March Madness Begins

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, March 13th

Trey Wingo, Chris Canty and Dan Dakich talk about all things NCAA Tournament with Marty Smith, Jay Wright, Jay Bilas, Bill Self, Roy Williams and more.


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Listen up people we got a big favorite task and we promise it won't take too much your time you know our show supported by some fantastic sponsors right. Well we'd love to hear your feedback at the ESPN podcast that he dot com and thought a short anonymous survey that's it we swear no more again that's ESPN podcast study dot com. This is the best and only give me. We go podcast. You heard Marty Smith who's part of the American on the going on right now he's traveling across the country. It's a Marty party whatever Marty's on the show and he joins us right now Marty where are you right now first and foremost we need to know where are you in your marathon trek across America. Where Starbucks in Morgantown, West Virginia it's her anyway go. It's bound to fuel up balls are as many it's elegant amid an asset oversight and yes sir I just woke up a few minutes ago and little sports center I've no idea what I said no audio came out of my mouth that might have been a problem. But we're Starbucks now read if you look was Kathleen. And doce hug you Bayern to boys over here in mountaineer country. All right so you're in West Virginia get set to go see Bob Huggins what has been the most interesting thing. About this drama so for for you what's that the ice skating because I gotta say the four was pretty strong if that was your first time on skates. And criminal skates in my life and that's the first time I'll ever ice skated and I didn't know hell's gonna go but. Managed to learn some what quickly. Jonathan wiley mile trek producer over here have been talking trash for. A week saying he's gonna beat me in a race because he's like. You know Katerina Witt or something spunk but not professional skater and I smoked him. Let's say seriously though the most extinct thing was beaten cal Perry I'd never meant you hammer had the opportunity to spin any time with him. And he would if fascinates me either way that that he operates in and has built such a tremendous program. By growing young men up so quickly I think we've talked about this once before. And he said to me that. After the selection show Sunday night is it Tuesday. Yes dude it's a days ago after the selection so son and I. He said he got home and miracle was on the the miracle on ice movie was on. And he said he saw any saw all the looks in actor's eyes the players' eyes. And he was he so that's the same exact looked at my kids have a right now. After winning the SEC tournament championship and that is the magic that is why you do it. And it was just fun to chat with him. Enlightening interesting. And I can't wait to go over here West Virginia can't wait to go to Chapel Hill and Durham later today it's been some of those guys to. More audio deter and stop Jamaican on this trip who's the team that you would choose to win at all. Oh who in stops on making on this trip. The team I would choose to win at all well I'd probably shoot a double all of us filled out a bracket yesterday and I picks party where we're not going to East Lansing. And I got them being Carolina so I guess I'll have to go to Carolina. Because that I have them in the final against a coach Izzo and the boys you know it's funny on this trip. We have wing way we got so you know you guys know now you salted the rejoin the intro Bobble mater rep for university were in the tournament. And Mike Jones head coach stayed. We we went into his hotel room at 2 o'clock in the morning and hung out with him while he was what you take. So people over the taking care of us on this insane thousand mile run. How far do you have Bradford don't we women we got. I got a big no value Brooklyn and night and did that at. That happens to be the first tournament win in school history. So it's a really big deal and that I didn't know this coach Jones enlighten me that it would be the 43 win for the program which would be a school record. I did not know that I also learned something else today in which was very embarrassed I did not know this. So whit about it OK let me limited to I guess what this band please do gate. It's a Nick Saban. Signature series Mercedes billions spread to remain. Look at our stride to coach Saban. We did not put his picture on the wall boys his picture was already on the wall autograph with a roll tide and a thumbs up by the whole thing. So we got an oatmeal cookie. We got a Bagger Redman. And we got a Coke cola so the coach Saban can have all the rations in this Joseph bloom shrine we have made for coach say. And runner at a where will the check engine light came on where was it Dayton somewhere in near Dayton Ohio. So we'd stop at the rest stop on a bill last shot you guys understand how the beast works when it's time to do allow shut it allowed shot. So in a slap shot at rush stuff. And even though well yeah yeah OK so here's where that's only have a thought though if I put the shot of the rest stop. Yeah. Boy some white know much culture. At the rest stop. John Anderson tells me he asked a question that was the first scholarship athlete in Radford University history. Worked as sports information rapper Russian on this I did not. It was Steve Robinson. Roy Williams is. Top assistant at the University of North Carolina there ego their tribute for the morning. There there you have I'm impressed and not go idea out gold do we go present about 100 flowers dot com surprise or friend or loved one today with a bouquet from one and under flowers dot com. When you order a dozen multicolored roses for only 2999. You get a dozen roses absolutely free. Good wanted to flowers dot com slash ESP NN Marty you deserve about seven bouquets for the war Q putting in on this trip. I gotta say the thing that most impresses me and talking with you about this is a little