Mike Kennedy talks WSU volleyball, Burt Reynolds & AAA baseball

Sports Daily
Friday, September 7th
With WSU volleyball in full swing, we get an update from Mike Kennedy on how the team is doing and what they looked like against top ranked Stanford.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home current partner for this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shamed dad has sold Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. Tied second now are sports daily continuing to chain and Anthony Capra sitting in for Bruce today. What's on tap is sponsored by side pockets where it Friday lunch special is your choice of court Krauthammer or cheeseburger with cries for 595. Or especially burger with Fries for 650 today Mike Kennedy joining us sunny jazz locker room hotline told W my myself Mike but Anthony's here's a deal breaker we okay. Good now and better okay get cut. That the Twitter. A good man thanks I appreciate it. A little lets you down here no way no Twitter question today has to do with the Burt Reynolds movie roles. And but bandit bode cardinals' run away with a I'm being taken to task. For not including the original longest yard. Where he portrayed poll crew got any. Outstanding Burt Reynolds memories might. Well you know it's hard stabler movie. I'd really like that one smoking in the bandits could do that. I really liked bit irritable. Longest yard thought it was battered in the Adam Sandler version although I thought the Sandler went on to the debt. That would let him I'd my favorite Burt Reynolds. But they couldn't collect whatever memory I have amber and I are both well people look at what happened. It was a pretty good college football player perhaps back board a day. They were starting to rise as the division one captured national attention in the 1980. Upgrade to put spot where. They act tore his knee and then two years later when he came back kind of car accident re aggravated it was never the same. And now maybe most famously was roommates with Lee Corso. Pro ESPN game day fame talking in my Kennedy on the cavs locker room hotline. Boys to leave volleyball team of course they're off to a foreign to start we'll get to volatile here in second but. The the announcement yesterday by the mayor Mike it used to be the voice of the arrows and others. AAA baseball coming back to Wichita first of all your your reaction to that and maybe some recollections or memories cif. AAA back in the day when you're the voice. Well obviously I hope it's successful we can think it'd be a great thing for the city. I got here a little bit of the shell yesterday would you guys were talking about them the rose content you covered. The thing that you know that could pop up that that you hope. Don't come to pass them yeah I'm excited about it that they bet there are remember running in Chile and I thought it was so strange. You let people what they are well all I can keep all the small or didn't talk to let them get called a Major League ball well. Spinning. And such they still expect Cole won't look you guys pull up in the armed. But you know major leaguers in the of the Major League start the application and I thought that was really cool but added Tripoli airport Scott coming back maybe it clear that there had been in the major leagues early get what are the it's a very high level of baseball related not. That different than watching their video Web.Com tour here and seeing guys are on the late at. Started on the PGA tour or back player and went back and. Mike you've been around baseball on this city for a long time police Julian professionally. And if you can answer this question everybody up only about down you want you to run the organization but if you can if you could pick one thing that that they need to focus on they need to do to ensure sustainable successful professional based on this don't wanna be in your mind. Well but the one thing I learned that and at both levels you mentioned college and Kirk actually. Add item I haven't been around the professional game enough lately and so what's the best formula to do that aspect. But what can you have to do is created as a cap that they bought at a lot of game in season. And that's part of the country early in the year was the key to the story you're gonna have some bad weather want to look while. But somehow whether it's through promotions or whatever maybe getting out get rid of the ball. You've got to get people of that routine upcoming beer games and then want you to do the weather gets good at helping you did but I can remember a ball with a shocker said the AAA team that they had some bad weather early people would come out and you run into somebody you know they all and it beaches and they say you know I. Ever need a new game right here the thing I think that this entry is really a big thing. Talking in my Kennedy how important do you think. Local ownership is quote unquote. To be. To have your own them like the wranglers for example they they're ownership was based out of buffalo. And they weren't around a lot how important is that. I think it's very important I think that yeah. You know they'll Glickman kept the aero here for a long time even after. He wasn't seeing much financial success out of that because he believed it was a community and he'd like. Being part of all that he'd like going to the game and stepping Ernie Banks coming from Chicago and so. Excluding the gains from time to those kind Derek and I think. I think that's really important but I think it's a totally different deal then absentee ownership debts this totally unit for the baseball considerations that and what they should be out of nowhere profit. As opposed to how it it's we were