Meet KSN’s Kendra Douglas

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
KSN’s Kendra Douglas drops by the KFH Studio to talk all things Wichita and more.

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All right let's go. OK okay. But I haven't gone I want him to myself how could this solidly number 66. On my top 100 listed should be sixth I'm messed up well it's just because he's Canadian cinnamon girl Neil Young. I can they're Douglas joins us. From KS and in Wichita she's bill on the job a couple of months of the weekend sports anchor and that we day reporter. And you just ran over here from the NBC world so. I literally literally ran your program nano literally ran it was pretty hot outside is I think I had with little. They probably don't see how much out of breath man hunt the. What's been going on over there another San Antonio I angels win again I'm just. Flabbergasted by the success of that team of the. Answers are plain when I left. Where to get Luke and all the good people are there so. That part has been fun. They're really been doing in any BI's credit did the beginning and a lot of Kansas teens are around. And now it's like you you see everyone's. Blinks like they've not she not been organ and the end of the into the end of it yeah. That's and we've had 84 of these tournaments in Wichita we're we're proud of the NBC World Series is something unique. To the. In a different I've never had anything like that so coming here I was like I had a hug and James Blake you can look like what is this. So it's interesting to see how everyone's. Really like a it's a big deal on Wichita and AMOCO Canada it's a pretty big deal it is and it's obvious here first one Bob's been here for 82 of the 84 or some pennies and a lot of attitude. I'd have to go there also is on its in my inner monologue doesn't turn off all the time. You realize that on the show when I come on that's why you only let me on every once again a very rare exactly. Exact after this week even more a product I'm gonna need a break anyway. You're from North Carolina I am grew up there but the question we both have isn't the best question Eric it has really tells the reaction was like but it's how on the world at. I guess that is truly America's team it's really is America's and either you there's very little middle ground with the cowboy Jack you love them or you hate buys them. And a I think we both would be in the I've always had just as much as we disagree I'm in the despise him with you on this one and I feel bad because that's your team. And then we have a Christmas picture I if I could lead right Nigeria and we have. A Christmas picture of us on our jerseys. And it's a big deal Wheeling go to gain the whole family's own Dowell family as Dallas I grew up knowing that. This is what you how did how did how it was that your dad that started this your mom or you wouldn't high in North Carolina and is cowboys. I I'd literally I think it is because they were just play. Americans favorite team like you know as mayor his team I grew up when my dad and my a common employees like my cousin my uncle watch them forever. And they just would go off not off each other and stuff and I just. Knew that are able here ER I tried the when route home ever and a home humanize that you and CNN visited home. My mom would sit there and she would China be like I'm so happy to have you and like. Can we legal halftime like can we do we talked after it's legit one of those households Murray also islands knowing talks. Watch the game enjoy it cowboys crazy. That I and that's something I've really gonna like her he got there really did pay they have a legion of fans. I guess it's interesting I think yeah I well it's yeah it really is coming watch me impress candor here that are and I Kendra Douglas. KS and TV here in Wichita you mentioned that she started your collagen western Carolina yes. And then finished at North Carolina in the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and western Carolina. What's this now I've Bob Watson and I did look this up. And could cobble. Yeah wait no it's not in his butt and I can go on dividends no it's not. Medalist in Illinois your leg and they're doing it quietly yeah. We're talking about that area there is there is the could top North Carolina. It what town is less than Silva and Silva and I thought a minute. Has. There's that that time although north Carol aren't your IRA and it's close to let me ask you Dan rather associate those does a total leave. Like not close the close link yeah TrueCrypt exe. He's not a guy yeah yeah like I drive you drive past it when you get to look at what got this time and I hope I don't have to drive by by how far is western Carolina the campus yeah. From cut top. Like hours. Conan had me. Yeah. Israel and I've heard it's like four hours and you get there one I think that what simple top. Who nothing. Well. I could tell is that why do you remember I don't know I don't look dangerous day knowing you're like western Illinois Thomas McComb right Tom. Once you know any westerner it would why rewards we're why would double western Illinois. I think actually he's high he's been putting in the piece together we brilliantly we're supporting North Carolina that Texas now we're going to western Illinois and cook does make it a circle I don't know where you got I don't either the bizarre and sorry had to see that. The top of North Carolina has a population of 2624. Really not Paris dropped their kids off at the kids go drink it it's it's really mauled its big work in the world