Meet Dan D’Antoni

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

Marshall Basketball coach Dan D’Antoni joins the show to talk about the Thundering Herd’s first trip to March Madness since 1987 & their match up against the Shockers.


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All right let's go home. American man. He's about he's about probable reason blue bell there. Did have a. Coach Dan Dan Tony joins us from Marshall university of the thundering herd. In the NCAA eternal for the first time since 1987. Dan great accomplishment congratulations. I appreciate it really looked import certain the happy and we got it. Well I I would imagine that last night he watched enough for Wichita State to have an opinion about. Your first round opponent Alan San Diego on Friday what are your impressions of Watson the soccer's. Well I thought we did a real good job approach of very partial or it was here about. You go you're gonna take a look around like that at bat do martial regretted come back to those basic were the worst January that Lego. Got a great job well which boast they have enough. I'm proud of incredibly more about faith or any have stoked about it outlawed it. Didn't doubt about that throughout ballplayer what don't you eat dirt low level but. You eight very great job guys great game of we look comport to a don't somebody that. They got where Dirk got airplanes bravery that got. Greg. Probably about corporate picnic basket go out there that's a long way to go where it looked like got to bust bust jet that. So your team coach has won ten out of last twelve games before the conference tournament that was seven out of nine games so did you seek out a Sears sells. Playing better toward the end of the season and how much of since emergency does that trait like they were playing a lot better now then we can now finish this thing off and into the dance. Oh during the streak you know you can have different kind of buttoned down we always have a belt but I was a little bit aren't we lost a lot of gangs of people injured and sick. We're not real real people we killed by eight brought out flying but. We get real key players in the cal lost more. Or are right there Innospec expand it but once we started well revised verdict on the back yet from the versions we'd we'd go. Pretty good and they're good chance that the at the conference championship rebate and middle lies is the best name that was in the belief in the way it struck. I conference USA and great coach Kermit as Davis and then. With the last inning one that has played westerner that we were up four wood about three best they're kind of booty yanked so we well. We felt pretty good you know we felt like we had chance gives content they could do. You know they just they went out their bowl game Barack camps in the background that they really played well in Dublin in the term. Then then Tony joins us a head coach at Marshall. Dessert. Dish our hearts go out I'm sure you're related to get in yes sir do you view do you guys have the automatic bid everything. Great where you we kind of opened here middle Tennessee's name or did you thank you know or probably a one bid league unfortunately and it's probably not gonna happen for them. Well I don't drink or one bit they don't think people put up that they don't that we should be more multiple. And I hated it a permit he did he's a great coach he wants. First round with a much tires speech why. And his team was there's some market saying similar records. Sometimes. I wonder how. Judgment comes down from the NCAA but. I did feel like Kermit and really Wes took the luster touched. Should have been right there beat Purdue. You know you gotta wonder where they're. Where they're cool with that program are you thirties and forties. There's water where were you there is trying to do but hey that. Number I'm glad rock where we we have certainly has burned tires and then we did and I'm looking forward to beginning. He tells a little bit about yearly conference USA a lot of teams and that league. But three teams have fourteen wins western Kentucky Old Dominion Middle Tennessee State and you won the tournament so there's obviously if if not. Supreme depth that a fourteen teams it's Elise really get at the top right. Well it's really good its sovereign you have most retain. That I have the traditions of basketball he OP is traditionally a basketball school and then and then even though Charlotte is. Is that only in the last few years it's a quick fix their right in the middle of we are great recruiting area get great facilities on a large. You know it looked right coaches there they're gonna be right back and then you got. You know western Kentucky's used to playing now aren't you late Betty Texans says. I don't want if your car. The middle. You know you can start going there this this year are part of Barley picked up and they played a lot closer. To the top university of San Antonio Texas a really approve got a great coach spoke. There's a lot of I think our future problems were that the league is that basketball player big bargain. Marshall thirteen seed playing Wichita State on Friday the herd coached by Dan Dan Tony. I got asked me you both have done a lot of work to do you you've got to get past some very good Wichita State team. Bob Huggins has to get past. A very capable Murray State team as a as a twelve seed. But what would happen in the state of Virginia if on Sunday out of San Diego we've got to Marshall West Virginia match up. Where will of the whereas the rest of west. The western part of Virginia will go about it though it's been Diego but. You know why and if they had the game that probably the bench player here at why it's. They're not about our coaching her two schools Israeli of the west jet but we have to go to stand there's you used banned Diego would've let it. We'll head out there is a great coach regular Garrett Brit. Good tradition that there West Virginia but we feel like we were right there we got type of program now back in the can compete and have make a real competitive gangs mostly you know it happens. Dealt you have there all the air out faster to get people out there. Because we've already heard a lot about John Elmore here in Wichita your when your star players. Leading your team in a lot of categories we have a couple other guys CJ Byrd side dean pin of who are of also averaging at least fifteen points again so how important. Is that to a trio to your team. Well you you know you have to have your best players play great if I watched it he is it. You know rocket act duo very original world but it's it's really not about spoke a your aspect it's a little bit about them. They understand that I think that there are trapped in their very best to Russia over that level. But we will depend on those three league most out there that. We do have good players letters that appear young players are we have three RS will start. And there are their play has really grown in the last two or three weeks of the third freshman is some general manager who spoke. You know what. Feel good out of that they're going to give it their best effort at