The MLB is a rollercoaster of a season

The Drive
Monday, August 27th
One of the best examples this season is the St. Louis Cardinals yo-yo season creates a rollercoaster type of season. Preseason rankings had them as high as 3rd in the MLB, but the Cards are now looking for a wild card berth in the playoffs.

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We'll have a lot at played Monday at this and the drive care pitch radio or here until 6 o'clock Bob loops. Someone flute he happens to be mine. Blood relatives. Max power as it goes and airing the show today. And Andrew handling of producing. 8691240. We all seem to be in rather subdued moves I blame the heat and wind and there are you with me. I'm Max the kind of you kind of get it. Max like that of course Mac's life. For me it's that I just experienced about it intense stomach pain but I think I'm mostly over the deal with you and your stomach pain or is it more every day it's is that the thought of being on the radio with me many navy probably anxiety and nerves. No undated don't quite. You don't quite match up yet that is up is that one it is and a lot of other title match up with by the way. I won't tell to tell what any employee is led the more you don't believe it can go to and it's well. With anybody and if I can't dollars all resort to personal insult and I'll win that way. Yeah 888. Overland an idiot that you know 869 yeah well I didn't know thank. 8691240. That's the I got the cavs locker room hotline. We are breaking it down now or in the inside the top one me today. With my top 100 song. Oh what. What do you think we're in the I joining hiking paths union. Pretty impressive guys said very little diversity. Last week I was kind of with him. Listen I'm I'm a rock and roll guy what can I do. I hear you have that no vital I love a lot of Lional Richie found I had Al Green in the top after forty I love. The temptations. And spinners. You know thing I know these people and I mean little. I love bomb. Absolutely love them. No not enough to put in your top one but rocket all of my thing that's my John Breaux of music it's not country how many countries songs I had an air. Nine. I'm lead jazz song coming as as there's only thing you lose I had. I I guess how many rockabilly how many young rockabilly what are we in 1940 florid. I couldn't pay its mostly rock and roll and today. I have Warsaw the jewel here on classic rock. That's my thing what can and I suppose I don't apply I do you have branched out by now in breast. Now yeah what I grew up where I get that it's what I grew up with new but I also try to explore and no doubt another avenue and all kinds song gimme a group. Total vote. I Philip so low that need do that what will lead what is famous song wild thing and well I. My old Dina either rare it's tremendous to really wonder. I've really liked that song. I can't just come up with a group off the top in my head. Living color. They had a song ally when some other famous song the young punks and turned song. Cult of personality I like that it's there's a lot of songs online. But for this particular list. This is my top 100. And I can't wait to get through it today at 445. We will be joined by Roger Wallace from KXAN television and Austin. He is the color voice of Texas Longhorns football course spent. Quite a few years or what should cut cake television. We covered the shocker. In the early nineties together when he was the TV play by play boy with. And I don't think we ever saw one game though how times change. Yes he's in some winners down in Texas but not very much from the football slow ball and analyze it and move in kind of a strange place for a law. At 545 we'll talk notes Steve Martin the football coach at north west. They're preparing for. They're game of the year against Karol. On August 31 this Friday. Because wanted to ask you wanna do this in the city of always wanted to ask you about the injured teams so hopefully. That's not funny that's not funny at all. Hackett it's totally laughed at Noah and there's a way it sometimes you laugh at thumped them bombing. Sometimes a laugh at some of them fell back. That can't believe so that is that it that is entertaining is what that is that if you don't like they gave Martin never heard them before. Why do they don't want to ask why now why don't know any hills. Love them really original thought. Thanks for asking. The clown now what do what do you want Obama about this football game. Yeah have you seen the the hard knocks where Todd Haley is make infinite Karl massive. Or Heidi name a baby how you look at it may be in say they carpal. Yeah I don't feel that way about Steve in every kid's feet even and it's okay. Even our idol Arnold laser Lehman. My my brother's name's Stephen Matty is 51 of my best friend's gone up Steve Wilson. Really now what do well we'll follow the name's Steve I don't know. Especially when your name him after a celebrity and decide behavior occur. STE. Eight years Steve it's like it elect delegates Steve Kerr on the show that's forty Gator above all have the talent. That high. And Joyce baker even Philip popular name I would think what happened to our other warriors guests that we are war and on casing. Forget all in the bar got so much on on. Wonder as a retire to put up the warrior one is a retirement happen. My kid. And now this is both Stabile. You don't you don't care I care a little thing about it. No one cares. By sitting on top of that I Caro a very this is my apply. In line. I've got to deal with that there's about one other person. Out there who think and and felt. Map for guy in about a slowdown. Not one per nobody can that maybe a mile wide. This is got our own thing. He absolutely does he audience and I don't ever had as everyone everyone's just concerned about themselves I don't know. Terrible thing to assess true I tell my daughter is volatile and Peabody feel embarrassed I say. Everyone is wrapped up their own stuff ever they'll forget about this tomorrow nobody cares that I disagree with that. I cared deeply about what happens to my wife. So you're admitting on national radio you don't care what happens with your wife or your daughter I'm not saying Babbitt to feel as though others that you don't even know Rory must always assess. Are are worried about added it's not it's just not true no one spends time thinking about people that aren't that close to. You know