The Name Game

The Drive
Friday, September 7th
More attempts in coming up for a new name for the New Orleans Baby Cakes before their arrival in Wichita.

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This is good for. Colin. Sort of back an hour and a birthday. It's jive talk. The segment that belongs the abort I'm gonna sit it out we got stuff to talk about you're more than welcome to join the fray make your own afraid. Sprayed I don't know. Fred not I don't know what's going on friend not. Yeah okay we knew that if you launcher at 869124. Really I got that adds locker room hotline. I'm making rock hoppers happen OK you're still on that. But we don't still have done that not jacked up after ten minutes while you do sometimes song just ask him is that weird lonely patch your name. I'm going with rock hoppers and then I'm attaching my rocket ship. To rock hoppers and either we will shoot all the way up to the moon. Or we rules sputter and not have a take off day pillow talk about whether lobbyists obviously than the Moscow be a pain. Yeah. It. Have you seen what rock copper penguins look like they are. Custom made for low going really yeah they've got this little tough to live there. I'm a cover their head it just looks fantastic it's adorable. But fears that the same time a bill or grill you are faced. Off adorable but mere Sierra interest unlike many parents interest in how long do you think until there actually. Except here rock hoppers its common okay though. Whether you like it or whether you don't like it learned to love it because it's the best thing going today. I know a well good thing I guess they got or a year and a half until yeah I did that at this again it's London it's gonna take a while. But I'm not given up rock hoppers as the name of the Wichita rock hoppers. They just call it team that trashed panda is okay. Those solid rock hoppers as some is ever outlandish. Named for a team Null and I I agree I don't mind it. How many and I I'd rather have something like that then. The baby cakes whore. What did you just say trash what trash pandas trash and those yes who's that what is alpha like it's a Huntsville Alabama I think. And it's some kind of tie in with guardians of the galaxy. What's the rocket city trash and can you think of off the top your head that most goofy is name you've heard for a team though that's it that's it. Trash panned yeah that's on the imagine putting the word trash. On your Jersey know the professional athlete I never thought about it slap in the face I never thought of it like that but that would be difficult sometimes to put that thing not. They're having a bad year. Like how how much worse could that be. As an athlete to put that on when year fifteen and forty. And you go what you're Judy go to look at your locker room and all you see track following around this trash. It's awful and that's bad one I can't believe it's this is why we can't open. To the public because they'll come up with them like trash man that's right open and a rock Oliver I don't know opium and out I mean why wouldn't ya I wanna ask for a theme. Why this is rock hoppers. I don't know. If you like what's the most interesting one you've ever that you've heard of that you like can you come up with one up top here at the top of my head that's that's too that's tough. Now. I kinda like Baltimore Ravens. Is that the tie in Edgar Allan polo there's some. Geographical. Influence there I like it I giddy I don't think that's like my favorite bit I think I'm not saying we may have interstate when you have. Team and and it's a blank slate as this is then there might be some time in with like the Marlins colors or someone suggested turning them Marlins M upside attitude W and that's your logo for Wichita and I'm onboard with that thought about what would he have a blank slate you can choose colors you can choose nickname logo. I think you have to be is creative. But also as. Not so crazy that is system a mockery you know what they do when you they wanna keep the same colors as the Marlins they would want to keep the same colors when Manning. I'd why. Because that's kind of party or franchise. Evidence doesn't matter I mean the Wrangler isn't where the same colors as the royals the wranglers were. Red. As the royals were blue fair enough. Of those to get requests and it it was our billion. This team is an affiliate of the Marlins they don't belong to the Marlins they belong to Wichita where their players belong to Jeff. And the Marlins organization. So it kinda does data and a group along with the team this isn't the I don't know that math isn't the Miami Marlins of Wichita. I get that part I really do get past Marty Wichita rock hoppers were talking about here the old rock hoppers. Go back to the I got to the test locker room while I 8691240. The number debt it's our favorite one of our favorites among our favorites then that's what so. Well I'd hate for yeah I do get. I would like it kind of know. How calm. Even minor league needn't. Have these goofy name. It's your merchandise in and some kind of uniqueness some kind of tie in with where you live in some low low. What's