little nuggets of information I'm learning. About Marty Smith first of all. But the first skating reference to drop was Catalina vet who was big in the eighties Olympics a first look at that. Kudos to Marty for knowing his in 1980 women's Olympic skating history. People might. Out of noticed what he just did when talking about the Nick Saban signature vanities in with the with all the little things in the picture. He dropped little Joseph boo shrine suited other awards another little gem from Major League that people might not ever efforts on getting Marty. I feel like eighties where you're sports wheel house right now. Look look the boot from. Major League has the greatest one liners Major League in Napoleon Dynamite. The greatest one liners in the history of cinema. And we can't go on and on Tuesday released any terrorist or member Eddie Harris the rural road the reliever yes Eddie Harris who like a had the had to like drew did his nose and you know he'd rub it on the ball and all that and beat the heat took Joba is wrong I'd take Joseph blues rob it's like. We can't take coach Saban is Red Bryant gasoline don't look old boys don't. Redmond. So where you had a net somewhere else we're united next on this sojourn that is captivated America or at least this year. Okay. Ellie do you guys at least have my back out today I've never felt more awkward and ice skating in the Columbus in the Nationwide Arena anyway. Again so we're gonna ghosting coach Huggins and the mountaineers here just a few minutes were right outside a campus now in Morgantown. Will leave Morgantown. Will head down to Charlottesville. Right. To see the top seeded cavaliers. Will only Charlottesville and head down to Chapel Hill. C Coach Williams I think we're gonna hang out with the opiates and Agile very TT BD there will see how that goes. And then we're gonna seek coach K in the boys' golf from Durham and then how about this. So as soon as we see coach K and the boys off from Durham. This legit wiley and I head to the airport to fly out of Charlotte to drop to Augusta because we're doing a feature in the morning with Tony penile. The PGA golfer who's preparing to play his first masters. In Augusta George my goodness that I never stops bullets you've got a lot. Going on there Christie got a question Marty do yourself a favor and stop Bob Aberdeen bar when you go to shows the you can thank me later. Not there to pick it up stuff along the way it was the most delicate thing that you grabbed so far. OK we haven't picking up things along the way we got hats from Purdue and Kentucky as you all saw stole Kelso watch. Out of his office. A boy as a Redford gave me some news wag. Will we were at a bar in Cincinnati in the middle of the night Alina we got this too we were at a bar Cincinnati in the middle of the night. And we are they gave us like voting or something like where's the hood so we got ability and they give us a Cincinnati Reds T shirt some random Cincinnati Reds T shirt I'm not sure what. But this pretty cool. The Ohio State Buckeyes gave us eight team hockey Jersey. Which was cool which I was gonna Wear while I was doing that ridiculous ice skating exhibition but the Columbus Blue Jackets check it out. They gave me amount custom sway with my name and my number on. How cool is that nine yes it's my number and yes some uncle Rico because I still Wear number about it nearly every rec league there is a can't help but. Never graduate boys but probably the biggest thing that we had to be so when we stop the debt rest stop. I was gonna brush my teeth why not I mean it's 1:30 in the morning you're brushing teeth. And unfortunately we can't have that unfortunately we drop the tooth brush on the ground at the rest stop and he. When you drop it toothbrush on the ground to rest stop in just joked that each of you totally so we went to Mary our a front desk. And we got a submitted to Bruce Speight. Emergency supplies are our ports and on the road there's no question about it. Marty we got let's go to reveal if a six minute power nap for your next appearance on the turn it chalice marathon but real quickly you you became infamous. With that. So energetic enthusiastic response when Radford was. Got into the term that you said you almost drove off the road taking kids to the Toys 'R' Us. So the question then becomes. If radler advances to the let's say to the sweet sixteen how many hours will you spend in the Toys 'R' Us kids if they go that far. Well I better hurry to Toys 'R' Us is going to be extinct in about fifteen minutes they didn't I don't know. That they've heard it when those games we gotta get their very. I appreciate all the evidence this morning I'll go around his coffee now you take a U ballistic I can make this dockets were yet on this. Here we go on the photo in my own face. I hope they've almost. All the good boys and umpire. Jessica party always good good to talk with demand steak steak stay AS they await what scenario steady march to stay Marty Marty Marty Martel role in all acid tournament challenged me staying awake. Always good window the podcast. Great way to go unlike gold senior. We're delighted to be joined on the shop until performs like by Villanueva said coach Jay Wright. Attorneys for college coach of the year of course NCAA champion in 2016. They Jake congratulations are on the terminal where you guys are seated again a lot was made about the selection show. And how was presented as a coach waiting to see where you're his team would be what did you make of the way the selection show was presented this year. More guys. Aren't those pretty cool art. I. I'm like get all the teams out first I'm sure there's if you routine who has you know on the bubble your weight and this week. You do you have to wait as long I didn't do you know so that you know who'd been enemies sit there and watched the brackets at those critical. Coach told the talk about the development of Jalen Bronson over the years I mean he's a potential player of the year candidate what does he mean