Looking Toward The Future With Affiliated Baseball

The Drive
Thursday, September 6th
A discourse on the happenings and what will be with a new Lawrence Dumont stadium and the arrival of affiliated baseball.

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This is good for. Colin. Good afternoon it saved through today at a historic tradition would drive them here paid radio but the store tried to have a historic day and in which advertised during feel like it Merrill long while announcing this morning that. AAA baseball is officially returning to Wichita for the year 2000 taught officially minutes it's pretty official. They wouldn't have that deal that William do now. This CLU do this not a fan so every single. Day. Because I provide oversight to either off the wall this is whose affairs relentlessly Ahmed V that's reckless but you can you describe. We're back out of the Wichita mayor announced that pending a agreement with Major League Baseball they've bowed AAA bet Bob will return he gave up. I mean that's not that hard to put it of one small qualifier. Scotland 2000 Swanee Wichita returns to AAA status. A new ballpark. By the river. Lots of plans. And though we'll get it from the horse's mouth so to speak Meryl Long Will join us at around 425. Today he'll be with us for two segments. The first segment will girl him. With our questions. And then the second segment he's agreed to answer questions from callers. Normally they can sign up for 1240. I'll show up are you kidding I everybody's listening always I always get get nervous about Erica remember. You know it doesn't matter what the loved that really bothers you when I say that those so that's why I say we have we got a lot of calls on that Tuesday it was a fantastic show. People love dude and I together and it's it's good not here's why people love hearing but they're okay why people love do then me and me together. And I. It's because when he's on the show I don't change my personality wouldn't you when he's on the show with you you know. Our state Powell I've never use that word in my life I enjoy do and a that'll have a good chemistry with him he's easy for me to talk to he understands the hierarchy. If you know what I mean. Don't get. Those is there's all that what's your dad today and still still lost though look at order about it T shirt. And are on sale also I gotta feel. And is this is nice still a lot of the bands from almost famous at 5 o'clock we will talk to Clark Spencer he covers the Miami Marlins. For the Miami Herald Clark formerly worked and what to tie and won't get his assessment. Of the marlins' farm system because we've got to start paying attention a little bit you know like now of the marlins' farm system which in the latest MLB. Farm system rankings lose all the way down a number 24. Many other prospects are at the lower levels of their system. Should be arriving in double and triple led by the time. Wichita. Get to throw a Philip fools see what flow what could be on the way from the Marlins who's working agreement. With New Orleans runs through year 2000 wanna now people like wedeman on what happens that while most likely. The Marlins. Sign a new working agreement with the Wichita. My sources tell me I'm like your your point yesterday. But the Marlins are thrilled to be in Wichita because it gets their AAA team. Closer to so many other teams in the Pacific closely. Imagine traveling from New Orleans. To organ donor or what or California. Or Nevada. Now iron which atop still not a short trip but so much engine that's a very graphical division opponents most likely in play those teams. Well New Orleans right now as as is a division with Luo won't with the Louisville Memphis. And round rock. That's doable most likely. Wichita will be in the division with Oklahoma City. Omaha and round rock that would be my guess but will city. Would you take round rock out of the OnStar Oklahoma City Omaha and Iowa. That would look to be the good division at Wichita would fall into the 14 divisions in the Pacific Coast League fermented to make travel. As the easiest possible for instance would to top I have to look but I am not sure Wichita would make. A trip to each other. Each other ballpark in one year I need to look at that I meant to look at that today for instance. Would they go to Reno on would Reno make the return trip every year for an unfair question would they go to Sacramento. To play a three game series just and then that's the only series between the two I would guess they'd load up. With a lot of games against teams in their division. So in that seems most likely I'm gonna look at in Oklahoma city's scandal it's not easy to go through could you gotta go through and I got to counter calendars it's not a list anymore. But we'll we'll get an answer that question we don't need to worry about it cut too much right now. That 525 will make our or Nissan pixel week and believe it or not Jason Judah has jumped to believe. And a pretty substantial lead after a weeklong. In the picks Justin Whelan from or Nissan will be AM. And then 535540. Or so. We will talk with Bret Michaels from the band poison. Jack Oliver I don't know Max power will conduct an interview with. One of the big ones. While the stars Oklahoma City. Only went to Reno. That that was my guess they denied her and make their return trip. And yes Bret Michaels a huge you know. That the travel won't be overbearing there'll be