the word I'm looking for a locality I don't think that's a bit you know I'm. And I still play why. I mean they're putting in money and they haven't met at a no. I am planning a merchandise. They trail their merchandise. Why do could have oh I do that can be go. I think I think it's probably because in a lot of places where these minor league teams are they they have to have something that. Look at somebody's side or have a name that will be somebody will remember. Or something that's goofy that though can bring up to have a conversation. So when people actually no there there yeah they get the name out beyond the community like. If you are now automatic train line. You don't hear any problem. Wit that editor don't winging it no of course. You find any problem would that. That's not necessarily a problem but this forced to do a lot for you I mean it's it's that it's an okay name. But it's back to the aviation theme there's nothing really. Unique about the idea it's it's apply Wichita force it's pretty cool but. You want to be creative again it's your one chance this team. We'll probably never be renamed her release it'll be awhile well you have one chance at this. You call me I'll always struck the Portland. Went dark blue raider. Good enough you ever got. I think that's we appreciated that he stayed dark Slater dart Boehner. Look at that. This this let's cross our fingers here Ben hello Bob. I have to face them here we go on today we're good about. To admit but I will. My wife came out this first name and I didn't try to help promote. The Wichita keep burst. We have heard now and it just doesn't roll off the tongue you know autumn's. The Wichita keepers serve first of all I hear keeper I think of a goal keeper into soccer term you know I'm Sam. Jenkins probably offended by that and seal the hockey player. By the way I don't get offended with what Jeff says anymore it's always we thank Bob I call you goaltenders and hockey is though goal keepers and hockey. While the nickname is actually keeper tender. Oh my money back here we go ball please continue to. Completely lift some of your hockey Kate told slugger over and the opponent you have no idea how many times I've wanted to do that. They slow. You don't care we appreciate it. Here I am. Though he's the guy is like on the thunder tell us again now. I don't know who that you guys that hated each other did. Again this is a fine James today. Hello James. Sorry about that I was a little abruptly you are on the air. Not all as far as that they put it in its 20. Lighters and maybe we recruit which I like apple back out. Sliders no okay. We are down on the candidate you didn't think we did though that's its okay but here's the thing I don't mind slider I'm not necessarily. Wanting to open this up the nickname ideas are mourning the team to be called the rock hoppers. No I want I'd rather hear more from from memory listening so I don't have to hear the rock coffers to the top you have another name I would like to hear it. There are teams called the rock hoppers. Okay then why would we want to rock hoppers that if other teams Carty have the name you mentioned this when I was here on Wednesday. That we don't want avid same name as somebody else. Not necessarily but thought you did you much like at the prevalent name around a minor league sports Charles here up next on the drive what's up. Pay out there about operator that was outbreak while Barlow error. Way back when your error out of it get yeah I don't which don't are now. Wichita Iran koppers he said no hard not arrow hard knock him OK I don't. And a couple of big part of the art teacher got it and it. Where all the way to world net dish yeah. Out what you give out more or or we're worlds in Newsweek. That we know they'll they'll or promote it. Promote. But the other elder I didn't and let it go let the local boy. Where are all there Albert where art. Eight Erica ever read the ball all the way back a. And I read about. Our sport checked out there and what aren't. So what was that I believe are important outcome was undercut that would all world I don't. He backed parity. There. That it would extinct. So go low weight classes Clinton then. What did he Iraq toward a better body weight but whether it. What. Are are we don't want our locker. There are locked up his heart not. And it went belly shirt we are color. The bush set then it. I that child's we appreciate it good luck it to Clinton. Charles. Instead of selling everyone on the heart and the rock you although senator Ron Hart got an event that bets everywhere. You forgot about instead of selling everyone on the rock hoppers you could call it with your name. All this poke holes and Intel it's like OK I guess I'll have left is the rock opera about whoever calls and I'll be on their sides Ohio and doctors now I'm sure we have great shirts. I've I'll start to feel a little bit aggressive but you better be having a nice solid over the fireplace because we're not gonna be are not yours pretty saw what you rock operas but you got going on here today but it's the rock hoppers the rock I expect to have this conversation we were