Is Markis McDuffie Ready To The Next Step As The Shockers Rise In The National Rankings

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 9th

A well thought out discussion on The Shockers Markis McDuffie's readiness to make the next step as the Shockers continue to rise in national rankings.


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Look back it's saying Jeff and Damon. We'll our number one. In that he had more fun with. Yet the thing about the shock. As we head down the Stillwater this afternoon again you can hear. Our sister station Brothers Nathan and nephew station. I take it 103 point seven points. I. Realized that allows. Think about this because. It's it's hard to like as a as a fan when you're watching a game you're thinking about. The team on the floor on the game that's happening in front of you you're not really thinking about it because because. They are without Marcus picked up and that something that is hard to wrap your brain. As you're watching the T I'm watching them as a fully formed team can't stand it thank you get the sense that like late. We're really good about Marcus picked up north so you start thinking about it in those terms and you realize. We've rehearsed it there's a guy who. At times has been inconsistent but if he makes elite. That we expect him to make physically and and is stronger with the clean Anthony Earley ass in terms of being able to finish at the ram and and hit threes and and get out on the break. This isn't. Absolutely terrifying team and I know we are to know that but I mean it really. It really manifest itself when you look at them play without. And you think about where the ceiling. Because their top five team win today they're going to be in the top. In the idea is K you'll drop and they will probably be five. Or four depending and it won't be a Florida lost ranked so to be Florida loss they won't be by Notre Dame anymore are they are they by no doubt Notre Dame lost and dropped. They can be done and lost to Michigan State. They could be four. Or three or whatever. With out a guy who led I know Shannon they'll probably before but market beat Duffy is a twelve to fifteen points and nine guys. Who could get twenty any time. And when they struggled this year why have they struggle. What end of the floor. That they struggle where. I know Marshall wolf say it's the defensive end but they couldn't score username in the second arrogance is now. Yeah the defense won that event as well not given up in the sixties they've had they could had a couple games like that. So where that the game was played in the sixties it was Notre Dame and all flow. The Baylor game last weekend right. Now they've pulled the Baylor game out they hit big shots against the zone Connor Frankie was huge. They need nick Duffy to reach that the next level. To not have those kind making the score in the seventies and eighties every single mother and Florida's lost three era right they were number five I think yes so. That's the other thing that I've also noticed. That. That the issue seems to. Not suffer the highs and lows. That other teams have so. Top teams have suffered Arizona was ranked second. And lost all three games and their holiday tournament. Yeah from Florida is ranked fifth and lost three straight games can you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that it should lose three straight games. Probably aren't fully healthy. No I don't even without the deathly but the nine guys they have I would think so it's next to Florida the Florida lost them to Florida State. Duke of you lose out on the island lost by three but they lost by seventeen. To Florida State right who's not that good and then Austin loyal. Loyola Valerie revelers are valley coming through about that valley around enough that if I look at this day and Loyola. They've turned around and lost that didn't they lose their next game or my crazy right now I thought I would this out I mean the valley get Gil is another team an undefeated now I can't think of who was now value out there were a failure crushed by produced and played anybody. Yes the thing is if Alex pulled off to. Three near looking upsets. Course Indiana State over Indiana and now they're three and five Indian status. And then of course oil would be Florida but the whole valley if you look at it as a whole than not having agreed proceed with that thought over hyped about your good though that's a huge win I know but the best team in the Motorola lost by thirty Florida Boise. Beats Florida. Are reeling Florida team that have lost to a growth so let's you know let's optimists. But I I think one of the hallmarks of marshall's time at the beach used in the fact that they don't. They don't when they're healthy at least. They don't go into spirals they don't lose three games in a row they during those two games that are. It bounced back from losses like Notre Dame and that game could crush them thanking could've killed that Clinton never got to trust no. Think about previous teams even think about previous shocker teams of about the that the team that started nine now and was ranked. In the top ten the after the sweet sixteen metallic cratered. Not gonna happen no matter what and so that that to me is. Is an interest in fascinating and also the the fact that they're gonna and the deputy and the ceiling institutes. And have a second five they could. They could basically. Operate like an NBA team where you do play a second five for a brief stretch maybe before an official's time matters up like that in. Right get those guys that run and I don't think they'll do that but. He loves martial loves to. Like within the first like four minutes of the game like the sixteen minute mark the poll also poll one guy and help. He'll he likes to mix and match is lined us and it works and it I'm very much work but they have a lot of interchangeable parts I mean think about what. How many positions can each. There's only a couple of guys on the roster that are limited. In their position. That make Duffy can go across a few. And Kelly and brown they have a lot of flexibility and a jam it complain the three at times right. Reeves can play the three and has played the three and make deputies that since. Kelly has played the three alongside two big guys I mean that they just. There I've great mix of talent so I don't see them suffering any kind of Malays are low like that. I. I cannot wait to see. Cincinnati which I mean I know that a lot of basketball to be played but those games have the potential to be. Classics. Could be because it talked about probably games it will decide the conference. And they happen late in the conference yet they don't play Cincinnati until February. Our our late late January at Cincinnati and in the final call game of the year and regular season at home I believe against Simpson. So good grief I don't that that game has the potential to do as. Blow the doors off the. Although they're going to be incredible games atmosphere atmosphere wise. The game against Houston on January 4 the first American conference game now. Going to be absolutely rocket at Charles Coker when's the last time you said that about a January game and Coker has been kind of below rocketed. It but it could Houston coming in here with Kelvin Sampson when he left a message. Play Evans though it did area B rocket you know they talk like that what. And and the thing do you see the Mick Cronin situation with the Xavier game last week yeah gallon OK. He and Marshall. All to have the greatest coaching rivalry let's hope. That just lots of sarcasm mark the sarcastic comments and post game conferences like to shots being fake and I can't wait I can't wait for that has grown intense. That little bit he's a very handsome and I got a game I got a game are well I don't have a well. It's like game purse today we're gonna play well the only thing we're gonna do that yes for dinner at the insisting once for okay. They're gutless. It'd Damon's quote unquote sort of kind of game audit sort of literally yards or just say and Jeff and David Sports Radio K ethics.