Maryland football in hot water

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Wednesday, August 15th
Bruce and Shane share thoughts after Maryland's press conference yesterday, the Terrapins step up and admit to the mistakes that were made in Jordan McNair's death, the guys discuss the details 

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Called out Toyota got to Obama. Hold hearings are different this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio JFK. 12:40 AM 975 FM. You quit stating each and every one of you as we get rolling on this midweek edition sports daily Sheen and Bruce rolling it out 3691240. Years the number is always on the I got an attach a locker room hot line. Finalize those one in the board today Andrew handling on the phones and 8691240. That's the identity Chad's locker room hotline at. As we get going with what's on tap today a I'm very strong reaction from the University of Maryland and their president Wallace low yesterday on the loss of a student athlete and the ramifications. That continue to reverberate through the football program and that's where we start today was going on chain. Hey what's up what's on tap today at side pockets it's one on Wednesday when I grabbed DC court apparent cheeseburgers served with Fries. For just 595 today yes funny Maryland. Reaction. Nothing recently has come out about Zacks meth. For the first time a long time although that doesn't mean at the end of that chapter but young Maryland so we're gonna start. Also Connor Fran can't becomes the sixth senior. To sign a professional counter contract we'll tell you where he's going. A Twitter question I feel all dirty about you know cal low hanging fruit an and an easy one of run out there. And I finally did it we'll tell you what that is at 39. 39 minutes from now marker about ski will be along he's an author got a book out called in the name of the father. Has do with the Manning family trilogy we'll talk him into our. And maybe a little NBA news and notes after that. Even our good friends and Athlon sports. Said that. Maryland. Will be. This year's pre season number 51 team in the country would you actually pretty good for and a bad and scheduled to finish fifth in the Big Ten east they're projected goes six and six foreign finally. Not at the moment is the least of their worries aren't. As you pointed out the president at Maryland is name's Wallace slow. The broke. Broke their silence yesterday finally and he didn't he was at goal in windows so aptly put it. Normally a president or eighties and see why a mode. Said normally would say let's wait all facts come out looks you know basically a lot of words but not much going on. Lol. Toll went the other way. He basically said it was our fault we are liable for this kid dying and we apologize profusely for it. Which keeps there head football coach on administrative leave. They have had one guy. Resign. And that is say his official title is director of sports performance basically strength and conditioning guy record has resigned. That they they had settled on a buyout. If you admit guilt Bruce then what is the training staff. Doing still employed that's good question I mean that's that the real knee jerk question that I would have here. And why did it take so long they have to it was an emotional. Day. In an emotional display became obviously from the heart. I'm from doctor low. And I in his reaction it was unique in that. The quoted as we accept legal and moral responsibility. For the mistakes. Made by people. Under his umbrella. And under is a responsibility. As university president from that standpoint. It was unique. In that you're right there was no. Damage control being done there was no spinning. Being done and a good thing that it wasn't because. We're talking about the loss of life here. That changes. The dynamic. And it. I was just glad that there wasn't an appearance of trying to brush and not trying to point fingers. Trying to travel wise whatever the case may be. Each heat he took took the proper attacked. And went full speed ahead and it was obviously a very emotional moment for him. Having said that. That's the next question. Those that were in a position of responsibility. And those that were in a position of making decisions relative to dish young man's life. Probably all need to answer for it and I think probably will by the time that it's done. I'll be surprised if this coaching staff or at least their head coach is back. In and I think that they are probably going to have to work. I'm fairly quickly on this were right around the right around the corner to his season they played Texas September 1 you bingo so. We'll see and because at the end of the day here we need to remember Jordan McNair. Nineteen year old offensive linemen. A guy that was coming in with it with his life. You know all of his dreams and aspirations. Still squarely intact and right in front of him. As he enrolled in and and was pursuing. A career at the at the University of Maryland. That's the end game here and and so yeah. Rick court who's essentially that's the good news strength and conditioning coach. That is his title assistant athletic director for sports performance gone. I think that that's the beginning of a pretty. Strong why is he gone to try and he resigns that's what I wanna. Because I. Well I don't know that's a good question he's not the head athletic trainer here he's not even assist right trainer here it's not his job. To take the temperature of Jordan McNair put an ice pack apply whatever needs to be applied here. To me. He's the first in a long line a fall guys on and a quote unquote toxic situation. Jordan McNair is death notwithstanding that's not. Just the only thing in play here and that's. To me that's not why there head coach. DJ Durkin is on paid administrative leave not because Jordan McNair is dead. But. In his. In his resignation. He posted on Twitter timeout. Court street to commission to act quote. As a coach critical for me to. Live what I strive to install instill in my players which should be committed to the welfare the team to be a good man on and off the field. After thoughtful reflection prayer and support our offer my resignation the University of Maryland and he goes on that. Say all the things you would thank you to. This is really opened showcasing this isn't all about Jordan McNair clearly because. The athletic director. Damon Evans. In order to gather more information about this. He and the president said that they