like that. And and you know what it's not. Simply a made up fantasy. Of the media. There is there are things that are said there are reactions that are given. On whether they're on the record or sometimes off the record that indicate a certain thing and that was the case with this so come on. Well and get off of that. Dustin dusty said what he said and it ended up you were on IDs and antibiotics. Right Stephen so did we make that up. I mean you were sick coming clean initially you weren't gonna pitch. And I suppose we should have and hindsight we should have listened to the GM Mike Rizzo because he's the one that asked Strasburg can you go tomorrow there's compliment Tuesday. And Strasburg apparently replied I give you what I got. And really as a result like aspect good enough for me were more tanner Roark you know on reg yeah right he's ready to go a 100%. And if if that's his response. You know more than 24 hours prior to and let's just skip him. So I don't blame the GM and who who is way way below the surface and all of us. But you know it alls well that ends well be good for him but he rescued. Himself. Because Dusty Baker threw him an anchor instead of a life raft about twenty hours ago so but it's over and let me ask you this before we get into the nuts and bolts of the game. Let's say you're you Bruce Pearl are in that room and you hear Strasburg say something about. The question was do. Stephen do you think you had anything. Extra to prove after what you know this or what's been surrounding it. And he said impair phrasing now not to you guys. You know you guys are the ones that created drama. If you heard that. Would you get in trouble from your particular TV station. If you stop the the presser right there and an interjected and kind of went on the there rant that you did with me would you get in trouble for that. I mean is that I wouldn't know now that. Well you don't add it there are there are professional rules of engagement that are kind of unspoken. But did you understand. All the old might but if he had answered it in those words might follow up question would have been. And I would have passed it. Very simply. Did you do you feel like you have something to prove. Not to your teammates then. Yeah if he if he if he throws it out on meet the war on us as members of the media the next question and a follow up. Wouldn't would logically be then did you have something to prove to your teammates. And that would that would have been. That would have been and that's not that got you moment that's way too neat. A logical question based on all the information that we had to that point. Look I'm listening to Ron darling and end yesterday talking about the shock factor of tanner Roark being announced. As the starting pitcher and how that all started what two days ago and and and how this whole thing played out in in. In at the very least. Can we all agree. Whether people trust the media or don't that this was a bizarre situation the way that it played out bizarre. It was it was we argue that Dusty Baker. Seemingly not. I don't they may be on purpose throwing Stephen Strasburg under the bus but it sure ended up sounding that way. By virtually any sort of interpretation that you make. On I mean he had just boom weirdness. All and then oil and old idol would never mind. I'm gonna I'm gonna pitch. Why wouldn't there be a question of have you been shamed into it. Based on all of the information that we had and the public information the way that it'd played out the sound from Dusty Baker. I mean you know we are sitting here wondering about it yesterday. You could totally go hey look at dusty was confused. You know maybe. A lot of the nationals are under the weather but. Our than just under the well I had the flu you know I Amman antibiotics and and I had IVs in the last China woke up feel a whole lot better so us I wanna take the ball. To go clarification would have been okay but but again because he did what he did. He's in the clear now and for the moment dusty Baker's in the clear. And left managerial talking second. On the hot seat for help when the World Series on May be except for Dave Roberts but. If it is what it is Strasburg dinners some unbelievably elite company. He becomes the third different NL pitcher to have multiple ten strikeout games in the same post season series and the first since give B. Bob Gibson in 1968. The World Series. We'll also do it 1967. And Sandy Koufax in 1965. Gibson struck got you it was unbelievable 47 in the 68 World Series. He struck out warning in the 67 World Series and Colfax struck out pointing in the 65 World Series. Strasburg in the NL the F gets 22 the difference between Strasburg and those other two guys. They pitched three games Strasburg only pitched two. So they go on to win tonight is Strasburg the NL the FM VP. I think maybe so because nobody's getting panicky probably as you have Iraq is still absolutely. So you go on a you don't promote world us. To the second coming of Bob Gibson. And 24 hours the U texted me the exact word for this whole thing bizarre. Right totally right when I told you hey look forward to off the air we got announces Strasburg actually is gonna pitch it's an at all and it cooers. Jane and here in here's my deal and it and and I am and I'll leave it alone after this but here's my thing. Dusty Baker. Isn't a foolish person he's can we at least agree that he's been around the block a few times. He's been a good enough manager for more than one franchise to go ahead and and trust their team well with. Nine he's a guide it's one at a high level. On if there had I was sitting about thinking about this during the game yesterday about how this whole thing played out. And the more I thought about it the more it it occurred in the that I wonder if there was just the possibility. That Dusty Baker. When he had a conversation with Stephen Strasburg. Or was a part of the conversation with Rizzo or whomever. Maybe just was pest at the answers that he was getting and said screw it I'm gonna throw this out there. Because this guy. Doesn't wanna do what he doesn't wanna be EED he doesn't want to show up and be a guy. He doesn't want to beat their first teammates he doesn't want to be there for us Cain used C a situation where a manager. A former player and a manager. Could look at that and say. Screw this guys that yes I'm gonna go ahead and drawn to the wolves which is essentially what Dusty Baker dead. Yeah made no sound like well below that he's a little slick and and absolutely out of aggressive way and trying to stay totally. Aggressive he's in there and looks up. It's bathtub and and you know what I'm sitting there thinking that yesterday think an aunt and and I did and I'm not trying to be conspiracy a conspiracy on this thing but it it was too weird. Dusty Baker has been in a situation like that a million times he knows that he could've just totally. He could've taken that situation and they didn't have to make the announcement on tenor Rourke they could've they could've played that out and set well we're gonna wait and see we've got. You know we get you know we obviously we want Strasburg