Looking For Possible Upsets

The Drive
Monday, March 12th

An examination of what teams could pull off upsets early in the tournament.


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Bo loses. She looks like him before. So he's. Dan O'Neill could communicate hey and a further. We like to spread the love around here American girl but Tom Petty. 8691240. Eagles are banned. SARS tour this evening yes in Indianapolis. I hear you're just as pumped as you I think my of this this is my favorite thing isn't going to be the same to really rolled out last I don't know if that's true. Blocked they've been rehearsing extensively if they were doing the same tour while they don't what are you what are you hoping for I'm hoping for Jimmy just one thing your hoping for let's say 055 and said Don and deacon do that. Then after the thrill is gone simple like that. About twelve of those do this thing together yes. I want so ma wants the long road out of he'd material on this story I don't know if that's how long waiting in the weeds. That's particularly that's what I want okay OK that be great I want waiting in the weeds. That be great I say it every time I hear the song is one of the five greatest Eagles songs ever. If had been if had been. Produced and released in 1978. Everybody in the world would know it right so I agree. My goodness that's what I want. And I and I'll stay by that. 8691240. Is a number jam is next Jimmy on the drive. I. Don't. Dude loves him doing we're that your question for me already had a car that was served in the war when the Marshall and not which club playing Krajicek couldn't. 191970. Saw another in the another. Interest thing kind of contemplated angle to. The game coming up in San Diego between the two basketball teams. And we're which frustrated it'll also have the team and Marshall large. Almost here and targeting. Cat two very tragic incidents. Yes sure. But so what the Marshall over one that started the first Clinton got older rural. You know do I have to go back a look at tablets certainly sounds a reasonable look at could come out of that. Well there's. I'd go to Lincoln about yeah. Who would no remote thought about using my akin to people and killed two. Blue were the only two in town there are old enough to not thank generally appreciate they they outside of our nominee come out of that the plane crash sustain it angle but. Outside of that they really put on a team for the people around San Diego with west Virginian Marshall. With the proximity you have Earl grant and Marshall and Chris jams all out there are a lot of a lot of angles in San Diego my folks govern well Mike you're on the drive. Yeah. You play or hours eight barriers that they would be determined Oklahoma. I'd say there's probably get a feel better I says there's a pretty good chance. I don't think Oklahoma belongs in the starlet. Thanks my command and I don't I don't buy that argument though because they've played determine without bin Simmons last year as a bubble type team and loathing hurt. Not think he just declined to play out our memory but declined to two years ago with LSU I mean. Our merit not declined to play but just did Dave and set record that would get him I don't remember but I thought in your thought up some book that may not even be comp it's comparable. I doubt it I don't think they were even considered. To be in the NCAA Tyrrell let's find out let's check priority now the facts will review have a lot of facts yet on the Levin good 019 and fourteen and eleven and seven in their conference so yeah they were and mostly healthy implying. As far as I know that you know if oh my goodness. That's but I find that funny so you think they Clinton Oklahoma and because of jury on this further I don't think that I think I think it certainly didn't hurt. I don't know exactly why they put Oklahoma and to be honest not only are there they didn't deserve it nor did Syracuse holy OK so we agree why did you not take a huge upset in the first round I mean it. A huge because those are almost impossible to go to state Clinton's going to be. That it. And that's going to be picked numerous times now. But usually there's a huge or try to pick the winners and a five pick right stayed over Tennessee and Tennessee goes them believe Nader final four. Then on skirt is still thirteen seed that could win over the four. Always happens I think Greensboro believe it or not could be. I'll use can be covered earth green's broken beat Gonzaga. I think I think Greensboro can be used in two morons that don't pay their that's not the matter I'm know good Marshall beat Wichita State no chance they'll see it. Who's the fourteen that could be the theory. Look for now mr. Wright State beat Tennessee I don't think so Stephen F Austin over Texas Tech Montana beat Michigan. No. Could but now but now well beat Michigan State know. I could Stephen F Austin beat that's the one that's the one that's a dangerous 143 matchup. Well I didn't give but now much of a chance against cans and now many years ago either who's a fifteen. That could be put to. But. Georgia State's. They North Carolina lost to Wofford so I think they could lose to lipscomb. I'm not about cal state Fullerton Purdue now. Produced another low esteem I never do and along those codes and I'd just can't see make him a deeply big west. Doesn't do I just don't actually produce have a conference there and if not. They're just guessing anyway dog but. Where did the last time is obviously found little advance hello John here on the show. Yeah I get I want them all on the Oklahoma bank acting career and guys respect it they got picked on their but I think tiger. That best street that are scheduled at least the first half a year back they were ordered those. Inclined at number five ranking or most legal reasoning cherry them into the tourney even though they take in the second half these. LA they absolutely look like. A team that could go a long way in the summer I mean no question about it when they came in here and played Wichita State. They were eye opening job dropping you can whatever anatomy reference you want. They were very good but man if they form the latest they had a wall. Yeah I agree but I think that's what carried out plus. In May need the ratings I think the other half a stray ya will give them the ratings they need it date epic lap sport in the first game. Thanks thanks for the call. Man Oklahoma. Assists let's look at the good numbers. They lost. 123. 12345678. Of their last ten games I just don't see how you can put a team that's two and a in its last ten games now I used to mean something. With the selection committee in fact to it carried quieted it anyway how you did in your last ten and then going to last twelve and thing. To an 84. And 124 and thirteen they are four and thirteen. And I love seventeen game I think there's so relieved to be out of the big twelve that. When they get another opponent they'll do well against Rhode Island that's at least my hunch that's what you're going went but I don't see it. I will say stranger things have happened that this is 710 matchup after all. That's just so they were. Four tier one. Yeah foreign twelfth. Crazy 113. Now they weren't working and now the way I candidate. They lost so we'll see here they beat. TCU. One out to deny a sell on the net loss. A bunch three and nine. Okay food were they were terrible they were bad. No getting around it we've established said he dear Charles Barkley asked rest peace in the question about them so what were they a one seed before. Well because they were one of the last four and there are ten seed which means they're comfortable in the bracket I don't get it. Battling anybody gets that I thought local state had done more. Of late to get then I didn't buy Baylor and I'm not necessarily gold for the Baylor argument. But Oklahoma State deserve to get over Oklahoma. In my trial in Italy middle Tennessee should have been in the sternum and I feel bad for middle tennis than it did that's garbage. But the only shots piano when people like that more than they like seeing Syracuse I guarantee you steer accuses tired. Yet the last time Syracuse kind of eat their way and did they make a big round made it to the final four wheel or. So but no one wanted that and then they got blasted. Out of the final four they have a they made it to the fine though and good for them. Marshall Marshall by the way beat western Kentucky. In the conference USA finals after beating middle Tennessee. And coming up after the break we'll talk to Dan Dan Tony and head basketball coach Marshall he's had an interest in career. It's included a lot of time coaching with his brother in the end the day have a lot of time of high school coach in South Carolina. Now is in his fourth year Marshall. He joins us after the break. Say what those.