The MLB trade deadline is at 3pm central

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Tuesday, July 31st
The trades are already coming in today, with the St. Louis Cardinals receiving Justin Williams, Genesis Cabrera and Roel Ramirez from the Tampa Bay Rays who will get Tommy Pham from the Cards. Also, the Nationals have stated they have no plan on trading Bryce Harper.

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Toyota got to Obama. Home Barry Parker burn this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio yeah yeah. 12:40 AM 975 FM. Right into our number two we rolled sheet and Bruce with you this morning sports daily on a Tuesday a lot of baseball. On our brains as you would imagine headed towards the trade deadline which is what do you 30 in the central time zone. Well technically her degree but 3 o'clock you'll hear all the. Although. Those mad dashing thirty minutes before the 3 o'clock central is the trade deadline and a according to Dennis Dodd. And Jeff passed and the St. Louis Cardinals. Have mated trade. They. Have given the rays Tommy Fam. In exchange for three prospects. Genesis Cabrera Justin Williams rule well Ramirez to the cardinals. Have been sold. In essence Tommy Fam so he is out the door. What's on tap is brought you buy side pockets where it's stalker Tuesday get four hard Kilby talk is loaded in the help. Just 595 today its side pockets course what's on tap. Later on tonight the royals and White Sox start a series after Casey get the day off yesterday on air 631 pitch 710. Royals. And White Sox in BC World Series. Beating unit to its first full week. Go to NBC baseball dot com for more information on. Scheduling game times. And a reminder avenue app. How the app yet. Go to the NBC World Series app for more information on all games teams times and promotions. And it's too for Tuesday's tonight hot dog and Pepsi for two dollars. Found him already drawing changed. You know I don't know. I'll log him I'll get on that but it's got to be don't know it's got to be better than the Louisville. Sluggers yeah stadium where the little stars played. Last night now we'll talk that talk about that here in just a little bit so let's see what's on tap is brought to buy side pockets we have. The eighth revamping their season ticket plans in order to appease their fans which is so much like the Padres think we both agree was it. Fine idea for special when it comes to. Well in the base case they are actually go on for a they've that they got an opportunity to make the wild card where the Padres do not. But they are not so stuck in their ways that they can't. And I think more more teams do in this and me in baseball to switching up their season ticket plans to make it either more affordable. Or. Just an effort to get more people to bowl shirt I'm sure in the in the Oakland a.'s case that is definitely the case because. You know for anybody that's seen a game or bend to. The actual. Coliseum or whatever it's called right now. Socks and yeah that sucks but no sale but yeah. You can you can have a third base seat and I mean literally. First row. On the third base side or the first base side. And be. A hundred and some odd feet away from the action now it's cab I mean. It's so I've never seen a place that has more Al space in my life. The net configuration just ridiculous she's just not a good place to watch a ballgame. Is there any lose anything on the horizon as far as the amount ballpark flume well no they were trying. I like heck to get a facility down in San Jose. To move move further in the east bay right now obviously and Oakland. They wanted to moved down the day toward San Jose but the giants. Bomb. Has but I have blocked that a couple of times. Because of territorial. Claims and this that the other thing. Com so. Trying to get a ballpark built. Not in places where they want it built. Has been a challenge. And of course getting one built in Oakland has been problematic hence the raiders leading or leaving rather. In that matter the the warriors about relief because that facility is all literally tied together. You've got to you've gotten more of them were warriors playing with the a's and the raiders player literally that's all in one complex. So. That's a that's about to be empty period there. Now dumped. Dumps that Gerhart got the bad for Oakland sports fans and him away I guess yeah specifically baseball fans because. Well they deserve it don't eighth graders spent. You know I don't think raiders fans will will travel to Vegas hello yes of course don't you Demi Nat is like right down in there are howling moon. Hell yeah now we're going to Vegas. We're gonna make it a three or four player who helped paint your faces up and they don't eat you know whatever they are. On create a new black hole in the stadium and got us yeah well yeah I think yes absolutely and I yeah I