LeSean McCoy’s home invaded and ex-girlfriend assaulted

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Wednesday, July 11th
Sal Capaccio, WGR 550 Bills reporter, talks to Bruce and Shane about LeSean McCoy and the investigation into the home invasion and accusations from his ex-girlfriend. Police in the Atlanta suburb of Milton said they are investigating the incident and have not named any suspects.

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I welcome back sports there continues. Midweek edition shamed us refer to was here on Sports Radio fear they. Unfortunately sometimes during the middle of the summer when the NFL players make headlines it's for all the wrong reasons. LeSean McCoy is in the break smack in the middle of some ugly ugly allegations. That really. Broke just about 24 hours ago and now we've had some time to. Kyle let it marinate let it breathe a little bit will go to buffalo with South Park TO from bills radio network is or beaten sideline reporter. Unfortunately thousand times we have to talk about ugly situations like this. Welcome back to the show first of all appreciate you spending some time what can you tell us about the LeSean McCoy allegations. And at the time a year or coaches and GMs basically misread it. Get a phone call any time late at night or whatever and no it can't be good news right well here we go. Look we don't have a lot of the details are obviously still murky we you know the summing capital this woman. This is they want and the woman that was in the picture in the resort to their post was. Is LeSean McCoy he's girlfriend to their strange now there are no longer together the person post Vietnam post was her friend. Obvious example she said it. Yeah HE eluded to charm and put some accordance something to do with this. Beating her up here just alluded to. It'll be used child abuse PD thing they got lots and lots are really. Horrible things start and we learned that him and the woman that was apparently beaten. Broke about six months ago there is a court case on going restructuring Victor comes as Parker's house they own together or at least you don't I should say that she's been staying and armed and apparently according to her attorney is Tom Barrett that there was still a lot of item that was shot I don't wanna back and the police are saying that. In this attack that somebody attacked her and was requesting that specific items. From the calling him explicitly what items but. So there's a lot of not being connected given the shot at deny all allegations that he had not had any contact. Went armed than any of the parties and also quite some time and from everything we know he was not even in the area. What kind of cache age does he have. From a standpoint of the that he his his individual actions in the history. In buffalo I mean is is this the type of thing that when you hear this. Did you roll your eyes and say here we go again or resorted this kind of come out of left field and surprise some people. You know I'll have to stay a little credible because what you want has come if she's done some. He's got something that you kind that black model he'd JD economy and you remember back a couple years ago he first got the bubbly tried to hold this big party in Philadelphia as women only and it was a big deal made about it and and you actually had fun with it instead he actually meant it kept the party because people. You look at it and made a big deal about it. Bomb in network like OK at it was nothing there was nothing really. Incendiary about it but just wasn't a very good look there was party spot that you're that part of the apparently wanted to use them. Kicking her off the bus and throwing some sort of liquid that he that he did take bold talk about Archie was at least kick off about either by Emma or security or some sort of behavior. He denied. Any kind of yelled throwing every tackle liquid out at her like that but what shop on. Is a guy that is a little bit different I'd say. The most guys who Lockerby not afraid to speak up and call you a lot of your intermediary I think if you don't have your facts straight is very aware has placed in history. I'm very aware displacing at belida historian. On the don't exactly what is numbers are where he is where he ranks what do you want to accomplish he wants to be all paper it said that on the record even recently that his goal to get called beta. He's never done anything though that would lead you to believe that any of the vests. Would be possible to back up play guys that. I spoke to what is off former teammate yesterday who said. Who played little shot instead nobody ever thought Cheney had Gil violence and and so they're very surprises any of these allegations during the. Let's talk about you joining us bills radio network talking LeSean McCoy. Incident does what salad referring to his party bus happened back in 2013. So that is they've had five year in the rearview. Incident. You also had by the way I am and I've also had a one is that it eat it it trouble or. He was never suspended by the league ever remember there was a brawl. Andy and I can't I play the super ball notably years ago there was nobody cops involved there was video to some accord would try to in the video there. There was a lot of talk about what exactly happened. You know who is. The investigators things like that there he did speak with the commissioner about that there was investigation