to this team. Opposite workers he he. He is just a consummate college basketball player you know he's. You keep acuity is our Corey. Championship or every some type of chip chip every year. You may think graduated three years. We always say ever seeming ease the most mature guy and our program including me he he's more prepared. And more serious. And anybody in our program and it in rent they are entirety of the credible if I think you'll give more blue satellite time to coach. This year. You guys won your tournament what what's the difference in going in to the NCAA tournament having one. As opposed to Tony sixteen when he DM it people say may be at the edge of having lost if organ in the tournament. Yeah you don't care what we looked at championship game in sixteen. To seek the whole of really close scheme. And gather at the buzzer and it'll you know all the coaches. You might you you might have done it sukur. And at least I don't listen that you are. Picked me that you're you're going to be hungry go to torment and I was still. Yes that we lost but look I don't want to lose but I do think we had a certain. It kind of shocked us into. Sinking you know we gotta we gotta stay focused on details. But that was a different team that was a real mature team. This team. We want it in a real close game in overtime games I think it was strange shot back you know that. The two previous games in the big east tournament you know we we won credit and delete I think he gave it seemed shock factor that hate it when we were. In the game with Providence where they had the ball with thirty seconds to go last possession we have to get the stopped eating did it over TARP. So I think we have that ain't doing that we're not that good you know we we can get beat by anybody we've still got to practice hard and pay attention to details. This guy never listen to do and are considered I'm. It's not a blue laws and. You're odd that the YouTube much like you don't. They get a didn't use today and putting into practice. That's the reserves of motion nomination all right there with a closer and I don't. I popped up at if. They entered. It's always good entertainment you can go to do anything with. Right no no no I didn't allow us I don't know brain. They used do you view your part of the bracket you saw a lot of toughness and their West Virginia including what thing. Yeah it is it is I was. This could TJ when he had that. Jake called one bracket to black and blue. Racquet in the end I get it domestic or a little bit that way to. It's we report so you can have our first hurricane I think Virginia Tech is really tough seeing. You don't well West Virginia. In that bracket who was really tough and physical ya doing that wreckage to really top physical big. Seeing as those kind of teams have done had given us great challenges in our league seat the whole province. That does the top political change so. A written as you know it won't want to get into orbit at its you're you're playing up not sticking to it or not that tough physical team you might get a previously he looked like you know electric and Tokyo some really got soaked you're getting great kings where you go. Performance line get the feeling of being rewarded with gold status at shell. Villanova coach Jay Wright again on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Being rewarded with gold status gel with the fuel rewards program download the fuel rewards app join and start saving five cents a gallon today. It's a cavalcade of jays who we get to bill us on the set we get. Jay Wright on the phone with Jay will in the studio earlier. And and he made that he made the comet coach that he thinks there are potentially fourteen teams. That can win this term he sees this term a completely as anarchy how wide open as a number one seed UC this field this year. Yeah I I agree I agree was jailed that more so than any other you can make. Remember. Couple years ago Kentucky at that scene that was that was undefeated didn't move some great teams in the you know you'll feel like if I even think you can. We won and sixteen I thought Candace. Was that kind of team that year would we met him in the finally. It doesn't and what would be any kind of felt like. Well me that we might be divesting. This year any you know anybody can win this thing I don't look at it deeply jedi. As it is scorching but definitely you look at that that top Biggio even you know Xavier is. You know lost a couple cards are competent suite into law a couple times our country conference. Virginia. It is. Probably the most consistent team throughout this season. And extensively how others. A style that's gonna give them a chance to win every game would you would you play that well defensively. You don't. You're going to be in every single game. In either one you'll lose its program or two point Richard duke so I hate it they deserve to be the favorite there are. We need to be a better defensive team and we're getting there for us. For us to orbit. So big yet if anybody is anybody can win this'll probably more than ever. Go to this first weekend of the tournament your player pretty close to home just across the state in Pittsburg how much do you anticipated being a home crowd for you guys. There are Opel locker RR I think. You don't Pittsburgh are all big east where we we clicker in the tournament a couple of years ago are kind of sell. There was. Is it a little hankering for real big east a lot of the Pittsburgh strands. Got behind as we have a lot of alumni. In that area and obviously are no more people voted or all the tickets they can get out there so I hope. I hope we get a lot of people there I think we will. Q when you play. In those first. Early browsers so many teams there and he's. It's lit up the tickets it's weird because I remember one year we played in Philadelphia. We were were. And we got you know was home so we could crumble when they start to make a run at us. Everybody hopefully turn those things went pretty undertook a public works really