MLB’s Trea Turner and Sean Newcomb apologize for old tweets

The Drive
Monday, July 30th
Washington Nationals shortstop Trea Turner apologized Sunday night for some years-old homophobic and racially insensitive tweets. Atlanta Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb also apologized Sunday for racist, homophobic and sexist tweets he sent as a teenager, calling them “some stupid stuff.”

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Well whatever that day Monday at this in the drive here page radio we are here until 6 o'clock my name is Bob loose. My son Jeff loses in the other co anchor chair. You've been relatively quiet since coming in today Max power. And the engineer I've been in an earlier handling the same. Is the producer. Of this show we called the drive. With Bob. And are you today you are so. I don't get it it's dogged and so why why you in sick here I'm competitive long and men here am I met some things up. Mom mom mom I'm making things happen and you'll be more money as Max points out the royals. Then Lhasa area for their terrible. We'll talk about the royal that we know 110 dollars a barrel expensive. And I don't mean that and give way. And their general managers that some stories what we'll get into the royals. I suppose. OK I wanna be slightly better. More competitive they're not gonna trade Duffy a merit field. So that they can. What are they go it little thought about the royals led the dale or is it over his head at this point I think 11 that they won a world I got lucky and we'll talk about that. Well we'll talk about it'll do any thing Akhtar Amin I don't know. What do you know I didn't do anything ours is he kind of how the worm in the stock haven't isn't any other now Hosmer can't get ahead two years before that the royals would have been not very good and then we saw what happened a day that more border what you time. Let's take it easy on the guy he just got lucky 8691240. And this is the show you've all been waiting for. The top of the top the start of my top 100. All time songs list. It begins today right here on the show with numbers 100. 9998. And 97. Now you wanna know what differentiates. 100 from nine BA down. I'll be able to tell you. Nobody that nobody done. Why are you against this little artist why you bet against them from the beginning I think every Jack Oliver even came in the air and said the following words. You'll yours long list begins today. What a resounding endorsement from Jack Oliver Eddie wanted to look at. In he he he also came and instead is today Monday. In a hurry it's. In a very salute cricket heavy. Endorsement for Monday do you ever make the folk flap out there. I've watched Andrew a lot when we're doing this he's chuckling one I'm talking is now right laughter and presently over here a year. Like what what did what did though is it still summer Jack Oliver said. And again and cricket is nothing. I'm excited about the list Jack what do you think of and I'm sorry Max what do you think of 100 through ninety's that thumbs up. The little diversity in this you know a couple songs you probably wouldn't expect. I'd it's it's also. I can't why no one expects anything though they expect all seventies. Mostly Eagles. Little Himalayan little beetles than I gotta get that. There are certainly gonna get their fill of the Eagles on The Beatles. In this list today none of that. We give me if you are actually in in any way invested not endowed people who week. Together on one and why. Now I wanna know NA NA impartial venue in forum if people are actually enters its between that and I wish we had a monitor appear in the studio. And some day technology will advance to that point that would say. Here's how many thousands of people are listening at this particular moment. And then and and tell me how much that would increase. When we come back from ever bright today. From people wanting to know on Canada's top 100 bomb on the trade god man I wanna know no one no one. Like K just yet that is you'd call an insecurity. I can't extreme confidence zone that's of no. Would you do over the weekend. Noted there hide there from how to go how to they go within legal authority to. Well he may have ago we did a Saturday thing at the NBC tournament did you. We've sold some raffle tickets cannot tell should I tell a very demoralizing story. Or not if you know no way to I hold the NBC accountable or which it tar. In need anybody. I'm gonna tell a demoralizing story on on what is that joyful day. Today I hate fell on the story it makes me sick to my stumped on what we know and kids are so they're selling. Raffle tickets the raise some money for our league and we made about 500 dollars. And these kids are great. The wonderful kids it's a diverse group of kids. And that's the way our league is we love our diversity. And they went up in the stands and I sold the heck out of these tickets. And we and we love them for that. But an hour and a 45 minutes into it I see a guy. Talking to Kevin thinks the tournament director. There of 1520 feet from me. I can't hear exactly what's being said but the this man is B rating. Kevin thanks. Not yet growing more and more. Agitated. The longer ago. I think Kevin looking over me I'm wondering why it. Why is he looking at me wisely gesturing. At me. So I pay a little closer attention. And this guys stock and about. These kids that are up in the stands do they have their papers. Online. I'm laughing but I'm one that killed a scout. And I go over to him I say are you serious. These are kids selling raffle tickets for a youth baseball league. Well I'm an American citizen. And I wanna know they have their papers and if they don't it's my right as a citizen the column not long. So Ben Ali it's sad I had to I know this guy is right my face. And I haven't thought anybody in a long time. But I got my first glance Lincoln OK at this guy makes one move I got to be ready. Finally the police come and take him alive. I would have a rest I don't know they couldn't arrest in my suppose now but it taken alive they send in my house ways he's. Reacting to the police trying to get the grab as army shake that off. It's. It's so. Worrisome to me. That sickening that we have that element in American society right now it's it's bizarre. And I hope this guy's listening. And I hope buddy that you become more enlightened. I probably not gonna happen won't it but I hope that you talked to somebody who can enlighten you and and let you know that. Kids our biggest treasure. These particular kids for league 42 were doing something because. We asked them to do but they were having a good time and Mosul people 99.9. 