he was ultimately not. Punish mightily because it. Get a clean record you know it never been in trouble like daily there had been these little things along the way but nothing really to ever rise to levels of the like. OK so as far as on the field stuff we can go dove tail all this into. You know training camp and whatnot. Assuming that LeSean McCoy is on the field. Coming up this year he's always been a work help more course. Even when Tyrod Taylor was there who had a couple of decent years in. Buffalo throwing the ball. Is it possible that LeSean McCoy will get even bigger workload especially if if you got a rookie quarterback starting in week one and what are the chances of that. Well let's assume it was someplace and starts or even in all of this is something that does not impact his eligibility and availability. I'll look I don't know how much more or Cody can happen I mean you know from all lot he's really got all thirty years old this year. So they don't really want to do that I think it will be when you look at how they instructed their roster elected head over. Arctic and then are special situations but really he wasn't a guy that you could rely it would Sean. Missed any time the carrier you know the ball fifteen and the game well they've gone out this year and it. Injuries black uglier but he has at least carry the ball on a regular basis in the NFL I think it. The plan this year is ought to know we can have a guy with a power behind Sean. Compliment him but it's something capitalist John at least we have an app already back is capable carry the ball or two or three games. I think regular running back they've also gotten restart Travares cadet as they out third down back to step back. I'm really look couldn't really got her last year on the team markets Murphy is a young man he should guitar and you guys know very well. In Missouri. At least he he played really strong last year when he went down that last that Miami game I really like dramatic market verbiage you have to make this roster. And maybe be the one that they can now on you know throw in there in the mix a little bit. Pleased to have cell comprised GO about the locals reporter the Adobe GR 550. The night in buffalo. Salant curious about as your quarterback situation because we're also very familiar. In this part of the woods with Josh Allen. That's great story. To the University of Wyoming you guys that. 'cause it really kind of came onto the scene you don't find diamonds in the rough very often anymore this was a guided. Kind of team very unheralded out of junior college and then made his way to the top of that none of the draft board does that Wyoming cowboys. If you've found your quarterback not only of the future but of the present as well. Well let me first sort of backed the question here that didn't. Part of I didn't hear about some accord if shots just -- plate blocked and must play that would becomes a bigger the top right but yes you're right about that he hit it. Is a guy that it's rough and raw you know we don't know you have been in yet. I'm in the itching to see exactly you know what he can do and training camp and we can compete for the starting. Leaders started the number three we know that. Are behind it in your man in Asia McCarron or vice Versa however that shakes out there decapitation by. After the first week or two like they all that raw. Josh Allen earns more reps with the starters you can start getting nose and he did start to get those as we want to negotiate and any yet because they wanted to see how he experiment. Got a player that is our talent is legitimate I mean when you hear about. You know the type of talent is arm has and don't legendary status I would tell you I've been very manageable or ball. The way Josh Allen and I know what downer after homes and that a guy as a little sore arm and but he did get too young ones you're can really swing. The question is always a bit about it accuracy team that part of Wyoming the united good completion percentage but he also had a horrible team around them. Battling and battling out of haven't got drafted I don't think anybody from his team got its what you know I don't say undrafted free you have to look but you know we'll see if there's even anybody on our roster in the NFL the label them this year so he was working with nothing. I'd like the fact we got here on has a lot of raw talent and missing an AG about B and state that's great writ Tyrod Taylor about be aggressive on the ball. Given your receiver that you have to make a play and that's who he is but he got the word that without it broke back replay. Which is what I saw a little bit from him in oh PH in the activity can learn. Learn more about it touch passes in those kind of things you know we have a Childress chants here. Speaking of Patrick my home he's got a bunch of shiny new toys to play with one on being Sammy Watkins who you know a lot about. Those of us around here and chiefs fans probably just you know. Knowing. About Sammy Watkins just here and there or what they've heard number one what can Kansas City expect from. A playmaker like cam and number two how would you use him more featuring men fearing Andy Reid. Cheney liked it to me is one of the most talented wide receivers in the he has super super. Talent they be issued as simply Bennett. There's availability really when he was in buffalo he started off had a couple injuries early on. And had