Lip Smacking With Benny InWisco

The Drive
Friday, July 20th
Jim Rome Smack off contestant Benny InWisco makes an appearance to talk about being in the “Smack-Off.”

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All right let's come. Welcome back it's the drive it. But Bob and Jeff. Jason good day and Preval today. Yeah jeopardy billion list go. Yeah they are. He's got the right number now zeroed down on Kenya I rather doubt it don't you just told me don't make any mistakes. No don't say that Max why do you think that. It was about how this all Dalai and it was so we always maxis out I think out of the year ahead zany and you know it's I'm never wrong I know yeah I know you repeat that quite a bit on the show I mean you let everybody know. But you're not wrong Max is great he's a good player. I feel bad now Max and doing wrong I probably did say Iran I mean that's the likelihood of that is novels zero I'm almost positive you did say it wrong but. You didn't listen this back off today. I did not he heard the great recount recap of the top ten Brad and corona wins it. He did fine. The collars that made me laugh today legitimately want we're going to be talking do billion was OK living Green Bay made me laugh. But about Matt in Vancouver now black is he's Canadian. Please find out cleared is that I am I don't like these angry calls and the one who maybe left the most was less than Laguna I thought he was absolutely brilliant. But he finished third. And does Stevie carbo finish second because he had a gimmick and it's all it's all are you disappointed with the winner. A little. But Brad is Brad they're getting as well talk to Vinny and Wesco about a bit in Wesco what's going on man how hard. Are you doing tonight. We're doing a fantastic it's quite a lot of era you're a legend in the talk radio world you're on the Jim Rome show you were in the smacked off today. Just tell us about that experience you finished fifth today. He finished fifth last year after getting bit the golden ticket basically the automatic entry. Based on the year you merits of one telephone calls so how do you think your day went today and in your call which I very much enjoyed. It came off pretty well thought. But only as well you know I'm I'm not you have yet that finish but I think that I think that I was the victim mode. I think it was a victim of call it a little bit too early. The other worst first hour in the history of the smack off potential. You saved yeah I know. Speculated all midget. What's up hey how long do you take to prepare for this and and what do you do these into it. Phyllis and on a little bit of the back story with with how you come up with the material. Well it actually did kind of an ongoing process what happened do. Well they get something whether I'm like mowing the lawn or you know here's something on the show that I can connect to something funny. Well he's got it down tonight and the like note that all that there's just hacking loaded it. Stuff that you know. Trying to make sense that the moment but I'll let it go brutal and you know what they've been an ongoing thing a jot that down and and the funny it looked funny you know build you don't want that ala well highlight Buick garlic and I can work that we don't let it. It's kind of non stop it actually it. So DE I guess I'm guessing you listen every day for the whole team. It is is that it that's got to be part of its lead dogs aka what's going on. Pretty much it's pretty much every day yeah I probably on average board is out of 5 but I am. I work a job where where I have a meta desk all day in. And I don't ask you do a lot of people on the phones are due to dock that Micah. You know has stepped up and take up. You know I can basically what is in the music here you know podcast support revealed it I want to instilled in my job sect that we spoke again. Unlucky bit unlucky to be able to have all the agree there's and you're done so. Midi and whisk our guest sees a collar to the Jim Rome show I finished fifth today in the smacked up. Then if you don't mind do you mind this kind of taken us throughout this show. Is produced at least from your perspective you're not you know behind the border anything bad. I I know they sent they syntax Jeff pass and got one he's so when you wanna go I'm sure it's not a coincidence it. They're the heavy hitters Mike in Indy grand corona jail from late market Hollywood to houses it's produced as far as who's calling Landon. And and how all that guns. Well you're trying to hit the nail on the head there. You paid they contact you basically. Dirt Twitter though they'll spend yet he direct message through Twitter. And and you know. One of the producers DM me and asked me what are you wanna go basically. And in my situation today I would suspect called from our local BS affiliate. In Green Bay in. WDs being Green Bay in any bad also where you living Green Bay was calling from. Though we had a unique situation where we had Hewlett content being played. Sharing one outgoing line. We kind of had to maneuver that decide between Caleb and I would go first been in since he's been in Morse pack up and those like I'll call right away whatever. And you know I didn't mind I kind of wanted to get the all Covert anyway because. Pressure all the not pressure but like disbursed stressed all week about it. The build up everything is just like I'd be totally finally getting it over with the best possible well. But don't you think that. Get and that second hour probably better because he it's easier to remember those callers than it is for their the first hour I mean is is that is that a little bit the game play involved. 101. And if I could do Michael all over again today analytic gone. At least second hour. You know I had the choice to go whenever I wanted to close the net unique predicament now is there and Oden definitely gone later because. You know I think I don't think Michael resonated as it is there's much as it should you know they get a lot of great reaction right away and a in that ticket who would have gone later scored higher but you know the winners in winners and and you know the winner gets. The prize known out its prized well. I'll be better next here when it all in the the the matter lyrical so it'll. K so I am and ask you did you did you think that Brad kronor or was. Worthy of the win if if you were to send all the calls and keep yourself out of it do you think he was the winner. Our who'd do I act. There ain't cute it would you know what it was we're kind of talking about it there is a bunch of us then met up at. An establishment in Green Bay after the call and he went for coffee and we who get we will now we're talking up the cup we it was more play Marla the book club. That. Candidate. And