gonna get into our bottom five NFL we still got time. I guess next segment really is that. Well we'll getter done wood but all upset picks. Major League award winners there's so much to get duke. Oh well it's it's the collar segment Keith you're up next it's jive talk what's up. Yes hey. Keep doing what the western team warily called horseman. Okay keep it interesting I hung up on key because icon alike that. So if you don't wanna have a debate because he might win except what is our mascot Ric Flair and Arn Anderson no Keith. But it's a gave it depends what yes. First horseman not a bad name okay biggest something bad to say about horseman on a lot of be that guy right now. Not my endorsement I don't mind that that's not too bad. It's not too bad. I can't think given a really a negative thing to say about other which style horsemen except here's one we RD did wranglers. And then horses a mascot has been done so I keep now. Belliard got next on did drive on the I got that out of locker violent how aria. I'm all right you were talking about different part of the baseball fight them. And it by go along with your hard rockers or whatever yeah but the yeah they used our doctors out of voice data and shirts the rock up about those which are clobber soccer. The blue all about that's unique that's not a bad little that he couldn't go more serious opt out of Woodstock spirit would become a cool that you get are. Aircraft company to get on board on dirt but there again. All right sounds good what do you think about the Wichita spirit I like the slot on the matter what are we an ABA team. All stopping Jaffray. You just just stopped well. A lot on trial I'm trying to get people. It's fine halo surrounding area I want to rock you just want this rock opera thing to go with an idea of what's up. Mob calling because I think that would always there would be a really good may explain that. Wizard of odd you know I'm gonna around the country and that's the first thing anybody talked about it here from candidate. Littered along. Do you want your team name to be the first thing that everyone thinks of them yeah exactly exactly you don't. Next we'll walk I'll eat it. There and I hi Boris I am Portman. You're under high lord and all there are all good with the official stance of this show we love our callers we love our listeners. Absolutely. We love them so much we can tell when their wrong. That's a diesel your opinion in your opinion only it is yes it is. You've made that we're gonna crystal clear today we're gonna have to do a lot of good will work to get some of these people back on just coldly reject I don't think so I think they completely understand how Orix it's an opinion it's everyone's opinion. And years is wrong what you think everybody else is wrong no it's not so. In Wichita you're rate and there. Then 500000 of us are all wrong when Tommy and although that you are right and everyone else is wrong that's he's that's understand context doesn't matter hey Dick. America would stop that capital. How hot so I don't want him to reach deep down I. There's a very good chance C it is. And I instructs them FCC violations I missed it I think is that sacked tempers. And I you're in violation. Good that that's too easy what I I have no idea why why now don't you did you get rid of them are bad Dick's done and I doubt his name's Dick. Right yep probably it's probably richards' act rappers now of course now I. I don't wanna dignify that with a response that I items that I agree with yet so far the best name we've heard outside of of course rock operas is horsemen I don't mind Alan that's very is some thing it. About there's the mystique behind that. I think the horsemen are coming to town I like that that a minor Alan I really don't mind that that's my bat it's probably a lot better than rock operas. Why are why amber doing that because where I had to gather data that got slaughtered doctors I love the idea of we already have T shirts. And that's why it was a good highlight that Alice if that's my favorite thing in the history as well now everybody go it was a Charles McCain column to get one before they actually. Go on sale and problems. Did I faulty that's our net at that that's the next AAA franchise but we actually do look Charles I believe that's bad debts and Charlie. We do love him. Yeah he's here river dance and Charlie a little bit before your time outs bridle bit before my time I think I think we got to bring back at dancing Charlie like character. We have AAA baseball here lately if it's not dancing Charlie than. Can be somebody else dancing dividend maybe. Nobody wants to see that Eddie nobody no way. What the thought of and a wait and see if we have one more phone call that definitely next thing we got to get the bottom five NFL teams that's fair. We can arguable that for law. They're like I think there'd be a whole lot of argument well. With you to gather will be well maybe because I'm just that type of person that there art and not that many Justine do you look at and say they're going to be bad. Let's get one more column before the break Bryant is with us. Org or had he liked