matter what that. Or whatever but low bit Alter alternate or create sort of well I don't know coats look there's there's a lot of good Philadelphia loved and draft and off the Eagles Super Bowl win the sixers have been great since they won the Super Bowl. The flyers have been playing great the depth the Phillies just signed Jake Gary at a signal there's a lot of positive Mo Jo since Eagles one that's a boy you gonna try to keep it going. They have only meant as hey I have never seen. A championship change as Cindy's attitude. We would most negative fans that we grew we grew up. Not all the same club through that we threw. Batteries. At a baseball players and this is like have become and everybody happy all the time but don't support equals all. Everybody things are gonna win everything it's it's pretty cool that people that incredible impact of this stated. Let's like that one line from boulder or I love winning man it's like better than losing in. I don't know us. And hopefully that continues for you guys in Villanova Jay we appreciate you being with us they still the OG of all time coaching from that react in the Tony sixteen national championship game. The that's the walk off moment Bernie coach international Javed a moment ball Todd thanks Jay. Only campaign window the podcast what are. No doubt about it. Ever on Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage Michael and loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. But it suffers cleanup on trial of its fourteen. So it's the cleanup and aren't up to fourteen next to someone dropped a dark Olsen a pickle that supported closer but a a pickle that went deep boxing at a big box store surprising what's not surprising comments you considered by switching to Geico a Brit. Submitted their purse has a lights on push in the park and life Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more go at the. ESP and it says. I got out of bed for this I feel that way every corner that I just want to know that Gerri we've got a lot of people come through this morning and they've all including Dan doctor gene. They've all sort of said the same thing. They believe Arizona's chip on their shoulder because of the FBI probe and all the things that have been reported. Is real and spectacular isn't. You guys do whatever you want we're gonna go ahead we're gonna Waltz through this tournament we're gonna take down the nets were gonna hang the banner and that you wanna take it down you can do. Do you believe that's a huge motivating factor for this team. I think the us against the world thing is is a motivating factor for Arizona I don't believe that there everybody's looking about it if you wanna take the banner downer and the like that I don't think that even enters into it. But the other part of his what choice do they have. And and and I think one of the inching thinks about the term and as you look at all these teams and and were breaking down what they can and can't do and here's what office they writers are analytics all out. We really have no idea how their their what their motivation and it's. And our I always think back at 2006 with with George Mason what Jim Larranaga was still on the steam. You know in the Intel numb to it doesn't matter who we play it's how we play and in deep convince them that they were good enough to win. And who knows who knows how these guys are going to intuit you know the I always think back on on how motivated we weren't in the time you play I mean you walk into one of these games your number one overall seed. And you walk in one of these games against teams you've never heard of and you may look animal bit on tape and your coaches tell you how good they are but it doesn't it doesn't resonate with you and then it's a noon game. And there's no you know there's of no doubt there is nobody there. And that's that's when you get beat you had that experience at duke went out and you are we nobody story. We were the number one overall seed in 1986. There was a second year the 64 team bracket. So you know raping your head around that size of the tournament not that it wasn't big with 48 or 54. But but when it was what 64 may have a lot of teams you're looking at these brackets kid that didn't make sense. And so we played Mississippi Valley State. And we'd want your ice that we won like 32 games at that time when and we wound up one of 37 that year as most ever in a single season and so. Were were play in Mississippi Valley State like what we had no idea who those guys work. Had very little tape vows back when when it was VHS tapes and notes doubling that so yet they get a through the mail and in go you don't try to find a struggle is real today we had very little very little idea what they're work. And we got there they had their bunch of little guys they played five out and they ran us all over the place. And they were really good and and we were down in little more if we didn't have Johnny darken our team we would have been the only. Us want to lose first one elusive sixty doc ins went crazy at the end of the game second half and we won and and we will it's not like it when a close game to him but but we want. In in the locker room afterward some of the Mississippi Valley State guys came in and and asked for autographs. While and are gone you guys were Qichen our world has ever had everything. And and Mississippi Valley State actually needed the money from that differ from that tournament appearance for further school. But it had their data coach's name was Lafayette struggling you or you were red shoes. At the game and one of their guys got drafted by the lakers having his name's Coleman a camera announced on a long time but it. There was really it was really neat experience after you won if you had lost it would have been a crushing experience so to suggest there with that how important is that for these players on these top seeded teams not to look ahead. What's really important but I mean you know would fall with all been there are if it's joke. You you'll