it's sad about it and being the majority of it had to eat there. Either Brad or less winning in net so I would I will I wasn't surprised by the outcome. I think I guess had Brad first. Last step in and need to be out of it probably either. Kim Green Bay order bump might in the Indian third. It got back payloads call was fantastic your calls grade before he got on us to you you're one of the callers who may be audibly laugh Caleb dead. And I thought less call was just amazing. Today I know they gimmick whatever but it it's there it's the 24 one. Jim Rome is is is I think over fifty I get that it probably still means to him what it did in year one. But this thing evolves it shouldn't necessarily be all about the smack in. And how how ruthless and brutal you can be out they did they give the profits OK with me if that's if that's the direction this thing it's going do you agree with that. You know I don't like how the word gimmick is bearing kind of paid into it found. What looked left does Blake left. Left of these things that. Makes you think man I wish sodas out of that I mean there's if you pick the next level you know you. You get to hold the celebrities there to get in touch with them and that's that's the neck of the next level but the level that I am talking about is like. You know he. When you head pack dog Rome's former co worker and has called last year but who who else would have thought that bought them. In the email Rick and hello and one of those moments today you actually. He ran neck and his dad you could destroy it has yet during a call and I don't think I left. Harder during the show than I did at that point because like man I wish I would have thought of that because that is dad who's brilliant. So are you. Are you geared up for next year like is this some you wanna be in every single year as a sudden you look forward to. I think that. I think that. My performance in the first few times there's ten Americans mean by. Moving forward. And I actually got a lot of raised it is from but actually Brett mentioned me during a call you know when there are not know where the vote went then that's cool Brett. These limit on it and you know let them. There and that state dumping about my collar that was pretty cool. And answer the question in yet if I can just our lane you know much finishes into everything guaranteed spot each year I don't see why area. I don't you I wouldn't do it I mean I still feel like I had missed the funniest call but are today and you know bread and the great delivery in his delivery is amazing to. Yet it's you know what what can you do besides make a little bit like I did today. But yet I mean you thought is you the legend you may or may not the best ever in. And yeah I mean like in the second key during an answer I certainly will do. Before Lago or talk to a billion Wesco finished fifth and in the smacked off today on the Jim Rome show just. What did what compelled you I guessed it to try for that golden ticket. Did you have did you mad mad dinner was your goal to do become this this character on the show with the with the cheese references was it was that was that organic or was that. Almost like a grand master plan a little bit. It is kinda it kinda. Well as the long story short yes it. It started out as the funny thing you know that she is referenced is that being you know it got such great reaction. Made people laugh and those who spoke billion also different so. I kind of used that and then you know last year I let you left actually called me like they did you get a commodity Kelly from my call. On you know under some pretty cool I think you'd like to be apart of and well like yen may be don't think about it and then now they're followed up. You know I committed to go out beat Alley or call and it ought to put that usually golden ticket you're no better lawyer appeared little like you know maybe. And I wrote a really good goal to keep all kind of news. I knew that outside deliver either way he built it that I would giggle and particularly very competent while Sony Al. Relevant other Mac callers and relevant. You know just don't you got to do that boycott going a bit then unified delivered right how difficult it is Deutch did and then the you know had a lot on unless you're back up to amend the bill Krewell looks like this you're still occur. Did the grand master plan is not to be smack off caller because. Listening back when I was younger I got to get a good I don't think it could reduce that split. Yeah years and years go by and you're like what he's there's a very good directly to better so I don't. So I gotta I gotta quick question here before you go I'm guessing you EU obviously a sports fan you watcher NFL football. Jeff and I have a bet. He says the Cleveland Browns are gonna make the playoffs this year and I said no and we have a a wager on I have to take him for lunch or he got. RES take me for lunch if not I got to take him and our wise for dinner who wins that that this year. Here this year coming up yes Cleveland's been one in 31 in the last two years he goes. If you're coming up the browns will not make the play. Next you would be the bet that you wanna that would get some interest that they now but it's not for now it's my turn this year. Yeah you're right at the disputed here now no way. They've they've anyway you're not yeah. Hey Betty we predominant. How how how we appreciate your time. Thanks for making time for us out here Wichita congratulations on your call today will will listen for your next in continued success on that show. Thank you very much any time guys I appreciate having me and they have best of luck with the bat the. The hard appreciate it he's gonna need it video with go how about that. A good fifth place in the smacked off does that mean more to you now than it did when he minutes ago before he spoke with I talk to somebody that's actually NN the all their their passion. Senate voted so yeah it makes sense yeah by the theme and makes them a thought process. And that's the guy is top five. Is good Blair as a nice player and a good lawyer in the smacked off. It that that's one of the best Sports Radio talk show callers in the world right there that mean any thing that's for you to judge but it's fact. If you say it's a fact you're always rate gap but the but I'll take a break. Come back for our number two we got jive talk. A couple more gasoline to talk more smacked off today right in which it's not a former hacked off participants thought that the defund depend on the Jim Rome show that. We'll get his thoughts to a great Lula build in his personality rise in Wichita. Later on in the second hour also talked their thunder coach Malcolm Cameron. Our two straight at you right here on K okay.