I think. No I haven't I don't have a clue where it came up with this. Like I really you know it's there you guys like that. Yeah there now and I feel like you're trying to be nice and you're gonna leave her name. Hey man needs help now. I don't know enough about the only one that would think that every day but. Before you came to Wichita you were working in Wilmington yeah North Carolina along a lovely coast. As always Carol I treated beaches are manmade lakes here. So you view basically been in North Carolina your entire life I have and you get the job and Wichita Kansas tells them take us through that process. A bank and death and how you made the decision to say. Okay Obama got on this thing here we go. I'm not I think for me personally am I those people where Mike. Nothing can hold you back to minus what tries on the mound and and and young them as well go with the flow of at all I mean market wise this market's bigger. Then Wilmington and so is also at the big adjustment and big change. And I think the biggest thing was like the people are my station owners really cool and really nice and welcoming in and there's so much sports here then at the airlines in the Wilmington area I mean they that they. Really I mean in our shoppers dot apple ball but. Like it just it just was so much smaller and and Wilmington than it is here says quarter really. Be around that big twelve and and everything else two of those kind of really I just kind of like yeah let's just go let's just take that leap of faith and a. Well exactly he said you know he obviously you know opportunity to go somewhere yeah and in TV it's all bolt population and not tell your market this so in Wilmington might be you know our 110 and here's I think 68 or something like that so it's a jump up sold at. Then you go if you'd jump up so that's lag totally took this opportunity and. I would like that so far yeah in other news that this certainly isn't the atop the market it or not. That now they're more than 600 people he had apparently got Gregg you're on the show are you got that candor Douglas with us. What. Are. It is so Elizabeth side tell me. So I guess you drag it right here this is the make me making me feel any better. I would start. Yes there you go thanks Greg. That's going to be a mockery unless the monoline I analyze this has been my favorite segment all week though let's talk a. What do you think golly North Carolina and then right when you get out of it Silva I always combine the two because Lily and me it's so small you should dispel it calmly gets. At that meeting my uncle was like. The football coach there for the longest time I arrived yet he was well now he's like. He passed away that he was like the Heil lately I hate when I went there the biggest reason I went there was our family because. He was used to be a football coach he used to be. Help out with the track team and so this kind of like. My family was there and let me tell you islands say public wants to spoil their butt. Everyone knew Blake who he was so I just got like the royal treatment of Blake now boldest play yet to give a name. How much the graphic injuries. Yes so hopefully that caller might remember. Who we as the only man yeah out they have but turn off turn for him every year. Have you run mandating people here in Kansas that have North Carolina. Nine not not anywhere in the same island. Yes now I've rented a nobody from Secmen fear this at this call though that was cool. I'm willing to do a western Carolina was I don't know that he I think you have tears and could be Megan and I heard two years and then sell early yes so that's. That's my connection right there they go on the thinking up you know do we make you feel at home on the show yeah you also cut college athlete I lived doubled and it. Track and field yes tell us about we need to know and I knew Gloria. I don't know I ever the hate people who are running faster and faster each year I've colleague. Now look really slow. Not like you're forty. Like how many years ago that you compete so I ran track that western and then they came until the North Carolina and look at them as though 400 and tripled. I can give me those times and distances and I still have enough mental capacity. Yeah how good you are what was your 400 time oh gosh okay that my personal bats how I believe even get access well a and I'll give my nap. Harry out yet so. It is I have like 54 and bad days ahead 55. That's pretty good I feel like that nowadays is like jogging they run what do they run and now like with. Fifty okay like women are just taking over the world and I I remember seeing like Chad Ochocinco is little daughter who's like an EU just the shortest thing ever she ran like fifty and it's like. Well. Yeah I didn't know about that yeah Danielle you're on the show. Kindred Douglass joining us from KS then. But again donate. Goods. A similar no alcohol Carolina a moot Jew which stroll through years ago from. I astronaut Carolina is MRI. And I would app collection state. And we have a big rival less and that's always a big one I have no question the I cannot play baseball there spoke with you've got us where we achieved. Certainly you're not alone I mean for your level I met one person promote Carolina you're not alone I feel like Wichita so far Daniel. It's different. Yes you have the mountains on the web you know oceans. Only eat and Garrett like you said you'd have to wait to hear certain equipment just my mom. I'm definitely still. Adjusting to that but it's it out like it. Time well thanks for Colin you've. LA can