of sand. Yeah I let David Paula is that original that is what I think people don't spend time thinking about stuff like that Rosie who are you think about that you care about that you would send a message sent. And I hope you're doing okay. If if they might not be do and OK. So you do that of course. And I do do that. Please found little heartless there for a moment nobody I think he took my statement there absolute wrong way. Like when you feel as if someone is as you know someone. He might be worried about what someone else thinks they don't think about it it's this is not a blip on most people's radar what's going on with the use. So you're saying no one listening to this show today. Cares too much about one diet my mind. Day to day life now my day to day lives that I don't think salesman 12 thing and owner of Bob okay air wonder what is the owner. Not so I don't think so fighters have to depend on. My line. I don't like you spend any time thinking about pounded on a case I don't think my daughter in law has that. Does that very monotone. My granddaughter probably. Is very wrapped up in her life as the seventh Rosie trial are we character to think of others and be considered an up and she will this season seventh grade I get that she told and seen dozens. My friends are our good friends but they're not rein in the phone off the hook check and rightly. And has wrapped up in their own that's just like no other than my wife what you're saying today is other than my wife. I got nobody right. There's no one looking out for you the Alec out yourself look out for number one you know I mean. Also sobering realization and I think now it's just the truth is it's human nature now I would. I would get on you about. Cleveland losing to a three you know of their weekend. Isn't embarrassing gaffe. Are you trying anymore. This into in his eyes full of holes I. I thought you know Cody Allen and and and an Andrew Miller with Brad and in the back of the bullpen in December the other gathered judgment there from San Diego he's been bad out of bad mailers this shell of his of his former self and they won't even need to use hand as the closer so you give up your best prospect. For essentially what has become a matchup guy in the late innings it's it's unfathomable. You'll move Ramirez the second employee ID Diaz he's hit. It's isn't poorly run and poorly organized and out you and I are down. This what I mean about you. It's amazing. The roller coaster you go throw a baseball the one day FAA we're and were awesome we got we got an MVP Aaron and the next day it's. Now are just not very good the voters stuff that's obvious that is fixable and they were put everything goes through ups and downs. And I can say that now because my teams both the run up. Very bad they took two or three as I predicted a veteran and all our heads what I loved about the cardinals over the weekend the from the different cardinals team. They are tied 11. In the late innings Saturday right yes Matt Holliday hits a home run. Makes it to the war timeout real quick did you feel a tinge of emotion on that I I go live from Matt Holliday. I like Matt Holliday. They go on to busted open they went nine to one. Going away. That you have game three of the series suddenly Colorado has all the news via momentum. Cardinals scored sixth on the first yesterday now that's these bar pardon my impression my my expression. That's bad math. Evident noticed Alan there's no such thing as momentum in baseball and others then there is an you don't even need to weigh in. Those undocking of the people who irrational because the US law so I don't want. Given up eight runs late in the game that he probably felt like we're we're gonna win. The former cardinal. Danger with a home run. And then they go wander to what the avalanche hit Colorado and get it that can then. The next day. The cardinals. In the top of the first horse that. All looked. All too well. Throughout the runner at second Conor O'Neill hit a home run and they go on to score four more. Did you see Bader score from second on the infield chopper yes. He's fat I'm telling it what not only fast he's had outstanding base runner and he has that it factor and I know you don't believe and yet factor either. Europe. Europe straight down the line you can either on the way look at the or advance. And I'm gonna go that you don't look at anything that happens on the field I don't know why don't just. Look at your compared are what happened on the field that is literally all gave all their fifth theater. And see what the bio rhythms do for each client that doesn't make any sense that funny thing that could maybe tell you how the games ago. I believe Harrison mayor leads all National League rookies in war. Even Soto and Acuna. He's got Hillary point seven Acuna is at 3.4. Late and I know he's fled little bit more men one photo is that two as he struggled a little bit lately here's the thing. We look we talked about warn everybody thinks well. Those gathered at home on that yet well Baylor the war comes from defense Bryant but also base running dry and made it complete flyer. I told you several weeks ago. That I think we'll look at that the next cardinals marquee star well foundational. Piece of the team as long as he survives the adjustment period and every young player goes through and in emerges through that unscathed relatively than I thank my article above that we know the defense is going to be there for I think you are realized that. He said he's at 279 at bats I don't know that he had. These are college player for one. Look out world. And just out of O'Neal's not too bad either. Your outfield for the near future seems that sent right no more Dexter file I don't know how to look they're gonna do for the three years remaining on his contract. I know about a dozen. Mozilo will play because now you have a guy and centered ego give anyone who goes in his battle in the lineup you know healthy next year maybe had 35 home runs again. There you go and he got called wall he changed the complete dynamic of your team will literally figuratively overnight call long. All the little hamstring we'll see how serious that is but the National League a lot of bomb every race is tied the wild card race is tied lots of things to follow in the nationally. The American leg. Set your timer for October. And that's that's another hour at that and right now it's OK