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The Drive
Monday, March 12th

As March Madness is about to erupt more conversation on who the teams that could surprise and or disappoint.


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I don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Looked. JFH. Stan O'Neal of the music this week danger zone. We've taken out all the litter. Those who flew to find amusing way of life. The left them unless the this is Dan O'Neill would he then added we. Already lauded. It's a don't Tommy you don't need to expo I thought I bought an excellent explanation will pick up area tell me right we're awaiting Steve Donahue the basketball coach at tend to give us a call. Now we hope that happens. We we are assured it will also Williams Steve Donahue depend basketball coach. Pen against Kansas coming up. On Thursday it and trust bank arena the first game out of the chute. We expect from KU and won an impressive performance. In the big twelve short handling almost no salt can coat lag get that and the bunting Graham comply and there quite a now about the SuSE come out of nowhere. Ambien a big contributor for three gas. And that's what I mean and it's just impressive to say. On a year in year out basis you've got a guy who builds tremendous confidence. In his players and to me that's that's his key to success. And but I just I'm astounded by it. Every year let's get to the phones Scott is with us as we await hopefully Steve Donahue. Scott. Do you do a Steve Donahue impersonation. I really don't I don't do very many impersonation at all time will go forward you have. I just color knew what an observation. All ago and Eric called in and he was trying to sort out what planet he was gonna happen to look down my caulk in my truck and their support calling reminded me I needed to change. Would guess you don't but you might need to do that sky but he doesn't. I think I think Garrett is got confused on really given the benefit of the doubt that I don't know I don't know what happened there. Thank you so I but when you really when you really analyze that call for America. Not knowing that he was calling the drive. You wonder if you wonder films while nobody thought I was. When he got on the air I don't know I'd ides. Listen we've all had moments and where in which were confused. By yes and sometimes we get the best of us fold I'm just gonna. Countdown offers write that off as Eric being confused by the way are well. They're all this is more interesting they're running down. Do you teams in the NCAA turnabout on ESPN and giving a notable alarm. For each team Stephen F Austin comes up Don Henley of course he's not a lot but he did attend the school so that's the highlight of my day so far. You need you gotta do some work on what's important to you why I mean it's it's all it's weird really I mean it. It's now gone to the point where it's weird yeah that's yet. I'm OK whether you're just totally. Immersed the up in a band that you didn't even listen to until they work have broken up and reform well I wasn't alive. That's this Saturday and then until 1994. You. Are you off your rocker right now they would they weren't even together when you listen try and from 82. Did now. Please anyone really get the Eagles. When they were. Out there in their APEC has 24 years worth. The Abbott from 71 today AD is. Is one that band. Did made all our hits. Gradually. And did all the things that's great I like it now now liked them in 94 in 2003 and 2000 idea. Tiger Woods was made a 45 foot. Birdie Putt on seventeen to get within one shot of a lead. Hit a great drive on eighteen the approach. Was okay left him with a about 25. Foot uphill putt that he could have made to send that. In two. In the sudden death which. Now this is kind of an antiquated question because everybody has remote controlled split screen now. But which do you it in the old days which should you've chosen a lot. Tiger in a playoff. Or are. The NCAA selection the NCAA selection isn't just easy for you because it wouldn't be permitted bradys the gap. Really yeah do you know like tiger. Correct I don't like the attention he receives. Why is that this bothers me why this glitches in the charade golf does not think tiger is everything you've we have that's. If that's how we wanna call it as a society even great. But we're still pretending as if golf is meaningful it's not. Only tiger is meaningful and if we way if that if that's how. We're going tick we wait a minute golfer is not meeting we except that courtroom this week about golf who won yesterday. The guy that one Perry was that I don't know right. So golf means nothing who was that the one I believe Paul Casey won my case is a dang good player but nobody cares. And no if tiger finished 37. No one would have cared about the top 36. So listen it's not the other what others do it in this charade. That's what bothers you had debts. No one knows who finished second in any other tournament in any ever. Throughout history. I think it was and I think it was fascinating to watch and I would in the old days without remote and split screen out and have a tough decision. I'll probably gotten up and change the channel several times it's a fine story I get it it's not like I don't understand why they opened the show yesterday with the selection it was horrible what you do one. I mean you're given us all the automatic qualifiers. Iran what you're hitless with first bat. It's it's dumb struggling and that was horrible audio is mapping Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley fill up their bracket with question marks. I employees in the lights when now you've got to do better than that guys here's shock jock you're on the show. Those third Jeff you don't try to make your comment. You know he got a white Tiger Woods looked unsure and that's given to him by all meatball and I'm kinda wondered what the difference between that I don't like tiger but. What a difference between that all the expansion draft is speed equals. The Eagles are winners. The ordinance if there's an answer to and it's all you can Muster because you've you've called him. And he has no better answer. You kind of you I don't know they those funds are comparable in the slightest shock that you have dull moment of silence hearing his answer that was evident during a water what's the correlation between those two things in your mind just because people what is taking you talk about the eagle. They pay gap what Latin the correlation. But. What it in the correlation. One is to meet talking about a band that I like the other is the world. Talking about a guy who doesn't win and has been hurt for most of the last decade brought. Not yet. Yeah he had been but you amused and not a winner I think it's recruit you wrong. Thanks we're not talking about history or talking about yesterday. I don't know why you had an assist us and I'm not a Tiger Woods fan. But it it's compelling stuff but I just wanna in this charade if it's just tiger listed as an actor ray bliss just said that your charade. I don't like what the rest of us bill. Okay and Noah when wintertime and into the masters this year it's it's much more interest thing now. Because we actually believe Tiger Woods if say if plausible. And possible that he can go to Augusta. And do something. Bode well. Let's let's take a break. We'll come back if coach Donnie you can hold heard a little bit. We'll come back and talk to him Mike rob we'll try to get to him first thing tomorrow on the shelf stuff back in a moment to drive KF face.