years where which atop the Wichita franchise doesn't travel way out. For the west. So it'll be fun. It'll be it'll be off some hopefully they'll play a lot of games against Memphis. I've read cardinals franchise other Atlanta games against the teams in Oklahoma City hello Lynn Merrill divisional play atomic games but I would think they'd play at least a home and home with. With another division at fairly close by I would imagine that to farthest west divisions. Would play each other a lot and the two farthest east. Divisions would plates have a lot that makes sense Syria in deaths. The good thanks. Where oh were F reading to get Branch Rickey on the show. The talked about all the way left that could happen as soon as tomorrow as they've been deceased granddaughter Caylee grandson. The Branch Rickey music commissioner of the Pacific closely. That's amazing had a note that our flag that thing but I Mahan. And I'm here today I can figure that would you have probably. Big branch shall join us. I hope all attacked you without Aziz grandpa or Israel will certainly get the get his views on up to but Branch Rickey is the as I said. The commissioner of the Pacific Coast League. Up until this year I understand. Arnie viola was was let go by the Marlins organization he managed. New Orleans this season of course former shocker. So one more year for this franchise in New Orleans is of books now and then moved to what's atop for the 2000 Tony season. Lots of talk about the ballpark even an artist rendering which people have been clamoring for. The artist's rendering. It doesn't even. That doesn't even look. Like it's it it's feasible to remain in them it makes you say that I'm not I'm Scott says it's not feasible is just like this really could happen in Wichita where the rivers accentuated and move the ball park. To the east a little bit they take out McLean boulevard and reroute traffic. At ahead of tomorrow's pedestrian stuff so that they have a big entrance in the in senator feel where people can be walking downtown and just walk over the ballpark come in the come in the park there instead of Willie where the entrance to Lawrence Dumont has been for years and years. Well it's gonna be amazing that is then rendering and who knows if that's what it's gonna look like it looks absolutely incredible it's I can't believe I have like a U marking. Well they'll be parking. But it'll probably be down the arc parking a lot of brush a lot of trees. No homes to the lasso. Well that was just an I rendering its not an act I understand that not all about these four people of homes or thank you know have to plan a whole lot of trees. I'm in it looks like I am curious. To know what happens to the neighborhood. Through the west. That surrounds Lawrence Dumont stadium that's one of the questions I have for the manner. Because our that the residential. Neighborhood. That's what that is. Larry has the story you have you have the river. To the north you have the Ville Leino district in and the church that I presume will be eventually raised to. To the south you have. The apartment complex and the which is by senator and some of that stuff but what happens. In the on the parameter parameter of the ballpark you know. And aren't you curious. Little bit I am I think they'll be plenty or room I think you'll be having to park not in a lot that in in places downtown and they'll be a little odd garage. I can see that. I don't think there'll be a traditional lot like we have now had Lawrence Dumont stadium I don't think there will be enough rumba that well again last. School probably I am told that the they will keep the name launched Dumont stadium a little surprised by that. But that they will certainly. Provide sponsorship opportunities. For other areas of the park there will be. Many other areas of this park of course the field for for one don't but many other areas where people can congregate. Where they can hang out they can watch a game that can socialize. They can watch their kids doing activities. The kind of ballpark we've been needing in Wichita before. Many many many years and it's just exciting to think about. Can't wait it's only Lou it's less than two years away were a year and a half away from all this and it's go by quick and one one of the big questions I have is that is that timeline. Because. We're talking the mayors talking about starting the demolition of Lawrence Dumont sometime this fall within 45 day window. That gets you to. Close to November. By the time you start that. Filled that by that time you've got 121417. Months and change. To get to get that done. And get a ballpark built or an hour and eighteen months prior nineteen months. From the opening acts of the time that's the timeline right now and timeline is when they when they start raising the stadium now the timeline is now we have a nineteen month until the start of the tornado was on time but the 45 days you can toss up because they're not gonna start the demo then of Lawrence Dumont tonight that definitely. That's just the way it is. A lot of value wonder where your headsets are forty minutes after your usually that is here yeah well we'll we'll ask Janice first saves them. Jimmy are. It has some very easy question. What are you talk about the surrounding area or put and I are real wherever law. Somebody knows where that liquor actress Betty I want a baseball game and went down Barack governed. Well I think that I