the entire community. Jane and I tell us on this earlier and and don't wanna get your perspective. How important is it that the affiliate is the Marlins and not present a necessarily a local team or a team that people around this there are probably familiar with is and like you mentioned that the you know it maybe get some of these players command here and get called up McCain get familiar with this team how important is something like that or how important should it be. Bob Thatcher cap I know that. Did Allen wranglers were associated with the royals I don't know that helped a great deal or not maybe it did. I go back in the triple A days it was. The India and the cubs this Montreal Expos the Rangers the red so. Not that much you know local attachment to work seems that a lot of fans cheered necessarily followed with a players were good and you had guys that were fun to watch you get people out and I think that might be part of that is. Did an education through the media or whatever what the public about abuse guys to watch what he's erupting I mean guys in the organization if you can make any kind of tight end that hey this correctly against Wichita State budgets stretched schooler whatever they like that you can do to get people. Your your players. Talking in my Kennedy voice of the shocker I feel like. May be and I just Capcom didn't think about this the last 24 hours maybe. Because its AAA because you're one step closer to the big leagues and you will have guys come down here on rehab. Maybe after even after the brand new ballpark effect wears off maybe that's the star power that that Wichita baseball needs a Mike. Could be yeah absolutely the other thing I don't know that anybody even dug this anymore and maybe it's not possible. But I know in Denver was triple A French as Michael acted like HD the American Association. That. That was course the big cities they were hopeful of Major League Baseball some day they do they have to be successful. Too. To drop people they had their winning teams that sort of clicked. And they added they're working agreement will whatever club and the change a couple of is that they could. Themselves. Higher or sign a couple or street free agent and pain of themselves to. Got to bolster the team until they don't have to retreat veteran guys that were. The triple A players and even marginal major leaguers. That he's been around a little bit to supplement the young guys coming up but whatever organization that may not even do you have consideration. Carter Mike Kennedy the voice of this soccer's volleyball season in full swing ever ever seen as six game run like the one that they've been on as far as the teams that they've played. Stanford and BYU both from the top ten. That was a ridiculous. BYU invitational out there in Provo and that I get together where they beat West Virginia but. My god how good were Stanford and BYU to get see those guys. Well that and actually Stanford it was more that equally impressed if that BYU that he'd like you'd better keep at least right now. And that captured plumber for Stanford and estates Morse the young lady from Kansas City both 660. Really powerful techniques kept letting. Not greatly burst but it'll get off the floor caper really moved around well well board dated. Just hit the crap out of him so I mean really really physically than they've got to report other girls like the most export arranged that are asked what Dick. Physically they are. Terribly impressive bid BYU has to retreat to more girls that are pretty darn good cheer that Roddy Jones period or looks like gators only sixty talks. Not that imposing physically get jumps out at the gym (%expletive) hits the heck out on the editor's. So accurate I mean what it's a good sat or bad boss she fired an opening somewhere. But shocker finally blocked watt sub post at the end of the match and she looked like fifteen chills one error in action twice some attempt at sixty something and she was amazing. And then the other thing about BYU. I think it's overlooked sometimes in volleyball. Ist extensively. They were diving around quick enough to keep some ball law. War that would be killed against a lot of people and edited ricochet off somebody else they tried it a way to get it across the net. And not only keep the point bowling but a lot of times within the next you know player to get the deported out of the that was really impressive about them. Going to be fourteen more days before the shocker current home and not until American plate rolls around two lane in Memphis on the weekend of September 21. In the meantime under the blue Jay invitational where Iowa State in Creighton looming. Good on Wichita State Iowa State and Creighton for doing this multiple years this is often from audible fans. He has I wish it was continuing I don't think there's any plan that right that's not scheduled for next year but they've played two years ago and named Lester Wichita a this year in Omaha trooper and ill top 25 top thirty caliber teams such they are again this year. Bad it'll be another really good test for Wichita State but but honestly having seen. Stanford and BYU last week yet they quickly if not. As simple losing it challenges Nagy has been some years post you seem so. Woolsey I'd go to essentially shut they're cheap they're still got to get that figured out that. They're performance against Dan Byrd was kind of thing at a core I thought it might be at this stage of the week. That's sweet sixteen year old Wichita State went down to Austin and and played USC. I took advantage of by your other job and got to go down there watch that and call that match with USC. You're beyond it now but it was hard for me to not only called