A Mountain Of Thoughts on The NBC World Series From The Colorado Cyclones Manager.

The Drive
Wednesday, August 8th
JL Buchanan Checks in to talk about his team’s run in the NBC World Series.

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You know why now. The drive well and Jeff Daly 691240. Plus there. JF. It's time I've ever summit while analysts top 100 songs Billy Joel's piano man so. Hi we have not changed a little bit up pair jailed Buchanan from Lynn the Colorado cyclones. Joins us we'll get to my top ten list. Here during the jive talk they coach are you. Are you greatly you've you've got a good team here on a good run you play do you play tonight. At seven in the feature game against the Cheaney diamond dogs. Now this brackets a little bit interest thing you've got San Diego which is a tool one they won their earlier game today. You could get to three you know with the wind cheating to get to two on one with a win for the some pretty important game for you guys. Yes there it is and we're just so happy that we put ourselves you know enough. In the driver's seat of our you know our own outcomes and you know we're very very excited right now the whole experience if you don't. We talked to the manager yesterday of the San Antonio angels Aaron action right now that's a team that came in the first week advance to championship week. Followed the same route that you guys have that and and here you are. Unbeaten so far in the tournament did you did you expect have a good run in this tournament. I know when you can hear you never know what to expect. This is this is. Probably the best team I've ever had on paper. And this is such a competitive turn him in there that you can bring your best game here and you could. Bill one and Q and be out right away man so really take a lot of things that happen in. Spiritual spiritually this team believes stronger and any any keep my patent in all close games we've been and not what it really comes down to it did. There's a lot of my guys are ready to go home go to all based lawyer you know and that's something special. That doesn't happen all the time this summer if you don't get much time to buy it and I don't get much time to know everybody here trust everybody's so I think got the one thing that stands out about this team is the spirit of them. And just in not giving up and make sure we finish things off though that's been not to my favorite part about this thing. Well once you give us a little bit of background the history of the the cyclones give us a little bit. How it came together along it and in this filth and on the over the background. No problem on this it. It here on we've been at the programs but if you're a coach you're. Are we won the NH CBO the last four years. We've been cutie and if you World Series the passport Summers as well com last year we. We lost you the we can't just start in the Everett merchants. All I wonder on a piece and they went on to compete the national title. Army. It's it's a program I think getting stronger and stronger and and you know one thing about it or a new program and we're not there financially like a lot of programs are so. You know all my guys Teoma about dollars workplace and that really our Q. Compete where some teams that maybe guys. Don't have to pay anything at all you don't I mean he did count spell. That's or act and it is the first year that are normally don't need to enact spam at that general manager you have. On this our first time we've been advocate a wait from the league and you know at the very popular program and we've got a good reputation got here and we become bought just play you can tell pollute our guys are on. How much or Nate you know they actually out playing baseball together though. Not put all its all about and actually put in BC and the great city which stopper. A jail. But tried calling him back as two interviews in a row with CNBC folks who devote that we've lost but Max is on that. And though will rejoin JOB can for a couple more questions again Carlyle cyclones. Along those teams they advanced in now pool play last week. They did lose a game in their pool but advance in the championship week and here in championship week they are three you know. I'm sorry to now. And play tonight against the Cheney diamond dogs that won 9 at 7 o'clock. Here we go in you back jail. Yet Arafat. Sorry about that I don't know what happened you mentioned the playing the Kansas stars last year obviously. They're not in the tournament this year because of some logistical. Things but I think there's that there's a thought out there that they just. Swept through this thing last year and beat everybody over the head but that was not the case for your team needs you stayed on the field with a play them with a very tied. Ball game what's your feeling about them not being here this year. Ill. We got lucky last year with the fact that we got to play the opening night game against them in front of you know 67000 people. And for us and lie when we come to the world serious we're here on a vacation we're here tapped on. The reward from my players you know a lot of program picked it that'll win in the being every summer. So for us. He periods have been