The Larry Drew We Always Knew

The Drive
Friday, June 15th
Kansas City Kansas native, former NBA player, & current assistant head coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers Larry Drew checks in to talk about his up-coming induction into The Kansas Sports Hall Of Fame.

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You know why now. The drive well and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. KM stage from. Zero share. Why is listener appreciation month we have. Kind of a celebrity listeners here. We got to Marron LA football coach it's got to Eisenhower the good ones with the music today first you heard her love song. This one's pirate looks at forty from Jimmy Buffett. Larry Drew joins us he is a another inductees in October into the Kansas sports hall of fame after an an incredible high school career wyandotte anyone overplayed at Missouri. Learn how are you. Terms were very cute it's a great to have you on the show I was at the Wichita eagle back in the day when you played a wyandotte. And he won a state championship Peter GB your senior year you beat hi it's how much you remember of Wichita heights. How much do you remember about about that game in particular. Remember. Remember a lot of thought that The Who use a little bit you know Valentine which billion. Tremendous. Careers and and onto media onto college he would get in dissident. Come into problems he was. You know he was gonna he was kind of my dentist after. Actor to play get into it and I used to collect on the my toenails and look at print now and at you know I went into that I can do about it out of the ordinary. Coachella how are cool was it for you to spend several seasons playing for the Kansas City kings after playing a you know your high school ball in Kansas City, Kansas. And then collegial Leo Missouri. It would especially. You can really really excited to give it opportunities first won't come back. Come back home and police in an auto and got a must family. And there have been so many so many credits lives followed would follow where there. I'd never. Thought that it would. You know that part of my career or anything like that would ever happen to you know if it's legal guys who leaving an Iranian and they're cougars in the deputy. It yet to come back great. Their own term credit them so that was really really excited. I'm just actually look good so let's admit opportunity. More to do that do split on the amount of equipment there and assist small brokers. Here are you know work group backed Internet right now I mean you know and so are you so he's got beat. Oh we're not talking with Larry Drew who played at Missouri from 1976. Through 1980. The certainly one of the top guards in the big day that the time and went on the have a nice NBA career as well. Yeah I grow going to wind up and wanna ask you about wyandotte and a moment. Because my goodness what a history basketball history that school has. But go on narron and and grown up in Kansas City. And go on to Missouri and state of Kansas can you talk can you take us back to that time when. When you made that decision about college and what swayed you towards the tigers. Yet that was really. You know that was really a tough time could he is or is making that decision or or to. You know started my best or Kroger. You know what when where and when I'm in this series. And and in and it was really a tough decision because you know this usually so that you should be an. Can't stay national emergency as as Oreo where. Missouri really believed they really pursued me they're spirited they're both you know and it can't stay. And it was just at all we just so so ironic you know I would. Not a lot of people don't know when I was that and I got. I was always all worn over at BP is turnip articulate Korean. And I had a chance to. The year round. You know somebody utopia that was bill. They're there and ended which really doesn't crest. How coach Stewart generated broke him and I'd just appeared round. We're running them your. Good and ended in yeah right get that opportunity is course. Incoming to house sit there and you know. Britain would leave home mom and my opponent but there. Actually the type of interest in Chile Chilean media. And saved it is it is this just school early in. I am unhappy with you know what let's see it like to ask the question a lot of bulk. You know why did you choose you know Missouri Oprah Obama or were you know as part. Yeah at that time eaten those who pursue these very. Period be much much it didn't enter with Kansas did it. Look at it and I'm I'm a bit unhappy that if I get captured 22 to go there will be critical to market. Does scoreboard were there particular corner. Coaches as your career kind of you know it took you away from Kansas City eventually and you've you've you've spent time. In a lot of different big cities across the United States as that was going on how how much more important. Did home become an and the moment they got to spend at home and and with the in with your family. Yes you know. I had an opportunity to eat to really experience a lot. You know I haven't had a lady need unity is chorus. You don't want the seat is he into the duly. You know who he put out to sea or out. I always knew all these little bit QC sports. You know that's a company that that's where. At the end of the day. You don't want to be seated. And went. I would always go back into the city you know this is important to reduce. The support my family and and and and and and I didn't you know and update or being. You know their own week district there their. You know hadn't grown up period. Had talks with the Obama that doubt but dead and those who hadn't been. Dead at the end of the day would have been posted a good I would always come back it was to be. No matter that you don't the mantle I don't practice with B. Hold them but I knew bit. That after a long TPC hit it dead at some point I would make my way back. I spectacular CD in and and have always done. I haven't been clear and indeed the coach and their two you know right down to your mama tells talk to current and and and reminisce about you know directly I won't here as a key brick yeah this is. This is basically just sort of some of border at all always come back to. Larger what those currently the associate head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers and we were told when we got this interview with Q Larry you wouldn't. You would break the news on where LeBron is gonna go next year. And that that you're not gonna do that I don't. Attitude you sell it already there but I think there are brilliant book about just. It is I do this spirit we eat we we we have no idea what's what's quote here. I mean this is decidedly. Players it is positions and where they can't get it to the teacher to. You know 222 to move politically here is our state of the art it is the bit that they're pitted. Just let them out and I'm preachers about you know watched one and only here. I'll be more back to Cleveland on online bit out there that you don't be discouraged. And it right at their history here and I think it's being exposed to an overweight people what's happening yet had an oracle. A more serious question though what's it been like to be and that