on Balkans model's hard to call. But just and you talk about the physical nature of these top tier programs it was all like to do to talk about USC because. All they seemingly did was throw it up to the ceiling and and make blocks impossible because they are come on now with such a steep bang I've never seen such athleticism and your CNN now for three weekends in a row. Yeah and and you know that's the one thing about women's sports women's basketball women's volleyball. A lot of the very best players coming out of high school wanna go play those. Can't all of the leak programs and they'll go sit for a couple of years behind us we're all Americans just did that. And so every year you'll have a hand ball at the doesn't change in college volleyball. Probably legitimately. Have a chance to win a national title and you've got another date Kearse they can kind of sneak their way in the air and the same lawyer women's basketball you see. Thirty point blowout in the weeks mixed team then I'll bet that's one thing that attitude bad. There's getting to be more balance of those getting to be a little more parity. But. Yeah yeah they really good teams like. Iowa State and great really really good change in great literally take you two years ago. But then you see the stand birds then a couple of those like you mentioned US CN and the totality of those changes just amazed neglect. There Saturday at four shocker in Iowa State sending it to shocker to number fourteen Creighton at the blue Jay invitational go shocker dot com where you can hear. Which is shocker Mike Kennedy called the shocker volleyball matches four and two on the season. And then the north Texas challenge I guess I guess maybe it lightens up a little bit you you tell me Stephen a thought on north Texas but cal poly down there are so yeah yeah. And north Texas and Stephen F Austin are always. Good I mean not not that level but certainly good competitive we shall. Well see on the 21 twenty lane comes to town in the shocker finally get to play in front of the home crowd thanks for taking some time I can join. Absolutely Pletcher get a lucky guess. Right there as Mike Kennedy boys to the shoppers. As the volleyball team four into. Heading up to blue Jay invitational with Iowa State and Creighton. 8691240. If you wanna talk about anything that we've talked about everything we've left out we talked little Burt Reynolds with that made some picks we will continue to do so Anthony one BR celebrity select door. The state farm picks come here amount as well on my eyes were also got Jim medic for state farm. Myself Anthony guest picker three and three was the tops at the state farm picks last week with that. Nebraska cancellation. In my CNA under that they may actually make that thing up with ankle with Akron. They tricked and they're try and Syria so. Ever heard December 1 they gotta common date then I they. Yeah how okay championship weekend for and in both those lakes okay so it. May happen they opened up Nebraska does against Colorado the picks the game that we will pick in this for Anthony's so. Benefit here in case he doesn't know. We'll go Mississippi State and Kansas State. That is a nine and a half point spread Mississippi State the nine map point road favorite. Mommy it'll let me know this has been updated or this is different KU plus four and a half. And only sterling had it six that's put us on the she was six OK it's a league we can double check on that one. I still can't believe in their risk of giving myself way which I don't care because I did it with Alabama last week. I can not believe that spread is under double digits I didn't see central Michigan play Kentucky. But I don't care if you're not a means that's that's balls although it's cold and fishy that the soccer bit the you never know I guess feels happy yet. Clemson minus twelve and a half taking their show on the road tax and am currently have an NFL type defense at large spread to go to paying them and plan for the twelfth man. No that's not a not the easiest place play and all of them. They did they must have manifold self defense would be that that favored. USC getting four and a half at Stanford Stanford kind of stumbled around against San Diego State. And USC's similar things against UNLV they have they were gonna. Under the weather whatever you wanna call they were sluggish price lover like forty carries for eight yards or something like that too wasn't that bad but it seemed that maybe expect him to rebound a little bit you and other counter Heisman front runner Maria yeah. Three NFL games. One of them involving your raiders Anthony campers sitting in for Bruce he's a raiders got rams. Giving for an after the raiders' opening weekend doesn't seem like ray many not very many united who has a raiders fan I would expect it to be more but. Three and a half chiefs will be getting into that Los Angeles against chargers. Dallas getting two and a half. Against Carolina. How they know score points of somebody stacks the box on Zeke for example. Mean Dex gonna have to be really good with some non weapon play action a group that bigotry statue of liberty. Buys those games we'll pick when we come back we'll have. Jim Maddox on the line for state farm state farm last week three and three likewise yours truly three and three Bruce went to a four. He has his picks there already locked in. They look real similar to what I want. So why because of that we'll probably change them because I don't wanna he saddled with another. Two and five week protect your first. Let's do better if you talk about him he's not around but be back on Monday first guy is kicked sand. Anthony I'll make ours along with state farm when we come back.