think that becomes. I I think that the raiders take no risk at all making that moves because I think. A lot of their fan base will go with them I really do. All right so let's get to some headlines the there. In New York Jets signed their first round draft pick to a four year contract. Worth thirty point two million dollars at scammed Arnold. That deal also includes a twenty million dollar signing bonus when the richest in jets history. By rule the contract is fully guaranteed. It includes a fifth year club option out the 256. Players drafted. And Arnold was at 255. To sign his rookie deal the only left unsigned is the bears broke on Smith. He shows an eight overall. The thing hanging up. Sam Arnold and his agent Jimmy sexton was some of the verbiage in the contract. They got that taken care of he at 2 PM eastern time yesterday trying to steal jogged out to the practice field. To a slow clap. From his teammates ribbing him for being a little late. And became became the first top five correcting it is bonus at signing as a lump sum. But that was kind of interest income communities interest got a pile of money literally. Guaranteed roster bonuses in 1920s. And 21. Even if he begins camp on the non football injury list. Who if the quarterbacks. Him Josh Rosen Josh Alan. Baker mayfield who Miley now that the big four. We can get who's gonna take a snap first. I think it's gonna be don't Arnold. I think it's going to be Allen. He's he'd be the next pick. And you know. A lot of concourse there's going to be praise all the way around for all these guys because what else are they gonna say. Josh Rosen apparently looks pretty professional down and and Arizona two in Arizona and camp is he looks like a NFL quarterback anyway just looking and you know yes big dude strong arm in prototype. Three of the four are like that baker mayfield little small to be considered a prototype drop back NFL passer but. At this point fierce speculation who knows camps just opened. How much and how quickly they'll pick up everything. Is anybody's guess. Currently Arnold had a blue he was getting pretty rave reviews and routier's which now remember that's. Essentially you in touch I got a question for. Speaking of OTAs and rookie camps. If none of these guys were signed then. How are they guaranteed against. Injury could mean. Even when your point two hand touch you can blow out any drop them back. What would protect those guys against. Injuries and not get many thing if that if the teams mandated they had come to rookie camp and they got hurt because nom. I'm notched I'm not sure I don't know what the non that's a good question I I'm sure that there is some form of standard. Deals that unsigned players. Work under whom. But. The debt give them some form of protection in that regard have to but I'm not sure have to be on the that would be you know BA right after the yeah. But but I I don't the that would be something that I think you should probably know. I would I would worry about that now a surprise you know account. Caught me flat footed when we're talking about so and so finally sign in this like you know rookie camps and OT eight were a long time ago. And they were all there. You know yeah we need the Snooki sets that's what it's for but anyway so all's well ends well I'm sure you're right I'm sure there's something. Protecting. The players from the team's not happen paying a cent if they. Blew out in the distant OT eight what a weird story out of Lincoln. The unoccupied home of Scott frost. Was apparently burglarized over the weekend. According to Lincoln Nebraska police. Initial reports. Indicated mourn 165000. Dollars in memorabilia was stolen. Including numerous championship rings. Either from Nebraska or org and or UCF. Frost released the statement. Yesterday. Saying that some of the missing stuff had been found. Later Monday. Police said frost found all of his missing rings. In his garage. Quote the incident that occurred in our home is obviously very disappointing and discouraging. All of our belongings were gone through and it will take some time to determine exactly what is missing and the value of those items. And quote. Apparently. His house is getting either remodeled or something and the alarm goes off in the garage was up. And initial reports that obviously he got cleaned out there are no suspects. And no one in custody. On I thought it was really weird former Nebraska quarterback former. UCF head coach that led the night to me thirteen you know season 2017. Win over Auburn. Spent seven years as an assistant at Oregon. And it was rumored that. He had as many as ten rings. From Oregon. And as you and I both know this these rings aren't cheap I don't care Ohno the championship. Conference or night. Yes no. And that I yeah I don't know. Welcome to Lincoln welcomed back to Lincoln mr. frost well the that stole something from