the western being how about yet delay don't dusters. Delay no dusters to what's wrong with the Wichita dusters. Are not all right thanks Brian. Suffered at all which is not dusters. And have a good. Wichita tumble weeds. Kate the no I don't like now that's my next play and make every other one of my nickname is so badly like okay GAAP product at a hoppers they Dyson. I guys. Aren't yet he got a problem they weren't they get a cup in opt out correct you go to Ottawa broke it up and up and explain get Matt. Cap. Mad yeah we have the river right there. Today got cap vision wherever. And what the on top that would be like anger can't finish. The mad cats. Mac. Got up after the indictment get the jets to Reebok a just yeah I've I've I'm gonna back you up and rip him to use color ribbon to be able to their face or to their voice. Well at least give a what Jim had cats flu sorry it. I I I'm really not I'm not none not not on board as much without one. Why I have I really don't I home but Matt Katz. That cats look and it looked. Would you have to have a fish and for years. Mascot. I don't mind the official theme night I'm actually okay with that if it ends up being that while considering it's the Marlins to a kind of makes sense. Exactly and we have this year or next to a river I can see that I can see the tie there Wichita waves. Is name on Twitter represents Kansas will fit with the river here at river area downtown in two playoffs doctors as in waves of grain. How like Wichita waves I would add that would be perfect for the upside down Mario view him. Yeah I can I can buy in and I was there with a logo as a little bit of a wavy aspect to it also and then he can enhance and obviously a little bit which style waves you know what. That's a good one that's and that's in the box so far yeah but wait my boxes is not as expansive as my dad to throw the October October bucked. In our part we have rock hoppers. Which has 81 of the 84 into exactly and the other three are separated between waves and horsemen. The way you think you get one and a half beach may be your one gets to have delegates one ever really decided that those are the most of the names in the box can't wait to you'd make your decision on that. Hey Angela yeah. Won't it look. Now how about don't Wichita plant in which adult playing he's been a larger city in your name blue is that is that real aboard it are you an umpire now. Doubt that structural name nickname I've picked up and our goal in literary cinch is this blue Edwards of NBA fame. Not a rational okay that what was your inalienable I'm sorry that your team name. Planes and I keep her on the plane brought me to keep the planes are Wichita. Arrangement. The Wichita plains and up OK let's let's. Let's break Allen down a little bit planes been. I don't know dissect that I I don't off Aaron I don't know if I'd be on board without one plaintiffs' claims man. You sound plane department Egan then you could throw in the plane because aviation planes men kind of goes both ways. What do the name planes men PLA and yes they could spell of that away and kind of get. Two birds with one stone dead. Possibility. In the box. It's it's on the edge it's on the edge it might take up. That extra one that you got left right now once we drive out rock operas will put at several other names back in the box to make it look like it was on the up and I'll man. A rock hoppers. So yes. So let's let's each do one of our bottom five teams in the NFL right now I. You gophers which one of my done this any of them just what it is not not necessarily and in any kind of border red buffalo. First Dave I wrote that was the Buffalo Bills. All you have to say is Peter Mann that's it and they belong there. But typically up to say he's bad and it's ease back. What I do it now you know why you got the kid just out of might be bad dude and I don't think they won't slow start was five picks in the first half. Right it can't be that all only liberal floor and it won't be worse. Noble CLA does against isn't a Baltimore we won again. Tampa Bay are no buffalo net outflows Baltimore buffalo against Baltimore. What we just gave away when he other picks. What. Never bay yeah. Now Chris you're up there not one of my picks the. Hey guys picked up their bank yet I am. I don't. I need tumbleweed isn't too bad actually. That's not I don't think that's backed up deciding what the doorway and it sounds good but at update people first reaction is gonna be at minimum I never. Looks like this year I'm not bowler an appetite and let out early. Early and goes against that. It is admitted it detects a couple other boxes. Off the wall question or that some people are gonna do what he's talking about. That she's never retained the name but they are he had before. I'd. Yeah do it or not I think it went well I think they. Though I can we can't do that. What issues are at stake there and not you can actually do better to maybe edges and the president obviously it well that's not. I got a pretty good thing but not I don't I don't understand the need I don't you're so I don't know how that worked as far as legally or whatever that. I