say you say that but it didn't through your head all the time is really hard and it's really hard when you're going into a game where you you know your better. Everybody else knows your better. And and convince yourself that hey we can still lose. That that's that's a hard thing to do. You know things cry you mentioned crowd people think it's packed into solo no hole all we ran out played Missouri date they were changing sessions. His own first session went to launch everybody had to get out we can literally ran out there and there was nobody in the gym. Zero nobody. Because they were changed and nobody had come in yet. I thing manages an odd odd to know Chris if you you've had this exterior where you look at you look across in the guide them look like. The other guys you played no not at all and in so in the new front and the guys out there to do it. And in it's it's it takes you'll get through it sometimes we desert has too late at ten seconds left we've got a seven seed make it the last five years as are seven Z do you think to make it this year. It's possible maybe Arkansas. Can we go the high. It was all sort of one big giant yellow molded very efficient where that went. Another no more seat on the phone now is Bill Self the head coach at Kansas joins us. As you begin to get ready for talking about the tournament and the next couple days and bill first and foremost congratulations on being the number one seed but. We're talking about this Penn team like as a sixteen seed they need be the toughest challenger a number one seed has had no wild when you look at the tape on Penn what steps out. A lot and I good morning guys a lot of things dot. I don't slip and channels and somebody told us that that was the the closest match up of 116 may be an all time in and solar and these will let the oddsmakers think so we we know we have our sport. And you dislike. You know Steve's team dictate Cornell you know they. They can all assume they can all pass it and they got account Herbert. Army orders up and end up. Egypt student physical and you know they don't let your victory so you know something got to give them that we cannot we cannot live and die by. Bill you gotta love that as a coach though right because it you know you always hear while no sixteen's ever beat no one in. If you you might be easy for your kids say they were once it there's sixteen seats I was a kid are as a coach of the you must love it when everybody saying. This has got to be the top the sixteenth seed you'll ever face. And I am thrilled about it it's. You know eight. That is certainly very capable had success against us in in in they deadly network got a pitch. And from that standpoint that definition you are cute but. But you know a lot of times when you're when you're one seat. You know you immediately look today at 89 game you know that's something that you know obviously or state. Although are. They're getting into and play the winner of our game with him that there winner but this is a game that hey I'm I'm looking at 89 as much all oaks store. On on the European without question. Cosell Chris carrier here I want to get your thoughts are on the committee's decision to leave Oklahoma State out of the torn midfield this year to team in your conference the beach you guys twice. Would you think about that many people thought that they had a strong and resume too deep in. Why don't think there's any doubt that their resume was strong enough to Gideon the you know you made it. Make a case where you know couple other teams there work that would let down but I do think during championship week there were couple. Spots taken by tomorrow upsets in the conference tournament that's certainly plays a role. And you know I personally thought our. CN. Course you know you can make your case for or USC notre they need to make it to Saint Mary's you to make your Brothers that circuit. In the deal with the you know just based on criteria that. And no one that we try we do not I thought we had a great chance for or operate at Oklahoma State to meet. Was eighteen. Debt that was a team that could be anybody when they played well. You know they're they're they're faster they're they're they're extremely athletic. They they shot the ball well and they really got better as the season went on and and we kind of want to day's work. Where they dominated Sunday night they obviously witness and in so well. We are fortunate to beat in the third Tom plate number but I thought they were disturbing that the court job I don't know at work. Who is the end somebody is disappointed you can eat you can reason. Dead at the criteria it says they they should be in as well. But I do they go home so it was one of those scenes. Coach you won fourteen. Straight. Big twelve championships fourteen can you explain how you've had this level of success fourteen coached. Until this year was a little splash I don't know why but I thought I saw your reaction a little more intense because of all the doubters how do you maintain us. They you know we can't heal the thing about it is liquid. Would teams you know that the teams with the best players have the best chance to get it and you know over time. You know at least in. And in our league nobody's had better players and that's you can look at Oklahoma's Blake Griffin. Pasty to hit these leaked x.s and pectoral area. Mean there's been some unbelievable guys come through here. The buddy Gil took the world. That you know trade young to the world at play at different places that. But bogeyed we've been very consistent and recruit a lot of really really good players and we've been lucky we we we don't. We tried our best recruiting classes rights. There's been a lot of things it's on right. It has to happen that but the biggest thing usually is this the culture is good and we've been able to look. Basically replaced great players with great players. Bill Self for those head coach Kansas co big twelve coach of the year and hall of Famer so. You're jayhawks pillar number one seed in the