him. Has no recourse to resell this stuff anywhere he better just enjoy it or you know. Hide it. Because either try to resell that or display it in your own else. You're in trouble especially Lincoln. Robbing Scott frost. Hopefully. He doesn't he doesn't live in Lincoln because if he does he's numbers mark. So I'm kind of interest in deceit in game in this. His home apparently isn't south west of Lincoln and under renovation. Police believe that whoever was entered through an unlocked garage. Robbing Scott frost and Lincoln. Nine and it's not an idol a wise move yeah and it's not a really can do. Smarter or. Hospitable. Welcome. To town. You would think it's. That someone would think the better for it but is it possible they didn't know with Scott frost house. Well I don't know forehand. Obviously he's got to figure out who was once you're in there and all that stuff but. What do in did you did you start taking things. Then have a moment of kind of like. OMG the contact in south. This is bizarre bit and here's my explanation. For frost on his part. He totally forgot how much stuff he passed over the years and just panicked and it was all gone. And and and he's probably still in the process of unpacking costly. He probably got so much up and boxes still that he's not exactly sure what all he had. And where it goes in his new house that's that's my guess that he that he panicked. Brady got cleaned out and actually had to go through some of those boxes that he hadn't gone through months. Now maybe it's ago. Ha. I don't know that's just really strain. That's not a great way to start things out and the feeling that you have of being violated when you have stuff stolen from me is appealing unlike any other. He had a bad one there really yes. Stays with you. Even I mean I had Mya. It is long time ago have like a truck broken into and had a stereo taken out back when you that was the thing you know have a stereo and you round. And it was actually a portable. Like I could take the face off of it. And taken into wherever I was gone you know back in the day they they had those things to left it and came out to see my window broken in the stair I mean just that. They feel like yeah I watch is like. Kyra just yeah it's bad horrible feeling good to have stuff taken from me but. Hopefully that story has a good ending. Speaking of college football. Jim Harbaugh dead spin nailed the headline. Here and it was basically what I said in Nara pre production. Text back and forth Jim hardball remains a total weirdo. Totally. You know how to react to this last one I don't neither I I don't it's kind of like I'm not a real Harbaugh guy anyway just because like. Got the feeling that he was weird when he is that the 49ers. But man. He's a 100% weird. Former Michigan quarterback a guy he's at UCLA right now seemed Wilton spate. I told the story that sums up how weird eons. Harbaugh pulled him aside. And told him not to eat chicken. Or protein and obviously is considered fairly safe by and nutritionist. The state asked hardball walk. And Harbaugh said because it's a nervous bird. And he believed in a 100% I mean it was like he laughed was in the light of his tongue in cheek. Speight was quoted as saying he thinks some type of sickness. Injected its way into the human population and when people began eating white meat instead of beef and pork. And he believes that a 100%. OK. Surely he's gonna flame out. Before long at Michigan. Well. Well I don't know that's interesting because. Really when you get right down to it. Now Michigan is back in a where is Michigan right now what cheer is Michigan they're very highly thought of this with you Jim I mean Jim Harbaugh the whale Brenner. Mean. But. Moms zealot you mean I mean they're there on the net and I don't I don't. Eve right there on the national landscape I don't think they're considered nationally elite. At this particular point tall wooden that I wouldn't go that far ya hmmm what you write and and and I don't know I mean. I would say that Michigan fan probably feels. Pretty good about where they are. Right now but there are and maybe they end up being a national championship contender. But I think that you can make the argument. A death I have the hip oh I'll just put it this way have they lived up to the billing. Debt you would think that they would have gotten. Under Jim Harbaugh when Jim Harbaugh came back not quiet but I think it's still too early to. I mean I might a year ago. I mean they eight in five a year ago after a couple of ten in three seasons so. Right now admitted and a 2811. Is a sentence when he winning percentage went so I'm not gonna stop that that but we are talking about Michigan. And that's not Ohio State good. Correct now. Eat the took over what from Brady Hoke and and that in that program was was not in in in tremendous shape. Relative to what you expect from