to have powerhouse teams right now I'm not really it's a little boring. It's a little boy especially one. So many teams in the American League are the exact opposite of power but he put Seattle are visible to you with the angels you put. Tampa Bay in the nationally there I'll contend. Tampa Bay is a good came. They are nets then they teams come David's team speaking of teams that have changed the dynamic overnight that's a team that has become a good team right. But because of some astute move because of an outstanding farm system. And because of the decision. The play the youngsters now there's the managers and down there and Kevin Cash. Who I think anybody would want. If you had a chance yet Kevin Cash right now would you. Would you let the NB surprise idea was to let Terry Francona go I wouldn't be surprised if he is the next Cleveland Indians manager college yes. In three or four year what they want to go there. He was there when Tampa Bay hired and he was on Terry Francona staff we. Are the team they gave him a look as the coach in not a big league staff for the first time now I'm being honest when I when I say this he won't like it but has anyone who's ever gotten out of Cleveland. Combat Tito Francona. He was the coach there he played there while I it's a good organization people like working for those people for whatever reason that's fine and listen. I'm all for Cleveland I'd like to see you get a winner. Once in your lifetime. But you forfeited. An opportunity to have several winners. In your lifetime but it wouldn't happen I'm not associated. With more energy should be glad that I left the cardinals otherwise they'd be purged. IAM a walking curse when it comes to sports my teams don't win. They don't land which is that what's gonna make it even more credible in the Cleveland Browns reached the post season this year. We got a Twitter poll up. Sponsored by Cindy hill HR oh four games this weekend involve top 25 matchup. That's pretty good for opening we had to get it which one of these intrigues you most Washington Auburn six vs nine. I don't have the the other rankings unfortunately but there on the top 25 Michigan Notre Dame. Miami LSU Virginia Tech Florida State. You went through those pretty quick Washington are burned. Michigan Notre Dame Miami LSU. Virginia Tech Florida State. In order of course Notre Dame would be first and then Washington Auburn. And then I don't know the other two games don't do a whole lot for me I guess Miami and then bring you don't see Miami a little. Don't you kind of feel like there on the cost. I don't know I'm if I answered that in either edges be ignorant so I don't know I appreciate you not trying to weigh in a conference football. Men and I think that great question. Losing girl that missed Shelby. Did you see that she got canned yet on start me up for. Wake up her way get up get up very that the alarm whatever that show is. On ESP and she got cam because most I don't know of the the reason. But she basically set on that so I don't. While folks you have the watch football I don't very well I don't while I don't follow football league itself so well well why hasn't yet showbiz since our career is done. It's not her career is done eating Jalen Rose sits around watching all of us today and then BA specialists. And she kind of middle Tennessee I think Jalen Rose don't watch a lot of football. I know I want to if you're doing a radio or television show. That espouses to be about sports. Right right and and now we know this show is about sports but a lot of other things but we're also about sports. So if you get on these airwaves as you have done. And admit. Oh on wants a lot of college football. Where argued credibility wise. I don't pretend to know I'm not saying we have ten new Miami's got this great offensive line added yet they're gonna really in the trenches I loved Erica I don't say stuff like that pilot. I saps. Yeah okay Miami Easter will go okay that you have set also that you're gonna maybe watch the more yes. But then when I went through all the games out of them boring games a lot so let's sleek. I'll watch a couple games I descent down I'll definitely watch Notre Dame I'm pretty well all right good I'm pretty sure I get them on my TV we go to high school game just the law. I'm likely Carroll looked last Friday and not anything why. To the best fit the two best teams in the third illegally thing I know but why when I go I mean it'll just. On on its surface why when I get because you're a football fan I spent 1516. Years of my life going. Two football games every Friday I'm okay I'm good now. I spent a lot of my live on a high school football games as you're aware yes. What my wife and I go. I'll be honest with the if it's 95 degrees we Angolan given until all the and you shouldn't expect me to go anybody out I'm kind of I'm kind of stoked about being home on Friday night for the what does the seventy degrees. Then I might go to a high school games somewhere. You know what I am doing what I've been invited to do this Thursday and I was sat down to derby. There have innate football dinner. This Thursday night. They opened the season Friday. They want me to come and talk to the team. But why above are there not any 28 year old in derby I think is where does hanging Han. What do you and they approached me why I didn't call on and say hey derby I wanna come down and talk to the Pope lucky. They called me last week and said we do this every before every home game. We know you're from here. We'd like you to come down and address our team I actually know and you know I've I've heard about this was it the accuser family yes yes. I can't live with Brandon Clark and the other codes is down now I understand signing on arrival because they're probably approached you Ry okay. But it was Brandon Clark. Initiated paying the head coach I know guys down there Chris but there they all they listen this show I get feedback from radio break Clark listens to absolutely. Thought what does coats collected these guys want me down there because the pipeline. Look up. I don't know is I you need to know these planet's south I guess how does make it that and now we're really looking up. Bill I gotta have the material on what I say to these guys. We'll talk about it more coming up later in the show. When we returned with my dog that's longhorn football. Roger Wallace next with the drive on campaign.