midwest that's the good news. And then you look at the rest of the midwest and you see the duke. Michigan State Oklahoma and NC state also in the same region so your your elation had to go wait a minute for a second there right. Exactly right. That you. You know two to the anti platelet people and so. I look at it yet and I I thought our first round. Matchup will. The toughest I mean I'm going to do my bias died. I ID. This year and it couldn't be hitting. It these days it. Be duking. Carolina. You know that you don't think that beating ball quicker. No this week halted when he does Xavier who know put an end there's there's there's. Certainly that'll be. It was legal team it wouldn't play had a look past that and see you know but labor's web exports hit it well the other you know also. We don't stop the blood. You'll this this has been a. Are we are seeing me. It's been on team but certainly. We're good we're really good not very good reason did you speak to be quite honestly. But let you know this coming year that's what happens when you know we got the court it all shots and did you get a chance to get in. Coach you talked about good guards you have the big twelve player of the year in Dovonte Graham. Talk about his improvement over the years. Well well you know bring Mason made one national player of the year last year because. Mark party at the spot they'd take Chris dropped the our all and end end end this year you know the Barclays. You know he's got a great chance to be the first team all American law orcas equal moral of the story can end up. You know the transition from him going to punish shooting guard at point guard was releasing what's good he's always been a point or he is deferred because. No it was flex time and that was all bets fourteen. The last couple years but but you know he's been tremendous heat up eat he's been really really good. But he's been better when it counted most. And in these intangibles are off the chart she's. Tremendous leader and he's done an unbelievable job with that would certainly a different personality type speed but. Getting everybody on the same page and he certainly deserves to have that there respect nationally. It was. The league Newman Matt he's been playing great our top on his development from stark and now. Well you know movie out of high school. At the Alamo member got to look you watched you mean he he was one of the best. If not the best all round gold country high school and Eagles in Mississippi State and yet but it didn't really show well and went through the Indians but in the end you get you back. They've had bad that they were looking forward so easy transfers and hit a really good you're sitting out last year and to be looking into what you this year. For the most part he's been up and down I mean it's been it's been when he's being good he's been really good and in it and if I mean when. There have been our aggressiveness and and for whatever reason here in the big twelve permanently don't but likely more he looked like he did back I score I mean exports explosive. Going to get his own making plays Brothers and and knowing scored seventeen points. And seemed to see the in the three games in pre competitive games and and basically kind of put us on the back I won the first step is so called state goes order so hopefully we can bottled at the thought that that that that the whole. Dimension when you have. Human aggressive but I would aggressive in the course Graham and bit so so well on the side opposite side about one might but it pointedly. Because I do think he can be a difference maker in the term. Bill Self what goes on goal can we go to Kansas head coach number one seat taken on a very pesky pens squad. In the first round you said something interesting earlier this morning we're talking you said this is one of the weirdest teams you've ever had to coach what makes them such a weird bunch for you. Well we've we've started out with. You don't get the boot you and Billy Preston who will it. End that's how we were gonna polite yet and no Billy the oil. You don't go out you're too. To participate. In and and play in and then so we do we go lesbian what we saw would be a big planes each at. We're going to play time and you know if you don't forget to belt in the first effort Scott. You know we we we we had to back off. You don't beat Italy's somewhat to try to protect guides and using different things and so we will legitimately playing. I'm who get it to six I've definitely got the that there are other than our center and and and when we go to different personalities with Kurt so so great moments of regret some struggles and and I think I've never you know we we lost thirteen games here. Fourteen years guys and does preempting this season. And so it's been up it's been a kind of a frustrating. Up and down route but you know whatever reason they think they seemed to really know how to impeach. When it counts the most I certainly hope that you. So having said all that Coetzer muses it's gratifying years you've ever had is gratifying to championship as you Riverhead may be more. I would. I've made maybe so damaged pride that most surprising. You don't in a year with the league was probably the best it's ever been in eagle topped a middle. Doesn't know bottle and and you know to win the lead. Outright by two games yeah I hit I would say obviously is probably as Greta if we ever had because. I'm really I didn't know this that was stealing produce cheap to be honest I went in some stretches where I was like cats I don't know. I don't know how old and pull this off and and and your guides. Kind of gluten. Themselves later found the way to do it so how well I would think it is gratifying news is it's any big twelve championship would there were. Because I I really don't know we lost our guys employee insults all. I really didn't know this it was critical that. All find out what they're capable of his turn it begins and a couple of days Bill Self ten years ago in San Antonio you guys