Tim make Andrew feel more home to you day phone call yes and he knows the rivalry of at them lessen those head games Weston will lose every year don't worry like. We're horrible. But it was just a huge game like you went to that game. They'll close in Ralph hello you're on the show. That got a question about several but it back. You don't own it could be very. I'll call that the complex we are not. I think I'll go O Leo I look out. Because not like Italy and every regard her own but are there and there what are they want. But a new outlook or out. We had a Three Dog Night song earlier today old fashioned love signs that morning we'll I'll see you. Oh. Thanks. Out. There and banks throughout sometimes we inside the car on the show the drive we call up old man show. And it's. That kind of bit it does spell it fits no right. You're not old and well it's okay it's what I am agreeing with yet it fits so what do you think of of your time so far KE SN. It's great. We just want I think it's my shameless plug path we just whine and oh my gosh to me teen. Station the air wryly yes. The I can't association broadcasters weren't so yeah at the Bob every. Great treat you pretty good over there in July yeah letter revel in the award that they want for states and leer I know re now don't. Did your part of that. I mean you don't just go live next question that's something to be prize apple about I mean I feel like. I made a small contribution of that big and I write a weekly column as they can and dot com yeah yeah. But no I had that was really cool we got a wars and got a couple people on there who wants of first place awards and our promotions guy he wants concept is we just even cooler because he's just such a good job. Banana he has really pay attention to lake. Some of the promotional videos it is if you don't take it sometime look at him. They're cool they're really does I'm going to have really they're really. There really but I grabbing. You shouldn't I mean you're part of the station yeah. Thought he thought. Yeah yeah that's pretty every time 6 o'clock news I see your picture on the a lot of dollars an even bigger than that that's promotions love there it is right there that's part of the promotional yes I have seen further concessions area yeah football your favorite sport I think it. No worse by wars baseball command because well. We're comic I'm a baseball guy I Philly. I should be a baseball person to I have like been nine everyone who worked with about my history with baseball my family and it and it Philly there'll come a guy she loves it and it's like. I'm not moon and I don't love it's much so you finally have a historian and yes so my granddad was a pain this is gonna talk about how old he has. My granddad was an owner of one of the knee early back in the day why he had crazy ray. One in Charlotte yak and so Hewitt the part that my eight he so. He remarried my grandma and my dad grew up beam like the bat boy and like hang in now and in everything and he didn't play for him one time because he didn't want to be like oh you're playing for life you know alone there. But then finally my dad really mastered the skill he's our plane from an it was Cooley they would travel. One of the state one of the newspapers that are really cool story on my granddad and his legacy and everything he laughed and so. It was it's always been in the family but I just distant country just I am pretty sure my dad the flake. Let's try it and I honestly you know now a high pop pop up. Does that probably not gonna do that gap Kelly not gonna do that but I'll hear Maria. And so on talking about him and I think being here and being a sports really. Has that connection like we talk about the spot makes a smile on and I'm like I that's your five minutes like I don't wanna do it. Looked like it's I'm just not like balked talking about hockey and then yeah and now I'm at did well. The at least look into league 42 at CU baseball organization that I am extremely involved with the nor appealing to. Urban kids down and doing some good thing I hear you Greg I've seen you see this is my knee watching a promotions the stuff I've seen you. He since a Muslim well Emily younger yeah has been great. As has everyone over can't send them late for sure has taken a liking to leak 42 and some of the things were those she's been out quite often to see. Our games are kids so. I appreciate that yeah. That's cool stuff certainly don't take it for granite candor Douglass KSN witnesses along with Jason do the and yours truly Bob lutes. Maybe try to get you in here a little more often. Yeah I'm I'd like yeah grade I've been looking for well that's that's a tough act at that you really mean that I did. That the plus he was surprised she's looking at me so I'll probably more towards me then he gets out. As they battle of the big big time hockey player back in the day what what's your feeling about hockey I'm gonna have to just pick Jason's nine and learn more and I really mean we are Larry king and is that in North Carolina they are okay yeah. I got the Panthers he got the yeah I'm a bit we just let you go to the hurricanes gains the lake. They didn't know hurricanes horrible worldly they're getting better these kind of coach because they are just really bad so I feel like presser paneling. Lucy. So. This North Carolina obviously I associated with college basketball yeah I mean that's. But the first thing you think of when you hear North Carolina Indiana and he got tobacco row and you've got to all those schools in such close proximity. You're Carolina