put together. Okay yeah you need give you a commission to. Certain in front of DJ Durkin a look at him in the eyes and asking Smart because that's all you need to do and and this is the thing that's kind of in watching. President low yesterday he seems to be that kind of guy Brackett he's hit that's how he's handling this situation. Why not handle your football coach the same way. This to me seems to be something or rather. And I. And I don't know all of the nuances of due process. And then the word on any legal. Basically what we're making a decision here is. Did you handle the situation responsibly. Can we continue poll numbers low you know admitted that they didn't write to god never got to. Can we can which can we trust you or can we not rescue. With the help than the well being of others in your charge I don't I don't think they have an answer in the affirmative there. So I it sounds to me right now Mike may be ducks are being put in a row. And maybe. They're doing their due diligence. But to me. Sit down. Athletic director head coach university president someone to witness the thing. And chronicled the communication. And have that thing down and about 35 or forty minutes because at the end of the day. It ends up being in the front coded in the head coaches slap. And players I mean if this is a toxic situation. You can have the players speak on condition of anonymity don't worry you wouldn't take long just feel freed is dead you know speak freely yeah. So there's really. Two things two separate things in play here Maryland. But with the sad death of a guy that whose body temperature was reported to be a 106 degrees. Nobody from the university called 911 until an hour after he suffered a seizure. This according to Billy Murphy. Who is. And the families in there that McNair family attorney Barry out yet. And Marilyn maintains. That no student athlete trainer or coach had reported a 5 PM seizure. Through an external review. The AD. Damon Evans said. McNair did not receive appropriate medical care and mistakes were made by some of our athletic training personnel we can't the little general. Well little I don't know other jobs and for crying out loud fast guys this kid lost his life yeah. Through negligence your of course I I don't know how you can its slice or spin it any other way so there's that part of it. And then there is. A culture of abuse pond sic type yeah toxic culture right bullying whatever you wanna go to call it. And the optics are about as bad as you can possibly imagine. And you know what there's never wrong time to do the right thing. It may be inconvenient. And and yeah yeah you've got a lot of youngsters in that program who. Have. Invested in mightily in it. That are going to be affected by this but really what choice are they gonna happen eventually adds and I hate to bring this up but it's Maryland. It's not USC. Ohio right turf you're a middling Big Ten program yet. Jerk soul. And again I feel bad even bringing it up but if there's ever right time to do the right thing and at this particular place. It's in Maryland. But the fact that they are going to. Get a commission together a foreperson commission. A retired chief judge. For the district court of Maryland in. Actually two of them. A senior counsel. Who's a former prosecutor in the US attorney's office from Maryland who is also lead counsel for the investigation of steroid use in Major League Baseball he's gonna be on it while. And the president says he's already contacted a retired and respected football coach and athletic administrator from outside university. Well I'm not sure hope for what what I mean I it it seems fairly cut and dry but like I said I'd never been in that situation. Where I am where you're talking about. Million dollar contracts. Buyouts. I'm sure that there you know art is legally he's within the terms and that contract would be a handrail that's the only thing that I can that I can possibly think about. Not in this case gives it to niece seems fairly cut and dry and by the way. Relative to my concerns that I just voiced about the young guys and people and women in that program because there are plenty I'm sure of support people within the training staff and managerial staff that I'm sure our our female as well. If this toxicity. Really exists at the level that it's being alleged. Screw the timing. When should be glad just to get out from underneath that if you're a member of that football team you know fear a member of that program just get out from underneath it take your chances and see what I. So well and on the flip side of that and you knew it would. Surface somewhere in the Washington Post. There's an article out. That basically is not an outpouring but a handful more than a handful of players and parents of players that are saved supporting this of course Jeanne. So there's. Outside every coin and DJ Durkin according to a parent of one player is quote 100% different unquote than the outline. Then the one outlined in in the ESPN report. And it brings us to another point. Would we even know about this if ESPN didn't build digging and brought this to light because after. The death of this young man. Jordan McNair Newton and before. Monday. DJ Durkin wrote a letter to all parents sin it's probably gonna come out. If this ESPN our calls probably gonna come out so basically warned everybody them that this bombshells coming out. And I'm sure that. You know in. Let's just hunker down and and weather the storm I'm sure DJ jerk Durkin told everybody hey this is much ado about nothing to just hang with me here to help. I hope that that's not the kind that I have little use but I mean but I hear what you're saying. I do like I said. The death. Of a of a young person in your program that you are responsible for kind of trumps what other but what what else can come out. That. That trumps that so if there's there was indeed found it and apparently there has been an up negligence to be found no one has already resigned let's be clear we're 11 doesn't necessarily have to do with the other. Dorn McNair dying doesn't have anything to do with what kind of a guy DJ Durkin is or isn't right OK these are two separate things but just. So happens that the bad bad combo a guy dies allegedly of heat stroke. And no authorities were called until it was basically an hour too late trying to get him to walk off essentially. And after. A little investigation. Then apparently this we discover that. There's it's an abusive culture within the football