walked away with a national championship. Back in San Antonio again this year so maybe a little emotional feeling good about things for him. And we get to San Antonio I'll feel great about a lot of things. A couple of help us in Phil we appreciate you being open this is morning thanks so much. OK so I didn't. Only can window. Podcast what's not expect too much there's only one person out there than expected wage too much part of this guy surely we know that is. It's father. When cities to college hoops experts one. Rover sport ESPN two weeks Davis and Jason Phillips in book of the ultimate tournament. Road trip doesn't describe your game you don't like no this time it's everything is wonderful about storytelling. And drama and sports and competition. We reduce suburb it's never been done before I'm gonna make my mark with this this along the way from Christian late there I had one big shot 25 years ago. Reports today and Paul Pierce don't wanna pull off but it's not gonna put in the work more now from mentally and physically ready. Setting the stage in San Antonio Ford never been done before challenge to destination. Portis breaks for big moment I think for your kids are no problem list I have to comfort. Their big moment weeks watching Slash Winslow for sport Land Rover. A club and beat ya. Roy Williams had coached. A North Carolina three time NCAA champ a joins us now this morning fresh off a yoga session from what I can write that got delivered up and ready to roll I remember operator OS which produce some consumer brain that a well join the club America's if there's brain yoga you know I've probably both the morbid than anything else. But boy you you are trying to do something right now that hasn't been done since the Kentucky Wildcats. In the late ninety's and make it to three straight national championship games I know that's a long way away but. The good that's obviously the goal for this team. I as you begin your term and run what does this team need to do and how did they need to play to potentially be there one more time. Well traits it's about a million things but we just getting to continue to try to get better defense is our biggest challenge here. Our defense and field goal percent or your hasn't been very good and did India and she's determined four games where held opponents to 37% I don't know that was there'd been terribly and gained back to back to back like that or we really did get a little better and tried to kill my club we're getting better try to convince some but still. Eventually will get you better we're maybe the worst team in the country and defend the three point shot to anybody comes in their average and shooting woes that you don't just schedule just as we also have medical help because a shot to win four of them but. Like mark club book it's we have one big probably don't scored in the rim really well. But it's says tell kids tool very deal Princeton who were part of the last 200 championship games there. Compared to kids blue base hit a great great you're forced but you have to start all over right now and it's something that we're excited about. Did just go down the road Cutler Charlotte which is that the site possibly could because I give signal through grandsons that. Oh start playing now that make you give us what you've done in the past. Eight votes couple weeks who did I could do you tell me. Well my team guards for a few minutes here in their merit so how minutes so we garden now we go on record ten and a half fluent what's the goal here. Well we've we've got into this not to get ahead there are Abby says so what can game but just clear we did get better in the in New York those games up there I think our sense of urgency was better defensively that. Boy I'd I'm still fortunate legitimately just got up from the to cheer lead to remote mine yet. What's in our game against Virginia again in Virginia's legit post I've never seen anybody do candy any better than they do about. Coached against hitting certain things and who's in Oklahoma State and you know when you were in Indiana with coach Knight approach you guys started like crazy sometimes but. Man these guys guards you're considered so why can't we get our team to do that. So we're connect clips show the team this morning from the other for Jenny game and I'm more seriously heated won't be scoring. The media won't be screened they needed won't be doing so we're still trying to teach that we're up we're up to eight minutes simply. C circuit where I don't sort of effect that goes a different dishonest goes pretty good I'm Wahoo so of course I'm a little bit biased. But he entered the open since name up village jolt Berrian who made it a lot of the headlines and the accolades did that come with the success of your program. Talk about the au prince and his impact on his team seems to do all the little things that's necessary to win. What Christie really does seem to play makers or use a thousand times split just give an example and Virginia game there are so good defensively. They backed off Leo and didn't give him the driving lanes in the areas that he can make plays and he's not a great shooter and one for ten in the game and you can't be real good team with forty stores going to want to pretend it's got to give credit to Virginia's defense that. Field makes placing these things securely guzzle my opinion do not see you. He's aggressive taking the ball to the basket and he can dish it also can also go up and hit two shots sometimes single adult adult somebody. So he really is a play maker east. Got a reputation for great defensive player. And I wish you were put sub terms she's gorgeous and sometimes he's in the walk round vote but you. You can't be upon your kid can't be a better teammate that he is good for the team. Just in every area he's a leader out there. He choked came out to me and return games a coach quarterback dribble was one of our place that. As a delegate to them so we get it in the and even yes Virginia we get success so he really is a