in that atmosphere of the LeBron atmosphere for the past several years. In Cleveland Europe Europe quiet natured guy that the surroundings around LeBron or anything but quiet this has been an hugely successful. Organization. What's that been like. It's definitely. Been an un believable right. And now I'm just currently there are just have to report it. You don't look back at if you have like coaching career in. Haven't done it most definitely have to be hugely and you about the new walked toward. Big change management article in the direction. They get the opportunity to give Cleveland content and kind and coaching and coaching a bra tanks. And I just I I guess you that it is an an update about. Al right Al Michaels to cougar as a Colby. I mean. It yeah that's cool you know it's important. Players and it yeah opportunity to coach great players. Our own net and you know what it looks to it at this career coach. You know coal we just ordered the Trenton well week to week we'll be you know we Gekko be into LA. You know uncle Michael Jordan while his secret is they're here's didn't watch and so. I've had an opportunity to get entered the worst two to two to appear reality coached. Some very unique individuals and it'll produce it certainly. He's certainly in that aren't. You don't just get back to tremendous basketball player but he is are really good person. Seen Saturn. Will not get a chance to see. But Brady do about it would be just you know poke all Rourke. And all content and they invited C east you know just what he brings. These ports just Q level. It would be different this year even the inspector out Beckett Arnold's it just took the industry experts and our series you're the individual. It is it more fun or or challenging and I say challenging in a good way you like to be challenged in a career. Like Mike you have bled. The guys obviously very strong willed talking about LeBron. So well how do you balance those two things he got to be the head coach of him for a good portion of the season so loud out what what is that experience like. Well let's say an important thing about ultimate battle cry you better be. You know you better stay internal data that there that he won't work because. It probably is there any any person argue that you couldn't hear. OK EEE stranded. You know who Canadian media out there who used to be. You know it'll be great physically is all pretty critically split Peter. And he expects Yahoo! to be to be the same way. You know particularly you don't talk about couldn't get an. Game playing strategy to end any talk about that. So I don't want it to any of it as a vehicle color. And then he won't be there on 1120 is it that it is to be there you know as Coke into the town you know certainly. This certainly certainly challenged by this challenge. You have achieved on the escort service culture as all of you know. YouTube person or. Many coaches who have an opportunity to coach and now Michael and and so yep they're good pitcher they're pitchers did their best opportunity. I really I really you're really and it really. Really it's stretch and unquote Arab. You know who supported the ocean blue you don't get ticket yet to that particular time ball went on Bennett that coach you Coach Brown those. Three weeks. What should Datsyuk is it not only that we you know we had a we had a tremendous for a buck to a bit tired and I I'll look back you don't want them on the culture you know and I'll look back certainly. I'm sure. A look at them you know what happened in my career if you're just to have that opportunity. So it is unique individual best vocal remark about it. Larger with those before I let you go on and you're going into the canceled sports hall of fame coming up from October. Based on not only your playing career Richard coaching career. About wallet as I said earlier I wanted to kind of pinpoint your your time wyandotte which is tremendously. Legendary school when it comes to basketball. That. Can you top tell us about playing there. And what she gained from not attending wyandotte high school and the mystique with at that time certainly surround of that school. You certainly get the most a mystique in and you know it's. It is noticeably. Just you go. You know grown up being in it and if he can't this and and you don't have an. Our oldest siblings. You know my my my my brother and older brother who grew late day most well. Yet it it is. Sumner high school and perhaps some of the academy got loose somewhere nice to try to get him to watch important. And and the end and put the law is I guess seeing him one OP. You know I would be like like my broker I want to play. That Sumner. Like my brother but it could we actually even though pulled me into. The wind here. And so that. You know that that that whole thought process can win out the windows so. Column at right in his junior high school a car at north northwest. And and started going to. Put a windup acting I was earning. I was there intimidate you walk and it took it walking into that high school and the end in that cheer them. And here and all the eagle stories behind the history. I'll wind up basketball coach at Pitt coach there Ed. At the time when I was here it was coach two or should there. And and I was out I was pretty intimidating because if not sooner and coveted and attitude greater and and we don't want it to you know want to talk to my basketball career at great. I wasn't quite sure how this school put out. Beyond. And and let's say you don't want say what I like that I had gotten and and it sort of started play in under. Our coaches too risky customer to really understand. What this whole most equals about even in it and it ain't your client. And how proud it was too so we'll go and report sent to to go out into form. And that whole lot to coach it is because he he he really. You know he really could be on the right pat or as mine. Mine in my mind we're epic in my eyes and I discipline. It's become a better portion of that that both clear and so I took quick ETC and I tried to acquire the but that in my ability. And an associate as we you know as the you know move further down the roof with my career there aren't that I started to. I started seeing a really didn't know who scored. My skill that was what he hadn't been there and and he yelled pushing me pushing me and then making me better than a week. Oh great deal did you read no to repeated commission you know that I am Canadian and as you mentioned earlier you know we were able to win a state championship. And people from there is you know you really can't quoted my you know my career but oh great deal to Kosher to just keep it going to get that was there. Hey if you got the best of Darnell Valentine you have my utmost respect because not many did you hear that you don't go longer Colonia Tony points eight assists a game in 1983. For the Kansas City kings. Larry Drew going into the hall of fame here in Kansas in October thanks for your time give back to your mother and tunnel where LeBron is going okay. Kate appreciate it and I thank you very much all right that was fun to I'll have a ball over here can you tell Tom I feel a bit. I am feel that what these interviews ahead. Back in a minute you're listening to the driver on KFA.