person how to feel about do. But it's funny we might spot went to duke and my mom went Carolina. So when ever they get no one talks to each other the whole day until that team lost loses. So then if someone loses money on notoriously calls us initially did you game today and really. Done a blank pig thing give. A beard guy Philly now that I'm here and I don't. Rat then as much as like I can say Duke's good team like mayor. A strong team there but I will forever always. Say Carolinas the best team in the world it's only school in North Carolina it's nice to be the word duke blue today hey it's my pants and she had. I thought. Sorry about. That should serve over the death tonight. I eyes that just I'm always been huge on calendar bass while they did a good program like they have a really strong legacy had two great coaches in the area like. Woody India like not. Like the rivalry that summit. All those two great coaches of course is set skin Roy Williams certain Darden. Gonna have to stop I mean then they can't coach forever they are that's who had a long night I would just and I was just as gonna say anything I want forever where exactly. Neither of them though have professed I don't get the feeling that they want a coach and other eighties. Maybe you know I'm well you you think maybe second half I can happen I think it's now understand that you you'll see. Like than a minute while I I mean both stopping in the nothing no one blows your first impression of bill side you were up at media day the other. About I take it that's the first time you've been around him yeah tell us somebody I've been around him. Dozens of times what was your first impression. He's funny. You scared there he is one he's he's definitely one of those guys we get like he's been in the game for too long they can't trickle with any of your questions like you can't just sit there and try to trick and couldn't play hello Gil gave it outlook of play mostly higher. And I didn't necessarily thousands the F I cannot thousand yeah. Biggest yet impression but he was it was really cool I really liked media day AK state it was so open and analysts want to talk all the athletes for so ready and eager he without their just smiling and have a good time it was a really like. Pat them on the back. Not always going to be like that you know I'm not an it the athletes are always going to be is available that also that's why I was like ten advantage of all of the time that you have here I'm sure you do a bunch of interviews what we're going to be using them forever. Barry going to be somebody didn't. Just jump in when you when you lawyer and overall you're on a roll get get out it. Are you gonna be somebody who gets assigned either case state your case you on a particular weekend of football who's out how it works. I'm not really sure how are in a split it up just yet. But we'll figure that out the hype have we not we haven't exactly talked about just yet but I imagine. I'll probably get an anxious because I haven't and then Paoli cover some big gains that we. Get the chance to feel like Jerry Jones son. Nina. Shouldn't a put you on the spot and this locale was things have as we rattled I was little disappointment. That was like straight one nothing to actually be at my. I'm like an angry guy like fifty strength and Yahoo! and I do like back pressed up a lot I think he. Save the team I think he definitely and I think that's why my left for them has gone stronger. Dairy dairy. Easy you know but. I think the team definitely this year more than anything you'll. So you guys what they're made of I think they're definitely an English longer this year I have I have hi fi and then they have no that no receivers though. I have tigers and the haven can't tell me negativity and. Can't he's not she's not a good knowledge did it. She waving his right now with Schneider yesterday gathered at media day Democrat he shrugs off whenever you don't want and it was dead you can try to. And to introduce logic but these cowboys fans they don't listen tunnel though I'm not I agree with you on that dude that's like twice we've agreed in the last ten minutes right our wrongs mostly okay were wrong but. No you know. And content iPad as well what's interesting about your love for the cowboy is is that they have not been to a suitable manner. What how old were you the last time they were not super wolf I don't know. That's a great question I can't honestly say I have not experience I had of a unit you don't come from the seventies. It's eighties when they were doing all the damage now. You did not get accustomed to build a lot of winning with the cal and I think that's Lima family so hard core is because they where like they got to see that so they're like we had peanuts and I'm this year seeing have we hope so we talked about this earlier when they lose doesn't hurt. Well like. Horrible I don't think anyone should talk that's good holiday. I like that not like Arafat because I think he should be the kind of fans to Wear losing her so it died right. Hi standard Douglass K us and thanks for outcome of them really years there and having me it's good to meet you yet hopefully you'll. Heard some people on the watching you I'm Maria island. You'll be on tonight MRI about them out they only from the NBC world's third I have yet we'll be sending some stuff and but I'll be there thinking you guys that are. BA from the C event that's candor Douglas. Back in a moment to wrap this up only one more day of Jason do those. And anger the disappointment thank goodness back in a moment.