Lucas Glover’s wife arrested after fight at The Players on domestic violence charge

Sports Daily
Wednesday, May 16th

The wife of former U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover is facing a domestic violence charge stemming from an altercation with Glover and his mother after he missed the 54-hole cut at The Players Championship. She faces a May 31 court date on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence.


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I'll order out and got to Obama. Who current partner for this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shaved down. Once you see page 12:40 AM 975 FM. Are rolling into our number two will get this in the headlines part of what's on snapping his. We head towards. The rest of the show courtesy of our friends from side pockets. Not chain of even following this story at all on Lucas Glover. I was just gonna go to that. OK get Mike is sort sorry about stealing the thunder and a great great segue though it it's stagger red numbers absolutely staggering so here we go. I'm not budge on its not a good way either I don't know. I'm not gonna tap is brought to buy side pockets out there today it's why not Wednesday wanna grab her beauty quarter brown cheeseburgers served with Fries point 595 today. Rick Jeffrey Flanagan about twenty minutes from now when duck came in underneath the wires gets my. Clubhouse and dugout duties to do before today's big game the matinee getaway day with Tampa Bay royals. Beat reporter for talked Jeffrey here in twenty minutes or so and of course. We've got on this day in sports history and I'd go back and listen any part of showed you messed Giffords radio dot com's panders podcast each and every show. We had some NBA talking first. Our analysts as in addition to the round and no PED slash masking agent issue that. We discussed at the end of the very first car. Okay. Starting off the headlines with Lucas Glover and the second but. Oklahoma. Has landed Austin Reeves. Yeah transfer from Wichita State. That is the third and transferred that Lon Kruger has gotten. To his program. Due in large part to replace. Three people left tray young is going to the NBA. And Jordan Sheppard and Cameron mug gusty. Are transferring out. Coming in. Austin grieves. Along with the Pacific. Guard miles Reynolds. And a point guard from Maine. So those three guys let the set out. Breeze. Started eleven of 33 games with Wichita State. Let's see here he hoped. Four point one points. And had had a game where he had 73 pointers in the first half that was against Tulsa. Against owe you an interest bank dreams to for five with six points. Oh you course started twelve and lawn and then finished six and thirteen down the stretch so they're looking at. Christian James Rashard modems Christian too little too money nick needs those are guys that return that. Played it either a little or a lot last year. And those transfers will including Austin read putts set out so I guess your reaction to Austin re planning. With Lon Kruger. Yeah I think. It seems like a logical place. To end up. I'm not surprising to me even though he was on the board of some. Fairly impressive programs Michigan and its veteran. Mom but yeah I did it make sense kick from Arkansas. Mom you know I and I don't profess to know all of the things that went into. His decision to transfer but it. That's. A little closer to home and you know all of the all of the above so. And I have nothing but good things to say about Lon Kruger I don't know I'm update Lon Kruger and I. So. I hope it works out well frost generation we've. Half to. Kind of govern ourselves or temper the fact that. We can't draw the comparisons to well if Lon Kruger let tray young do what he did. Just wait and see what Austin reefs those two years from now. Not apple Apple's right he's not go does not happen no gun and up thirty shots a game and no it's not apples to apples because Austin Reeves is not train young I mean let's just let's let the let's not even. Let's not even try to draw the comparison because there is no comparison. Not in the way that the two. It is due to player's skill levels so I think cost and Reeves as I used a nice player. I think he was on his way to being a really nice player. And and it's too bad it didn't work out a Wichita State and hopefully for him it works out and Oklahoma. That's kind of where I'm mad and I'm I'm glad that which I stayed out of for a couple of years and I think that they were better off with them that without them so. There you go. A bizarre and troubling story out of professional golf. Lucas Glover is a PGA. Golfer. His wife was arrested for violently attacking him. Over his poor showing at the players championship over the weekend. Chris Scott Glover. Was arrested Saturday on battery charges. At a home a couple of granite upon a V drip not far from that competition. She is accused of causing bodily harm to Glover who was the 2009 US open