being here and playing with mom in the hang out and after the game. Argument than the older guys got to hang out let it you know last year they would pick these concert. By and we thought that it was amazing belt for us. Our program where we were disappointed bit. They were back this summer just because of how much but it brings the baseball field you know yeah that art and on and and we were. Where utter respect the order vote it so. It's all credibility here we are happy because if you wanted to being brought up yet though the play against them last year. Dale began with us from the collar cycles looks like you have a a really did a good offensive team this year especially with your with five guys in your lineup all batting at least 364 internal month. How you build your lineup Pete's not with food with those five guys all seemingly on a really hot streak of the past week or ten days. Well you just easier if you put them in the same spot on them back out there you know that. It's a combination in the other thought our top six hitters in the line up. Comment alternate from right handed hitter a left handed hitters so it's really hard recruit our first big hitters. Com would have a case here approach as a pitcher every other batter but think that that's one thing that helped the Al. And we have what we do a good job at your pitches earlier did not based. And I think we get beat Albert later they repute you have to create a lot of clothes back. I think in our guys here are ready for the moment and you know I played in week one had been successfully born on actually help sell our offense that we feel. You know we kind of had a head start on being beaten Paula in. Drove in here flew in here and and had to adjust right away though. That's the best thing to make it through we quarter usually your pot. Look where that's where we're out right now. And Mike's idea he gets and some guys hit the ball four SO did. But plan an extra week do you worry about your kitchen and all heard you got enough farms that that it's really not going to be a problem in this team has more arms and an octopus for. Look at you know but other already know. They are up thirteen nominate. And they are man it's the way they are cool place laid out. We're lucky enough to win our first school play in week Warren. In the first two games still in game three I got to throw but everybody in my bullpen and getting a piece or better getting a piece I gotta rest starters. Being like that and you know all our lead in the way we play we don't let any of our pitchers get about 75 pitches Hearst are the summer. So a lot of our guys. What we did here they're on their way to stamina wise and so let him go a little bit out here. It's still haven't let Carter get past eighty pitches than what are out here which really help with bringing them back. You know 456 days later and that's how we approach things we have the best bullpen that I had as a coach. And being able to piece of partying in in just the way the other indicating right now. Arm has really helped well it is. A credit to our players our coaching effort is knowing. What pitchers and you look trust and how we can say harvester. Which cultures match up against other teams in the despair and a great spirit everything just keep working you know so Oakley days. All right JL we were we talking earlier about the Seattle Santa Barbara game last I don't know if you had a chance to see have been here is the Santa Barbara team that scored 38 runs and our first two games. And then was shut out last Ciba Seattle. Well that to me that's one of the big reasons baseball so it's a tremendous game you just can never tell what's gonna happen. Yes sir it's great and you know you and for people they're you know I noticed very well and the forresters cannot do console named Eric there's so. You know anything can happen no rescue teams play video itself sort level magic up or leave it seemed like. But doubt that you cute when put into sub leave it there would a law that acted and they've been on all already well our. Doubt big time and that's what he's dead. You know you can't predict anything or get the World Series you can have the best team you've got years and go one and two low entry you can have a team that can just play well together. In win the game with a big moment so. I think Mike seemed a little bit of ball right there. Kyle good luck tonight your plan won local favorites is Cheney's diamond our 7 o'clock your game we appreciate your time and who will see in the turn and look at. I thought they there are jail Buchanan the manager of the Colorado cyclones. NBC world's third we're gonna get to the court. A finals here. Thursday. It's right around the corner. It's semi finals Friday championship night Saturday night. Followed by fireworks and a live concert on the field at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Big fat thumb will be performing. Doesn't sound like about it I don't know if I'm not asked them I gotta go you there's a good chance although it is inside ten days as is the inside ten day it is. Can make a commitment. All right back with my top ten list. The best things about my you've grown up in derby Kansas next on the drive.