think they certainly want the river to be a big part of this entire designed Jim. Yeah that'll actually draw is made big joke whatever it. That did not work but there's now now there's other opportunities to make that area. More viable in my opinion. So ridiculous so I think testing. Is the compressed schedule. Well regarded tamper they had patriot forever echo or people to have a target through pay or. Those days are over this team will not have a elongated thanks for the called them this team will not have. An elongated. Road trip during the NBC. The NBC World Series in my mind they're standing in my opinion. Will play its first week of an alternate side and it's championship week at Lawrence Dumont stadium. That's seems to be how it's gonna work but the days of sending that the affiliated team on a two and a half week road trip. Like they did for many years like they've done for the for the wit style wing nuts. Saga happen anymore comment nor should it meant Willis is this of grass field I assume it'll be a Saab field. Yes. Absolutely. That's good evidence that's still somewhat dangerous when your plan for games. Day for a week on it. JAMA what. I'm sorry that you had another question. Well the color of blame at somebody like Rick Campbell sticks celery are beyond. Jeremy it blew out such a terrible oh lord let. People are all there in the care of their dramatic people live without Utley areas south central terrible that there are. Let me in the culminate with electric chair and group. I already mapped out there and. I doubt that all happened because. I think Wichita would want its name out there as they AAA city I don't know of any other place. They have Minor League Baseball that does that maybe there are some. Overall it's any trash pandas they have that's I'm talking about affiliated minor league lead to Willie what what. Are you serious. Mobile, Alabama that a rocket city trash and this. Why are they to why I don't know why. Idols I don't foresee that happening here. You'll have to wade decision did better and I I think that well last American about that the naming process I'm sure he has some ideas. And you're still pushing for what the rock hoppers that he mentioned that now I told them I'd given my dollar if he did committee I guess he can't bribe political officers so you really think you're that ties with America and Larry it's to me. Courtside as the genuine gift of making everyone feel like they're part of his inner circle. But the privately let me tell you. Now primarily -- and I know that you think privately or news site I know you think you're his best friend and everything I don't think I'm as best we actually get along me in the I barely know the man. But I do appreciate the hard work. He's he's he's shown here. By the way Branch Rickey says perhaps available tomorrow. Will have to wait and see on that. Well might do that interview you and do the conduct of some like I'll I'll be here tomorrow area Saleh now that I talked to that. Pacific Coast League commit I can't leave I think I can do an interview I would do an interview is for eight I don't think I can leave it up to you to to interview branch Ricky why. I don't know just that one of the dumbest thing I've ever heard that this feel like. I've probably ought to be here I am an adult all right I mean yeah that's that news is as registered with the II just feel like I probably probably ought to be here from well then you can you do to conducive. You know then I'll just go home we'll see we'll see what happens. NFL starts tonight. Atlanta at Philadelphia pretty good marquee game is this as you would expect on opening night. Of the NFL will pick this game but let's talk about for a little bit right here Philadelphia. Defending champions. Now without Carson Laynce Nix polls and have a very good pre season. Do they turn it on the nine and become the Eagles love of what we expect where they continue to struggle while Shawn Jeffrey is out as well. The Eagles have some issues their defense still looks pretty good bit. I don't know if offensively and offensively they'll be one thing with a team like the falcons do have a ton of weapons and added one. And now Calvin Ridley in the draft from Alabama by the way you. You really got on me for my first pick overall in the draft. Todd Gurley overlay of beyond well how do you feel about that now feels OK I guess okay and haven't done a decent little year. Hi Todd Gurley you know lay out belt once they get to play he might not play you know back. Actually yield my guy or tied to a calorie might just show Sunday with a it would have been a terrible pick to take place beyond bell. We're loaded nobody around nobody knew that he was again to be playing I'd be hadn't played the last point. I know you just turn it on as a running back and three days after you sign your ready to go out there rushed for 200 yards while they were nearly Aveion belly can bomb pretty happy with the pick diamond. Todd Gurley overlay beyond bell not a bad pick mistake to break Thomas get to the man that's what everybody wants to hear today. We'll hear from Merrill Longwell who love. Along with the governor. Made a nice presentation this morning smell alone will always already with the Marlins now on a mile and a half of so marriage a follow up next we'll talk about. How the Miami Marlins moving their AAA affiliate hair which is tough. In 2004 they say whether it's the drive OK okay.