liked Manhattan. All right thanks thanks Chris Christie and might I don't think I don't think you'd want to anyway can't you wouldn't want that to you all you this I think what that franchise name in the same city. And then just trap I don't think I don't I don't think it's. Not that night I'd guzzling that is a good name but I don't think it would. I don't think it's a good idea to transfer that to a new team coming in a AAA franchise. I just doesn't it doesn't make sense to me. It's an okay name I served the community well for a long time it. Now this is this is it turning the page type of thing to answer his question I don't think he'd keep keep your name. When a team moves but when you change like affiliations. You can keep the name like the Columbus clippers for example used to be that the Yankees. Think they've been with the Expos before now there with the the Cleveland Indians. And they've kept the name the Columbus clippers as they've changed affiliations but when you really have what from a city doing different city. Now no I agree or keeping a name of a previous team that it that was located there at the opening the Arctic coast in the Wrangler. Not only wouldn't on the wing and a throw value after all you gotta you gotta have there it's it's got to be brand new art back to the thugs Brad at what this what's up brat. Hey Jeff and Jason are drawn it up for our year sheriffs all I I just was curious as to. Rock pop or are you you know that name and and I got an import it to that he'd tell me. Well OK over rock hoppers that comes from I wanted to incorporate. Are you very unique. Zoo and one of the unique animals that we have at the zoo as a paying Glenn. We have a penguin exhibit. Among you know your elephant exhibit rather than gorilla exhibit and I thought to what the cool breed of penguin and you have rock hoppers. And that sounds based volley because Brock baseball. Hopper is sort of like as a chopper or whatever ground ball and it just fit study for whatever reason Brad. Yeah that's painful final breath and also act voted today clients get. Honor our creator in my. How big brown what did that and I'll let him finish let him yeah my name so close that thing you do the trigger of these unbelievable Brad. Anyway. I know a lot of lower deluded and a natural history museum and 11 and explain to us first round and you know Indian in order to win the white men burst came. What are your biggest concerns. Ordered all rattlesnakes in his area. Taught you know what star rappers who leader all right Brad pretty come aboard the logo with the rattlesnake calling it doesn't yet. And it scale holding a basketball or baseball. Uninteresting Wii that is good at the and that is good. You knew he was gonna jump all over that right away it didn't matter because the greatest name ever easily as easily promoted. It didn't matter what you said Brad. He was gonna jump all over but that is actually good idea rabbis like hit that the nine Iraq let's Urban League team is the right away were the travelers. But he got played not only outlaws the lick your face turn red and blue. Bush over this and got a little bit idle it gets. That's a good nick I don't mind that he actually had an idea for the low all. I think it's I and that's in the box that's taken out ten of those rock opera for sure hope we'll be guaranteed. Level. I'm gonna pull that sweater over your head I can't wait till you try that back to the polls we've got to get the five questions still they were have been so let's but what's up dean. How much. I am definite yet probably there were rattled next year but I don't think England ever. We're native began there are you sir is according to Japanese group idea. Have you heard of what was it called the and I I saw when I I can't think of NIC what's the apple last year whatever what was the call and all the continents were together. A long time ago yellows the name of that. All the ten grand Jia you remember and you're. Dirt England's we're here then. OK let Goldman Miller Philip everything else yeah that was all they put. Bartlett able to get that back and another name that a name that we possibly have had like Wichita which is all it took out a cool name and I wish. Could have been around when we have the winnable as a way it's ever been in Kansas Marco. In the winter. About the that the the ballot in Kansas State that that was in Oz. Which was set in Kansas no wasn't. Well I don't know own. Scoring in the movie that's where it was sad not close US front kids as he went to laws now. They're also wrong you're wrong the pin GOP England's what do you think. But I like that that makes more sense. That I could live quit paid dame. It bad or elect you know. Whatever whatever we can figure out to be anything better than the raw call I had Daley got a lot of DNA I have Montauk I thought management tool. Share. We've got to take a break we got five. Questions coming out. I would target. Can't call tomorrow that Hank with your name's bill Monday will get through my promise. All right stay whether it's five questions come up with a very special guest. RT a minute to drive about the death.