999%. Of the people in the stands that they approached. At treated them extremely well bought raffle tickets. Got a kick out of them. Everybody I run into thinks these late 42 kids are great so I'm not gonna paint a picture. That doesn't. Indicate that. But this one guy Asher made that night. Sir I have an effect on the joy I felt from that I would have been yeah I would be gone well for me. In Iowa I don't know how that's just ugly disgusting self hatred type behavior. That guys I'll never sit -- worth the time we spent are never out this sort of work that I know you are and I've never personally witnessed anything like it. In my 63 plus years. It's it's alarming. To me that that the brain washed immediate with nothing going for himself. So he wants the last out and others that's how I feel that I know that's my story had any really want your reaction as I reacted that is wanted to that to give people an idea. I. Where we start today. Broccoli the other way cam away for Bob's top 100 representing the demographic of born in the seventies which is giving you wait too much credit. I was born in the fifties. And listen I'm not a sick. I'm not ashamed of that. This guy. According wanna say is Twitter handle. It says your top 100 song list is the equivalent of giving us your fantasy football team in the yeah. Are you by your NCAA tournament bracket it's all right in that in Nassau and nobody wants the hair is now you're saying essentially it. What what else are people saying. Our on Twitter now highly interested in the bottom eighty of this song list colony when he gets to the top twenty or so we're not gonna call you. Well today hopefully they'll be less and less is dozens are numbered maybe we will call Lou and Natalie it like what November. Five weeks. What is today the thirtieth here's what we got I was gonna give it to you now it's gas. August say actually the start of the second second way the thirteenth the third the twentieth and I get it and on August 31. My top four song. Will be unveiled right here on the drive and oh ya know I don't actually have to you don't have to worry about it. Dude is then he'll embrace that anyway acted take up the next five we don't it for weeks in Florida I think I'm gonna strategists are. Oh all. That's what's great about if I was saying I'll take five weeks off. You'd you'd go I'd do a complete panic mode my good friend Damon Anderson was available only you never can do this you know you're couldn't do five I those little weak woods' game and I absolutely. Absolutely not we talked only sports. Grilling because he has a very limited base and range of knowledge. But we do we do some good quality sports programs. I'd so we we kind of addressed Josh hater now got a couple more guys. In Major League Baseball. Unfortunately. Mum. Shot Newt common trait turner. New come after pitching eight and two thirds no hit innings yesterday. Gives up a hit. The Braves win. Who got the hit Chris Taylor's Taylor and we find out that he put out some. Derogatory and ugly tweets. Back when he was seventeen. We find out the same thing about trade turner. Back when he was eight team. Only after these this comes out to these guys acknowledges. They apologize they say they've changed their teammates lined up behind them it's the same drill we solid Josh hater so what are we supposed to make up. Are we supposed to just say. Teenagers are done Mazen. And we move on is that is that pretty much in boys are pretty stupid. Generally not obviously to everyone specifically about it. Yeah. I think work Sean Newcomb tweets already deleted and someone's screen shot of them I think I read that a couple times so that's. A little bit of a different anyone who's out there are doing well let the it's it seems like there'd be a better wasting your time and I'm not gonna say that those people are wrong does that mean if you. Have tweeted something like this in Europe public figure. I can't somebody know that was our own back thirty years tweeting history. And I wanna how many players are now go back through their own tweedle that you should be and erasing all laugh. I just can't imagine a weird thing to do to go through someone's Twitter history. But it's not necessarily reared. Make that situation arise if someone has sweet it's these little horse elements of American society. My case represented by a sixty year old man on Saturday night and in these cases represented by a more impressionable. Less from less mature. Kids. May just get caught up them in a moment or emotion. It may not reflect their true feelings we just don't know you can't say that word. And they'll obviously say the word that John Newcombe repeated a bunch of times he gets say that worded to speak conduct in a moment. Not saying that's necessarily the you know things that he believes or words that he still uses bit that is and as the caught up in a moment patents that let's get to the phone's case the. On the drive with bombings. Bob. Starr at her Saturday night are. The aren't we should. Literally. I think the public (%expletive) about Artie don't think we all. Are averaging about yeah I don't. I'd only Major League Baseball should. Soon forced any Palestinians these guys. Listen. I was a teenager wants. I did dumb things never any thing approaching this kind of stuff though. The corporate. Yeah I mean out of the notes I sent the two girls. I keep Casey. What. Thank goodness what are wasn't around in those years. Right I want but I I was I would never have put anything like that you probably leeway in because