MLB Hall Of Fame Worthy

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 9th

Jeff & Jamin go through players that will, should, or won't get into the MLB Hall Of Fame. 


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Sort of back. Say into the game and really good coffee and get them off the back. Yes we enjoy and oriented com loved you for your favorite like and his under the radar off the beaten path REM. Probably don't go back Iraq bill. It's an early song for many of their league yeah well no debt off of they want to let our first album most people now don't get it done and got off. Quality reference nectar catch in the reference. Well played. I would say probably. Cash automatic for the people had some seriously good songs. Is that a pentagon Library of Congress type album yes automatically get put the hits it that have a that's that's the woman has everybody hurts. That's the big hit off that album. And gambled that that's not their being out now they're big. Album commercially was out of time which had losing my religion that album before that. Losing my religion and shiny happy people and it was kind of a pop album and everybody liked to back the people was darker. But more critically acclaimed and had everybody hurts and I think it's better. Animated monster which has your song. What was triggered again and they kind of went from like a pop band to a dark like lots of strings and startled they and they are trying to write a lot of different people they turn right back into Iraq to know they they were across the border there eighties college hipster guy eagle at the 87 it's all sort of like. Chang leave by our guitar rocker whatever that guy is very weird they transformed like four times. But I would say don't go back into why me why are they say in their stand broken up Mario and what's up with that. Well I'm playing music they haven't been. A group as a whole since Bill Berry left the group in 94. They've they came at Rio after that and they were never the same. I listen to all other than three albums they made. After monster without Barry when they were just three and they just weren't as good. I just don't know I don't know why what what was his role build their drummer. Yeah I don't know why do you lose when you just lose your drummer and they just weren't as good I don't write songs he did right on song and they go so I don't know what happened but they just weren't as good. We're gonna what's rattle through some baseball talk on the hall of fame because I'm looking at the 2018 ballot. I'm looking at the percentages that people got into Doug said the Cleveland columnist. Just sickening. But about. Last year he submitted a blank ballot okay abilities I think you did tell me to a legitimate populist. I and this year he voted only for service scale and Tellme. Didn't get over yourself. I hate I hate and yet guys like that. Our job let's talk about this. The percentage and I'm gonna give you the percentages. Of the fourteen players that are carry over from last year's ballot. And you tell me if that percentage is too high or too low today. Trevor Hoffman got 74% oh that's too high correct but Amir Guerrero got 71 points. Hello I I I know I I know all the arguments against Vlad Guerrero but everyone else does it so armored incorporated. Just look at enemies hall of Famer I don't like I test stuff but that guy was a hall of Famer throughout his career there was no question about it. There's no PS plus has won forty feet I can hit. I and I Getty was a negative defensively. Fine. But he was a hall of fame hitter he just was. OK I don't disagree on I don't I don't irritated that there's even an argument he'll get it next year. So adorable probably this year I thought at start this year I get Martinez 58 point six. Probably about right passage of polarizing guy not 100% sure that I would vote for him he was a net. A generational hitter one of the best ever to do it but fifty to 60% seemed to. I I agree Roger Clemens 54 point one that's too low. Barry Bonds 53 point eight this two on nine you know it all but don't bother you with those Mike BCF 51 point eight brightest that's too. Now the guy though throughout his career I'm not sure that we spoke of him that way well but that's wrong though isn't based on some good teams he wasn't Jack Morris. Now we won 54 more games than Curt Schilling who's right below and the 45%. Mussina is aboard deserving hall family Curt Schilling to meet. But the total since it's a post season stuff that was Chilean do you agree that forty my arrows the argument at worst 45% prepare children. Two lovely low blow lol okay yeah all right Manny Ramirez 23 point eight. I'll give people voting for him it doesn't make any sense he was. They failed to test my ale is gonna fail a third heading not. Left right I agree he did they can't vote for tiger guy he's very McGwire Sosa ask for me EDS too much of his dramatic back on him. Larry Walker 21 point now below yes Fred McGriff 21 point seven. High and Connell Famer. He lose these so on the line now now Jeff Kent sixteen point seven. Below. Can probably Gary Sheffield can be a 30% guy Gary Sheffield below what do these say about them Philly was defender may be ever. Ed to do that long term he was so bad yes and we just go through his defense of ward covers a kid killed is it killed his value had just killed it. But as a hitter. Right. If you hear it is as fearful fear a feared hitters he was Edgar Martinez but he had to put field basically only via. Billy Wagner ten point two. Hi yet accurate shooting down and out. If you just go ballot but he's not I mean I future Netscape continued to be on the about it that Sammy Sosa eight point six hi hi yeah exactly OK now let's go through. The first timers real fast. And you give me some thoughts Chipper Jones is and should be unanimous but there's ardea idiots out there are not voting for Tommy EnerNOC yes first ballot. Yes OK I'm just making sure it's. Scott Rolen is going to be one of those needs a long time I know Italy's he would be in I agreed to acquire third largest third base that position where. You have to eat this standard is higher than it yeah he Beltre is the only guy that's clearly gonna get there for that how can have a career of compiling and stuff and both his I don't know hasn't been for the until the last two or three years where people been talking about Beltran outweigh it seems like defense defense at third base is not rated high enough I guess not and then and then you get hurt more often so you have a struggle with that. Roland should be an Andruw Jones is gonna get variants now I know be Symbian nope not gonna get big completely I have you have gone through his case and he Johnny doesn't have one kind of like Andruw Jones to have nominee doesn't Johnny Damon designer case. Omar Vizquel also does not advocate he has the case is just weak yet. It career PS plus of 82. He couldn't hit I'm sorry he's not he's meant that you go through Ozzie Smith's he wasn't he he dock Ellis and into his good hitter. It in at arrow where everybody else is a good hitter he's a PS plus did not rise. But on who is he's not Ozzie defensively as badly as I wish that he was. He wasn't. Ozzie was far far better than Omar the scale. Omar Vizquel just made it looked more difficult than Ozzie did Ozzy got to balls that Omar to scale would never dream of getting to an Ozzie made it look like it was a routine play right and he was better offensively in the scale you'd better on relatively thought but don't look at the numbers the US better. Relatively they were about equal offensively but when you just for there. Which I don't think they can you really say even in an inflated error that Ozzie would have been much better. Or Vizquel would have been much worse they were the guys who that they were right but but a discovered as a make him all of that. So we both agree that Jones Tommy and Roland would get our vote without hesitation so if you're putting together a ten. But could you vote for ten in this group and so what I so who widger ten below me let me just see apart tens of the same bonds Clemens chipper. Thome Rolen that there locker. Six I'm gonna put mussina on my list and glad. The last Hoffman you might go ahead and vote for Hoffman why. Because the accumulation in the all time Sais I mean that I'll give him I'll give him a vote he'd be like my tenth guy well. Ten first is still vote I'd vote for. I don't Hoffman Guerrero Clemens bonds mussina walked her. Jones thome Rolen and poor probably Schilling or Edgar Martinez took appoint an area that was that is Delaware that's close though that I would. A fire wouldn't vote for Hoffman you bill for both Edgar and chilling man navy. And ganymede Xena look at it. We neither one of us would vote for granted over Jim Edmonds or Kenny Lofton then there of these guys that fell off. Unjustifiably this tiebreak as we got a daughter while at the author of basketball elite little time for that and stay with this we're gonna go through some scores and some town origins of we return to say and DeVon James portrayal cafe each.