escalated they rushed him back on the field yet more injuries you never fully recovered yet what surgery didn't heal properly and haven't again. Then he added quarterback Tyrod Taylor who quite frankly just wasn't a good anticipatory thrower didn't really use as a lot like receivers the right way that was always an issue there were games where. They're reluctant came out with one or two target he's can't do that with a guy that tell you have to allow him to make plays I think that's really what. If you've beaten Purdue lucky if he restocking up close and personal. When the builder downer couple you don't get me off for about a 150 yards in the first half. Odd man you know read a couple of adjustments built up going to want to shut him down and a half. I think that the big reason why they brought in and they saw what he can do to that secondary and that day in the city and look he's only twenty by your soul than it is like eagle model that a legal and beat teammate Eddie as a young guy he's guardian has thirteen that. Giving Lockett at least eight helping with Patrick Holmes. I think you're looking at an incredible incredible due out there in Kansas City birdies and that the number one receiver on the outside. To be able to get it completely run the entire route tree. And I would make sure that Patrick Holmes knows it. Even when he's double covered you give them a chance because he might not be you've got small clean up also the whole wide receiver in the world. But he certainly has a great ability to go up and high point the ball and come down with a between a couple of guys. Kelsey Hill hunt. Watt he ends no shortage of weapons for Patrick my home. So we appreciate you taking some time and not only a joining us this morning to talk about such a touchy subject I know LeSean McCoy is a big part of the Buffalo Bills and this is. Potentially damning stuff but it's just allegations right now and then we certainly appreciate your candor thanks Al. It's no doubt guys I hope the stock had nothing to do it this but I'll say that whatever happens that woman some date some. Something that happened to her and hope that they are the person who did that person needs to look at the cops. Here here thank yourself appreciated. They suck Archie go from the bills radio network I beat Penn sideline reporters speaking. The bad news we talked about this very top. Out of Pomona California prosecutors say NFL cornerback Brandon Browner it's been charged with trying to kill his ex girlfriend after breaking into her Southern California home lot of innuendo with. LeSean McCoy stuff not so much here. Browner one Super Bowls of the Seahawks and patriots was arrested Sunday. The LA district attorney's office said. Tuesday. Was. Charged with attempted murder first degree residential robbery and other counts. Broke into an apartment. Chased in drag the woman and dragged to smother her in a carpet according to prosecutors. They also say he stole Rolex watch night at 20000 dollars. Wow wow is right. Now when I get that. Football as a violent sport that takes a different can certainly in the NFL takes a different type of kind of person to. To thrive in that league regardless what position you play. But it's it's just too bad we have them. Go through put up with stories like that. Guys don't know how to treat members of the opposite sex. Well. Because somebody in as cell alluded to somebody did that to LeSean McCoy is ex girlfriend whether getting ready whether or not somebody roughed her up. You need you know no question. So that. And you see it again it targeting the NFL but you're right and again and in the NFL. Unfortunately. Is in a position do have do and Bruce and should. Answer to these things because it continues to be an issue. At it in to me it's unfortunate because I'm around a lot of these guys. At least you give me you know a good portion of the time and and the vast majority of these guys really run their lives in pretty solid fashion. They do their work. They tend to be good citizens they tend to be good teammates. They tend to be great in the community. All around the NFL. Has so many of these guys are very. There are very. Careful and and and love being a part of the community and giving back. And there's an end and it's but unfortunately this is part of the deal to them and to some degree chain. I don't wanna get into though the bad apples spoiling the whole group. But you know this is to some degree. The kind of a calling card of the NFL fan and I think it's something that they've really got to continue to work on from an image standpoint and their did. Domestic violence. Policy needs to be hard and fast and have a lot of teeth and not any wiggle room. Which you what we saw some with the James Winston. And the Hoover driver incident there was a little nuance there and I don't think you need to be held by the way on a clear this up it's not just exclusive to football it's not just football players not better than a neanderthals beaten up women that know. I want I want to be clear there. K I wanna remind you just can't H listeners tough to do things that you need to do. If you're not getting quality sleep and I know because I was settling for the sleep mile pillow was given me. We'll know more. Refreshed the next morning. Is how I feel and the sleep that I deserve and need I'm getting now thanks to my pillow restorative. Sleep. 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