I never felt that way. But. Again you can be so pressured. By your peers. Right you just don't know what you're gonna do EU. As a teenager your beard you you're just beginning. To try to figure out lie. And you know are close to having done so you're an idiot basic. Of course offense. Not mean you're not you're not dealing close to a teenager bit I remember your teenage years I looked at it both about the other one of the smartest idiots but I was still probably an idiot let's get the bill 86912 Ford of the I got an tabs locker room hotline bill. Are awed by the paper and other whether Twitter and belt at all that where. Went out seated. But at the same time of the period the open anger border the people there cope curve on Twitter count the V. There history. I would be curious to see what and then felt the post that in and how many people are just hypocrite and bigger order. Well hopefully not a lot of people are posting these kinds of comments and statements that may not. I'm sure night eve that is there's this it's just an ugly and I can't equate our I can't equate the the the pointing out with the actual tweets though. A that's where I'm kind of loss in this debate you lose me there if yes it's it's bizarre to go scroll through some is history that deeply but. If you if you find something like that it's okay to point out to me. Our bill. And I mean you know. Their whole quarter of the year all the is there it. Is an actor has expanded on a bang your head again. Quality irresponsible and you never have to worry. If correct if you're responsible. And you'd you'd tweet with responsibility. But not everybody's gonna do that just is everybody's not gonna drink responsibly. Everybody's targeted be responsible that's just part and and and these raw Twitter and FaceBook they they certainly illuminate that. In order order and you go artery for Opel. I am I feel like I feel like I'm fairly responsible use on the other hand. Pretty gross I tend to you know they give them the navy what is never something irresponsible nothing irresponsible you just go to places that the don't need to beyond that I go to my humble opinion. Here's Stephen hello Steven. I'm Bob Beriault good. This quarter. And you're going to be seeing experience. I and again that has nothing to do with the NBC. So I don't want I don't like people say it's the NBC that's certainly the farthest thing from the true. OK let's say you're grandstand expert there you go. Yeah I hit it just upsets me so much that. Screw up like that goes on and I told your screener that power them all America contribution to eagerly. Yeah I mean it was upsetting for sure my wife had to witness that she didn't Knowles and I app on the again I'm not a fighter. I'm not on me and by and I'm 63 years old I'm not. Equipped to fight. But I was pretty mad and now about one upset. Stephen so we appreciate hearing for me if you'd like to donate to leak 42. You can go to our web site. Or you can he or you can email me league 42 Wichita at And I'll tell you how to how to do that. I'll do and one last thing about cheer up 100. I'm excited that it. You are fortunate 31 Barber's that's. Going to be my sixty fit for well that I'm looking forward to it. Now remind me and I'll dedicate all the songs feel in your lovely bride the color picker. Thank you what do what do Charlie therein and not ask him because you lack the people's skills that I have yes clearly the hope so I think how else removal of that. I would dedicate a song. The sleeve and is why. Okay well it's his birthday Brad not as anniversary wreck our dedicated out on this not various men. And is why. We don't know these are married. Listen if he's not married then I'll dedicate it to do is. This dedicated to him and it's not going to be any any way appropriate for the occasion and I'm sure you'll be you'll be. Dedicate like. The. If you want that harper arrive if you want the song dedicated TU. I just give us a call or tweet us. Bob Bluetooth and I'll dedicate just pick a number I'll dedicate this song that he that's amazing. Why you ask you act like comments that year. But I see who's being deeply threatened. Not threatened at all on just a flabbergasted. By a man who'd. Where's is part of loosely. And that's a tremendous tremendous personality. And in the Euro Valero. Like a bump monologue. And by the way distant rapper appeared little. Incident even if those kids didn't quote unquote have their papers. That in any way their responsibility that's the final word on what that. If it doesn't need to become a huge political thing not a politically they get to the humanity that's tasteful not all of this one guy. K I'm not gonna let he didn't deserve to be punched. And it doesn't deserve to be constantly what I tried to punch me. Now I'm not gonna go to jail over this moron. OK I guess now I'm not I'm not gonna do that on August when the nine in the jailhouse. While those guys up. Frolic king and thinking he got the better of me but it Pete don't upon that and had to do some really be on the ground it not look. I'll take a putt like better than anybody in now. The last time you've been punched. 39 years ago really. Something like that Powell that line there's only four Ethel like that who punchy at 24 this thing out of parking lot. It hurt to meant to tell us that story and we I'm not telling anybody at any store. Okay. You've never been posted here live on that have you relate. Yes win seventh grade landslide I believe. Really got his hauled off a yeah he thought I cannot and many just punched me in the face when did you go down of course now. And that iron that young man's respect now and then he was murdered. By taking the punch. And he later became a friend of beer and soar again somehow gave it one time suppliers you're asking. A stake of Bahrain. Oh what a what a supplier. What does that mean. The let's look that way when we come back. We'll talk to David Barrett is in town at the orpheum theatre coming up on August 09. We were fort they get with David Varity. Wolf we'll hear that interview when we return. This drive on campus.