winner and his mom. But officers arrived at the scene. Lucas Glover told them that quote. When he plays a bad round of golf Christa proceeds to start an altercation with them and telling him how he is a loser and a now. Unquote you. She then continued B rating him about quote how he needs to fire everyone and how he'd be back how we'd better win. Or her and the kids would leave them and he would never see the kids again I'm quote. That's according to report. He made the initial cut the body 78 on Saturday. Took him out of the running. Your thoughts. I I don't even know how to react to the next it's like. Wow well. How many times you need to be beaten over the head with a two by four and a using the term triggered a plea although in this case maybe it's applicable. Maybe it's literal. Before you say enough there's this is damaging just did this can't this can't go line. Is it safe say that Chris did lovers picture is next to the definition of a gold digger. I yadda well I don't know enough about her personally. She is no rule him out because he shot a 78. My own article hadn't connected dots for everybody here I don't even need I don't even know that needs to be had a gold digger is she just might be just be a bad really bad person. Well yeah I just as the bad guy could be of that seeded mean if you are literally being they're crap. Out of someone and has a mauling by the way eat yes she got in rural. Yeah where lacerations. Are involved and eight and it's happening in front of kids end. I mean Mike goodness come on come on now let's let's. Let's take a moment and reboot here Christa according to the. AP the arresting officer noted that go lovers mom declined to pursue charges. So that's either good news that it wasn't that big of a deal or it's maybe troubling. That. Chargers weren't pursued so this wouldn't come to light even further you know I'm Brian sterner well this isn't yet this is remarkably. Embarrassing and and on and on a lot of levels and and and good but my goodness I mean. Here's the sake of your family get it together and get it figured out yet and that this is just the tipping point for me claiming horror. Threatening to take the kids and he'd never seen him yet. You and you ahead. Is it hard enough. She missed seven DA it's kind of shoot your way out of compulsion. And then she comes back with that. So much for support staff no losses so much any past. So let me just let me throw this one idea so Lucas Glover is in the middle of melting down. Because east playing in the in the players championship anyway. Kenya and so he's got this failure going on on the golf course which of course is his bread and butter so he's grinding over that. But how much of a factor. Is it in his brain that he's got to go deal with the with us that it will take questionable. Significant other. When eco he would like the worst of it may not even be on the golf course right yeah she which is already out yep. Yeah I mean what you shoot 78 and you implode on the golf course. And it may not even be the worst of your day. I mean unbelievable. Just unbelievable mean he tees it up on a par four there's a hazard plucked flags tucked away behind the bunker. And that's the least of his words exactly. I mean Britain but he's sitting there thinking on Nam man how much gonna go home and deal with Christa. Who you know and and and in new what's that you'd be like. And I don't know that's that's just first. I hope for all. For all involved in in particular the two young children and obviously our involves. That. Everybody gets the amount of help that they need to get that under control that's ethnic that's unfortunate. In addition according to the report. Lover's wife fought against being put in the back seat of the patrol car. Damaged the car door by kicking. And said quote. Wait till the tour hears about this. You'll lose your job this is why cops get shot in the face. Wait till I talk with the judge. You'll be bleeping fired over this. Then came Lucas Glover needs to readjust his that's his own life choices starting right now if she really said and did all that. Well she's a bad person. Depth to blow it appears to be since it's been chronicled by the polls east's. It appears that yeah that that's the case I just my jaw drop when I was talking about this yes just flat on our. So this little blue little blip appeared that I read what I thought was bad enough and and Enders like you think that's bad news she's like on my gotten hold my career you know the heat. You think that story stinks now waiting to hear what I said to the cops. Right now it now. I don't have all of the background. And I don't know about Lucas Glover is potential complicity in all of this I don't know. Does it take to detain goers this just the case of you know kind of a year of a vote loose screw or whatever the deal I don't know. Bullet I don't know if there's kid gives all wanting it's just kids involved in this is dysfunctional as you can possibly