to pitch on arrest. But you know he's battling some stuff right now we're we're just not sure will let you know. Tomorrow morning or whatever the case may be could've really deep could have really played that off and and people would have been fine with that. They would have asked what what what you know what's he suffering with that how serious is it that kind of thing and it might have had to have been some follow up. Dare what the media. But he didn't have to go into the whole thing that he went into. He just didn't have to. And he knows that he didn't have to I don't know when you have to mean it and you have that. Big of an announcement to make. You'd be you need to have a script and you need to stay on. Him in the Mike Maddux pitching coach or. The GM you'd have a pal around say you know okay here's one dose. But you could tell he just talking in circles and Hammond and on and there are totally eighth he in the mold and may it may sound like his whole team has a cold. Because of the change of the season and it's unseasonably warm and the mould count as time. Yeah yeah you don't have it and to me this part of the reason why. He's on the hot seat. And the exact reason why. He stayed with Strasburg for an extra inning last night or yesterday yet Strasburg and you know nine pitches through six. And was going through the cubs like a hot knife through butter and it may be imposed seasons path. He goes and gets them and goes to the bullpen. They gag and they lose I thought that's exactly what was gonna happen yesterday for all the games that I nationals had lost in close fashion. And games worse some. Would determine that Dusty Baker missed managed to bullpen after he'd strike again. But he ran him out there referred the seventh innings and Strasburg strikes out the side and ends up with twelve strikeouts and then. I had to go scrambled to baseball reference dot com to find out who held Michael Taylor is when Wade Davis comes down and serves up they. Opposite field Grand Slam into the wind you asked by this Michael Taylor guy. And now everything's coming up roses for dusty Baker's so. This study just you can't make this stuff up kind of series and we get one more game of the tonight. And Jane and here's my sense of this we haven't heard the last of this. At some point the of the international season will be over a minute maybe as early as tonight. And this is the site but being that will that someone will squeak. At some point. Some one it did there's going to be there's going to be information that comes out on this because here's one thing that the media won't do they won't let it ago. Because it's so bizarre. It's no different. It's so weird and so unprecedented. That there will be follow up and you know what there should be follow up. I'd like to know I think you'd like to know and I'll betcha that most of our listeners would like to know what in the hell is Golan. I mean is it enough. That Strasburg just went out and dealt. It makes the story even more fantastic based on the knowledge that we supposedly had a previous to that it makes it even more fantastic no question about it. Someone. He's gonna cheer on this thing. And it may not be in a moment of frustration if they lose for instance tonight in this thing is over. It old war but it'll be somewhere somewhere in the next month or the next two. Months are you more February know ahead of interest get back you know it'll be 11 of his teammates retires. And years from now he goes on our radio show and somebody asks them about flu game to me. Remember back in 2017. When Strasburg had a cup hangover he said what really happened there that's our that's what order. Yeah look look look how much questioning of sincerity is there about curt Schilling's blood game. About the blood in the sock even to this day. I mean there's still a fair amount of a span of what in the world really was going on there kind of I'm not hurdle of the skeptics of about that. Now on an a but I think this is even more. Questionable and weird and bizarre and and then we'll we'll get to Dick who did meet the national baseball media will get to the bottom of this. And and will have been will have the I don't know I'm not just jerks there's a lot of stuff he goes on and inside baseball clubhouse that. That. It's hard to crack hard to get to amuse one's heart beat this this. One might be a little easier because. I think that you can make. Well I don't know you can who will wonder whether or not. Teammates. Had started to question this guy's. Toughness room which is about the worst thing I think. That can happen behind closed doors. If you've got guys. That you two oil live for a 162. For six months of the season and then suddenly. You're in a position. To. To get to the National League Championship Series. And for whatever reason you've got a guy a the debate and the perception might be that he's not good not gonna be ready to jump in that foxhole with you. I think that's a difference and maybe it maybe I'm wrong I don't know how this and I think that that's where that's where you start to cross the line a little bit with with teammates I think maybe I'm wrong. In order to keep. Cal Ripken's consecutive game streak going. Apparently Camden yards had a power outage one night in the game was canceled. You remember the conspiracy theories floating around that one. I mean every yes I was Kevin Costner was involved. But yeah. You never know. You never know up you don't and if I'm not saying that this was something besides the flu. But it could be and we may never totally find out but. So now we've got to focus on game five. And one of the unlikeliest of candidates to be a hero is a soft costs are named Kyle Hendrix from the cubs. Who happens to own a one point 98 post season ERA which is the fourth lowest and MLB history. Kyle Hendrix in speaker Bob Gibson he's right there in that rent district the lowest post season ERA since. Earned runs became an official stat in 1912 Bob Gibson a 189. Kyle Hendrick won 98. And so idle hand I'll Hendrickson and right behind me and George earn show all week Hoya and Bob Gibson in the annals of National League post season history. And he's tied. With Fernando Valenzuela who also had a 198 ER in the post season so. As tough as that may have been that swallow for cubs fans. And just look at Kyle Hendrick you wouldn't thank god there that's our guy. Well he has yet to guide on and I think that's we now go get your guy going seven innings no gurneys and only two hits allowed in game one. In Washington game in which the cubs won. Three to nothing but we got to get a couple qualifiers for the NASCAR didn't do it for tickets are on the line to Kansas Speedway the races the 22 but Bruce now draw the grand prize winner on the thirteenth that's tomorrow in second hour. We still got a bit registrant of qualifiers so give me a call right now the first to begin. And 8691240. Wolf could be qualified to win four tickets one night stay at the Aladdin and dinner for four and Casey come up on the 22. But baseball cock coming back when we return yankees and Cleveland played good the last night to we'll discuss tournament.