Michigan. I don't know I mean three years into the Jim Harbaugh experience there experiment where are we at Michigan. Is it a deep. At this particular point probably. Announces laboriously question permits and fan because we're not. But. Yeah. I think that's. That's OK I mean that's I think that's okay those are pretty get their port that's pretty good returns. And you're winning a lot of games. But you're coming off of an eight and five season you haven't Rory you haven't been in the you've been in a position. To compete for a Big Ten championship but you haven't won one. And maybe I'm being unfair but what were the expectations when Jim Harbaugh came down and he delivered his first fury was ten and three yeah. Followed it up with a ten and three season but they are pretty pedestrian eight and five a year ago. Well it got around. And Ole miss transfer shape Paterson is really good quarterback to take over there. The pecking order in the Big Ten. They're probably in the middle I mean it's it's a top heavy conference this year you know Michigan State Penn State's most because again. Wisconsin got one of the best running backs in the country whose just a sophomore surprise surprise they can run the ball usually and Ohio today. Cubs and Michigan. Opens at Notre Dame. So you wanna find out the temperature of Jim Harbaugh seat. Let me check back with me if Notre Dame beats them on September 1. Now yeah I can't imagine eight and five would be to. Who would be too would be too neatly accepted probably not a grand milk and yield down ten in three years first here's pro the worst thing could happen to him. Well yeah I created you fostered expectations. I mean what were people saying well it's just. Michigan's back new hope and Michigan international chain yeah of course and why wouldn't it might get it. I get it but it's harder to do. And then you know and then people think can. And that's tough league. You've got some people that that are playing at a high level and Natalie well and you know I don't know how solid. Yup which I don't think it has done. Last two years he hasn't. I don't know that I got destroyed him out of fifteen now actually hasn't beaten Ohio State hasn't beaten Ohio State's it was Oprah three against Ohio State. He's last two out of the three ball games that he's played and he's got from two and in through books when he and six in his first two years to eight and five in his next one. Michigan is not a program where they have a great deal patients. This as some. Schedule. Sets up pretty good form. K here at Notre Dame. They got to Tatis at home in the non conference western Michigan SMU. They get Nebraska at home. Northwestern and their perceived better act better than at their place. Maryland and Wisconsin. In the big house so they got them home. The big east are at Michigan State and then the final game of the year at Ohio State. The rest of them are either doable. Or at home. If Penn State at home at Rutgers which is should be a walk over and min and nine Indiana at home. So they've very very well could be. Either undefeated or once beaten. When October 20 rolls around. Not that that obviously would mine's more time and didn't back to his weirdness. I just think right in addition to locate like he said they go eight and five to one thing if your choir boy and ever and he is beloved by everybody and you go eight and five. But he's on Pluto. And going eight and five. And that. Active wearers then when you're not winning ten games a year you know well yeah. I absolutely. Correct and I understand that there's a different standard at Michigan and there is at other schools. Mean that kind of track record at what. 80% of the university's 85% of the universities in this country that kind of track record would be. Absolutely. So it would be celebrated the but we're talking about Michigan. We're talking about their rivalry with Ohio State. On your your right weirdness is accentuated when all of a sudden you're eight and five in their people grumbling about eight and five. On because that's just another thing you can fall back to one point two and say see. Them and look at this guy now I know I Jim Harbaugh can coach. He he coached at Stanford. Standing bit the resurrected that program. He was certainly solid with the San Francisco 49ers. And and has done and has done a Mora has done a pretty damn good job at Michigan by and large. But I would agree I mean you know did I think this is probably an important year for him. Mental that they need to probably realize expectations. No question. All right one art camp H listeners take advantage of my pillows very best offer ever go to my pillow dot com. Click on the buy one get one free special he promo code KFH. And why you're there you get to 50% off all items in the Michael what's pins in my flowed dot com. 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