program again I don't want anybody to misunderstand it. The kid dying I don't think necessarily has anything to do with. And abuse of culture. But the fact that some trainers types didn't do the right thing quick enough well in combination with this. They know does mile journey to. You shake up could be a result of an abusive culture if you're telling me kid essentially. And I don't know if this happens out and saying hey second. Toughen up a little bit. And and in the meantime. You know the foods are being drained out and you're talking about. A kid that. Stays at a sustained temperature of well over a hundred degrees allegedly. Were reportedly eyes my that is a 106 degrees and ten and the timeline that is out there that indicates that something happened and there was no medical attention provided until an hour later. I doubt all come to lighten up America Merrill and knows enough about it that. People are starting to resign. Right now and where it goes it will remain to be seen. And you know Dirk and it may be I don't know anything about him I know where he came from I know who we worked for I know that. Cultures of the programs in the people that it worked for and that kind of thing but I don't have any experience about him. But I whatsoever but I do know this he's the head football cook up and head football coach ultimately is the one. How did bears responsibility whether it's directly or indirectly. Now for something like this I think that eventually that's the determination that the University of Maryland and this panel of war. Will will will come to. And perhaps sooner rather than later I change will be made. None at the top. Whether or not that changes the culture. Remains to be seen but now you're right now we're getting very. The levels of the support and all of a sudden and who knows where that's coming from end and what the source of that is or is it people who just. And he's saying wait a minute this isn't my experience we needed he did do we need to be fair and balanced about I don't know I'm I'm not sure what to do this but. Just inning credit adjusted at the end of the day a tragic situation. And it and people trying to figure out how to react to it and. This story wouldn't be complete. If paid jackass. Unnamed. Longtime booster didn't weigh in on the Washington Post subject there quote. Few major donors have called me. They've all expressed that basically DJ is being made to hang out to dry and that some of these so called athletes are looking for participation trophies. Life is not about participation to about learning life skills to DJ has been a great teacher of those you can quote parent. Aren't you noted that the participation trophy isn't. Breathing yes living being able to tell about it. So. Fine and I'm not saying that's the man. Prevailing thought around. Maryland boosters this is just one unnamed guy but. He knew that was coming. The toughness quotient that you knew you knew the kids these days. Inference would be brought up and and that this. Gutless unnamed booster chairs sounds like Jordan McGuire is tough enough. I mean he was blessed in his Aston now heats in days and it should be pointed out though that the AD in the president. Didn't meet with McNair if parents just the other day right they they were at the hospital and what those with Tonya Wilson Marty McNair that the parents and him. Jordan so. Murky at that Boston that the situation with the Maryland and it puts in perspective what happened at Ohio State does a little bit because someone's not around anymore. And that. Certainly is more important wins and losses. But both of these things. Should be if you believe. You know timeline here wrapped up within a month Ohio State may be within a week and that's what they said. And the conclusion of this particular investigation Maryland is expected on September 15. And as I mentioned earlier Maryland opens its season against Texas September 1 8691240. Crist is first Dan on this Wednesday welcomed the show Chris. Morning as it. God strike me at five and divide Reggie got strong on the that's I don't understand you guys have made one of the anchors made comments that his death. And the goings on at this university the stories of the abuse in this and that and as coaches character the one thing doesn't have to do at the other I don't know how you can say it doesn't. Right I think that they probably are I think everything is says is intertwined with the the. Also can't panic and I'm not gonna get into all of my other studies because I've studied this up talk on the larger scale. And appeal of people think that. That someone's death is gonna trample. Moneymaking doron. I'm sorry they're wrong it's not they're gonna they're gonna damage control everything it can't I'm not I don't know that this is the case. I'm just saying that I learned enough and this is just my own salute one man's opinion and what he's done in what he's learned that there at this time that you and I wanna hear. And their parents want to hear and do I think that most people around that. Organization don't care about as yet no I don't but I bet you some don't care. That's counselor at sound harsh but it's about money guys that get a drop caps are eight. Well that's try to put the commission together that if they're gonna make a move and move on from DJ Durkin. They're gonna do it responsibly sway on have to own a bunch money and charter clearly at the guy that's did step down. Resigned. Courts' brick court. He got a settlement usually saw like he walked away he got 331000. Dollars and Chris yes I was the guy that said one doesn't massively have to do with the other. Taken at face value this kid overheated during sprint is exactly so. If Chris once right go that extra mile and and Bruce I think maybe you're there to that. It's kinda intertwined. I won't totally disagree but I just wanna point out that Jordan McNair is death on its face. Doesn't necessarily have to do with DJ Durkin. Being a bad guy her bully not necessarily here so yeah yeah I that is what made that clear the night Chris you're certainly yeah I yeah I mean if if that culture prevails within a program. Then allow lows this kind of delay in. Treatment. That could certainly be construed. It's not part of the residuals of the culture until election about come out sooner or later one or whether wolf wolf we'll know a 100% hopefully by September 15. Stay with us just get rolling on a Wednesday edition Shane and Bruce McGill sports daily and he sports station campaign.