policy directors do. Marshall basketball coach Dan Dan Tony joins us talk talk about the growing up with your brother your his older brother course. Type because have a good run in the NBA currently. What may be the best team in the NBA the use Houston Rockets. What was that like what what can I know your father was was a basketball player you were a star guard at West Virginia back and the late sixties early seventies Mosul likened your family. Well we were we were blessed to be beautiful little town mosque just go. There's almost certainly has served terms of Murti we were almost OP. Beat Taylor you know we will hope to have those kind of isolated and people were good people that mom had a great marriage. There's it was a great family life I can you know they asked are we competed we never did you know our little over four years. Where would do all the pick you know little pick up football games are best spoken to baseball. You know I'd go Dick you first but whether he was he was or your general when he was the next best player. We picked you first. Again to construe it that when he got back in the on the European debt in the NBA when he got an opening the first big debate this space so you know where it great upbringing. They'll be put through under way as when they've talked about. Getting lucky has declared a bank like jet after a couple laces them get started right. We've always had a band played my sister wrote a broker. Our whole family's real tight spoke. About your his success remember he came to our tank to support us the week. Final game of conference championship and he was there. You know it's just a good feeling though that you always have their support that their 100 cent support so that broker can't gain compliance. You've been out coaching nearly for fifty years he started that Marshall as an assistant. I mean a diskette does this feel kind of full circle even at a few stops and send an MBA assistant. What's that what's that mean for you to be back got Marshall. Well it's a little bit like you know responding to that or was ready crystal's story that includes switched Allstate. We were setting two weeks are our plane crash when topic to do during reached that switched Allstate plane went down. And doctor greatly who was good friend of big supporter Marshall. But especially basketball it I was cavity is favorite then he would hit at the bickering and not. Biddle I spoke Marshall and that we were sent there watch in the yard TB and they now they're part of the 2.2 which does state had to call dial. And he looked at me and he says I am. You don't even know what that would feel like. It. Accomplished there it was here. We can't really feel what they're going to steal. What two weeks later on marshall's plane went down he was gone it may give always on me could be the best both coaches. Kids did that give them now they were sent with me if our. My house when that when it happens and not. So you know are kind of came back borrow my reasons I wanted as a player but also wore a cap. What factors that are built villages destiny which you know one of the defeated Carol. You know what like Bunning is. It turns a lot of different ways it took this year's. During. And then Tony with those marshall's head basketball coach should. They eat yet thirty years and so Cassie high school in Myrtle Beach in north and South Carolina while comic games there. And then you kind of departed and and went along with your brother little bit just talk about those high school years and and how much and how much you obviously enjoy those. Armor bit out of her vision of small talent after them that a big resort but. Got paired. That Marshall are urged to years here plane crash that. Just took off went through armor breached just. To give away our guests are not. Still there were that doctors they heights moved pollute. 28 years of total grandma started but bespoke let the dust are the term problem you've heard about it's probably in on top. Turnabout in the country upstart that 1981. The tournament nor have I spoke to Damon had three boards and got play informing him. You know just really really enjoyed it my gut call. Oh well I guess toward me my 28 you're thirty get you ready term high school a first down. About 35 years after the world stage Jericho by Victor. It that way. Great great place to go learned a lot from him in principle the great lawyers as our. Told my favourite belong to an accelerated academic course you know that. You've had great teachers and I am very suitors that we have learned so. I am that ticket up a lot of thank Zack bring back here on. Put them then our system we play. And Greg does a little bit. And probably put in our system that I've had picked up and and a lot of people think it is a totally different system that we played like it are seen we're partial late sixties early step. Play that way we didn't have senators we kept though when. We were dropped into the basket stated born into the post we took the first good available shot we didn't work the ball. He'd get another shot at the first bill when it was a good one. And so we just had a tip expanded that plated the three point. Well it was great they were it was a great experience that I've coached in the state championship game are. One or a conference championships out. Go to the NBA all star game last groups in the NBA. Files Western Conference finals gang. And I wanna cup of sugar packet through big and as though it is. There's if bill Paul were you broke. Pretty good career in pretty good success at every level and I love doing your exchange with a reporter a couple of years ago about. And analytic some basketball on your belief that the three point shot as the best shot in the game by far and it'll be interesting. I'll believe it if you wanted to look at computers it's bad. Why did I I think 'cause I completely agree with you on that so and if there's about how people out there are what you worked for a shot. And into computers tell you what they're star web. To go to receptive defeated they're used up the best of the Beijing spirit and exact oh. You know what we are threatened sped up our proper way that. Tries to give this to the power used to lay ups that we normally score war. In the right frame of between the post they have been imprinted into the angle but if you look at big in the tight code that you have where you are you. And you know we should go thirty. Why won't you we look forward to Friday's game out of San Diego Wichita say the Marshall thanks today and then Tony for joining us. Great very great does break out your outlook or adopt Jews thanks for your time we appreciate it. Time back that's a martial basketball coach stand and Tony we will take a break coming up in the second hour we will talk. The Steve Donahue head basketball coach at ten. Penn will be here in Wichita. On Thursday beat Kansas. In. 116 matchup. So Steve Donahue will be you have those as well as Mike Ross from Wichita State sports management. A group they're getting ready for the tournament that's what's on tap maker's mark. Monday out at the people around 338 north broad broad. Say what is dot Cognex.