get button. The end. And and obviously you need to. To get it taken care of if for no other reason than your own sanity then at least for the safety. And well being of those children that's all that's that's rightly that settle. But yes staggering story Mike good. Nick Saban spoke out against. The UCL a for the national championship issue. That. So seemingly it will never go away. To be fair to Nick Saban he was asked about this. You see application forgotten. They're football program they've had parades through Disney World national championship rings apparel signage. The two dollar and returning team that everybody championship on the side of the stadium. Yet everything except acknowledgment yes. You mean you know so I mean it it's like suit didn't really happen. I I you know I think that they're taking this to eight point. Of silliness. That is. No that is. I hate it it it it sure it's a bad light on their program I mean it's like people shot up. Well initially that it be quiet handled probably. In a positive way. Brought a lot of attention to their program got their coaches some raises I'm sure. Up their profile. It kind of raised eyebrows. But then they double and triple down on this and had a facility you know they they beat Auburn in the peach bowl to finish thirteen you know. It wasn't the national semi final. You know. It did. Shed light on the fact that he skipped beat Auburn. And Auburn beat Alabama that you know it's not how this work release at Sabin was quick here's Saban quote. If you honor and respect the system that we have despite some of the imperfections that you understand that the system has. And you wouldn't do something out of respect for the system that we have rights I guess. By the way yeah I I by the way I found something with Nick Saban that I agree on. And again sorry. He was asked about it so he's he's he's not he didn't just bring this stuff he's ethnicity for response. I guess anybody has the prerogative to claim any thing but self proclaimed is not the same is actually earning. And there's probably think it's significant number of people who don't respect people who make self proclaimed sort of accolades for themselves on quote bright. True words you never spoken never I knew that last sentence that he said right exactly you guys tell everybody how good you are what you did. Then what you did probably. Isn't is there that you sent it up today. No. And end and by continuing to bring attention to it. It in the ways that they're doing it. To meet just didn't add IEU turn away from that it's kinda like. Well wolf what pose a nice story. Right. And and it did feel good. And I don't know how good a football team Central Florida was a mean good enough to beat Auburn in the peach bowl whatever that means. Which obviously was a game that was very important for Central Florida. Not a game it was probably. Very important for Auburn who slipped at the very end. And had a chance to do you know due to compete for national championship. I don't know that they all I can say is that. They went on the field in Central Florida won all thirteen game and maybe this system is flawed I think we all understand that. But Central Florida was not a part of the system that we have scanned by trying continually drawing attention to itself. It it it demeans. I don't know a dozen probably thirteen and I'll put it it makes them a little bit more of a and it's not even a laughing stock but you kinda shake your head and Roy your I don't show a little I do anyway. Well when you mean double and triple down on the you know I mean it's silly it's like what are you doing DeMarre game two of the Western Conference finals tonight at Houston. Houston again. A one and a half point favorite. The warriors beat him by thirteen. In game 12 days ago yet Vegas still likes the rockets minus one and a half. Yet when he talks to lay down on the team we put them on. Tactic of putting it on the warriors. I just think that the warriors. Our hardships that much but they're just that much better I think I really do. Despite the fact that the rockets won two out of three in the regular season. It should be noted that. Genes but applaud both sides. And all sorts of key pieces of missing at various times both teams are healthy right now you tell me who looks better. And they did the warriors discourse so easily and who had looks like the rockets are just grinding out at all rightly last possession and try to get a three point shots. Endless. Endless Mike and Tony can figure out a way to win faults but there's any more productive fashion. Golden State isn't gonna do what is necessary to beat James Harden even if James Harden has 41 or two outs they're gonna do what's necessary. Tonight to beat them we'll continue here. In just a moment stay with Shane Andrews rolling through. In the second hour sports daily on the sports station Jeffrey Flanagan and LB dot com coming up next cycle little royals as we continue tomorrow.