complete player. Roy Williams head coach in North Carolina with this adroit sounds like you do a little coaching this morning when you talk a duel with this morning making sure the message your team is heard loud and player. Well I've murmur when docket slate to become acting coach doc it's a feel like it was something good for the. A codes are I I love field parents in light into an interview with him. Was absolutely spectacular might be the best kid I've seen all year. In the middle zobel woods and tell the world the story of Luke may how he went from kind of a walk on that kind of a scholarship to where he is right now because he's as good missourians. Well Dan you're right just executed their barrage of loved coast he gets beat this dude but I swear. A lot of square block have been here 1130 at night after combat camera crew entrepreneurs one car parking lot. And it's blue million cubic outcome up a couple of times cooler weather is bad all we can and and more get out not come up the walk the concourse at 7:30. Saturday morning and Luke's and they're shooting but took. He came in my camp cope Catholics success and they paraded and you is dead when his day it was a quarterback here and I was an assistant. And sort kept don't bring in a rush don't get a rush goes. He might be good enough. And so then his junior year said the heck with that. I sit and awarded him to come here and that simply you know I don't know that we're gonna have a scholarship to soak. Recruited him in the sprained. His. Junior year to come in via player forced it would not have a scholarship. And so then in the fall. He decided that he was going to come here it. Clemson Virginia and Notre Dame at Davidson picture clear all the schools were offered scholarships but. Mom went to school here to North Carolina family and so I got him to say yes in. So blew a lot of people were surprised that he would agree to come here as a walk on but. He did he loves the University of North Carolina man in the spring the senior year JP took so decided to trust to direct the NBA. And sort called blue considered Lukowich you to go and your family and tell them that you would like a thousand dollars just to take your buddies to the beach and blow it this weekend. He can coach I don't wolf I can do that. You just seriously there could be an asset. Well Luke and you can tell that I Cogent. Offer you full scholarships that port 25000 dollars killed at least they can do is just yet thousand bags that you receive an imported he should coach come out have some fun with this but. And then he tells me decent coach you'll find nobody is going outwardly and that's what he's done first read it three years now. You know it's it's so funny that you tell that sort of makes all the sense in the world Kazuo was Luke made that video went viral last year after the national championship game that very next morning he showed up in class and got a standing ovation so you're talking about the work ethic. He puts it not only in the gym but also in the classroom. Yeah that was an 8 o'clock class in just. Maybe over the weekend Sunday or Monday it was announced that he made second team academic all America and in that. My first response you tell me there's five better basketball players student athletes in the country I'm not by and I was mad that he can make the first thing but. He did make a second team academic all American. That that that was something else I'll never forget that video of him walk in that 8 o'clock class the next morning everybody it. At that at that campus class from its capital giving him a standing ovation Siegel guys Tibet. It's just. He's really bright don't you think their impressions of professional you do that. He would suck it up to the press the first through that they build it. I'll listen mama didn't raise no dummy there's no question that we don't question about that. How much can you take Troy into this tournament from what happened last year because as you said yet Hinson Berrian made and all those plays that know what it takes to win at all. Well I think you're exactly right the experience of going through the process of the NCAA tournament of three straight weekends. And knowing. That you can't look down the road. That do well we might play sort so if you look down the road Telemar got a little topic that's where you're going down the route back home so they understand we've got to play that first game and then if we play well maybe they'll keep the ceramic. Let us play a sect came in we try to do that for three straight weeks and it is of Atlantis you're asked my deficit what's the most fun you've ever there. In basketball and they sit around the national championship game gets a little less well. Let's try it again. In the and so now we've we're having this discussion today what's the most fun you've ever had and I guarantee they'll also. So they run to win the national championship game western us and well. Let's try to do it again so it is going to be a little bit of it and I think that experience or I'm hoping that that experience sort of. And it starts against lipscomb Coach Roy Williams of the national champion North Carolina Tar Heels we appreciate your time this morning thanks coach. And to recognize your question yes sir. Does that make you feel bad they get to get to to take go explain what he's gone pretty much I mean he takes about much here that's pretty much similar to that level of docket she can't Chris I don't know. Global you better be donated to senator don't you don't you guys to currents are only gotten some new western made this an. That. I've just figured out we'll vote can go so goes to about thirty guys every if you play the you know one of the reasons got to beat these and that's that's been a figure he certainly is what we appreciate your time we'll talk to down. Okay all right guys being good every every suggests. He sees from the best goalies give me. Mutually subscribe on the ESPN happy couple podcast to listen every. 6 eastern on ESPN radio ESPN UMB.